protect that smile edition

For once, I'm actually really glad that Willis can't stick to a storyline. This is a cute strip and it's actually kinda nice to see Joyce all triangle-smiles again.

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Oh, great, I see where Willis is taking this.

Like the thread edition, Willis is going to plant the idea in readers' heads to protect Joyce's smile, even if it means letting her attempted-rapist get away with attempted rape and attempted assault—did he ever actually hit Amber during the political rally?

Anyways, this just means that shit's going to crash down hard on Joyce when the time comes, and everybody's going to cry. Again.

Next strip is going to be Becky, isn't it?

And every strip after that forever.

I don't even know what the fuck's going on anymore.

It has been long since she popped in.

he's reestablishing that Joyce is happy and moved on with her life so that she can get hurt worse harder when Amber decides to play Batman

Right, so Willis has to make up for lost time and go back to the 24/7 Becky stream to "shut up the randos"

Not funny

One problem with having a sycophantic fanbase like the one that congregates in his comment section: they'll chortle and bray along and make quips to hell and back regardless of whether it's funny or not. Probably even force themselves to out of an obligation not to hurt Willy's feelings. So really there's no point in putting the effort into making it funny.

Those blue eyes, man.

So Joyce is like five seconds away from going all Single White Female on Sarah, isn't she?

>you'll never wake up next to a cute Christian girl smiling in her panties

Why even live?

Looks like she's wearing shorts

how do Joyce's legs work? it seems they attach to some flesh orb that is a separate entity to her body

The perspective on Joyce is messed up. And goddamn it Willis, just have Joyce kiss Sarah. What she is doing isn't normal, it's "when you're gone I rifle through your closet and smell your clothes" type behavior.

She's wearing shorts

Sarah x Joyce when?

no one has ever claimed joyce is normal

Her thighs grew thick overnight.

Comin' at ya'll with some new art for best ship.
Alt version below.

Fuck, the more I think about it the more I realize it could be pretty cute. I want to see Joyce freaking out because she thinks that since she's dating a girl she'll have to get a pixie cut and wear lots of chapstick.

There is something unsettling about Mary's face that I can't quite put my finger on but MaryxCarla is my jam so kudos to you.

Love It, Great work!

Should probably mention all I did was commission it.

>all those penises
>commission a non-lewd pic

Whenever I find a good artist that works for amazing prices I always fucking back out on getting anything too lewd. I think the lewdest I've commissioned them so far is a police woman in shorty shorts.

Understandable, but the guy clearly has no problem with it. Keep in mind that lewd doesn't always mean pornographic.

I don't know why I thought it would be something.

IIRC, Ryan just shouted for his bros to attack, grabbed Amber's cellphone, and then legged it.


Who can say no to a cute well sculpted fundamentalist girl who just wants to satisfy her God?

I should probably upload that one Sarah lewd yoto did for me to the booru at some point

I'm just glad we're moving away from Dorothy/Walky/Amber interactions.
They're all my least favorite character.

Yeah you should get on that.

I hope so.
And Dina!

See, now that's Aspberger's.
Also, if you call yourself the best girlfriend ever, then you probably have problems. Ego problems.

I wonder how Willis feels about this ship.

I mean, shouldn't we hate Mary?

it'd make his head explode because Mary isn't being comically evil or getting her shit kicked in BUT Carla is not being exploited or bullied in anyway so there's nothing to complain about

He might have a seizure?

Aspberger's is an increasingly invalid diagnosis.
It's all Autism Spectrum Disorder at this point.

I like how Dina is super set on letting people know that dinosaurs had feather but her shitty hat is obviously still the shitty doodle Willis created 20 years ago when everybody still thought of them as giant lizards

tl;dr fuck off Willis go all in or don't even mention this shit

She still can appreciate un-feathered dinos.

True, but Willis has said time and time again that Dina has autism, not Asperger's.

It's still autism, yes, but it's a different kind of autism. It's like saying that light blue and dark blue are still both inherently blue, but different and distinct shades of blue.

>Dina plays piano
Well, there's a character trait that has never been developed upon since its introduction. It's almost like Willis just wanted the one-off joke without considering any potential narrative benefits.

Do any other characters play instruments? Has there ever been a storyline where some characters form a band?
Also, where the fuck did this grand piano come from, anyways?

Maybe read the comics you're so mad at?

> Joyce's opinion on cocks

>is formally taught violin but can't play it
>self taught piano

I mean, it's possible but damnit that asking me to accept a lot for 2 jokes

Okay, fair enough. Technically, that's development after its introduction.

Now find me an example from 2014 through 2016.

And I still want to know where that grand piano came from. Even for a university, they aren't going to splurge on a grand piano for what appears to be a music room with zero other instruments.

A violin has no frets. You have to know what a note is supposed to sound like to be able to play it or you'll always be off key.

A piano plays the same note every time you hit a key. Once you can read sheet music GEG GEG AGFEDEF ==> this old man then the rest is just practice.

A lot of colleges have pianos lying around, surprisingly enough.

Pianos, sure, but not outright grand pianos like in the strip. Grand pianos are generally reserved for concert or orchestral usage, not casual play.

My local college has pianos like that in some of their lounges. Generally people can just come in and practice on them.

Grand pianos, or smaller pianos?
I can understand smaller pianos; the college town I'm in now sometimes has pianos left outside downtown for people to play for the public.

