RWBY thread:

Volume 4 trailer is coming in 6 DAYS

Expectations? Hopes?

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More lewds based on their older selves would be nice.

>older selves

isn't the timeskip supposed to be like 3 months later

Fairly low, though I'll have fun none-the-less unless they REALLY screw up.
They apparently hired a new choreography guy in the breaks (some dude from Japan). I hope he's enough to step up their Choreography such that Ruby doesn't look like she's swinging around an axe. No one can replace Monty and Shane is a fucking cunt who can't into working like a bloody professional, so our hopes and dreams ride on him. If he can make the better bits of volume 3 into the average bits of volume 4, I'll be satisfied.

6-8 months or so.
Ruby is confirmed to be 16, so she's probably legal in Remnant at least.

It'll be shit
Fans realize its shit and RWBY fades into obscurity

>"literally one thread on Cred Forums that I don't like? I'll show them!"

Real character development
Vastly improved animations
Issues not being resolved within this volume
Return of Red Trailer Ruby fighting style
More serious overtone

Slight improvements in animation
Ruby still using her scythe like a fucking sword
Yang forgiving Blake immediately (due to shit writing)
An unrelenting RT fanbase that will defend every facet of the show, drowning out realistic criticisms

I've seen all the episodes. I'm allowed to be here.

Drop the namefaggotry

>return of Red Trailer Ruby fighting style

I would literally fucking cream

from what we've seen of the RTX footage leak, it doesn't look that way.


>Return of Red Trailer Ruby fighting style
She hardly even did that in the series even with Monty at the helm, how the hell can you expect them to do that now?

to be fair, we haven't had any fights with just Ruby without the rest of her team yet iirc. maybe her true fighting style will be shown when the time is right

That's why it's under the "Hopes" section.

Where did this come from is this actually from the show

RT posted that on their twitter as a preview of the trailer.

It's a gif from the beginning of the vol 4 trailer we saw at RTX. It'll be released on oct 3rd and vol 4 comes out oct 22nd.

Kinda hoping that Ruby and the remnants of team JNPR outfits are all mismatched and ragged because they've been on the road for so long they havent had time to replace them and have to make due with what they have. Like Rubys thigh highs being the remnants of her tights
Well happy birthday to me

>that horrible animation
>still using shitty chichi animation for volume 4
i can already tell it's going to be shit


Well, having designs on them makes it pretty clear they're different. Pretty significant difference in tone too. same with Ren and Nora's from what we saw in the trailer.

That's legal most anywhere user, even in America.

I can't wait to finally see the benefits of my cumtributes.

I love Pyrrha so much, I would do anything for her.


user I have some bad news for you...

very hype

>the y

You cheeky fug

I wish Monty Oum was still with us so RWBY would still be cringy bad instead of just mediocre


I just miss the better fight scenes

They were charming in their own way

What is your top 5 music in RWBY?

1. Neon/RWBY vs. FNKI
2. I May Fall
3. Gold
4. Qrow vs. Winter
5. When it Falls

Jeff Williams teaches at my college. I could literally visit him during his office hours but I'm too scared. Kill me.

actually replace Qrow vs. Winter with From Shadows


Wow that's pretty fucking awesome.
Although, I really like the stuff Alex Abraham has been making for the show.
Especially this lovely little melody that fucking haunted my dreams everyday between chapter 11 releasing and chapter 12 releasing.


Damn, these look so good

Why is Neo so best, bros?

She small, sexy and smug

Its just said that umbrellas don't actually allow you to float.

Gravity wouldnt allow Neo to fall to her death

I've already watched the leaked version, the quality was quite bad so I couldn't really see ruby's face, I just hope she still looks as cute since I know they're re-doing models to make them look older.

>6-8 months or so.
That's three time skips in total.


So I've been watching Jojo lately, and I have to say that I really like the Stand stats chart they have. For the sake of something to talk about, let's apply that to RWBY characters.

Weapon Skill-
Dust Skill-
Semblance Skill-

Rank these from E (lowest), D, C, B, A (highest) for any given character.

Strength- C
Speed- A (Sanic speeds)
Aura-??? (Not much to base it off of)
Weapon Skill- A
Dust Skill- E (Crater Face)
Semblance Skill- B

>Team RWBY

Strength- C
Speed- A
Aura- B
Weapon Skill- A
Dust Skill- C
Semblance Skill 「SPEED」- Volume 3: C, Volume 4: B

Strength- B
Speed- B (using glyphs)
Aura- C
Weapon Skill- B
Dust Skill- A
Semblance Skill 「GLYPHS」- B

Strength- C
Speed- C
Aura- B
Weapon Skill- B
Dust Skill- D
Semblance Skill 「SHADOW CLONES」- B

>Yang (2 arms)
Strength- B (A during rage)
Speed- C
Aura- A
Weapon Skill- A
Dust Skill- C
Semblance Skill 「RAGE」- A

what do you think

Strength- T
Speed- H
Aura- O
Weapon Skill- M
Dust Skill- A
Semblance Skill- S


Don't get up! I've got a joke!

please don't post worst girl in my thread

but thats not cinder

best girl in RWBY Chibi

What's her last name again?

Rwby chibi isn't canon and doesn't count


nice meme

But he didn't post Pyrrha.

thats not Blake though

You all talk RWBY while Camp Camp is the best thing RT animation has ever made. Better writing, better performances, consistent episodes and a satisfying character arc for both Max and David. So sad it's doomed to be overshadowed by Weeaboo wank.


I hope Penny comes back, I also want at least one fight scene with Ruby and Yang's glorious golden god of a father.

lmao kay

Penny's death scene was dumb.
We have no idea how android consciousness works, so I defaulted to standard computer logic, they put her hard memory into a fixed body and at most maybe she forgets the last moments of the fight, but everyone still acts like she's gone forever.
If they want her gone they needed to set up that her consciousness doesn't work like that, like losing power once means a complete erasure of her personality.

