I am done with Marvel. DONE. What is competence?

I am done with Marvel. DONE. What is competence?

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Its Hopeless.

Has there ever been a writer with a more fitting name?

You should know better than to read modern X-men at marvel's current state right now, OP.

Don't they have an assessment thing for thier writers? What are editors? God damn my dog could write a better book.

Serves you right for reading for characters.

Me too, I would much rather let DC shit on my eyes with it's quality comics, like either of the Teen Titans books that are pander-ific to the fans, or any of the Superman books even if they did made a bunch of fake Supermans again and at least half of those stories are just a waste of time, and let's not forget everyone's favorite superhero team book: Detective Comics!

>he reads ANAD Wolverine

Jesus Christ this reads like a fanfic. I have literally read terrible fanfics with dialogue on this level.

What are the editors even doing at Marvel any more? Certainly not their jobs.

I had, no pun intended, hope that they'll wake up from this shitfest and start cleaning up the mess. Clinging on to nostalgia was a wrong move.

This reads as a parody...like a page someone would put in a comic making fun of this type of writing.
Damn nigga! you sound salty af.

braaahh what is the garbagee what are they doing to bae? they making her shitt just utter total shit... went from i like being who i am, i wear black clothing cuz i like it, I act this way because its how i feel comfortable... to this bitch... this utter hopeless fake it for my man bitch....the dream is dead curse you bendis

I think Uncanny is tolerable. Gotta keep jacking up the sales above Inhuman scums so X-Men is not getting canned

The Superman line is pretty great, famalam.


>Top right
>Bad English
>Dub Anime terrible
Wut? What was the context??

Eh that's true. I mean it's Bunn, but he'll know what effort means sometimes

Hopeless trying to be hip.

I'd call it a step down from the Magneto solo, and not just because the art's by Land instead of Walta.

You know what I love?
When DC fake replaces a big character.
Those stories are always the best.
Like when Batman became a old police officer who was a shill for "the man" in Gotham City, God! it's just what you want to read in a Batman comic.
Or how about the EDGELORD jokers, all
Then there was that time when Flash was replaced by a complete stranger, and then there was the time when Green Lantern was replaced by a complete stranger, and then there was the time when Wonder Woman was replaced by a complete stranger, and then there was the time Robin was replaced by a complete stranger, and then there was the time Blue Beetle was replaced by a complete stranger, and then there was the time Superman was replaced by a complete stranger, and then ... you'll never guess this...

Hey all fellow hip young cool kids.

It's for sure bad dialogue, but you're reading it wrong. He's saying she's like an anime with a bad English dub.

For me the best part about DC comics is when the heroes win. I know it's sometimes scary how it looks like the hero isn't going to win because the bad guy did stuff but then Superman proves that he's stronger than everyone and Batman proves that he's smarter than everyone and Flash proves that he's faster than anyone and Green Lantern proves that he's got more willpower than anyone and Aquaman.

Damn, just realized it now. I thought he's malfunctioning and spouting nonsensical buzzwords.

it's literally the panel before it

This issue made me give up on X-23 and i used to like the character.

With the MCU crowd dick they're riding, don't expect anything more than this tier of publishing.

You guys are pulling my fucking leg. Post the real page, that horrible anime line must be fake.

Why would 70s teenager brought into the future know anything about dubbed anime

they've been here for fucking ever


It's real. But then again, this is the kiddie teen titan version of Xmen. Uncanny is slightly more tolerable


I get that Jubilee has no reflection because she's a vampire, but what about her clothes?

Sliding timeline, they'd probably be from around the late-90's.

Oh, I know you're itching to pet her, OP.

Well if vampire clothes had reflections then it'd be a pretty shit ability.

I don't know if I'd call "no reflection" an ability, exactly.

Vampires doesn't get to deflect the fundamental law of physics.

In some settings it means vampires are immune to security cameras.

What? You prefer a character stuck in her autism? She had to go somewhere and develop. It's either she's forever stuck in that x23 shell of hers for the most of her marvel existence or a writer would try and explore character development.