But you don't just leave grand pianos out for public play. What I'm getting at is how Willis didn't even bother with a smaller piano, much less a smaller room to hold that piano.

Seriously, that room Dina and Sarah are in is empty as fuck.

There's a public university that my friend goes to that has a grand piano in the middle of this big fucking hall for anybody to play it.

It's not common, sure, but I can see it happening

She only wants the meatiest.


Dina producing a blade in the last panel would be the best punchline possible.

That's interesting. I still don't buy it happening, but I'll take your word for it.

Now to figure out the purpose of the room they are in.

This is nice. Also it has the added benefit of actually looking like the characters, unlike the last fanart I saw that was just titty monsters with somewhat similar faces and hair.


Ok, strip time!

Here's that transition strip that you guys wanted.

I'd hate to just waste a day of an update, but the demand was strong.

And now for the next strip!

The start of a new chapter! And new book.

Is there an archive for these strips?, im interested in reading this from the beginning

Here you go My dude.

I have a mighty need for more.

Titty-monster AU best AU.

This was the pic in question, btw. I still think it's super hot, regardless.

Maybe this is just me but I thought that the dress in panel 2 was a matching shoe. Mostly because of the flat bottom and lack of frills. Maybe put it on a dress form, or a stand or something.

Alright, I can do that.

Carla seems the type to have a really expensive boob job, if for no other reason than being super-reactionary.

>believes bs feathered dinosore theory
>gets angry when equally bs theory of evaluation is questioned

I hate this comic

I was going to commission a Mary pic from Yoto too, but he was busy with school stuff I think, and shit happened on my end, and I never got around to it.

except the theory wasn't questioned, joyce just tried to debunk said theory with creationism

>True, but Willis has said time and time again that Dina has autism, not Asperger's.
Actually, he is very insistent that she has been diagnosed with nothing.

Then that's either complete bullshit or he identifies more with Dina than any other character in his comiOH MY GOD HE PROBABLY DOES.

As far as I know, Dina has not gotten a diagnosis for autistm.

However, I take it in the sense that Dina may be on the spectrum, but no attempt to diagnose her has been made. As opposed to her being tested and read as not on the spectrum. I could be wrong though, I don't keep up with any of Willis' side commentary.

It could be one of those things where she's just Weird (tm), but if officially diagnosed would be somewhere on the spectrum. That's at least better than using the magic of self-diagnosis, and using it as an excuse to be a spaz towards everyone and everything.

I meant more Sarah lewds, socially awkward cynic seems like a personality ripe for sexual deviancy.

Actually the two statements weren't even exclusive."God created them all and we have a certain amount of uncertainty about their appearance" and "some dinosaurs had feathers and evolved into birds" don't even logically conflict.

Joyce's statement itself is just nonsense "hurr Christians are ignorant" Willis bullshit though. If you accept the premise that dinosaurs exist, you wouldn't say "they looked like whatever. We can't really know." The idea of dinosaurs didn't just come out of nowhere, fossils show us what they exist and a gnereal idea of what they look like.

>GEG GEG AGFEDEF ==> this old man
The melody used for Barney, another dinosaur reference.


>I can neither confirm nor deny this.
>I mean, I could.
>But i’m being whimsical.

>The amazing problems she has with operating with other people is all me, and a little autobiographical.

>Dina in Dumbing of Age is a representation of the same parts of myself as she was in It’s Walky!, but ten years later I had a better understanding of those parts of myself, and so her characterization is a bit more focused.

>Walkyverse Dina has implied she is neurodivergent.
^ link to one of the last strips in Shortpacked


Also, Sarah really is the best character. She's notable enough that she gets to do shit, but she's not relevant enough for Willis to ruin her like everyone else.

Thank you for these.

From what I'm gathering, it would appear that Dina is indeed on the spectrum, though Willis doesn't seem willing to admit it. If I had to stick with something, it would be the Asperger's kind of autism, since they're now on the same spectrum apparently.

And it also looks like I was correct in how Willis sees Dina as some sort of a self-insert now. That would explain why he's not willing to break up Dina and Becky; through Dina, he can be happy.

Except for the time he tried to ruin her by having her hook up with Jacob.

If Willis actually owned up to the fact that Dina's neurodivergent, then he'd actually have to own up to treating her like a punchline. And we all know Willis is too much of a pussy to actually admit his mistakes.

And the SarahxJacob thing wouldn't have been as bad if he bothered to give Jacob any sort of personality.

Willis seems to have some protective instinct towards Dina regardless:


>Joyce needed to feel betrayed by her family and her community. Amazi-Girl needed to face a threat that was leveled up from the previous showdown her own father. Dina… needed to be in the best strip ever.

Note the last bit right there, and consider what we've learned.

If Willis doesn't see himself in Dina on a personal level, then my other theory is that Dina is the daughter that Willis never had.

>And the SarahxJacob thing wouldn't have been as bad if he bothered to give Jacob any sort of personality.

You know that whole "sexy lamp" thing that was passed around regarding female characters? If you replaced Jacob with a sexy Diglett, you wouldn't have to change a thing in the story to account for him having become a sexy Diglett.

That's how flat a character Jacob is. All he has going for him is the pin-up of him in tighty-whities.