>They got a new choreography guy
My expectations are far too high now, I was prepared to ignore choreography and try to enjoy story but now I've got to see how good this new guy is.

Man I want to be excited, I want to be hyped about this, but I'm just not feeling it. Perhaps its just my cynicism getting in the way, I keep expecting the worst. I really do want to be excited about it but I just cant get myself to do it

I just really hope this volume is good

And even a .500 caliber bullet isn't gonna give the recoil Rubes gets

They could have it be like how AI works in Mass Effect for all non Geth. There's a black box type object that for all intents and purposes is the AI in question, so long as that box is retrieved and undamaged, it can be installed in whatever and you get the same AI. Without it, even if you ran the same programming, and were able to acquire it's memories, it's not going to be the same AI, it will be a new, unique AI, that merely has the memories of the old one.



I don't know how they're going to do it but I just bet you Keith David will guest star on this show.

Anouncer- "Unlike JoJo's world, Remnant doesn't have [Hamon] or [Stand] users."

"Instead they have [Aura], a protective shelding of such that provides both offense and defense; As well as a [Semblance], that is the manifestation of their personality."

"While they both vary, both [STAND] and [SEMBLANCE] can "see" each other."

That's pretty much what I assumed, even if it's not a black box, under standard computer logic she'd have some centralized hard drive-like device that you could put into any Android body and it'd still be her AI, she was only severed into a few pieces and it's not specified where in her body that device is located (I would assume her head cause brain) so really nobody has any idea what is going on, no way to know if she's dead or if she can be fixed, or if she'll be the same person if she is fixed.

I'm actually writing a Jojo RWBY crossover

Would you care to hear about it?

>One down. Three to go.

Made me chortle but I really fucking hope that isn't the case.

Actually fixed

>I would assume her head cause brain

Nah, probably in an armored compartment in the torso. Same as the cockpit on a gundam.

Is it like EoH

>Yang forgiving Blake immediately (due to shit writing)

To be honest, even if shit writing, I'd take that over yang moping for the entire season about hating Blake and doing fucking nothing.

The whole "long moment of drama due to lack of just talking" trope pisses me off greatly and for me is equally as shitty writing.

Also pic sort of related.
Stats looked good.

Sadao's Bizarre Adventure: Stepping on Eminence

This takes place about halfway between Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders. Sadao Kujo is a teenage sax daddy touring around the world. He was born with his stand, 「GIANT STEPS」. An incident involving the bow and arrow after one of his concerts unlocks 「GIANT STEPS REQUIEM」, an automatic stand which tears open a wormhole to another universe.

Sadao wakes up in what he later finds out to be Atlas. When he discovers that another arrow exists in this kingdom, kept deep in the experimental science division of the Schnee Dust Company, he realizes his only chance to get back home is to enroll in Atlas Academy (he becomes part of Team FNKI).

I have more details about his stand and his team. Anybody care to hear more?

Can we post some of the few uncringeworthy OC designs and art, I'm curious what RWBY fans can produce

Achilles - Struck in his vulnerable ankle by an arrow and killed.
Joan of arc - Burns at the stake
Thor - Slain by Jormungandr at Ragnarok
Hua Mulan - Wait...She lives.

Holy shit, Irony bomb exploding resolve from beyond the grave.

Maybe not for an entire season, but I do want pissed off/depressed Yang. I dont want Yang to forgive Blake immediately, I want some broken trust issues, I want fighting and building up to a forgiveness over time.

I guess.

I get that, but again, the percentage of shit writing is always something one has to fear with RWBY. And I hate overplayed drama, specially when it's generated due to misunderstanding and you can easily fix it by just talking.

I'd rather like more than the trust issues are generated more for the fact that Blake and Adam were close and she never told them rather than "Blake suddenly left without saying a thing I hate her now!" like it was at the end of book 3.

I imagine a Ren without Nora wouldn't live very long after becoming the only remaining member of his team. He's probably the kind who would live long enough to avenge them, then eat a dust round from one of his guns.

I actually really hope for a reverse on the teams this volume.

Everyone sorta expects Ruby to rescue Weiss and Yang to go after Blake.

But I wanna see Yang so upset with Blake that she doesn't want to find her, she is tired of chasing. If she does end up getting a robot arm, the best person to really talk to would be Ironwood and whoever helped with that, which is in Atlas, where Weiss is, which could lead up to Yang helping Weiss escape.

Ruby is on the move, she is more likely to come along Blake at some point or find the possibility that Blake is somewhere close. She's the one with the hero complex, she's more likely to go head first into finding Blake and getting her back.

Some development outside of the usual teams would be fun to see, and even give something to the Freezerburn/Ladybug shippers.


RWBY Volume 4 trailer is dropping on October 3rd. Now we have it in high quality


It is a very short range stand whose primary ability is to extend Sadao's hitbox. In reality, he can materialize the stand out of any part of his body or anything he touches, with the stand creating a displaced copy of the edge of where it comes out, if that makes sense. However, sense nobody in Remnant can see stands, it acts functionally as a "hitbox extension", i.e. punches connect 2.5 meters in front of where they should. An extension past 2.5 meters is possible, but proportionally decreases the strength depending on how far past 2.5 meters.

