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>Admiral Yularen this is General Kenobi
>This is Admiral Yularen, send traffic, break
>Admiral Yularen, requesting immediate airstrike on my position Broken Arrow, I repeat. Broken Arrow, how copy?
>This is Admiral Yularel, Broken Arrow, we copy, may the Force be with you
>*Fortunate Son starts playing*

forgot pic damnit

>two Bendu OPs in a row

Mfw I started the Abednedo argument in the previous thread and two other anons ended up duking it out

I don't get it.

Because we're both dudes. And that's forbidden love!

How long until Ezra taps that ass?

B-But, that's a boy...

Your point?

Every fucking time

I was so disappointed when it turned out to be a boy. That's almost Japanese levels of shota-baiting.

And? As long as it's cute, user. Sabine can get involved too.

Not sure I'd call that duking it out

>Will never experience Walker Assault in a TCW Battlefront game.

I think it's a "We Were Soldiers" reference. But pretty much calling Broken Arrow is a 'Nam movie trope, mostly but does appear in other post 'Nam era war flicks.

I'm still not sure what he's even talking about. If it was that easy to overlook last thread it couldn't have been that "epic"

was it mentioned where ezra's new lightsaber came from?

I've been missing the threads for the past few days, how did the Season 3 premiere go?

It wasn't big or anything, I just like starting arguments and then not contributing.

I liked it.

Thrawn was revealed to be a zhe, the thread went ballistic but still fapped

we've successfully deduced that Anakin and Shmi are both hermaphrodites.

I'm so proud to have been a part of that thread.

Actually they may not be hermaphrodites. They could be chimeras. As long as they had xxy chromosomes it would fit the criteria that was previously established.

Eh, At-tes don't look as intimidating.

This is out. Should I pick it up?

Porn when?

up to you if you actually use it, i have all the Thrawn books but after one read they just sit there

the Imperial Knights concept was one of the best things to come out of that era imo.


>how did the Season 3 premiere go?
Pic related explains my feelings on the matter better than I ever could with mere words.

Solid A to A-

updated animation and great concepts; excited to see what happens next.

Why is adam jensen in the thumbnail?

God damn that's funny

And why is that guy so happy to see him?

So which legi game is the rebels cast in?

General Dodonna got his Y wings. Ezra got promoted, then demoted. Cool shit happened with the holocron but it was immediately put in a closet with Kaiju Who. The Phantom exploded and will probably be replaced by a toyetic phantom 2. Thrawn did his cool Chissward Tacticals thing, but let the rebels escape so he could track down more of them later. Rex had a 'nam flashback. Sabine and Zeb were just kinda there. Hera wasn't. Kanan went through his entire seasons character arc in ten minutes.

It looked kind of cool but ultimately accomplished nothing except move the timeline 0.1 percent closer to ANH, establish a few character concepts, and set up stuff for later on. You can tell the show is chafing a bit without any inquisitors to actually have regular lightsaber duels and isn't really committing to dogfights and space battles since they decided Ezra wouldn't really go down that road(for the obvious reason that Luke did, and Rey aping it was really obvious when JJ tried so it's probably for the best).

It's honestly not bad but it was kind of there. Once you divorce it from the Thrawn afterglow you realize everything was basically marching in place.

>then demoted.
He's just had his command suspended, he wasn't demoted. Basically he was military grounded by his not-mom.

>replaced by a toyetic phantom 2
It's being replaced by a CIS shuttle. We've already seen it (and yes even a Lego toy of it)

He had a nam flashback? I don't remember that at all except him almost flying out the back of the ship trying to blast that clanker. I was making myself dinner so I didn't have my eye on screen whole time.

He's being facetious, he's just referring to Rex going all FUCKING CLANKERS

Oh, I'm dumb Rex flashbacks would be pretty good though. I want to know what happened to Cody especially.

No. No you don't.

>CIS shuttle
I'm assuming that'll be the episode with the battle droids in it

>Marvel Logo


But you should read it user. An entire new era/ with new characters, (The opposite of Marvel's SW comics) and the story is pretty nice.

Read it for the Fel's Empire and his imperial knight.

>bogan force

Man I really wish they would stop raiding Lucas' sock drawer of old star wars ideas and fucking come up with something new.

The Dark Side is passion. Passion and lust.