My student dorm center had a grand piano that was free for anyone to play on.

Dina's dino obsession comes off as no worse than any other character's obsessions and most of the humor with her could easily be replaced with Amber's gaming or Walky's cartoons without issue. The only really unique gag she has is people not noticing when she's in the room.

Should have made Jacob gay and made him the self-assured anti-Ethan. Also hook him and Ethan up and run a story about dating while coming to terms with sexuality and the sociological and psychological differences that come with visibility as a gay man.

I just recently started working at a college in the middle of Fuck-all Nowhere, Texas. We have a Grand Piano in our UC/Lounge. Some kid was plinking away at it when I passed by this morning.

Willis doesn't change sexualities across universes. Jacob's straight in Shortpacked, so Jacob's straight here.

That said, that sounds 5 times more interesting than EthanxDanny, and Willis could have easily played the 'he's secretly been bi this whole time' card with Jacob

He could still play the bi card considering how Jacob didn't give Ethan and Danny outing themselves any attention. He could have Danny, Ethan, and Jacob in a polyandrous, interracial relationship for maximum lib credit.

Well, then, my college fucking slacked on the funding. Probably spent it all on footballs.

Dina's humor comes from being the kind of nigga to ask a question, then respond to every answer with "Why?" like a Louis C.K. bit.

I'd almost wager that's what he's planning to pull with Mike trying to split up Danny and Ethan. Why Willis is using Mike, I'll never know.

Which reminds me: Where's Joe, anyways?

>Jacob didn't give Ethan and Danny outing themselves any attention.
That's how a normal adult in 2016 behaves. And you'd be surprised how angry that makes gays and trans people.

It was revealed that Joe was the one who Joyce was texting throughout her trip home to talk about the issues she was having with her parents. Once again proving that Joe is best boy.

I remember that. What I mean is, he hasn't been seen since that reveal. We all thought this one user was correct and that Joe was going to visit Joyce at her home, but then that didn't happen. Joe's just disappeared.

The story line he he had a role in, a small one at that, ended.

>Dumbing of Age

I thought this was just a injoke. Why would call it that?

It's a play on "coming of age", and the story is set during the freshman year of the cast, all of whom are on the cusp of adulthood and ready to get knocked up after one little mistake like it's a vaporwave track.

>ready to get knocked up after one little mistake like it's a vaporwave track.


Also Willis should totally do a pregnancy arc. Due to his his exceptionally slow pacing it wouldn't affect the comic at all after it's done.


I've been listening to Blank Banshee recently.

And if he does do a pregnancy arc, he'll probably make it a callback to It's Walky and have Mary get knocked up.

Musicbro here.
To be fair, she never says she can't play violin anymore.

After studying violin for a decade, I've taught myself mandolin, banjo, bass, guitar, ukelele, slide guitar, clarinet and accordion.

You must remember, when you're first learning an instrument, you're not only learning the instrument, but music theory, which transfers to any instrument.

That'd require Mary having sex and she never leaves her room, unless the story involves Roz stealing someone's used spank kleenax and using it to impregnate Mary while she sleeps.

Also I can't help but think that if Willis wanted to knock Mary up again he should have had her meet Roofie Ryan.

That's what I was going to suggest.
Willis WOULD have the tenacity to have Mary get raped just so that he can make her have an abortion again.

I don't know, I kinda like the idea of Roz fucking a guy, keeping the condom, then knocking Mary up for the express purpose of shitting on her for being an unwed Christian mother before convincing Mary to get an abortion so she can shit on her for being Christian and getting an abortion.

What I'm trying to say is that I want Roz to be Ricky Spanish.

It's funny because Sarah is a miserable person who doesn't have any friends!

That's far too convoluted for Willis to consider. Plus, it would paint a character as being in a morally gray area, when he only deals with blacks and/or whites.

Easier to just have Mary get raped. Hell, he might even get a Slipshine comic out of it.

>a smile in every panel
Okay, yeah, Willis is DEFINITELY setting up Joyce to get knocked down. Especially in panel four, with the tilt of her eyebrows.

Also, are we actually going to see characters in class? Now THAT'S a twist.

Also, here's one of the two bonus strips! Apparently it is too difficult for normies to go in the building or around it to reach the Pokéstop.

Also, doesn't Mary walk with them to class? Or was that just a one-time thing?

>evolved into birds
this is the part that conflicts with joyce's statement
joyce doesnt believe in evolution, and gets pretty mad when its brought up

Oh my god, this not only breaks the timeframe of the comic again, it most certainly breaks physics again.

Unless Amber thinks every day is a bicep day, there's no way she would have enough force to boost herself that far up a building to reach the top in one go.

mary has never walked with them to class

>morally gray area
thats not morally grey. its cartoon villainy.

Even if you were in shape to parkour up that building, that flip at the top wouldn't result in anything but grievous bodily harm.

I can't read sheet music. What song is this?

I remember one strip where Mary is at least talking with everybody while walking to class, if only because she met up with them separately.

>thats not morally grey. its cartoon villainy.
That's true. But the past few times Willis made characters cartoonishly villainous, he accidentally made them sympathetic.

Exactly. You don't even need to redline the missing frames in her parkour path to see the massive arc she'd need to boost herself through in order to make the landing.

youre probably thinking of the time she went to church with joyce
that was a one time thing because she decided to be a bitch to all joyces friends

Not to invite deep discussion of that other comic but, that panel 2 Joyce face is so close to the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff :y face.

