People will only watch this because of her wont they?

people will only watch this because of her wont they?

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Duh. Which is a shame, because they could be watching Slayers instead.


How can such a THICC character end up in such a shitshow?

you don't even have to take off her pants

for sex

She is not even that cute, and i don't see any armor.


Loud house is shit and that's full of waifu bait.

No...I'm watching for her

I want to massage those breasts and legs tenderly while she talks seductively in that british accent of hers.

Because THICC is shit

It's really not that hard to figure out.

I think the third is my favorite, but it's pretty close between the last two in both of those.


The first one looks like it was made by Dobson.

3rd design is the best in all of these. Shame they went with the 4th.

So far it seems like the consensus is, is that the third versions of the characters are the best, while the 4th one is a toned down version of them due to it now being a kids show instead of something more adult and lewd.

I like the first.

I really dislike this show and its style and its 20 JOKES A MINUTE pace. Jesus christ.

For the guy, his lightning bolt goatee in the 3rd one is just irrecoverably awful to me. Otherwise, I stand by the 3rd being the best.

Really, at least half of the people who come to this board are probably only here because of waifus.

It's kinda sad, really.

I know nothing of this show but I'm assuming it's a Slayers rip off?

Not really. I mean its a fantasy comedy but that's about where the similarities end. The girl in the cape isn't even a wizard.

In this case, I do like the black-green combo of the 2nd design.

Now what on earth gave you that idea?

Im not even watching for her and it's all your shitposting spamming fault

It's really interesting. I haven't seen this show yet, I have seen Slayers. And I don't quite understand why everyone compares her to Lina Inverse.

Its not THAT bad of a show, infact it even has some legitimately funny jokes and a good art style. The problem is its WAY too fast paced and has some really dumb jokes aswell. I think it could get better in time, but im just thankful therell be something else to watch in the day besides nuPPG.

What was interesting, was that I have seen that comparison a lot from a lot of different people. I'm just not seeing it though.

Even with this,

All this does is make me see the differences between them more clearly seeing them side to side.

The character designs are really similar, but that's as far as it goes.

The idea of the show is that the two are siblings trying to get their Heroes for Hire business going, while they collect "Magiswords", think like Shen-Gong-Wu from Xiaolin Showdown, but they all shrink to about the size of a key and only a handful are actually swords.

Also the girl is voiced by Grey DeLisle faking a posh british accent, so that's really nice.

Honestly she is pretty ugly. I think the design wouldn't be so bad if she had a color scheme that wasn't as loud.

I mean we haven't seen the full episodes yet, just micro and minisodes. Maybe the pacing'll chill out.

One came out as a sneak peek, and it had the same pacing. I still like it though, its comfy if anything. Its not something i actively hate like fanboy and chum chum or the nutshack



Final Countdown


What are you gonna do about it, pussy?



>people over the age of 21 will only watch this because of her wont they?


Good luck, but rememberTito Dick "Dickman" is not and will never be on the ballot.

just post porn already fuck

Bo shit sherlock. Infact, i think CN purposefully made her sexy because they knew the show would be shit, and vambre would bring in the NEET audiance.

how can't you see it
Imean if you fucking color swap magiswords with slayers characters it would look like a crappy deviant-fanart

Thank you.

>disrespecting the work of a hard-working artist who pulled himself up by his bootstraps to promote an overrated, outdated anime

Not a sound business strategy. Fan art achieves what they're looking for much easier than watching an unappealing show would.

I have been edified.

Confirmed NEET here. I find this comment offensive. I have fapped to a wide range of lewd art. Somehow I cannot bring myself to find this arousing.

Slayers thread?

How do you go about watching this show? There seems to be a dozen sub-series.

watch dubs

For real? I'm not sure if this is an Cred Forums-style gag suggestion, but I do prefer the English cast of some shows.

He was making a joke at your 'sub' series comment.

The order they go in are Slayers, Slayers NEXT, Slayers Try, Slayers Revolution, Slayers Evolution-R.

Then there's the Slayers movies and OVAs, which all take place before the first series. Except for Slayers Premium, which takes place after Slayers Try.

Thanks, I'm glad I asked. That's more than I think even I was aware of.

btw, the dubs aren't that bad. Especially for the movies and OVAs. I'd say the dubs for those are actually pretty good.

I'll give them a fair shake, thanks again.

I remember renting Slayers from Blockbuster as a kid and my mom not being able to stand listening to Lina's Japanese voice. She thought it was the most annoying cartoon she'd ever seen because of that.

there, i can properly fap now

This is one of the few instances where I've been honestly baffled but the amount of negativity a show receives. I've found most of the humor to be pretty charming and clever and even though the pacing is really speedy I've rarely had a problem keeping track of anything.

Y'all sleeping on the best girl in the WHOLE series.

They're personalities are carbon copies too.

I'm half-expecting a well-endowed loli and a chimera to join the entourage

This first draft looks like Dobson , kinda

Why do you guys tolerate this lazy, ugly art time and time again? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Second looks best. No douchebag facial hair and reminds me of Gaston.

Anyone who unironically likes that faggy little soulpatch he has now is pathetic.


Kyle made some enemies on his newgrounds days and Slayers fans deciding that only they can have a fantasy-adventure comedy involving a girl in a cape.

She's voiced by Grey Delise is all.

not a single do it for her post?


>only they can have a fantasy-adventure comedy involving a girl in a cape

And her goofy taller long haired male protege.

But sure, whatever. I also have plans for a cyberpunk series following the exploits of a young elite law enforcement officer and her older cybernetic male friend who are in a vaguely will-they-won't they relationship.

What made them decide to remove her pants?

Hi Kyle

>batou shippers

Naga when?


She's already a bit of naga, as the elder sis.

The show is silly fun, but just reminds older nerds of how much better Slayers, almost 30 years old show, is than modern "cartoons"

Well they will probably watch a few episodes because the concept intrigues them.

Im gonna fap to this later. Thanks.

>her name is Naga
>no snake anatomy whatsoever

>third design smugly giving the shocker

The shorts for this show are pretty garbage. Not funny, not even interesting, but since it has a waifu the usual faggots will force themselves to believe it's good.

>Using the dark arts like a witch.
>Has a literal pussy as her best friend who is also a dark magic user.
>Not even powerful dark magic, like they wet to a hot topic or whatever and just bought a bunch of books.
Weak user.

Your welcome.

There's nothing similar between the girls besides the red eyes and a cape.
The guys have long hair and cloth collar, that's literally it.

How can anyone see anything remotely similar in this?

No they'll watch it because Grey Delisle voices her.

STFU weeboo trash

I can see why people would think they're similar.
But not to the level people are. Then again people will bitch about anything.

I've already watched every episodes of it.

Watch it again.

>Hot Topic

I have no idea what they sell at hot topic user.
I've never even seen a hot topic.

I know that they exist.


My nigga

I don't think it'll be THAT good, but waifu wise, it may pull ratings for a bit. also her left leg looks disconnected from her body

1 word: waifus

Her voice is like sex to my ears.

Man, I really want to like this series. The premise is right up my alley, but I can't stand the art style, the character designs, the pacing, or the humor. It's all just...bad.

Zelgadis when

this picture makes me sad

Am I the only one who likes the 1st one the best?

She has crabs?

>Everyone ITT doesn't understand good design work.

4 is easily the best, but it could still use a LOT of work.

I'm surprised this thread is still here.

>Not posting the corrected version.