Why are these bad things in the context of how they've been used in the show?

What? I like Cody, did they do some shit with lego? Who even watches that shit,

>Maul twirls his mustache and betrays the group in the most cartoonish way last season instead of joining the crew and slowly manipulating Ezra further
>Well okay that woulda been cool but hey at least Ezra kept the Sith Holocron and we can have some cool conflict revolving around that
>Nope it gets taken away in the very first episode of the new season
>Kanan's already learned the force lesson about blindness
>Ezra did like two morally dubious things before Kanan showed back up to set him straight again

Fuck man it feels like they decided using their old plot hooks would be too much of a hassle and they're just throwing them out. Stretch something out for once, it's not like I asked Jerec to show up and school Kanan at being blind.

>Nope it gets taken away in the very first episode of the new season
It's coming back literally in the next episode.

>it's not like I asked Jerec to show up and school Kanan at being blind.
I hate you for planting that seed...

This could just be bullshit, but apparently the original Yoda puppet is set to return in some capacity in Episode VIII

They're perfectly acceptable, I just wish we'd move on to some new territory in regards to the force and the rest of the star wars universe.

Well we did get the Zeb's episode with the Lasats in Season 2, that was a unique use of the force we haven't seen before. But I do agree, I'm always up for more of the mystical side of the Force.

I'd rather them use the puppet at least as a guide track for any post-process layered on CGI performance. People might not buy how a puppet looks these days, but they will buy that old puppet yoda movement and mannerisms that sure weren't captured in the prequels. CGI is not a bad thing, it's only bad when used lazily.

Then why get rid of it at all?

In Australia, bogan means something entirely different.
And, yet, it still makes perfect sense.

Because Kanan was afraid of the Holocron, and Ezra was falling to the dark side with its continued use.

The next episode is titled "The Holocrons of Fate". The Bendu's job teaching Kanan isn't over yet.

Kallus started defecting yet?

Right, but why not leave it in Ezra's hands for a little while longer? It really feels like a cop-out for Ezra to do all this flirting with the Dark Side off-screen and then lose the Holocron on the first episode. Kanan could've had his whole lesson with the Bendu and finally come back to the crew only to get increasingly worried about the way Ezra's been acting and wondering how much damage he did by leaving--THEN have him find the Holocron and let everything snap into place.

Maybe they're surprise me and my tune will change as the season progresses but I was honestly kinda disappointed with this episode.

They did a very bad job of making it seem like time had passed between the end of last season and the start of this season. If Ezra hadn't been aged up 2+ years you wouldn't be able to tell any time had passed at all.

I thought Yoda did too much in prequels and I like him as a teacher more than warrior.

The prequel hatred is bandwagon faggotry they have good and bad but I like them.

any required reading?

No, nothing with Lego. The vast majority of clones didn't end well. The best he can hope for is teaching at an Academy. They don't even seem interested in keeping them around as officers. Probably because according to Filoni they have a number of issues by this point behind just their accelerated age. Some of their genetic modifications and their conditioning has left them twitchy and unstable. Clones persisted for a bit in the Imperial military but by the time of Rebels, regrettably we've seen none active.

I wouldn't mind Cody being the exception. It was suggested a loooong time ago in these threads having Cody called in because the Empire knows Rex is with the rebels and Cody is the Clone Trooper we saw work closest with him. Who knows, maybe Thrawn will offer Cody a new commission if he helps deal with Rex. Still seems like a longshot.

I enjoyed it a lot more having read the Star Wars; Republic series, and would recommend you do the same. It is included in the Rise of the Sith and Clone Wars epic collections, but so it's going to take a few more collections for them to get far enough into the series.

Nah, but he's showing the early signs. He showed concern about civilian casualties during his conversation with the other Imperials.

Ezra's not done with his Dark Side stuff. He doesn't like the idea of the Holocron being taken away from him. After he apologizes to Kanan, he immediately asks what he did with it.

Maul is still out there too trying to convert Ezra.

I don't disagree with you saying that these immediate plot threads moved quickly, but the plot threads aren't over. It seems like the writers are focused on something else coming later on.

Kanan's journey is definitely just beginning though.

It's been about 6 months since Season 2.

Jamarcus does. Naare, sadly and yet hilariously, doesn't.

