It's a street-racing episode

>It's a street-racing episode

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If it doesn't have Eurobeat it's not worth watching.

Did this show not do well or something? I thought it was pretty gud

CN hates action show and wants quirky comedies!!! Sad to see a good show cancelled!!!

It was one of my favorite shows, was so sad when it was cancelled

I think the creator and management hated each other.

>it's a what the cloudcuckoolander does when he's away from the rest of the cast episode


CN just doesn't like giant robots.

And the management at the time were a bunch of new people that Genndy didn't know too well, so he didn't have the rapport necessary to get a S2.

It was the best street racing episode ever.
They really put a lot of effort into making it as crazy over the top as possible.

>The gas tank explodes, ripping a tear through time and space, and sending the driver on a acid trip through the 5th dimension until he reaches enlightenment after what feels like eons.

CN killed it because it cost more than $20 to produce an episode.

That episode cracked me up, eat a dick faggot.

SU's was bad because it accomplished nothing and heavily featured a writer's self-insert (Kevin)

Feels Dandy, baby

Also the actual car bits of the episode sucked major ass.


I had completely forgotten about that.

Why did season 2 of Space Dandy suck so much compared to Season 1?

I like that the racing is exactly the racing from the beginning of Tokyo Drift.

Basically the network wanted it to be Ben 10 and Genndy just did his own thing.
Season 2 was dead before the first episode aired.

For you, OP