OP, here. I'm not against character development but the way they did it - so abrupt and so far from her base personality which I assume has so much Logan-ess in them is quite disappointing. Laura was able to let go and move on from Hellion and even Logan death - awho she had more emotional attachment than anyone. But to see her throw a tantrum because of this Angel...

Both Marvel and DC do this shit all the fucking time.

You're basically just proving that you don't read comics

>Who is Valkyrie
>Who is Eric Masterson
>Who is Jane Foster

They're all Thor.

>Who is Sam Wilson
>Who is Bucky Barnes

They're both Captain America

Both of the big two are as equally guilty of this crime. Grow up. OP was talking about the writing quality. Not the fact that X-23 is currently Wolverine.

You just outted yourself as a massive faggot for bitching about Jaime Reyes, congratulations on your faggotry user!

> He thinks that's ANAD Wolverine


When the hell was Valkyrie Thor?



Why is she a vampire?

AND Wolvie is pretty damn good, this is some mainline X book inside job.

This wasn't a replacement, just a gender swapped universe

>>Who is Eric Masterson
>tfw all people go around as ask him when did he grow a beard

She got depowered on MDay and got bitten by a vamp.

You never touched X-comic in your life, huh.

There are very few good writers in comic books today. Half of those dont even write capeshit, at least not often.

Now for Marvel, take this talent drought and add the fact that the people who actually own Marvel only give a fuck about the movies, shows, and games. The comics only exist for rights purposes for them now.

At most they might get one of the shitty writers they have to make a book to get some shallow diversity points and get some headlines in the news about how progressive they are. In some rare cosmic chances this works out and we get a Kamella. Unfortunately, for every one of her we get ten mockingbirds.

This is also why Bendis writes half of the books for Marvel. Once upon a time he could actually write, but he's stretched so thin and has such shitty management/editors over him that the crappier parts of his writting come out more now.

>There are very few good writers in Marvel comic books today.


There's a thread that says Green Lantern is a pedophile. Is that true?

Hal Jordan has a weakness for jailbait, so not entirely false.
He was attracted to Supergirl, and he had a relationship with an alien chick that looked about 14 before she aged herself up to about 21.

It's legal on Krypton.

He wasn't attracted to Arisia at all until she turned into an adult. It's mostly a meme.

oh wow...are you crying?

Banged a15 year old fellow GL named Arisia, which is legal most everywhere but North America, so no. Even then, she got retconned so her 15 alien years corresponded to her native planet's years, in Earth time it'd be 21.

And new wolverine is one of the better comics atm lol. Since the last hyperion comic I have nothing to look forward too. Marvel done goofed

RIP comics

At least they took out that dyed hair of hers back in ANXMen.

How does ageing work for Laura and Logan? Will she forever look like a teen or would she mature and grow up looking like her mom?

Is this that couple breaking up or just demon shit?


Warren's being a sadistic bitch. It's quite a pairing since Laura has a history of masochism anyway.

I think they just age super slow.


You mean hal.
He was never auctualy attracted to arrisa when she was a child arrisa was obsessed with hal and knowing he would not have her due to her age was so obsessed her ring aged her up both body and mind.

Supergirl was flirting agressivly with hal so he did have some lewd thoughts about her as much as he hated it. However supergirl was 17 at the time so while it might have been illegial in some places it was in no way moraly dubious (i think hal was more worried about the age gap then her age) (it was a pretty good issue as well brave and the bold #2 i think it was)

Its like the pym slap later misunderstandings.

better ship

Well Logan never grew as tall as his father, he remained short as part of the animal theme I guess.
Laura might be destined for shortness too.
Given that he's considered attractive by a great many promiscuous women it's fair to say that Laura's inherited sexy genes from Logan.
Those actually are transferable between genders in parentage.
Add to that how the healing factor slows aging to ridiculous extent and keeps them the ideal of healthy physique for the rest of their lives it's fair to say she won't ever look old.
So she's not ever really going to look like a mature middle-aged scientist lady.