It's something like more than one hundred years after Yavin's Battle.

A total newbie can understand the story, because it's like a stand alone. But it's better to have minor knowledge of the post ROTJ era.

Just Knowing small things like who's Mara Jade and where does the Fel Family come from.

I'd love a Rex and Cody No Galaxy for Old men scenario. Is Boba ever going to appear in Rebels?

Well that's a good start for Kallus.

Probably, but if he does I hope Highsinger is with him.

In Smuggler's Run we see a clone in active service post-ANH. Torrent, I believe his name was. And in Twilight Company, I think the POV stormtrooper's commanding non-com was a clone. He never seemed too impressed with his subordinate stormtroopers.

Why does Kallus say civilian casualties outnumbered the rebels at the time? Is he implying that rebel casualties increased after the fact?

That's impressive for their age.

I'm surprised none of them are in known leadership roles, things that wouldn't require strenuous activity but can still take advantage of all their experience and training. Except presumably the Empire doesn't like the idea of filthy manufactured "people" taking the command positions for descent Imperials.

He's a fucking Je'daii

>star wars legacy: legends

Imagine that what Kallus meant is that the civilian casualties gave rise to more rebels. Now factor in that Governor Pryce said there are no more rebels, and assume she's being 100% factual.

Thrawn exemplifies Imperial efficiency. He pushed the weak ones who were likely to turn against the Empire, gave them an excuse, and then wiped them out too.

Star Wars Legacy is a far future from the regular EU, long past the time of Han and Luke, and dealing with Luke's awful ancestor.

The series is called legacy, but it says legends because it's not canon.

Barriss in Rebels when?

I could see AT-TE working more like a mix of Battlefield tanks and IFVs. Could be pretty fun.

Can someone recommend a better reverse image search because fucking Google can't find fucking SHIT for porn anymore.

Keep Barriss away from the Waifu genocide.

i don't want to see her in rebels since /SS/ is dead. I wanted a mirialan threesome.

It's an edit of this user

Also, a reminder that Thrawn is not safe as he is a husbando to some anons and remember what happened to Aresko and Inky


thnx mate

The only waifu that is safe is Maul.

Holy shit

wasn't she executed?


We don't know. We assume she is dead because Ahsoka was going to be executed for the crimes Barriss commited.

On the other hand I can totally see Sheev freeing her to make her one of his Dark Side spies.

I don't think so, Dave said he had other plans for her.

Bariss is snoke.

His plans should have been pic related

>two yellow skinned qts in dark leather armor making out

As much as I like Eighth Brothers design, the third Inky on Malachor should have been Barriss. Her and Ahsoka should have squared off one more time.

It's like Firefly, Star Wars edition.

The Mynock crew all uses half Huttese instead of Chinese.

I think that would have just been way too much in one episode, with Maul, Barriss, and Vader. I do wish her and Ahsoka faced again though, maybe in The Future of the Force, since she was on her own for awhile in that episode?

It should have been Barriss, rather than Vader.

Stop editing hentai pictures to make it look like your pairing and draw something. You're a disgrace to /ss/ enthusiasts everywhere

When are we getting the Freemakers in Rebels??

I sometimes get the tail end of it when waiting for Gravity Falls reruns.

All I know is that the Hutt speaks in a sleazy stereotypical mobster voice. And that the MC is some "Oh I'm not a Jedi or a Sith aren't I special"

Nah. What we got was much better than waifufag pandering.

If you say so.
Barriss being the third Inquisitor would have answered a couple questions about her (and compile onto the idea of other Jedi being alive and helping the Empire) it'd be better from a "world building" point of view. But to me, neither scenario is all that interesting in regards to the actual fight.

But user, I have no art talent at all

Why are they so perfect together?

Enough of this repetitive SS bullshit.

I want to see Fifth Brother wrecking this

>Master Shake
>stereotypical mobster voice
i don't think you watched the same thing i did

there is no try, only do. (it came with practising)

Wise words Yodanon. But I'd probably be better off just making models for them and in Maya and animating them since I have atleast some experience in that regard.

Seventh Sister should have been Barris.

Le'ts catch up on the current arc as we wait for the new issue




>mfw in about a month I'm going to show my cousins (who are about 12) TCW and then Episode 3 just to see their reaction to Order 66


I actually really like this arc so far, anyone else?

