Will we ever find out who Batman is?

Will we ever find out who Batman is?

Wally West


I have no idea who that is.

He's secretly Spider-Man you damn fools! Why do you think Gotham's crime rate is so high?!?

He's obviously Hal Jordan.

Someone please explain this meme.

It's probably Lex Luthor or something. Gotham and Metropolis aren't that far away from eachother

literally who

He's the Joker's brother thats why he won't kill him

Batman is Bruce Wayne

Ok but who is the Joker?

lol yeah right. He can't be fucked to stop partying and fucking whores to be a superhero

Who the hell's Bruce Wayne?

Batman's brother.

I didn't think he was real.

Who cares who Batman is? Batman is what Batman does.
Just wish he'd smile a bit more.

Who says it's a man??

He's not, Gothamfags are just jealous of based Metropolis and Superman, so they made up a story

I useta think it was dent
I mean it jus' makes sense yanno?
Guess I was wrong


I heard he's really millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

that doesn't make any damn sense Boco

I swear, you say the stupidest shit sometimes Boco

Shut up Boco.

Nice one, guys

It's John Cena

I'm still shocked Spiderman was really Walter.

What if they are twin brothers?.

a waifufag shitposting his shitty waifu

Have you've ever seen Clark Kent and Batman in the same room?

Harvey Dent.

Sure, why would a billonaire scoundrel his wealth on toys ans gadgets when he can be spending it on coke and harlots?

Come up with a better theory.

>tripfag say something idiotic again
I goddamn hate you. You're fucking filtered.

Is the photographer in the back suppose to be Peter Parker?