Valiant is a lie. WWE is the 3rd biggest superhero universe

Valiant is a lie. WWE is the 3rd biggest superhero universe.

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>No solid villains
>Same old storylines
>Rotating writers resulting in inconsistent or rushed arcs
>Talent moving to independent settings

You're right.

>great characters never get pushed
>forcing us to like their boring a-list
>silly costumes
>building up stuff with shitty results
>wrestlemania and royal rumble is basically a marvel event
>starting to add in less stereotypical diverse characters
>girls with big tits

then Smackdown
then Raw in a distant 3rd

After Smackdown gets Asuka it will be #1

What's the comic book equivalent of WWE considering buying TNA?

That's be equivalent to Marvel or DC buying out some publisher nobody's ever heard of.

Wrestling doesn't have the same amount of bullshit as Capeshit

And that's saying something!

>No solid villains
If they'd let Bray win a few of his ppv's I'd disagree with you

>no solid villains

No one wants to pay to boo Taker or Flair any more.

Thinking about it a bit more Charlotte is a pretty good villain and right up until he started fighting for his wife's honor Rusev was a good one too

Miz is solid heel t b h

Fuck I always forget about the miz

Nah, it's Hopeless.

>no solid villains
Currently or ever? Because AJ Styles, Miz, Brock and Kevin Owens are all pretty solid villains today. And Matt Hardy is singlehandedly keeping TNA afloat.
>same old storylines
Summer of Punk, Yes Movement, The Streak and Civil War: The Shield were all great arcs in the past 5 years.
>Rotating writers resulting in inconsistent or rushed arcs
There is only one good writer and he's on Smackdown and it became a 10/10 show, but Vince gets the final word on everything.
>Talent moving to independent settings
Yeah this one I'd agree with. Vanilla midgets going over someone twice or three times their weight class is too common now.
>mfw kalisto manages to beat fucking Ryback clean

Do people legitimately like roman when the TACTICOOL look fad was over?

>liking Roman


Normies love Roman user you can hear the cheers just as much as you can hear the boos

It always amazes me how a topic with almost nothing to do with the board it's on can be discussed so well, but the actually board for it's discussion is a cesspit of samefagging memerey


>people still like fake fightings even unironically

>it's fake!

No shit

Is /asp/ invading?

who /gay community/ here?

Oh man I had no idea it was fake. I think you might be the first person to realize this, we have to spread the word

i bet to differ


Because superhero comics totally AREN'T fake, amirite?

Why Americans worship John Cena?

>implying it's not basically a real life superhero show

kill yourself. I would watch the shit out of it, too bad I don't have the time.

>it's a /woo/ thread

It's due to his manly physique and memeability. People can get behind a guy like that.

Charlotte and The Miz are the best true heels on the roster by far.

AJ, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho are awesome, but they're too likeable to be true heels.

>its a Kirtainer and Spardot unban RedMachineD while allowing Maffew to driven from the board episode
>its a Stamford Wives defend WWE at all costs episode
>its a mods bicker between themselves over /wooo/tube episode

Am I just an insane person or would an Ultimate WWE comic universe be fucking awesome?

Just imagine how you could retell or reimagine the best storylines in wrestling with the gift of hindsight.

edgy 15 year old detected


Don't forget the Usos, them going heel was the best move ever, if they'd let Reigns go heel he be over with the marks for fucking fast, he and the Usos could be 3 heel man stable.

Hell yes it would be amazing for a comic series. Also you could give more of a reason why some people suddenly change heel to face or vice versa.

I would fucking love this so much.

And speaking of people who like to get behind John Cena....

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I'm 99% sure Reigns wants to be a heel but they just keep booking him as Samoan Cena.

When the Shield were still Heels he was a scary fucker, the big guy who just never said anything. I don't know why they won't just have him go heel again, it feels like not only does he want him to go heel, but the fans do as well, they love booing him, and you can tell the Usos love the hate they are getting from the crowd, it really showed tonight. Hopefully soon that changes.

I suggested this a couple of weeks ago in a come up with a comic book idea thread but

You are now imaging a Series like its a typical Mafia family war\Turf War story except all of the mafia family's are Wrestling promotions

and all of the wrestling is like done legit, like if you want to go and take out another member of another family there is a whole nother neutral family of "Referees" that watches every fight and sees that there is no dirty stuff going
on and does the typical referee duty.

The familys:
- A Big American promotion like the WWE
- Smaller Indy Promotions like TNA\RoH
- Obscure Backyard Wrestling\Highschool autitorium promotions Like CZW Or Jugglao Wrestling.
- Mexican Lucha
- Japanese Promotions
- European Promotions

where were you when the WWE Literally had the best female villian ever made\ Madame Hydra.

Her gimmick of "whoops she's not wrestling today" is amazing and I hope it continues until she is finally in the ring, ready to fight and Asuka comes out.

John Cena is a villain though. Literally the Bieber of the WWE universe.

Yeah but Vince is like Usher constantly going "No he's totally a hero you guys"

We don't. only our kids 12 and under do. we're fine seeing them happy, doesn't mean we worship him. In fact, I think he's a roided up baboon who's an embarrassment to the sport.

Only 5 solid villains currently out of a double digit roster.
Only 4 great story lines in 5 years. Most of them almost ruined/no real payoff.
Flagship show can't even get it on the same level as the b-tier shows.

I'm only mad because it could be good all the instead of 1/12th of the time.


We sing john cena sucks every time he comes out.

WWE died when CM punk quit.

But would they leave a lot of characters out since the people that played them have passed away?

Depends if they have their likeness rights. The WWE games have included The Ultimate Warrior and Andre the Giant.

Finally, I have a reason to use this link!

Lucha Underground > all

So Cena is going to play Superior right guys

I've got friends hoping he'll be Shazam

Millar wants him though
I dunno about Cena Shazam. I've had my fill of Cena versus Rock for the decade

No, they liked the Shield. Roman was the least talented of the three, but Vince has his boner for big guys, so...