Oh also arrisa later got a stupid retcon related to her planets rotation.

Is Present-Warren back to being Archangel or is he still a retard with vaguely holy powers?

>it's like the Pym slap later misunderstandings.

Pym's a mentally ill man who hits his wife on more than one occasion, so are you saying that Hal Jordan was a pedophile and that we shouldn't care? or that Hal Jordan was in a situation that looks like that, seems like that, is remembered as that, but isn't because he has a ridiculous superhero excuse for why things aren't what they seem?


>who hits his wife on more than one occasion
I know the other occasions you're going to pull out, and they don't count. Those are purely the dumb 70s 'I can't risk you doing this, so I must knock you unconscious to protect you!' moments that nearly every super hero in that era did.



>Pym's a mentally ill man
>who hits his wife on more than one occasion
Maybe ocasionaly but it has never been domestic violence

is she still a vampire?

I'd rather have the proper Fab Five back than the absolute shitfests the Titans has been for over 10 years now

Whoa, wait what? Is this legit? And if so I'm going to need some sauce. Please?

yes, the last time I read anything with her in it was A + X where Jubilee and Captain America went into a submarine and killed vampires.

That was long long ago, user.
These days she shows up in girly gag comics like Squirrel girl and Hellcat to offer up punchlines like she did in days of old.

She was also a main character in the last Adjectiveless X-Men, where she also adopted (well, stole) a baby.

I think she might have also gotten her fireworks power back?

Kidnapping -yes.
Fireworks -no.

So it's fine to assume Laura could also inherit Logan's sex drive?

A+X was really good, I loved the Superior Spider-Man and White Knight Mags team up.

Well, she willingly worked as a prostitute at a very young age.

Wow this is bad, holy SHIT bad.

I'm wondering... is this site legit or it's a gigantic honeypot?

I honestly don't mind Extraordinary, it reminds me that Storm is the worst leader the X-Men ever had

She's going to appear in this Fall Old Man Logan arc
If I remember correctly it's about saving her from other vampires or something like that

That's really awkward leg positioning on Laura. Does it work in real life? I imagine you'd just go numb 2 mins in.

Are you fucking kidding me?

The little spiky dude wants to get pounded by the old anti-mutie fascist prick?

no such site has ever been up for more than 1/2 months, so yes, it's a legit question.

I always pictured Anole to be a top, but who knows, maybe he wants to get bent over and punished for being a filthy mutie.

Its's edited. Girl's Silk in the original.

I thought so, but I couldn't be sure fuck, that's my favorite ship that's never been hinted at and makes 0 fucking sense, I was hoping it was legit

I wouldn't know, user. I still have my vcard

Somebody post the Laura-Peter moments in Liu's run.

>Hating Dub
I'm gonna be that guy and say that I prefer watching dubbed anime over subbed.

No one's getting arrested for viewing jay pegs, don't worry. This is YT comment level ingenuity.




Magic, son, I ain't gotta explain shit.






Dafaq. Ew, Daken is gross.

The thing that destroyed me as a fan of the character regarding that page is that...

Look, i can deal with Laura wanting to honor Wolverine's legacy by taking his mantle, despite how little sense that can make. Wolverine was a fucking killer and Laura had major issues with the man because he was the reason for her shitty existence.

I can also deal with the fact that Laura is acting different and behaving like your typical quirky teenager, because people adopt new mannerisms and change thanks to their environment.

What i can't fucking deal with is that Laura decided to start behave like a normal girl and decided to use the Wolverine's mantle since he was a "hero" all to please FUCKING BENDIS' SHITTY ANGEL, because she was afraid to lose him since he was constantly judging her for who and how she used to be.