Scheduling classes 15 minutes off from each other seems like a pain. At my school every class was on the hour for a whole number duration of hours.

I dunno why this bugs me so much, but it does. And yeah, first two poses are kind of a Jackie Chan corner climb thing but that flip at the top is retarded.

>I love you
>You love me
>We're a happy family

That could be it.

I suppose it depends on the classes you take. Some start at the top of the hour, some start at :30.

>I dunno why this bugs me so much, but it does.
Because it's physically impossible.

>I suppose it depends on the classes you take. Some start at the top of the hour, some start at :30.
30 would seem way more reasonable than 15, but I bet it's actually a thing so I won't complain too much about it.

>Because it's physically impossible.
I more mean the never ending push of Amber's physical ability, but yeah, you're right.

Due to her extreme dedication to videogaming, she alone has found the remaining Polybius machine and completed the game, mastering the transdimensional geometric knowledge needed to win. What we're seeing here is Amber backflipping off the building to reach a place where two discontinuous points in 3d space have a 4th dimensional overlap.

Christ, Joyce really is Sarah's pushy gf.

Y'know, I had a bad feeling that was the answer. I thought, the lamest joke would be that it's the Barney theme. I hate being right.

Thanks for the answer, though!

>implying everyday isn't bicep day
>implying everyday isn't a total body workout day

Someone please explain to me how Willis makes a living, while actual, talented funny artists/writers can't?

Is it a quantity/quality thing?

>30 would seem way more reasonable than 15,
Nah, at my college we've got 50 minute classes, 1:15 classes, and 2 hour classes. Being 15 minutes after is reasonable.

That and he's been doing it for decades so he's kind of established his brand

I think Willis assumes the audience is too dumb to remember that Amber is physically fit.

Well, physically adept. I wouldn't say she's fit.

Oh, so she learned how to exploit non-Euclidian travel. I suppose that explains why and how she blinks in and out of existence.

I think he managed to pander to enough people over time that they all drop him a few bucks in Patreon, and it all added up.

Lemme just drop this here for a moment: graphtreon.com/creator/dumbingofage

More than likely it'd be a class with a non-standard time length like a once-a-week.

Taking a look at the Graphtreon, it would appear that while Willis' Patron count has climbed higher and higher (save for the monthly dips due to people dropping out or declined charges), the average donation has slowly decreased. It's more and more people chipping in one dollar, it seems.

But yeah, it all adds up in the end.

Yep, due to altered brain structures Dina can also perceive and move transdimensionally but it's more intuitive and she occasionally slips outside reality when not paying attention. It's how she can remain undetected by people unless she calls attention to herself.

I for one, have posted Mary x Carla drawings on the comic itself, and enough people love the idea of crack shipping and throwing any two characters together that I got zero hate for it.

It really helps that they have strongly defined personalities that clash but also are similar in some ways.

Those are the best kinds of ships, or at the very least are the best kinds of characters you would want to interact with each other.

At least, outside of one being cartoonishly villainous and the other being a cartoon.

Hardcore Parkour!

Yeah, you could actually see them having some kind of relationship, even if it's brief and dysfunctional.

>fat people can scale buildings
I can't tell if he's trying to be tolerant, or just letting his fetishes seep in

You know what? Forget the neet girl doing impossible parkour for a moment.

What the FUCK is up with the architecture on that building?

Also, the name has become ironic.

In panel 3, Amber ceases to be affected by gravity and floats into orbit. Her friends will never know her fate.

Does Sarah sleep with her makeup on?


Yoto, is that you? Christ, I thought you were sick or something

What LAME is offensive now?

My hard drive busted. I've been feeling pretty discouraged. Lost a lot of art. Luckily i posted most of it online.

Shit man, sorry to hear that.

If you need cash for a new one, I'm willing to commission some stuff

oh no. I've got a new one. It's all fine. I just can't access any of my old shit anymore. Worst part is there was a brief period my cousin and I managed to get into it and since then we haven't managed to get back in since. So I could've gotten all my stuff back and now I can't.

Well, glad to have you back. The thread's not the same without cute Joyce butt

I might commission some stuff anyways.

basically every insult is offensive to a group of people.

>It'll be almost like you have friends!

This is a dick thing to say even if she doesn't get upset about it.

I lost a friend who fell into the ableist bullshit. If I said dumb, stupid, retarded, lame, or anything that referred to "implying someone is less better than you are" then I was being ableist and offensive.

The last argument we had I said that a SITUATION, not person, was dumb and she blew the fuck up and we haven't talked since. It's been like four years.

I'll do my best.

That's retarded.

That's exactly what I said after everything was said and done. She wanted to replace those words with "silly". I told her that's fucking retarded.

late bump

That's all we can ask of you

> Please escort me across campus I can't be alone ever again
Looks like Joyce has finally moved beyond that rape!

"Silly" is derived from "seely" which meant feeble.

You might be able to get in if you plug it into your PC as a secondary or external hard drive. If you can plug it in but can't get anything from it, you may still be able to salvage work with a program like Recuva.