He can also use this for more creative means, such as extending the hitbox of his feet when he jumps to jump higher and stuff. He is affected by the recoil of 「GIANT STEPS」connecting with its target, but doesn't feel pain on the extended hitbox, i.e. if his extended hitbox gets stabbed, he doesn't feel it, but if he tries using 「GIANT STEPS」to stop a moving truck, he'll get knocked back anyways due to physics and stuff

「GIANT STEPS ACT II 」or I might just call it 「STARDUST」, as a separate ability:
「GIANT STEPS」as a stand rarely materializes entirely outside of Sadao or any connecting objects, but in this mode, it comes out in what I call "dormant mode". Something i forgot to explain is that 「GIANT STEPS REQUIEM」has a humanoid shape but has a relatively amorphous/gaseous body with gauntlets on the arms and legs. The head is shaped like a crown. The amorphous part is what makes up the hitbox extension in ACT I. When the stand comes out in ACT II, the amorphous body is retracted in the "solid" parts, resembling a castle of sorts.

「GIANT STEPS ACT II」has the (tentative) ability to block any attack and redirect the force as a vector. The downside is that using this ability severely weakens 「GIANT STEPS ACT I」's range for a few hours and disallows the reuse of ACT II for the same amount of time.

I think I might have autism btw


I don't know why, but I really love this artists work, have they done any other RWBY pics or is it just the 2

Also Jaune confirmed for elevating all girls at Beacon into Alphas except Pyrrha


>Ruby swearing
She wouldn't do that, she's a good wholesome Christian girl.

no more crosses

>all those belts

Did Tetsuya Nomura design that outfit?


I want to Reese her Chloris

as do I my friend, as do I


Best boy


The blonde hording continues, someone hide Jaune

Prodman, man with Prod

>Pyrrhas gone now
>open season on Jaune

Remember that guy that tried to electrocute Nora, then got smashed into the stands by her hammer?


It's not even a perv thing, that'd be easy. I just like it. Even though its trash. Lime me. I guess we deserve each other or whatever?


>not knowing Prodman

>While Jaune is traveling with Ruby, Nora, and Ren he starts getting odd texts from Blake of all people
>Is about to tell the rest of the team but decides to open read them first to make sure it's not some kind trap
>First text reads: Heeeeeeeey Jaune, so I heard you're single now ;)
>The next few are all just pictures messages of her which slowly escalate in their level of lewdness
>The final one is a pdf. of Ninjas of love with chapter and pages number with a P.S. that just reads: Study up
>Jaune is scared, sicken, and more than a little aroused by all of this


It's guilty pleasure: the show user,
All of here know it's shit but love it regardless.

Please don't tease team BRNZ for their subpar choice in weaponry. They are a team of poor Vacuo youths who got in on a scholarship and have to make due with what is affordable for them.

Everyone in Vacuo is poor, they can't even afford uniforms over at Shade. Why look at poor Sun, he can't even afford to button up his shirt


May s cute! CUTE!

>Even with inter-kingdom communications down Blake can still send messages like this.

Why the fuck does Tumblr keep giving all the girls Man-faces?

Because that's who Tumblr rolls.
tanned Ruby is wonderful though

I have trouble seeing man face there

>The thirst for unclaimed blondes is so real in Blake she has mastered just about every means of out-modded communication just to set up her booty calls
>Jaune and the gang make it a new town, as they get there a messenger pigeon lands on his shoulder
>Jaune unwraps the letter only to find it's just a nude of Blake with "Thinking of you" written in the corner
>Smells vaguely of catnip and what he hopes is just fish

too much fat-shaming and Transphobia

>If you wanna keep you arms you best stay away from Blake for now

Tan Yang would be nice actually.

Maybe not that dark, but Taiyang's skin tone would look better.

>Jaune tries to ignore it all.
>He really tries.
>One night RNJR go to sleep in an inn in seprate rooms because they all just want a bed to themselves.
>Jaune wakes up in the middle of the night after noticing that he can't move properly and that his hands seem to be ied by a black ribbon of suprising strength.
>Some shadows are moving in the background, a shape he can't quite make out.
>Realises what's going on before Blake straddles him.
>She makes shadowclones for a one woman gangbang.
>Jaune never speaks to anybody about why he smelled of fish that day.
>Or why he smells of fish whenever Blake is around.

>This is why Adam is so much of a creeper towards Blake
>She could never truly love him, or his shadow the edgehog hair
>Uses the White Fang's mission now as an excuse to hunt blondes Blake would leave him for


>Jaune leaves the group, saying he's going off on a training mission so he can hope to match their skill
>Really he's just trying to get as far off the grid as possible to avoid Blake and her advances
>But no matter where he goes he finds either Blake or one of her crazy messages
>At one point he tries hiding in a remote cave in the deep wilderness only once he makes a campfire he finds crude cave paintings on the wall of a black feminine figure preforming sexual acts to another yellow haired male figure

Just wait until Pairing(s) start growing on you and before you know it you want blood mint/gemstones or pollination more than life itself.

>a harsh wind blows into the cave making the fire go out
>Jaune sits in terrified silence
>a pair of yellow glowing eyes appear in the darkness

>Fire goes out and the shadows begin moving again.
>He bolts fast and jumps off the cliff to escape and lands right in the centre of some kind of cottage.
>Just so happens he lands at a table where food has been prepared for what looks like a romantic dinner.
>Blake sits at the other end of the table.
Jaune is not allowed to escape, she will hunt him and get what she wants.

Someone cap this, it feels like years since I've seen a fresh green from a RWBY thread

more like EdelWeiss.

or not.

I just hope that scenes where Jaune is center stage won't be angstfests that would make Batman seem cheerful by comparison.

Like, A bit of brooding is fine, understandable even, when the love of your life is dead, even after 6-8 months. But there's a point where it's no longer tolerable, and it just becomes cringey as fuck.

user, Jaune is one of three candidates to become the incarnation of edge.
He's also the front runner. Depending on how angsty he is this season will ultimately determin how likely he is to survive to the end of the series (even if his death is fake or whatever).

>love of your life

lmao. He knew her what, like 9 months?

