"Sex." May I have the definition?

"Sex." May I have the definition?

well, my dear, you just simply could have looked the word sex on google but it seems your own stupidity stop you from thinking and taking the obvious action that anyone would take if they their head.

You can't use google during a spelling bee.

"Something most of Cred Forums will never have."

what a mature show

If you do it, you will die.


A mythical act between a man boy and the extinct female gender goth qt3.14

Hey, it has grown up words so it must be for grown ups.

Came here to post this

Behold, the face of autism.

Can you use it in a sentence?

Most of Cred Forums will never have sex, but the day Boco has it is the day Hell freezes over.

"Boco is on Cred Forums, so he will never have sex. If he DOES have sex, he will have to settle for having sex with an Amy Rose cosplayer."

Haha! You should talk.
The only thing more pathetic than your average Cred Forums user is your average Cred Forums namefag. And the only thing more pathetic than them is you.





End yourself.



best south park waifu.
that cute nervousness, lip-biting, curly hair, and that mixture of innocence and craving for the D

She certainly changed by the end of the episode, though.

"Now look at her. She's a God-damn whore, poppa."



Kyle got wrecked.

Stay pure


Kyle got cucked

man and woman, is not that harder

Give her a dunce hat

What happened to the home-school kids anyway?


oh, that happens. i can still cure her.

Retard alert!

>but it seems your own stupidity stop you
>if they their head
I didn't know illiterate fedoras were a thing.

What episode is this?

>being this mad
Virgin detected.


>That scene with Cartman relaxing at home and not taking home school seriously.

Wouldn't be the first time.

Can anyone explain why Kenny isn't that much of a role in the new season?

*tips fedorra*

Sir, you are a supreme gentleman.

Because overtime Stan and Kyle became the exact same character but people like Stan more so there's no reason to have Kyle on most of the time.

Shit sorry, I misread Kenny as Kyle.

How long until the new episode airs?

>tfw no awkward, shut-in gf

Kenny has always been underused and was mostly made for one off episodes and the occasional drama episode.

Considering how many changes Matt and Trey are willing to give the show, I have the unpopular opinion of wishing they'd finally make Kenny take of his sweater and remove him from his "quit kid role" since that's the major reason why they don't plain bother with him as much.

the correct answer is , yes please.
fucking retards.

>hey'd finally make Kenny take of his sweater and remove him from his "quit kid role"
They did that with Mysterion in the super hero trilogy and the upcoming game.