I had the same shit happen to me. My high school crush/on and off again girlfriend went full tumblr at the end of high school, to the point she went full ableist language/SJW

when star trek:into darkness came out, she was excited until its release, when she found out that *gasp* A WHITE MAN WAS PLAYING THE PART OF A NON-WHITE CHARACTER!!!!!*GASP*

we got into an argument in which I said that I don't really care about the colour of people's skin, she went on and on about racism, before culminating in when she, a lower-middle-class white girl, told me, a lower-class not white person, to check my privilege.

It turns out the most Problematic thing is existence. Each day, things that did not happen the day before are experienced, and that alarms some people.

oh, and adding to this, I tried to make the friendship work, but she never contacted me, came over only to hang out with my roommate(a mutual friend), and I just noticed the other day she removed me from her friends list on skype.

because I believe in equality and not policing everyone's words and tone.

I decided to be a jive-ass motherfucker and cross-posted the bonus strip to /fit/ to see what they had to say.

To summarize what's been posted to far: Amber would not be chubby, she would need to have trained for years to be able to accomplish this, and I need to stop being autistic.


Did you remind her that the original had a Hispanic man playing the part of an Indian?

Also you should have hit back hard with the white privilege angle and possibly thrown in some liberal gun rights arguments to make her head spin.



Sexy blasphemy is still sexy

It's hotter when it's on-model though

We tried that. We got half of my desktop and documents folder but since we did that it won't stay connected well or long enough for us to get anything off of it. I've been working on that for weeks and I'm slowly starting to accept I probably won't be able to access it any more.

Hmm. Yeah, that might be a hardware thing.
You might be able to take it to a specialist to get your files rescued, but that can cost a lot of money.

I'd keep going at it and trying to pluck a few files or folders at a time, getting the most important documents transferred before anything else.

She walked with them to church, not class.

>Scheduling classes 15 minutes off from each other seems like a pain. At my school every class was on the hour for a whole number duration of hours.
Were you expected to teleport to your next class?

Attempted rape, but still. Carrying mace or a sidearm would be a more practical means of protection than guilting her entire circle of friends to walk with her from point A to point B.

You're not allowed to carry guns on college campuses in Indiana.

They started at ten minutes past the hour for travel, but the scheduling would just say the starting hour.

Rapes don't usually happen in the morning ON CAMPUS, either

Ah, just the mace then. Shame though, it would have been another outlet for Social Commentary from the Willis.

you think Willis will ever have the balls to do a BLM arc?

It would at least be an excuse to dust off Jacob for a few weeks

I'm honestly surprised he hasn't done one already. It would be an easy way to say "We have blacks too!" without having to put in any actual effort into the story by just ripping off real-world events.

If he did, it'd be interesting how many of his fans eat it up, and which ones start to wonder if the middle-aged Midwest white dude is the best spokesperson for African American issues.

Most campus rapes involve people to intoxicated to give consent, not violent attack.

I think he was talking about doing a campus carry arc. Willis would totally do a BLM arc, he just lacks the balls to have nuanced BLM arc. So we'd get Mary being the cartoonish villain and Robin being a blatant Trump analogue again.

It'd require Walky to grow a spine, but him finally telling off Sal for using her 1/4 black family tree as an excuse would be satisfying.

Also, damn, the makers of Fresh Prince would get skinned alive if they did some of their plots now.

Yeah. That whole thing with Walky only makes me angrier as time goes on. The amount of time people in the comments say "Walky's Privilege" is annoying.
Like they're completely oblivious to the fact that they're saying the same shit that racists white and black people have been saying for years.

Oh you're mixed? You're not real black?
Oh you grew up in the suburbs? You're not real black.
Your hair is straight? You're not real black.

Yeah, because mixed race people never get called out on being "white". Thanks for taking those Mulato boys down a peg, Willis!

to be fair, Willis has never met a black person in his life.
When he started writing the Walkyverse in college he thought black people were a mythical race like orcs.

And during his few encounters he's had at conventions, he lowers his eyes and grovels for what His Kind did to Their Kind. Probably why doesn't do any remotely large convention appearances anymore.

Nah, BLM is easy enough to understand and its talking points easy to regurgitate for virtue signalling.

How is it that no one has pointed out that for supposedly being underprivileged for being a minority, Sal walked away from multiple felony charges without prison time, juvie, community service, or even probation. She also has her college paid for, and presumably her motorcycle as well, by her parents that supposedly hate her. In addition, the Walkertons have to make significantly more than the median income of Indiana to have been able to pay for Sal's boarding school, along with college for two kids simultaneously immediately afterwards. Sal's probably more privileged than Carla.

Silly user, Sal is the right kind of black to be pittyed. You need to learn your place and go back to reconditioning.

>Sal is the right kind of black to be pittyed

High yellow?

I'd love to see a BLM arc that puts Jacob on the anti-BLM side and pits him against Roz.

see that would be interesting, but black people can't have different opinions from other black people in Willis land unless they're "white" like Walky

Funnily enough I think that both Sarah and Jacob would have complicated, if not outright troubled, relationships with BLM.

I wasn't educated enough on the matter at the time. when she told me to check my privilege I was dumbstruck and just stared at her in amazement.

I was just being cheeky, most of the time it's really not worth going on the aggressive.

yeah, that argument had been going about 2 hours at that point, and I basically just walked out at that point.

she boycotted a movie she'd been eagerly awaiting since the first movie came out, I went and enjoyed the best part of the fairly mediocre movie.