I just assume using dust to power the weapon instead of gunpowder gives it the crazy recoil

Well, gravity bullets did send her flying backwards.

Nano dust son

That and he only realized she had feelings for him near the end of the last volume.

Same old shit

So improved sotry at the cost of animation?


And choreographed fight scenes
And Ruby swinging her scythe around as if it were an axe

I want Yang to strip me, make me pose, take a few pics and then spread those pics around Beacon

So what's stronger, Blake's need for Blondes or Redheads' need to protect Jaune

Kinda hard to do with just one arm.

Quick Somone post sexy Kara and Barb


Kara >>>>>>>>>Barb

My negro. Kara is Cute CUTE.

this, tbqh


need bandages on the stub


If they try to make him be edgy, but he has the same exact voice as before, it'll be hilarious


Reminder that more then half of the RWBY Cred Forums threads are made by the Weissfag who helped banish RWBYg to /trash/

Blakes needs for blondes.
By far.

The one piece of information gleamed from Chibi
Ruby uses Gravity type Dust to get crazy Recoil physics.

We've actually known that since volume 1. It's how she propels herself upwards when fighting the Nevermore


>Jaune tries to be angsty all Volume 4.
>Is basically David levels of optimism and purity.

The former, redheads don't care about enough to even compete

I'm not him though

1. Gold
2. Shine
3. Dream Come True
4. I Burn
5. This Will Be the Day.

Suck it up and go visit him you faggot. You'll regret it if you don't'.

1. I'm the One
2. Red like Roses part II
3. Sacrifice
4. Boop
5. Divide




>Still using Gambol Shroud even through it got snapped.
It's gonna go the exact same way as last time.

>V4 reentry in 24 days

>Still using Gambol Shroud even through it got snapped.

Didn't Gambol get cut in half?


No? Pyrrha's weapon did, maybe you're thinking of that

Loving the new Grimm designs, they look far more threatening now.

Something is wrong. This Grimm actually looks intimidating.

I just remeber a weapon being broken.

Nobody gonna listen and cap?

>More Jaune self-insert shit where everyone is OOC
Why bother?

where did you get this?

Welcome to the struggle my friend, all we can do is sit back and hope someone provides

best boy will return to us

Pretty sure he's to busy being digested

I know Im just in a constant state of acceptance and denial

maybe because it's funny

"Where is my god damn hat"


Anybody enjoy crossovers?


>Digested by a creature which instantly died and disintegrated after swallowing him
Incredibly back-trackable de


Autopost was faster than my typing

Would be pretty funny if the Grimm died, disintegrated and left Roman standing there confused and speechless.

someone post that one overdesigned rainbow keyblade from deviantart

>"Woah, I guess I'm just that amazing"

best crossover

>Comes out looking as if he just came from the salon

someone draw this pls

God I already know what you're talking about but i dont got it on me



>brushes off jacket
>notices that the ship is falling to the ground


Nope we're allowed to be here for the time being


>Jerry is Taiyang

i hope for penny

Add the burps with your mind.
>Ruby, w-we gotta kill the Grimm, Ruby. They're they're killing that guy Ruby, look at all the blood Ruby.
>Geez Uncle Qrow we gotta help him.
>Not yet R-Ruby, not yet. First we gotta find something to activate your silver eyes.

Hope we get some idea as to what the silver eyes mean

>Ru-ru-ru-ruby I'm g-gonna *burp* need you to t-take this dust
>Take th-th-this dust
>And shove it up your ass for me kid
>Shove it right up in there R-rubes, nice and deep
>Aw geez Uncle Qrow

Only the dead can know peace from this hell.


>I-Ima need you to take this scythe
>and put it waaaaay up that Grimms butthole Ruby

>Goes right back to wear he left off in his speech before he got interrupted



The levels of kek can't be measured.
>Hyper Rick and pussy Jaune.
I'd watch.


Can you snort Dust?


>Some absorb Dust into their body to enchance their physcial abilities.
How else are you gonna get it in?

I'm just imagining some faunus huntress popping the equivalent of a dust sugarcube into their mouth and crunching it now

>we want the bioshock audience

Can you use dust as a condiment?

>You shouldn't beoing that, using dust enhancers can damage your body.
>Puts another dust cube into her mouth.
>Ohhhhhh that's the stuff, lightening is the best.
>Proceeds to bounce off the wall.

Schnee brand extra spicy dust chilli sauce?

Ah yes

I would like Pyrrha Nikhos to be brought back to life

In our world some guy ate a Cessna, so dust shouldn't be any different

Go blog about it on tumblr

>can bring back the body but not the soul
>pyrahhs body is just a husk with a blank look always on its face
>never eats, never speaks, makes the occasion grunting noise
>have to force feed it just to keep it alive

my transkin fluid wolf blog is unrelated to RWBY

So who does the euthanasia?

I don't even want to knwo.

Juane and Ruby


>Jaune and Ruby can't take the whole caring for a vegtable thing much longer.
>Come up with some way to not have to deal with it.
>End up realising that the only way to solve the problem would be to kill her.
>Look up the simplet and least painful way to kill her.
>Decide to go with a neck snap.
>Ruby can't bring herself to do it and Jaune just can't. Heven standing behind her hurst him emotinally.
>Jaune and Ruby have a hushed argument about it behind a door, nobody can her.
>Jaune walks with with Ruby watching from beind.
>He hefts Pyrrha from her chair and takes her to the bed and injects a sleeping agent through her arm.
>Ruby follows and watches the whole way.
>Jaune takes out a single dust crystal.
>Puts a large amount of aura into it but keeps it vibrating, not actually releasing the power but storing it in the dust.
>The vibrations gently begin to stop Pyrrha's heart.
>She dies in her sleep.

Jesus user...