So for her to want to complete reinvent herself all so she'd never lose his cock since he was constantly nagging her for how she used to be is insulting, BECAUSE HE'S A FUCKING PATHETIC CHARACTER.
What's worse is that in the end THIS PATHETIC CHARACTER shows her that he's become an edgy sadistic thanks to a power that he took out of his on his own - since he wanted anything that'd make him different from the old Angel - and this is all that it took to make her happy, because know she learned he has also his "inner demons" and finally understands her a bit, despite him being a huge hypocrite who hided his new sadistic streak while constantly judging her in the past because she used to behave in similar ways.

This page also piss on all her recent developments, because all her changes were nothing but a desperate attempt to hold onto a shitty boyfriend.

The fucking tumblr nose kills the whole thing.



You know, i'd rather Laura was fucking Daken or even Wolverine than Bendis' Angel.

I don't think she has something against Logan. It was not the man she hated, it was the idea of a man called Weapon X that the facility ingrained in her that Laura dispised. I do believe she would gladly continue Logan's legacy even if it's not being the new Wolverine. She adores the man and respects him.


Stop, user. Please...

>I do believe she would gladly continue Logan's legacy even if it's not being the new Wolverine. She adores the man and respects him.

Before Logan took his distance and Laura didn't liked Logan very much.

Laura being a fan of Logan started with Bunn during the fallout of Wolverine's death. So it is all recent bullshit.

Either way we now know that Laura only became the new Wolverine to make her boyfriend happy.

>Is Present-Warren back to being Archangel or is he still a retard with vaguely holy powers?
Uncanny did something with him.
As I understand it, Warren fused with his Archangel persona to become a character who isn't just either "uninteresting" or "RAAAH KILL THE WEAK", but something more balanced in the middle.
It hopefully also stops the endless Archangel redemption arcs.

Warren was neck and neck with Bobby for being the least interesting X-man for a long time.


Yost/Kyle XForce run subtly hints Laura and Logan's relationship. He might have introduced her to the Academy X kids as his sister but definitely evolved as a father-daughter. She listens to him. Sure, Logan knows he messed up with Laura - he admitted it to Gambit. And Laura did feel like she was abandoned but I doubt that she would just dropped Logan out of her life. He was a huge contributor to her journey post-facility.

Sure, Daken, you go ahead and tell your father you just slept with his clone.

It's just better to ignore ANX completely (it's the worse X-book and it has yet to have any kind of effect to other series anyway)

I actually liked her relationship with Wolverine during that flashback in ANWolverine #1

They should give her more Logan mannerism aside from her fighting style. Makes her a legit clone.


I enjoyed the CW2 tie ins, until the actual tie in happened with Cap. The bit with Fin Fang Foom and the 4 Wolverines were comfy

Yes, i'm not saying that Logan and Laura weren't friends.

I'm saying is that Laura had issues with Logan. They were like two people who were trying to connect, but didn't knew how.

Logan thought that by staying away and leaving her to work out her issues was for the best.
Laura felt a bit of hurt due to him being in part the reason for her messy life and a bit abandoned.

In the series that dealt with the fallout of Wolverine's death Laura out of the blue was this huge supporter of everything Logan, seeing him completely as family, along with Daken, which felt hollow.

Tumblr nose? The hell is that?

> you will never see naked Laura swooping through the skies with her jet pack.

These days she's back to copying Psylocke mannerisms.

I loved that issue of Uncanny. Had a great laugh when Laura imprinted on Betsy.

>Laura is a trained assassin
>knows how to sneak into a secure facility and kill a target without being spotted
>can kill a man in well over 2 dozen ways

>can't braid her own hair

as a person with long hair I can identify with this.

superior Warren/Laura panel

marvelniggers are this salty

God, look at the reaction of that thing in the penultimate panel having to listen to this shit.



Is that The legacy of Logan mini? It was so meh. I wish Liu's run continued til Logan's death and have her write how Laura deals with it. I really liked how she handled her character. Of course, Yost/Kyle are still the superior Laura writers.

No, Daken, you can't be part of this sandwich.