I think mediocre is a charitable assessment of that movie.

hahaha what the shit

can you elaborate?

That's just life in the genetically pure midwest. Ain't nothing to it.

But he does. He still regularly attends SDCC, I believe. He's stuck with all the other webcomic artists, of course, but he's still there.

Well, the /fit/ thread just died. So here's a copy/paste of what they said about :

>take up rock climbing and bouldering, a lot of this comes down to technique and also a ton of grip strength
>how achievable this is in 6 months training depends on the building face id say, but i think it's doable
>bodyfat is obviously a big nono for climbing since it's just extra weight to carry up, so no she wouldnt be chubby

>She looks like the top 2% of what a female athlete could do, the backflip at the end off a third story ledge being straight up impossible.
>You'd need to train gymnastics, acrobatics, parkour, and ninja warrior for years to even approach this.
>Really though if you do anything from crossfit to a simple weight lifting regimen for a bit, maybe add a bit of gymnastics on weekends, and eat well, you'd be very happy with what you can accomplish and you may even think 'i could do that if i reeeealy tried, I just dont want to hurt myself'.
>You're still young and you have at least 4 years left in which you can make phenomanal gains (provided you have the discipling). In 4 years of hard work you could theoretically become the top 2% of all women athletes, but you probably will never backflip off a 3rd story ledge.

>to be clear, six to twelve months of training is to just scale a normal building face
>to do it at the speed implied in the comic (and without the ludicrous flip at the end) would require you to be in the top 0.001% of athletes and a decade of training

>You arn't going to get that much air from a tic-tac with her foot placement, it's physically impossible to reach the second 2nd one it is simply too high, then the third one she seems to defy gravity and does some kind of double kong then twists' gravity 2 times and lands on the roof.
>No one in the world do that, this particular scene is impossible.

>v5-v7 boulder problem depending on the building.


I'm not sure you could call DOA realistic after that whole 'Toedad' saga where the only person to get seriously hurt was Toedad.

Obviously not, and I was called autistic for it.

I mostly wanted to know if the stunt was even possible for somebody of Amber's age and build. As it turns out, it's straight up impossible for anybody unless you've been on the Batman regimen for the past ten years.

Well, I imagine that a number of people in the cast are Abductees with super powers like in the old Walkyverse comics.
Otherwise it doesn't make sense.

Huh, thought he had to skip the last SDCC

It's like stacking D&D templates: Get enough of them you can get crazy amounts of privilege and power. Ethnic, Trans, Fire Elemental...


I've seen handicapped people.
They have it hard enough, they don't need their diagnosis to become a dirty word.

It would be better to replace "retarded" with "slow," in the case of "don't be retarded"

Or don't replace it at all, because that's basically the definition to begin with.
My old history textbook actually used it this way. "After this happened, the new plan was seriously retarded." I'm not sure the editors did their job right.

and queer

I think literally every insult has an origin or use where it was used against a specifically differently abled group or an otherwise marginalized group.

Morel like a point-buy with a bunch of useless flaws.

>light source appears from left yet the wall Amber faces is in shadow
>shadow on ground doesn't affect the people walking under it
>front appears to be rounded, windows included, like a cylinder
>the far-right windows are apparently convex, since the shadow on their inside appears when the rest show proper depth
Jesus you're right. Even Hitler was better at art.

The cylindrical front isn't an issue, it's that the roof doesn't follow the wall nor does it break off in a way that suggests logical architecture.

>pits him against Roz
roz isnt interested in jacob anymore though, she backed off when she found out he had a girlfriend. so that wouldnt be any different from roz vs anyone else

nah, i wouldnt say its even most. theres lots of creative shit you can say, especially involving all the "non-offensive" swears.
theres also stuff like dick and asshole. nobodys trying to protect assholes

I think he said they aren't, but he might have changed his mind. He changed his mind (maybe) on the permanent freshman year, because that's no longer said anywhere on the site.

remember when Roz tried to get Jacob to relapse in his sex addiction when he was already in a bad place at that point in his life

that was a different universe

you act like anything Willis does will ever be different

well, yeah. its already different

I mean a conflict between a white person claiming to support minorities versus an actual minority that disagrees with them.

roz isnt white

Remember when Roz chewed out Joyce for not supporting gay rights earlier, even though Leslie, a woman so lesbian that it's in her name, was telling her to stop?

And then Willis went on tumblr and said that Roz was in the right

If he touches BLM, he will fuck it up

I don't think that Willis realizes that with Robin. Granted, Hispanic is an ethno-national category, not a racial one.

>please, stop harping on someone on my behalf and the behalf of a part of my identity

Roz was in the right in her basic argument, that Joyce doesn't get brownie points for finally realizing gay people are people too, she was wrong about everything else and failed to understand Joyce's life context.

And I know Willis would fuck up a BLM storyline, that's why I want to see it. I want to see ill-informed, kneejerk virtue shilling from a man who avoids interacting with black people.

I would love it because it would just be Mary saying
>the bible says All Lives Matter in the eyes of the Lord

which would then follow with a 20 man curb stopping of every single named character in DOA on her noggin

Honestly, I could see something like that happening. Not with the curb-stomping, but with Mary going "All Lives Matter".