Spelling mistakes aside it's shoddy.
Like a great manythings this place churns out.

So which ship becoming canon would cause the greatest tide of salt across the entire fanbase? I'm talking "Hall of Anal Devastation" levels of butthurt



Any that involve Ruby with another girl, or two girls in general.
Turadonna would also cause salt.

I can think of a few

Black Sun will destroy bumblefriends
Lancaster and Iceberg will destroy white rose

Like this user said, Tauradonna will not only destroy bumblebee but also be a "problematic" ship for our tumblr friendos

But I have an even better one...
Falling. Petals.

You know I could almost see this happening too. I don't think it will happen, but I can't say with any certainty that it's impossible

>Falling. Petals.
The fuck is that

Tumblr would love that though.

Should be AdamxRuby

I just had a vision of salt user.
I pile worth fourteen cubic tons.

>Sinks Eclipse, Bumblebee AND Monochrome
>Compared to an abusive relationship by the creators
Hell, I'd vote for it.

Baked Alaska, Black sun, tauradonna, white knight, lancaster, iceberg, Fallen petals, abusive enabler, whatever Raven x blake is

Platonic Adam x Ruby would probably be even worse.

Putting anyone with Adam would cause asshurt really

Yang x Raven

If we get a mini color trailer showcasing team rnjr showcasing each characters fighting I'd be happy. Juanes semblance who knows?

>Platonic Adam x Ruby would probably be even worse.
>they're best fucking friends
>they have fucking sleepovers and shit
I need it

Tumblr would praise it if he was paired with any male

Rosewick too

>"You stabbed Blake, cut off Yang's arm, helped bring ruin to Vale and you've killed hundreds"
>"Yeah, sorry"

What a backward-ass people

>Jaune just sends waves of light out that push all Grimm away.
>That's it. That's all it is.
>Jaune just gets fucking Force Push.

>A perky kid and the incarnation of edge become besties.
>The purity of this relationship is confusing to many people.
>Everybody assumes he's taking advantage but Adam isn't M'love level edge while hanging around with Ruby.
>Actaully they paint their nails and talk about boys, weapons and boys with weapons.
>They became friends because Adam also went overboard with his weapon design.

Rosewick's a pretty good ship though. Who doesn't like the saturday morning cartoon villain and the perky superhero?

>Shit talking force push
>When you shove people to the ground and decapitate the shit out of them while they're helpless to do anything but die as they scream shit into the headset


The age difference and the fact that he's male would throw tumblr into a panic

I'll shit talk Force Push however much I like, mostly because it seems to completely heal him too.
It's like some fuck level of it where he's pushing so hard some of their aura decideds it wants some of that good shit and jumps ship.

>Yang with the Dragonslayer.
There is nobody in RWBY man enough to hold it.
It's a decent enough pic though.

Man enough that's a weird way of spelling angry enough.

Well I don't think he's over 30 and that's close enough

Friendly reminder of the most likely cannon pairing

Lancaster would probably do it
>Shipping Ruby with a guy
>Sinking White Rose
>Double sinking Arkos
>Generic Main heroineXMain hero

Hopefully for the trailer we get an idea of what the tone of the volume is going to be for ruby's bizzar adventure part 4.


It's spelled canon

I think Monty once said something about him being in his mid twenties, or just somewhere in his twenties

I feel like sinking Bumblebee would cause a bigger shit fest, seeing as WR was already told there were no chances of canon for them, and BB is expecting canon to happen

>Hall of Anal Devastation
Man, I'm reading through one of those right now and it is a treat. There's something delicious about people completely rejecting canon when things don't go their way.

>BB is expecting canon to happen
This is still hilarious to me




Beacon mecha gattai when? I need to see ozpin, peach, port, glynda , Oobleck throw down.



>Loving the new Grimm designs, they look far more threatening now.

>Something is wrong. This Grimm actually looks intimidating.

Don't worry, by the end of the first episode or trailer or whatever this is supposed to be, the grimm will go back to being jobbers.

Everyone in that town managed to evacuate before anything bad happened, and Ruby will just pick them apart without even a scratch.

How they try to justify it saying there's evidence in the show is great.
>they're always together!
>they share meaningful looks!
>they danced together!
It's like they ignore Sun's complete existence.

>Empty husk of a body manages to get with Jaune.
>Pyrrha's soul cries.

I find it hilarious at

>they're always together

Because they are teammates, no shit they're gonna be together a lot

I saw a post on Tumblr outright saying "How to enjoy RWBY, Step 1: Ignore canon."

That honestly makes me wonder what that person gets out of RWBY.

thats pretty fucked up and sad desu

We've already seen the trailer and that's the case.

RWBY's a lot more fun when you ship and you don't take the show too seriously so the flaws don't ruin it for you.

Its also a lot more fun if you dont take shipping that seriously

Why is Weiss' theme song so melancholy? I have never gotten a "sad rich girl" vibe from her. She doesn't seem like a stepford smiler with a tragic past, just a repressed rich girl with a slightly emotionally abusive father.

Disabler is the comfiest Yang ship, not because it's particularly very good, but every other Yang ship is worse trash with major issues.

>Yang the engineer

Erecting my dispenser.

I get the feeling her dad is more than 'slightly' emotionally abusive.

Sorta like, if she isn't the best then she isn't worth anything to him, similar feelings passed down to her sister and even onto her with how she treated Ruby.

We're only given so much from Volume 2 and 3 with how her home life really was like, but the dude sounds like he could possibly stand in for representing The Evil Queen to the Snow White tale.

There's a difference between accepting that RWBY has flaws, and going along with it, and looking at it as going "No, I don't accept that, my version is better."