Rowan would be six or seven at this point.




>titanfall-esque Jumppack stormtroopers


>not Star Wars Clone Jet Troopers introduced in Battlefront 1
>not Imperial Jumptroopers




Look at how they are using it
they arn't flying aroundlike the clonetroopers from battlefront, nor Just going up and down like the dark troopers

They are using them to wall run



Report results when it happens.









>that literal space Barrett











>watching first episode
>Hondo rescue
>Ezra just straight up spins and executes a stormtrooper













Maybe it's his sfand

>Ezra has a pseudoblaster in his lightsaber
>Literally never uses it during sword fights to sucker punch the inquisitors.
What a fucking waste, he keeps getting into these saber-locks where he has plenty of time to chat, but he just doesn't pull the trigger while they can't block his shot.

But user, having both SS and Barriss would be even better.

>get it lock, try to use gun function
>oh but wait you can't use both the gun and the saber at the same time
>gets cut in half

Good thing it's destroyed so you will never be bothered with this again.

is that the bad batch?

Personally, I think Barriss should have been executed in Ahsoka's place, but since Filoni has said that didn't happen and her fate is unknown, I think she should have died later on in TCW. Probably as a proto-inquisitor that Sidious experaments with (I doubt she would know he was Sheev). Honestly, I'd bet that's the deal.

But if she did survive TCW and they were going to use her as an inquisitor, she really should have been /ss/.

Their Imperial successors.

Was that ever explicitly mentioned that he can't use both at the same time?

When kana used it against the head inquisitor, he had to turn off the blade to use the gun

That's another flaw with Filoni's writing, he keeps certain character's alive with the intent that they'll be important later down the line, only to not follow up with that.

He did a similar thing with Eeth Koth when he appeared in S2, when he was originally meant to die.

>*follow up on that.

What if Barriss appears as an Inquisitor and hits on Ezra. Would she become Barri/ss/?

Ah I see, well, his sword is gone now (literally as I'm currently watching that episode).
I'm kinda disappointed that the female inquisitor is gone though, because she was a cutie patootie.

no because shes not seventh sister and ezra is space legal now (and hot desu)

>tfw Edgy Bridger only lasted half an episode

I share in your pain user.

Eh, I barely paid attention to it to be honest.


Oh god, he has turned from the high ground ways

This was a new lightsaber, where did he get the green crystal for it?

To be fair, spinning is a pretty good trick.

Fuck off Vader, don't you have rebels to catch

who knows


That's a story for another time

Star Wars 023 (2016) (4 covers) (digital) (Minutemen-Midas)


>Maul hasn't even shown up yet
>We know Ezra gets the holocron back
>Literally the second he gets back on chopper base he asks where kanan put the holocron
>waaaaah his character development got reboot completely
please don't tell me my fellow imperials are this genuinely retarded at reading pretty blatant subtext, this must be rebel scum.




>Han's face


The best part is they look happy here, but the issue is a completely different story

Star Wars Tropes We Hate
A billion different elite troopers.


Murder isn't murder if you can't see their face


















Well that was...filler


What a piece of junk!

>token nigress is the only one who notices the TWO WUV
of course she is

How is the new Star Wars Visual Dictionary scan going?

Scanon here. It's taking longer than I thought it would but I'm halfway done with the book right now. Today's my 21st birthday and I'm kind of drunk so I'll finish it tonight if I'm sober since I don't want to potentially fuck it up somehow. Expect it tomorrow night or so.

Well yeah. 3PO's only real working example of people in love was Anakin and Padme and his memories of that time were wiped. Luke is clueless up until the end of TESB.

New Ezra just straight up butchers those Stormtroopers and forced that one poor walked operator to murder the shit out his comrades before making my kill myself.

Why doesn't Kanan just get some cybernetic eyes or something?

Also Titus had a hard life.

Take your time Scanon, celebrate your birthday!

>Why doesn't Kanan just get some cybernetic eyes or something?
Cybernetic eyes don't grow on trees. Trust us, the Kaminoans tried.

>"bring me dat ass!"

Happy birthday!


>Why doesn't Kanan just get some cybernetic eyes or something?
-They have no money to afford the eyes
-If they risked stealing them, they might end up damaging them beyond use
-Even if they get the eyes, they have no one to install them safely into Kanan's head
-It would cheapen his ability to grow his force potential by using it to "see" without using his eyes; terrible for the character.