But that's what DC is doing right now and it's worked out fine.

a) Titans is great
b) Teen Titans Rebirth is out today so chill your beans nigga
c) Superman books are fucking great
d) Detective Comics is fucking great. You can't tell me Clayface ain't based
e) Rebirth is smashing it atm, loving it

Best Laura.

You literally just described 99% of fiction, faggot


Because that was what the are aiming for. At least their goals is cut out clear. Marvel is everywhere and as confused as their characters it's so damn frustrating when you've followed these guys for decades. I'm a marvelfag but am not an apologist. I can't take this shitfrst from them anymore. they're not even trying or attempting quality against the competition.

>c) Superman books are fucking great
Action comics is trash.
The only reason people didn't bitch about it is because coming out 2 times per month made having 5 issues of literally nothing but Supes and Doomsday punching each other a little more bearable
Also because currently you can't say that a Rebirth book is bad without being called a Marvel shill. I've even seen people say that Justice League is good and not complete shit

Why does DC think Bryan Hitch is a tolerable writer?

Why is Spider-Man in white? Looks nice on him.

There was a period when the Fantastic Four stopped being Fantastic Four and became Future Foundation, had white costumes and included a few other characters like Spidey or the oldest Power kid

That was his costume when he (and a bunch of kids) joined the FF, which was renamed the Future Foundation, after Johnny seemed to have died a while back.

I'm honestly thinking of dropping the Big Two at the moment.

Right now I'm reading a whooping 4 series from them, Vision, Ultimates, The Flintstones and Deathstroke. The first one will be over next month, Flintstone will probably be cancelled soon because it has garbage sales. My pull-list hasn't been this small in years. I don't know if it's because the Big Two are really that bad at the moment (Marvel moreso than DC in my opinion, with all the neverending garbage events. DC is just making me bored to tears with Rebirth) or if I'm just becoming too jaded and it's time for a break.

Dude, at least DC doesn't pinky swear and do a blood oath the original isn't coming back like Marvel does.

Everyone knows the original is coming back, you just enjoy the ride.

Marvel likes to pretend shit hasn't been done before and no ones ever read a comic book and act accordingly like they are setting milestones.

Dubbed anime has been around since the 60's. You actually had to hunt for the stuff that didn't air on tv.

As long as they're active they won't age semi-normally.
Logan and Laura could be immortal if they keep exercising.

>which is legal most everywhere but North America

Is it fuck, and AoC has no bearing on adulthood. Just because the 3rd world says it's okay to dick a 13 year old doesn't make it not paedophilia.


DC has a lot more good books than these.
New Superman
The Lanterns books
Green Arrow
All Star Batman
Future Quest

The Rebirth has delivered a lot of good to great stuff. Of course they are also titles that are bad. Bur overall the good is more than the bad. With Marvel is the opposite. There are some good titles, but most of their stuff right now is crap. Crap events, killing off iconic characters, replace iconic characters with their SJW versions, and some good titles like Vision, that don't take the spotlight.

This is bad-English-dub-anime terrible.

I miss the REAL Wolverine. I' m not buying anymore X-books since he died, with the exception of the Old Man Logan. But on the other hand i was thinking that perhaps it's for the best that he is not around currently, with the X-books becoming such a garbage nowdays. Perhaps Marvel wanted to protect Wolvie, from that shitstorm.

I don't know if I'd mock Hopeless for that attempt to be hip or the editor for allowing this to be printed.

In the expense of Laura? Logan would not have liked that.

You faken kidding me, bub?


If you put it like this, if Logan was real, probably would have Pearlmutter's head on a plate already, for what he is doing to the X-Men and his family, lol.

Reminder that people in cape comics all sound high-pitched on account of how fast they talk.

Agree to disagree man, I find all those books boring. New Super-Man is pretty fun though, I forgot to add that to my pull.

Like I said, I think Marvel is worse than DC now because they employ the controversy tactic much more and they can't stop with the shitty events. Still, I couldn't get into Rebirth as much as much as other people on Cred Forums did. With the exception of Deathstroke and New Super-Man, everything else is extremely mediocre or boring to me. Nothing wrong if you guys like it and it's possible that I'm just tired of superhero comics and I need a break. Almost nothing is holding my interest anymore.