You're the younger daughter, and by default more gullible, of the most powerful family in remnant. Everybody wants to use you to get shit from the family. Even if you do form a genuine connection with another, their family will latch onto that and manipulate him/her. Seeing from the little to no singing we see Weiss do at beacon, it's possible that her singing career was much like many other kids. their parents pushed them into it, found out they had talent then held them in a crushing training regimen. in this case culminating in papa schnee sending her to perform to show off the Schnee Daughter. Weiss probably caught crap for getting tagged in her duel with the dust knight.

While it's headcannons, you could agree with a general consensus that Weiss' father is distant and demanding. Weiss has had to be the Schnee Daughter instead of just getting to be a little girl. The white fang's feud with the SDC has had five years to smoulder so it has to at some point killed off relatives she knew which would have resulted in further restriction of her life.

Pollination is the best yang ship. Enabler, freezerburn, Bee's Schnees, baked alaska, and bumblebee are still GOAT though

fuck off and dont come back


did anyone ever translate this, I can't read them moonrunes

If you trust the RWBY manga at least, Weiss's father is an asshole who made her fight the giant knight from the trailer to prove she was strong enough to go to Beacon.

Is there anywhere one could read an english version of the RWBY manga?

I still don't think that's how Weiss got her scar. It's too obvious that she had the scar already for that to just be a screwup.


You just know those bastards will bring back Penny, only for her not to remember Ruby and the gang.

Or they could flip it around, and have Penny come back in a new body, so Ruby and friends don't immediately recognize her, but she still remembers them.

I know it would be the former, but my heart hopes for the latter.

We all know what's gonna happen regarding Weiss and her dad.
He's gonna be the traditional "cold hearted businessman who's strict and demanding of his children, but only because deep down he loves them but doesn't know how to show it. "
They will also reveal Weiss' mom died tragically at a White Fang rally or something, causing his discrimination against them.
In the end he will admit he was wrong, tell Weiss he's proud of her and loves her, and they will hug it out while some happy song like Mirror, Mirror part 3 plays in the background.
Screen cap this for when Miles and Kerry pull this sappy afternoon family movie shit.

I'd like to see them do both. Dr Light goes a builds Penny 2.0, same design as before but a new person; meanwhile someone, probably the villains, salvages Penny's remains and rebuilds her scrap and shit so that Protopenny is all shoddy and freaky but retains her memories and soul. And then they have a sick fight and then a threesome with Ruby.

Is it really being an asshole though? She likely went the tutor route over going to a prep school. And while offscreen, the white fang are fucking up the SDC. It may be a school of hunters in training but even then, if they just swarm beacon with 500+ members and a couple dust bombs they'll be able to overwhelm and kill the heiress before anyone can stop them. Then it'd be just 1 to go.

Read the trash pastas and thank weissfag for the bins not being here.

hi /ink/!


>Not weiss getting sick of his shit when he forbids her from going to rescue blake when Weiss hears about her in some of the vale intel reports
>Not weiss bending him over his desk and breaking him in
>Not weiss taking the helm of the SDC to mirror mirror III
Shit/10, would not jewtube animu

I want my Penny back
>have Penny come back in a new body
pls no

You know that deep down, you wanna see what Penny 2.0 would look like, user. Stop lying to yourself.

I had a name
My father called me Penny
He tore my heart from my chest
To give to you
I’m not broken
I’m not the Red Fang
I was the first

I am the Protopenny!

They lost me
Forgot me
Made you from parts of me
If you’re The One
My father’s daughter
Then what am I supposed to be?

What am I supposed to be?


>Weiss having the same strength as Yang

I hope Penny 2.0 gets a sexy new body and outfit like Ruby has.

I want Megapenny to still have a generally young design like her first body, even if not exactly the same. It seems fitting for the robot to have a forever young appearance

Why RWBY farts the most in bed?

I'm betting it's Blake.

If by "Sexy New Body" you mean "Vale and Atlas' Power Grids", then yes.

>I hope Penny 2.0 gets a Vale and Atlas' Power Grids and outfit like Ruby has.

Id say yang said since she seems the most carefree and would probably work it into her shitty puns


I think /sug/'s site is much more comprehensive

Silly user, girls don't fart.


what if during the time skip Blake has been selling vacuum cleaners door to door

Oh no, meant that for Penny, not for Ruby.

Penny's going to have distributed her consciousness throughout the electrical grid or some shit like that.

ayy I saw a fic with that premise

not physical strength

I would say Weiss has equivalent special attack to Yang's physical attack.


I remember people freaking out at this part in the Volume 2 trailer


I hope Monty's POTTERY doesn't go too far...

What if MegaPenny is a small Penny that has to go inside MegaPenny's body to pilot her?

>Image resolution is too large.
Good times...



It's either that or co-star in some of Neon's internet videos.

Neon actually has a relatively popular music channel filled with original material. She tends to upload videos of herself dancing, to which Blake would be a back up dancer.

You were thinking porn, weren't you?

That's a side business.

Group hug!

>Friends are dead
>everyone's split up
>Yang crippled
>we wont have fun happy times for awhile
>just seriousness and drama
I'l miss the fun adventures in the school.

I want to lift Weiss' dress up.


you wouldn't be able to see anything thanks to Monty's Anti-Upskirt technology, the true reason he insisted on using Poser.
Until now, with volume 4 made in Maya the skirts are no longer protected.

Feel like putting shorts underneath he skirt wouldnt be that hard

Upskirts ahoy? Or will there god rays?


Poser is a piece of shit and RT bent over backwards for Monty to even keep using it. They switched to Maya the second the heap on the coffin had set. Prediction: Monty's death has resulted in a huge uptick in RWBY's animation quality.

They wouldn't do upskirts, we may see an alarming amount of thigh but we are not going to see anything else

we can do better than regular shorts.
biking shorts/spats are the way to go.

