Who the hell thought that making a G-rated "Superfriends" ripoff based on a fighting game known for its blood and guts...

Who the hell thought that making a G-rated "Superfriends" ripoff based on a fighting game known for its blood and guts was a good idea?

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It's pretty crazy how a one-off villain from that show went on to become a major villain in the games.

Seriously though, as I recall, this was a dark time for Mortal Kombat in general. I remember Annihilation came out a little while after this shit, and well...enough said.

Also Mr. Krabs as Raiden was the only decent VA

Remember the other cartoons they had at the time? Street FIghter, Wing Commander, and Savage Dragon. Remember when they had a sort of crossover between them all?


>Liu Kang, Ms Sindell needs a new lamp!
>But Raiden, you said that - !
>This is very important!
>Here you go, Raiden, a new lamp for Sindell!

>There will never be a saturday morning cartoon based on SNK properties.

Just rewatched Wing Commander Academy just last week. It held up well and had good plot lines. Especially that PTSD pilot that went a little nuts and had to shot down by friendly fire.

There is a Rambo cartoon, your argument is invalid.

Shame it only lasted 13 episodes.

Rambo nothing, TOXIC AVENGER had an animated series

>Wing Commander

The evil race of bad guys were called "The Killwrathians", user.

Wing Commander was shit.

I used to work at Troma. The basement is full of old cells, toys, and crap from the show.

Look, back in the day Rated-R and MA games just meant "Oh boy more shit to sell to kids!"

Likely an out of touch businessman who was a relic from the 80s (when EVERYTHING had a cartoon)

At least Spawn was pretty dark.

They had cartoons based on Robocop and Terminator too.

Do you seriously think a R/M Rating would stop people from marketing to kids?

>The Killwrathians

I stopped watching the Freddie Prinz Jr. Wing Commander movie the instant I heard that name.

>They had cartoons based on Robocop and Terminator too.

Terminator had a toyline but not a cartoon.

Tell us more! Was it a fun place?

>Nightwolf was the tech guy
Looking back now thats fucking hilarious. Kind of like the Streetfighter cartoon having E.Honda being able to hack computers and shit.

>Jax was bullied as a child for being fat

I think the real travesty here is that Toy Soldiers never got a Saturday morning cartoon when it had the perfect set up for one.

Don't forget this one!




In the 80's Hollywood was practically breathing cocaine instead of oxygen.

Savage Dragon had a cartoon?

I like to imagine the girl never talked, just constantly played her accordian wherever she went.


>Mortal Kombat
That cartoon is from the 90s. I know it's hard for you to tell the difference because you weren't alive yet in either decade, but there is one.

It was the 90s and no one gave a fuck. I mean there was a Robocop cartoon.

>Also Mr. Krabs as Raiden was the only decent VA

No love for Ron Perlman as Stryker?

This. The golden rule before the internet was that everything needed a cartoon.