You just know Ackbar is sitting in his quarters going "when I said you'd need an admiral I meant me..."

How the fuck does Deodato still have a job?

I liked it, personally.

Oh joy, the edgetroopers are back

>Maul Returns - Holocrons of Fate Preview

just give him choppers eyes

This is the kind of shit that makes me rage about SW. There is no source for food on-planet? The entire planet relies on imports for feeding its population? Come on!


Maul knows Kanans real name and he uses the same mindprobe thing as Kylo Ren


Nice to hear someone finally say Caleb Dume

Most Republic planets were relatively primitive. Since the Republic had no Prime directvie, they showed up, gave the inhabitants space travel, hyperdrive and blasters then guaranteed that loyalty would mean never-ending supply of food, energy and Twi'Lek slave girls

And most believed them

Force Vulcan Mind-meld returns

They're the entire point of the whole arc, user.

Most countries rely to a large degree on imports, which is why blocking trade or imposing sanctions are considered severe measures. They're just translating that to planets.

I really wasn't expecting it to come up on the show. Pleasantly surprised.

Maul is giving off major Hannibal Lecter vibes...

>dat chanting

I can still see him pacing back and forth like a tiger

>Rape Face: [Activated]

Hera is lucky Maul's gay

Hell, Venezuela is in really bad shape right now due to lack of food imports. It's a more complicated issue than just going "hurr they're a whole country why can't they just make more food?"

I hope that I'm not the only one that doesn't like the fact that Maul is back, when you get your waist cut off and fall down the bottomless pit you should stay dead for good.


>related videos


I find it weird that there's no countries in Star Wars

We know, you bring this up every time he becomes the topic of discussion.

Maul's gay?

The dark side of the force is the pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. Sidious literally says this in Episode 3.

She looks really surprised to hear about Caleb Dume. Is it only that she's surprised Maul knows it, or has Kanan never mentioned his real name to her?

I'm not autistic enough to watch that shit. Anyone want to sum it up?

>I find it weird that there's no countries in Star Wars
That's the problem with going galactic scale. You miss out on the finer things like planetary countries, kingdoms and what not. Sometimes those will go full-scale because they run the whole planet, thus it's galactic presence, sure, but most of the time the "countries" we know are just converted to planets instead.

I keep seeing that one too and I have no idea what it was that I watched that made Youtube decide I would want to see Bad Snoke Theory #15

This is the first time I've brought this up actually.
I honestly don't dislike his character, I just dislike the fact that he should be dead probably.

Well, unless they're all killed this is going to be a shit arc

Given the scene is all about Hera knowing a lot more about him than she's letting on, I'm pretty sure she's just surprised he knows it

Even if they are killed it will be a shit arc because of the hideous art style and the way the Han and Leia interactions are being written.

He comes from a planet where force-Granny can raise an army of zombies.

Shit's weird yo

I guess you could consider the Naboo and the Gungans as separate countries on naboo

I think his story since his return makes up for the experience.

I didn't like it and part of me still thinks it shouldn't have happened, but I think his TCW storyline was worthwhile and does somewhat excuse his return.

I don't think he needed to be in Rebels though, and his story is just being dragged out now. He's past his expiration date- he had a great storyline but it's time to let go and let him die.

>I guess you could consider the Naboo and the Gungans as separate countries on naboo

They're basically the only example I could think of, then and the Mon Calaari / Shark Tale planet

He's only got a torso. I don't think Maul's anything.

You think the Nightsister Queen didn't give him a mechanical dong with his sweet new legs?

She took it from Dooku

Snoke is Windu


Sam Witwer's Maul is just so fucking cool

He clearly wants Obi-Wan's lightsaber

Han you magnificent bastard

Unless it's sheathed somewhere, we can see she didn't. Which only begs the question, how does he expel food? Does it he even eat food?

It's the Force AND magic! Literally don't gotta explain shit.

>"But with this mechanical lower body, how can I expel waste?"
>"I know, brother! We'll use the Force!"
>"THAT'S NOT HOW THE FORCE WORKS! Wait... yes, yes it does!"
And that's how Maul poops

>Does it he even eat food?