Thats what chibi is for

Didn't he also insist on using an old outdated version of it as well? I mean, its still amazing how well he could animate on a program that wasn't meant for that much animation, but had Monty been willing to learn how to use a superior program, shit would have been fantastic.

Biking shorts would work especially well, basically what Yang wore with her usual outfit

I could see Weiss wearing granny undies.

His fight scenes look like less-weighty Tekken gameplay with some anime bullshit jumps and super weapons, tho.

The v1 and v2 fights were better than what we got in v3, hopefully the fighting has improved in v4 and arent all just big flashy powers and speedy lines. Some actual combat coordination.

Out of all the fights Ruby vs. Roman & Neo felt like it was the only one that had the better coordination

Blake got the biggest downgrade. Her shadow ability was fluid and mesmerizing in Monty's style. It vanished from choreography and was used as a visual gimmick in Volume 3.


>mfw the Narrator lady turned out to be the big bad
I wasn't expecting it.

I was pleasantly surprised

Let's give names to weapons that don't already have names.

>Neon's Nunchucks- Veridis Duo

give me some more

It threw me for a loop, that's for sure.

that would really suck



This character is not good for my heart.

not him but Blakes semblance is only used to sit around instead of being used for actual combat like in v1 and 2

Don't forget that rubes abandoned yang:

After her mother abandoned her.
After Summer died on her
After Tai broke down into a deadbeat yutz
After Qrow always being gone on missions
After basically the whole world think she's a brutish monster
After another headmaster shittalked her like she was a raw recruit
After her own uncle didn't believe her
After her own partner didn't believe her
After Blake left her when she was no longer any use to her
After Weiss fucked off to eat steak and be waited on by servants in her mansions of lien
Directly causes her father to abandon her again and cause qrow to be gone

Blake never really got it cause she's always been alone for so long so yang's backstory flew over her head. But Ruby? Ruby knew. Ruby knew and she still did. Worst sister.

Salem's a qt.

Him. And yeah. That.

Rubys hero complex is a good character flaw and I wish that they actually showed some negative reactions to it, it only ever works out for her

Sheeit nigga. We only just got out of the idyllic school life prologue. This final fantasy fanfiction will have plenty of that once the ball gets rolling and it's pretty likely that'll be the case with her participation in the Salem x Ozpin conflict.

I honestly cant wait


Is there the Yang version of this?

Hers should be posted soon, seeing as RWB have been posted

Should be out later today

They use the poster to reveal her new aura arm right?

>Not badass robo arm

either way no she probably gon' be sad

I'd like the Aura arm simply because it would be different from another cybernetic limb character like Merc and Ironwood.

But I mean thats why we got characters like Merc and Ironwood, they introduce the fact that parts of the body can be replaced with cybernetics

I agree but unless her aura amount has skyrocketed i don't see it as being possible. Then again i'm not sure if it would take that much in the first place, i'm not sure how much aura a person can have nor how much aura stuff cost... Dammit user now i'm stuck wondering...

Will Yang's poster feature her with an arm stump or a mail-arm?

I imagine arm stump, similar to
with the jacket and the sleeve tied at the end

Well Blake and Qrow fling around aura beams so why not let Yang get an arm.

True but the aura arm is constantly activated which i assume would have a staggering upkeep when added on to her semblance and other aura uses, unless like said aura beams the arm is used in short burst.

I'l always wonder if his Iron Wood survived whatever the fuck did that amount of damage to him.

They can probably treat it like super saiyan from dbz, so long as you train it and keep it up it won't take much energy.
I don't know why everyone wants her to get a replacement so fast anyway.

With damage that destroyed the entire half of his body, he'd be damn lucky of he still had a dick, I do doubt it though.

I don't want her to get a replacement right away, I'm just thinking that's probably what is going to happen, especially with cybernetics officially introduced in V3, it's some pretty obvious foreshadowing

>his irondong is literally half flesh half metal, split down the middle.

I feel like I'm the only one that wants her semblance to change instead of getting a new arm.

Semblance to change? Explain

I really like the whole "too hot, too cold just right" semblance theory. Plus she needs something since Weiss now has the summoning thing going on and Ruby had her silver eyes.

And that's why Glynda wants nothing to do with that.

So not a change, just an addition to her already existing semblance

Yeah that


So, what... like Yang learns about balance and tempers her... temper with meditation to unlock Meikyou Shisui/Hyper Mode or something?

Because I'm totally down for that. Bonus points if Yang's robot arm can do a Shining Finger/Burning Finger.

I feel like Jaune is gonna be the one to react to it poorly.
Ren likely backing him up.

>Those legs
Jesus Christ, Weiss.

I can see Jaune maybe opposing and trying to rein in Ruby's idealism, and worried and protective of her fearing her running off to be a hero and dying like Pyrrha did.

Pretty much my expectation of what Jaune angst is gonna end up being to be honest.

>that hair



>Yang becomes a walking G Gundam shoutout

I am more than okay with this.


>yfw Ruby's semblance is revealed to not be super speed but instead it's stopping time

But Weiss can already do that.

Have you chucklefucks still not watched One Armed Boxer?

>pyrrha is actually alive and she found a reason to fight

#ThankYouPenny *clap, clap, clapclapclap*
#ThankYouPenny *clap, clap, clapclapclap*
#ThankYouPenny *clap, clap, clapclapclap*
#ThankYouPenny *clap, clap, clapclapclap*

ooh. I got Palindromes

Give me Crossovers and (You)s

Unrealistically? [Spoiler]Lancaster to become canon[/spoiler]

Realistically? Character development and a better plotline

So those are hopes what about expectations?
I mean given the trend that RWBY has established and what's been promised so far what can you expect from this season.

Lancaster endgame. Never forget.

