What went right?

What went right?

Nothing. People shill iz because muh New Mutants, muh Songbird and muh Memezilla.

Everything except the length.


Those are all good things.

This book is literally filled with the best characters from B-list team books that were all low profile enough that writers had freedom to write them as good characters (as opposed to maintaining a status quo).

It's a B-team book for people that love B-team books.

It gave us a Squirrel Girl that wasn't the shitshow in her own series (I stopped reading before Secret Wars, did her series ever bring up the fact that, as far as the US is concerned, she works for a terrorist organization?)
It gave us a Clint Barton who wasn't "Hawkguy" for once.
Teddy actually had a plot besides being Wiccan's +1.

OTP not in comic book limbo, pretty funny jokes. Not much else.

>Power Man never got a story arc
It's not fair. Everyone else did.

>there's a Hulklingfag assmad with NA in Comicvine for some reason

He probably likes Gillen's run.


Small arcs, character interaction, great art, hype inducing moments.

This. I liked it.

Squirrel Girl didn't

But yeah I hope someone picks up Vic after this.

picked the fuck up

I don't get it. Or maybe I don't see it

I wish the main Avengers book was like this book.

Well, she's got her own book. A shit book, yeah, but she's not exactly wanting for attention.

Not my favorite book but had its moments

It'd be easier to list what went wrong.
Maker is sorta wasted.
Last issue was really rushed.
POD dying, leaving Aikku with a dumb, slimmer design

She's also going to be in USAvengers.

I like Vic well enough, but I'm wondering what you could even do with him.

>out of the all characters in the field team the only returning is Squirrel Girl

>we're not losing Cute Squirrel Girl
This is cause for celebration.

>great art,
That's arguable.

Sandoval is an acquired taste.

I'd like more spirit detective type stuff from him.

We know if he focuses he can use his powers for psychometry, replay what happened at a crime scene.

Have ghosts drawn to him because he can see them better than most, and since he's not a witch like Wanda people are less afraid of him.