If Willis touches BLM, he wouldn't touch BLM. No, he'd touch on ALM instead, and insult people who adhere to that or other movements, without actually touching on BLM at all. It might be tricky, but it seems like something Willis would do in order not to offend anybody.

Yes, that's what he'd do...

But still, I eagerly await the day when he goes too far, posting a strip/opinion that he thinks is popular opinion among SJWs but really only makes sense in his deficient brain, only to have his loyal sycophants pounce on him, causing a chain reaction of autistic inanity to snowball into his inevitable ruin.

It's gonna be glorious.



Oh my

I'd half forgive Willy his shitty plots if this was a precursor to a Dina Slipshine.

No... 75% forgiveness. Final offer

Too bad it would be a Dina/Becky thing where Becky just laughs and/or moans in every panel while Dina either explains what she's about to do like she's Brainy Smurf or she uses choice quotes from Jurassic Park.


...49% forgiveness. I don't hate Bitchy enough not to want to see her girlfukt

But an unconditional 100% for anything that involves Joyce getting plowed.

A Becky Slipshine would be the last straw. It doesn't matter who she's with. Just the idea of Willis trying to make Becky sexual feels gross as hell.

Goddamn it Willis, Joyce is for pure, consensual, heterosexual, missionary loving, not filthy, unholy dykery.

It makes me wonder if there are any character he won't sexualize. I would already guess that Dina is one of them.

you need to realize Willis actually doesn't give a shit about any of his characters, you see that twitter pic of Dina and Joyce mouth sloshing each other? That's the real Willis, he only thinks about how he can draw two girls kissing AND get good boy points from the internet 24/7

Honestly, with how easy it is to imitate Willis and Jacques' art styles, I can't tell if it's fan art or if Willis drew it himself.

And if he did, then he's essentially drawing personifications of his sexual and religious insecurities and his inability to speak comfortably with other people swapping spit. And that's just weird.

Also, I'm surprised he didn't draw Becky instead of Marigold.

Somebody needs to edit Becky bawling her eyes out over Marigold.

He apparently drew tons of pictures of various combinations of his characters making out as patreon rewards.

This includes Mary.

I want to fuck Joyce.

You mean
>draw Becky washing down a full bottle of pills with alcohol


So Willis actively identifies with his characters as personifications of his own persona, yet he disassociates enough that he'll draw them making out with each other.

I wonder what it would take to find them all and leak them out.

It looks like he crudely photoshopped together two separate images of Joyce and Dina.

What about dirty, filthy, pure, consensual, heterosexual, cowgirl loving?

*Ahem* Do you, uh, know where to find these?

I know there are tiny thumbnail versions on either of his tumblrs, but I can't be arsed to look. That would require going on his tumblr.

Don't worry, willy will soon turn your waifu into a rampant degenerate.
Your only luck is that, with this pace, it will happen in 36 years.

>letting dirt or filth anywhere near Joyce

Turns out that Dina Slipshine might be happening
Of course it isn't you fucking idiots.

And I forgot the image. Fuck me. FUCK ME!

>it's a Becky episode

Also, if we intercut between wacky Becky and Dina antics and Joyce having her optimistic view of the world be shut down by implications of rape, I'm going to scream internally.

I bet it's covered with hair anyway.

Have they even been together a week by this point?

I dunno man, "I tried to see what was under her hat but we ended up tribbing" sounds like the setup to a porn I once saw.

I think even with that time skip it's only been like four or five days.

I hate everything about this pairing.

I hate everything about Becky.


Yeah, it's not like we're missing anything given how small her hat actually is. Just color it black and remove the teeth and you'd have... Well, her hair.

Always remember that you're not alone.

Oh thank god. We were spending way too much time not utterly loathing this comic

That's why I love these threads. Until I found them I legit thought I was the only one who hated this comic since all I had to go off of for outside opinions was Willis' comments and social media. Finding /doag/ was cathartic as fuck.

Including the timeskip they've been together something like two weeks. If you know the name of the arc in which they hooked up you can check the timeline on the wiki for a more exact number.

>not wanting Joyce to get Joe's Hebrew Hammer from behind while she talks dirty

>Two weeks.
Well golly gumdrops that changes everything. Pretty soon they'll be forming a suicidal pact and having slurs thrown at them by Mary.

>Two weeks into a relationship
>A guy calls Becky a lesbian
>She and Dina elope and move to Portland

The way the blush is going through the hair in panel 3 looks really bad. For an effect blush like that it could easily float above all the hair layers and look fine, but it looks like it's under the line, and being effected by the weird transparent highlight edge of the hair.

Dina does look pretty cute in those last 2 panels at least. Oh and Joyce's outfit looks alright too.

>Joyce's eyebrows hover above her head


>Beware of Dinosaurs

She's really a one-trick pony, isn't she.

pretty sure dina is asexual
willis mentioned theres another asexual character besides carla, and dinas the only reasonable option


One of those terms I'll never take seriously, since everyone who claims it also claims to be oppressed for it.

Now that I think about it, Ruth and Billie's relationship can't be much older than Becky and Dina's. Is there anyway to search DoA's archive for two tags simultaneously?

gay people also claim to be opressed. are they not real?

Willis has been doing that forever now, man.