Hopefully, user. Hopefully.
>Tfw you'll never see Ruby passionately make out with Female Morgan from FE:A while Jaune and Inigo respectively fucked kids into them doggy style

That sounds hot as fuck.
Never played Fire Emblem though.

Never made sense to mix RPG with a strategy game.

It's weird, but I like Awakening, The Sacred Stones and Geanology of the Holy War. All the others suck ass imo

>Camp Camp is the best thing RT animation has ever made.
I'm certainly not disputing that claim because it's true.

Maybe, I wonder if that's where Neon acquires her power levels from actually.

It's like saying RWBY is the RAM of RT because it sucks, and Camp^2 is the /smack/ of RT.



Does this mean I'm allowed to post this now?


Anybody go the Stone Cold Weiss Schnee?


I gotchu

Cardin will hashtag beat-up Jaune Cena

New Era Same Old Shit.


at least /smack/ is recovering


>Everybody's a fucking heel.
It sells because of the edge.

The fuck is this?

>Weiss took control of the brand from Cinder in a match

a Dissidia mod. I don't know which game.

>Weiss took control.

they need the Fist back.

also whats the superior NXT?

I actually have no idea, and there's no NXT font in the internet, IIRC.


He's Robocop, you dense motherfucker







Dont watch that show, but heck those look cute.

My God.
What kind of evil could create this.

I mean they look ok but God who took the time to even do this?







I like robo cunts

captcha: locust SILVER


Best performance in best animated show.

My answer in full right there.

the guy even made these:

I don't know what I did, but I must have been one truly evil shit in a past life or something to be punished in this way.

Or we just have a sadist user. The others were at least viewable. These ones are ungodly.

>looking for the video that combines the speeches that she gives in the first episode and the end of season 3
>only get retarded fandubs, amvs, and reaction videos in the search result
fuck you jewtube

>I actually found a fanfic where RWBY characters are the EAH reincarnation
from /mhg/eahg/: I'm trying to ID it.


Do I want to kinow?

EverAfterHigh, supernatural monsters as students in a school.
>vampire girl
>mummy girl
That kinda stuff, i dont know the plot but thats all ive see of it

Some people will make just about anything won't they?

This only works when it's a really active thread.

The thread tends to be extremely dead till 17:00 both because it's time most are in school college and work.

Talkin EU time and not America.


>No robo arm.
It's a neat metal stud.

I like.

What the fuck I can't get fan art like this

That real fuckin' neato

It's official m8, they've posted each RWBY girl the past 4 days

i want to do things to that butt

No you don't understand, people can't draw fan art of something that's barely shown. Her hair covers her entire upper half and all we can see is the cap on her arm and the pants.

Gotcha. Pretty sure plenty of fanart came from the designs they showed at RTX though?

>Someone actually saved my dissidia webm's

It's unusual, but not a bad feeling.

Not too much honestly. They exist but the others have more

Yeah but that doesn't look like the art they showed from RTX.

The pants, sure. But that added tailcoat stuff means that it's no entirely likely that the desing is the same.

>people bitching about a metal cap instead of a metal arm
You people realize it'd be easy to stick a robot arm on there right?

>The pants, sure.
Not even the pants are different too

Look at and then go back to Is this a completely different design

Nobody is bitching here.
Where are people bitching?

You're right.
Pants are too tight.

most likely either in the retweets or le reddits

Let them bitch.
It's not like their faggorty can really change anything.
>Yfw they begin posting JNR redesigns too.

Honestly I'd rather see the villains and Raven but I'll take it.

Holy shit guys they leaked the Volume 4 Pyrrha redesign!

We saw that at the end of volume 3 user.



>that pyrrha emblem on the banner
>yfw you realize this sorry user made this entire thing from scratch in ms paint

now that the "dust" has settled, which poster is the best?

I enjoy the new art of Ruby's new outfit, along with the thigh high socks with a tear.
BUUUUUUUT, I'm sorry. Yangy's Marigold laden ass speaks too much to my dick.

Though I do enjoy the Weiss Lillies.

But I'm biased.

>that thigh gap on Ruby
>those legs on Weiss
>that belly on Blake
>that ass on Yang
They are all just so perfect.

Ruby needs to make better use of her sniper in Volume 4.
The most I can remember from the 3 current volumes is her digging the scythe into the ground and shooting blindly at mid-range, it seems like a waste to have a high impact sniper rifle with a scope and to never actually use it for the utility of long range shooting without being spotted.

Yang's of course
Ruby's outfit looks like a mix of what she wore in V2 and HF
Weiss is okay
Blake is eh

Well hopefully she'll remeber that her gun form is better for tight spaces.
I want to see everybody fight in a tight corridor in volume 4.

What sort of weapon so you think Summer used? We can easily assume Taiyang is a brawler of some sort and taught Yang, but nothing known about Summer's choice.
Maybe Ruby gained her fondness for gardening tools from her and she used a shotgun-shovel or something.

She just had a knife and a gun.

Silver eyes and all that basicall made her a Goddess when fighting Grimm.


Her cape

>Beware the Old Dust.

Am I the only one that wishes Summer's design wasn't "Literally my mom's Ruby's mom"?

All we have seen is a white cape really.
Maybe a leg and a little bit of her hair.

Looks like a skirt

So it does.
Still have no real idea what she looked like though.

Looks like thread is kill. Is there even a point in starting a new thread before monday?

Is there even a point if we can't have our general back?

This is the one that sould be the last for now.

Yang a best

Force Push is basically Pyrrha's Semblance but unrestrained by object type.

It'd kinda be fucking OP. Jaune would be able to pin anyone in the start of any fight, at a distance.

>basically Pyrrha's Semblance but unrestrained by object type.
So Glynda's Semblance?


Fuck off you annoyance

As long as it's broken.