South Park went from a season themed around making fun of SJWs...

South Park went from a season themed around making fun of SJWs, to a season themed around promoting the "Internet trolling is a male-on-female gender issue" bullshit. I have to admit I'm disappointed.

You're not even worth a rebuttal OP.

How dare they talk about things. Someone outta set down very clear guidelines about what can and cant be discussed.

People still watch South Park?

>Its an "OP thinks he understands the plot when really he doesn't" Episode

jesus i'm getting tired of reruns.

They made fun of SJWs in regard to the "Ghostbusters" shit but the trolling part was almost entirely siding with SJWs.

Spoiler alert, OP.

They're still making fun of SJWs.

Trey and Matt have always operated under a philosophy of "No Sacred Cows." They have never not made fun of something, no matter how fucking trivial.

This season has set up a bogus gender issue to make fun of bogus gender issues. It's a vital component of the humor.

>the trolling part was almost entirely siding with SJWs.
It really wasn't.

Uh, no. It took a neutral side to the issue.

If they were siding with SJWs, Cartman would have been the troll, not Gerald.

>but the trolling part was almost entirely siding with SJWs

So, the biggest jew in southpark sets up an online account to bait girls to get mad at guys, and Cartman, the fattest angriest little piece of shit sees it coming, and tries to deal with it the only way his fat piece of shit brain can handle it.

This looks like the joke might actually be a jewish plot to incite a race/gender war, and you are going off saying it's siding with the SJW's

In this case, Kyle's dad's doing it because he thinks it's funny.
Not for any real greater purpose.

They said with SJWs in the sense they present it as a male-on-female gender issue. They make it look like SJWs are just overreacting to a real issue instead of making up one that fits their agenda.


If you haven't realized in almost 20 years that the show is about "both sides are equally fucking retarded," then we can't help you OP.

They're really not presenting it as a gendered issue. It's just someone doing it for laughs, not out of soggy knees.

The reason he was trolling women was because they made up the majority of users on the PTA forum. At the end of last ep he was trolling men too.

But he still exclusively targets women using gender-based insults.

>believing the jew

Do you not remember the jew gold series? I am pretty convinced its for some elaborate reason


They've been mocking how serious people take social media, to the point where quitting is like suicide.

I guarantee they've seen the Tyler The Creator tweet.

>South Park went from a season making fun of the side of an argument I don't like, to making fun of my side of the argument too. I have to admit, my feelings are hurt.

Because that's the best way to get a reaction.

They seemed to not be fond of Ghostbusters, what with Cartman rebooting Little Red Riding Hood into "I have a large vagina!"


> he thinks sjw actually exist