I didn't say it wasn't real, just that I can never take it seriously. Like, compare a homosexual coming out to his family to an "asexual" coming out to his family:

>Hey mom and dad, I have something to tell you
>"Okay, go ahead son"
>Well, it isn't easy to say, but promise you won't get mad
>"Um, alright."
>Well... I'm asexual
>"... okay... what does that mean?"
>It means I'm not interested in sex or attracted to people
>"Oh. Okay."

Besides that, the Tumblr definition (as always) is slippery as fuck.

>I'm asexual because, like, I'm not really sexually attracted to anyone, yknow, except like, well, maybe a few people I've met, but those are like, exceptions, but otherwise I don't feel attracted to, like, anyone else

If I'm getting the timeline right, Billie and Ruth were together for three weeks exact while Becky and Dina have been together for twelve days.

If she wasn't before, then she is now.


I still don't get how Becky x Dina is supposed to work.

But this is loathsome on only the one Becky level. The Amazi-Girl/Sal/Ryan set of strips was stupid and infuriating for numerous ways.

DoA needs to generate more hate than this for me to really get off.

Dina likes Becky because she takes her seriously as an adult and not a child due to her undiagnosed but definitely existent mental limitations, i.e. some kind of autism.

Becky likes Dina because she kissed her once, and also Becky wanted a rebound after Joyce denied her flirtations. This potential conflict was later discarded entirely, possibly never to be brought up again.

Seriously, I can't believe Willis fucking dropped the ball so hard on the whole rebound angle that if the ball were made of solid iron it would have gone twenty feet under the surface of the Earth.

One is a girl who is attracted to other girls and the other is a girl whose sexually hasn't really been explored but presumably is attracted to other girls at a minimum.

>legitimate drama sub plot
>drop it because it's not wacky enough

I mean come the fuck on it's staring you in the goddamn face. Might actually be licking you too.

>Seriously, I can't believe Willis fucking dropped the ball so hard on the whole rebound angle that if the ball were made of solid iron it would have gone twenty feet under the surface of the Earth.

I'll take Willis dropping the rebound angle if for no other reason than rebound stories are almost always repetitive and trite.

He's get it figured out

...someone mind translating?

Willis is already turning into the lame dad, looks like

Think of that "What does the Fox Say" song from half a decade ago

I know, I mean, I don't get the alt right cuck thing.

what if I told you it all started with the angry videogame nerd movie?

>Willis is already turning into the lame dad, looks like

Apparently his kid bit him the other day.

I knew he would turn them against him but I thought they'd at least be potty trained beforehand.

In case his defamation of Joyce hasn't been posted already.


I'm confused, I thought we liked the idea of JoexJoyce.

If Willy is writing it it's automatic defamation.

Also, Dorothy getting cucked.

Where the fuck are her feet?

feet are hard

That looks more like Dorothy being pissed that Danny and Walky can't take it seriously.

Wow, he actually closed off her legs, rather than cropping or letting them trail off. It's unbelievably lazy.

Also the boys look like they're crying.

After realizing that her dream of being the first female president is unlikely to come true do to pre-existing female politicians, Dorthy cut her feet off so she could become the first handicapped president.


Behind a rock.

Jeez, couldn't he have deleted the base sketch layer?

I can barely see the lines with all that blue in the background

i dont think he was very concerned with visibility since this was just a twitter preview and he probably sent the full image directly to the person who requested it

no its only good if we do it


it's cute you think Willis did anything more than the bare minimum

look i dont care how bad your cynicism is. these are essentially commissions, its pretty obvious he would have finished it

you're adorable

youre not

Eh, considering the sort of art that he usually gets away with, he could probably get away with just doing that and sending it off.

maybe, but i really hope not. that tier is expensive.

besides, ive seen some of these that were a lot more finished so i know he generally puts more work into them than this anyway

I really think you're confusing bullshit he made to get brownie points with posters he made to sell at cons for money

no, im talking about the patreon rewards where he draws any two characters you want making out

oh those are specifically just sketches so he can shit them out easier. No finished artwork for patreon supporters in his rewards

I appreciate the pause in the music in panel three when she's only playing with one hand

I hate exactly half of the pairing. Dina is too good, too pure for this comic.

Goddamit Becky.
The hat stays ON!

There is another, smaller hat underneath.

why is it that autistic characters are always portrayed as asexual

i'm on the spectrum and horny as shit all the time

He's not ... wrong, but "lady-husband" is a red flag, my friend.

Does willis let his kids play with his transformers?

Dina is a Jewish dinosaur?

All dinosaurs were jewish.

Joe is probably the best ending Joyce could get.

It feels like it was years ago since Joe and Joyce were texting.

That's pretty much it, yeah.

Dina is/was the only good character.
Willis paired her with the worst character thinking this was an improvement.

Now all Dina does is talk about Becky or act like a snippy asshole like everyone else.
A+ development there, Willy

Do you thing Maggie Willis has to constantly tell Dave not to use her as his personal shield-maiden, and an excuse to build internet cred?

It's going to be alarming if the kids ever want to go outside and play sports.

Also, it'll be interesting to see if he still wants to keep up the Cool Nerd Dad angle once the twins are old enough to talk and have opinions.

I'm interested how his internet history will come back to haunt him.

Think about it, if the kiddies ever took the time to research, there'd be an avalanche of shameful shit to easily uncover about dear daddy.