Never read Laura like that when Yost/Kyle were writing here. Monotone, almost robotic never too loud nor too soft.

That's the thing. It's not that DC doesn't produce bad stuff, it's Marvel being complacent on quality that everything's everywhere.

Dubs ain't bad anymore.
I mean they used to be all kinds of half added, but like mid 90s+ they have put actual effort into dubbing with good results
Hell on few occasions the dub is the preferred one (like cowboy bebop)

Missing a bottle of beer there.

Marvel did their best to promote Vision
You can blame them for many things, but in this case it's completely fault of the readers/buyers that prefer but yet another issue of The Amazing Spider-Slott than a good series like Vision


You feed the crowd too much garbage it becomes thier idea of a norm and others just become differently weird.

This. They advertised it a lot, first 3 issues free for the retailers, putting the first issue in Spider-Man/Deadpool #1, Paul Bettany talked about it on his twitter, Ta Nehisi Coates constantly talks about how it's his favorite comic from Marvel (and he has almost a million followers).

I also appreciate that they didn't hijack the comic with a Civil War II tie-in and they let King tell his story without interference. Even Marvel realized they had something great in Vision.

What you think they're getting god tier quality at DC? Marvel keeps selling cause there are people who keeps buying. At the end of it all, it's about the money.

Yah mad



I know we say this every time it comes up but holy SHIT Hopeless has a bad handle on Laura.

And I say that as someone who thinks he's generally an ok middling writer who can put out fine books in the right circumstances and gets too much flak for the Avengers Arena bullshit.

He lives up to his name.

Just go read the storytimes OP. They're free.

What's Choi even doing? He should write some issues of ANAD Wolverine so we don't have to deal with all these talentless clowns.
It would be doubely helpful, because he drew roughly 50% of the stuff they keep calling back to.


Oh, so they're breaking up. About damn time. They were an awful couple.

Do people even mind New Wolverine as a concept? I'd be fine with Laura running around in the suit if she still sounded or acted like Laura in any capacity whatsoever

>Jubes finally comes back
>so she can get saved

god damn it I just want quippy fun vampire Jubilee kicking ass


what is wrong with Jubilee's torso

>Do people even mind New Wolverine as a concept? I'd be fine with Laura running around in the suit if she still sounded or acted like Laura in any capacity whatsoever

Am fine with that too. I wanted her character to develop more while in the Wolverine costume. What they did too her was so abrupt and sudden it feels like another character named Laura.

They were pretty much broken up at this point. This is them getting back together.

>Do people even mind New Wolverine as a concept?
Yes. Laura should be Laura. Not Wolverine. She doesn't have to be X-23, but she needs her own identity. Not one appropriated from an established character.




I thought she was considering calling herself Talon.


Laura is tired. Tired of this shit, Marvel.




I want to pet Laura. Look at her.

>trying to be Wolverine
>a normal person like everyone else


Kyle and Yost planned on calling her Talon. I think it was on the last page of her second mini.




Filename. Wat

This guy right here. Gawd, you need to get out and do some life stuff.

I guess Warren benefited from her prostitution experience. Never understood why she allowed herself to end up in that profession though.

>Implying he should know which marvel titles are which by actively reading them

Marvel sucks man, the movies are good but the comics are absolutely terrible. I dropped marvel just after fear itself and it was a smart choice.

It makes sense from a tactical stand point, she entered into a profession wherein they do need to know anything about her, and she's in a part of society that no one looks at for to long. She's easily able to hide in as a hooker. Honestly I'm so pleased that Marvel didn't retcon that away because I feel it adds something unique to her character.

She only deserves Teenclops.

this guy gets it

What's weird is that even that issue with the awful Angel scene shows they're the two that make sense

Too bad that ship isn't quite as funny with Logan dead. I guess it would be interesting to see OM Logan react.