I would assume not if he was able to survive on Malachor for several years. What is there to eat on Malachor?

So is (was?) Maul red with black tattoos or black with red tattoos?

There's dead people everywhere, user. Just chip off the outer layer of stone or ash or whatever, and dine finely on the preserved meats inside.

Beneath all that rock/ash casing, those bodies are surprisingly intact and already cooked!

I thought both the red and the black were tattoos.

They're not tattoos, shitlord. Stop appropriating Dathomir culture.

If the rest of the Nightbrothers are any indication, he's probably red with black tattoos.

His own horns, which grow back

Probably red with black tattoos. We saw other skin colors on Dathomir, but the Dathomirian-Zabraks still had black tattoos consistently with it.

>he doesn't collect comics

Why are you here?

With the show switching to Saturday, are we still going to have streams on Wednesday? We should watch the Star Wars Holiday Special tonight!

I thought some of them had brown instead of black.

Now I'm picturing him slicing one of the bodies open with his lightsaber then pulling up a chair to one of them, wrapping a napkin around his neck, and calmly digging in with a fork and knife

>What is there to eat on Malachor?
Mysterious portent owls. They're delicious.

Not wearing pressure suits in a tie fighter is making me mad as hell

>What is there to eat on Malachor?

You don't watch Rebels, do you?

Red with black tattoos. Do you guys seriously not know how to use google?

Pablo says Dathomirian males are born Black and Orange/Yellow/Red/ect, and the black is tattood further at a young age to make the lining fine and less blotchy.

So, the answer to your question, is that he is both red, and black, AND tattood!

You aren't going to explode inside one, no, at least not from not wearing a pressure suit.

They DO have life support systems. Pablo confirmed awhile back, despite the Rebels dictionary saying they don't. That book was early after the canon purge, so we might give them a break on messing that up.

I'm curious if you rely on your suit for life support instead of the TIE itself, the power saved might be helpful. Or not.

Okay, question 2. was one of his tattoos a tramp stamp?


Ha, loving the new Rebels preview. Maul getting his Kylo Ren on. Got to wonder why Vader had so much trouble with Leia and why they didn't put any special consideration into that (beyond the obvious fact that it was before mind reading of this sort was demonstrated). Simplest explanation is I guess he was under orders not to push too hard that he might break her.

yes, it says Sheev and has stars at either end

Red and black with additional black tattoos.

The Nightsisters accentuate the Nightbrothers' already existing skin color patterns to make them more angular/pointy and menacing.

So, what's the canon answer for why his horns are clearly glued on

>them really obvious patches around the horns

Man, immersion killed

To be fair, Rebels isn't a very good show.

>Got to wonder why Vader had so much trouble with Leia

The force, according to Luke, manifests itself for Leia via her will. Vader had trouble with her simply because she had the willpower to resist. I'd say it's very possible she could resist anyone short of Sidious, though he probably wouldn't break her right off the bat though.

I noticed that we never see Anakin performing the mind trick in the movies. I used to have a theory that he couldn't, that it was one of the few things he just wasn't talented at. Then we saw him do it in TCW, although off the top of my head I only remember him doing it on Cad Bane with Obi-wan and Mace helping. It's possible that these types of mental powers just aren't Vader's style.

...And right after I finished typing all that I remembered him reading Luke's mind about his sister...

they fell off on the way to naboo and he was insecure. they grew back later

Is that why she got that gay shield in the game? Her power is entirely defensive and reflexive?


I only remember people without suits in the Inquisitor ties, are there scenes in standard ties with no suits?

>what's the canon answer for why his horns are clearly glued on

None, as far as I know.

>them really obvious patches around the horns

In the makeup crew's defense, TPM wasn't meant for HD. You really can't see how crap his horns look in SD.

He had a later appointment in the traveling dark side galactic circus and decided to show up to his other Jedi Killing job in costume.

>Willingly playing Battlefront
No, it's because DICE is awful

Season 1 finale, Kanan and Ezra escape the star destroyer in a TIE.

>The force, according to Luke, manifests itself for Leia via her will.
That was the point I was making, roundabout anyway. That level of resistance to someone like Vader, who isn't known for gentleness or taking no for an answer (really bad context considering that's his daughter, and she sure as hell never forgave him in Bloodline), should have been enough to make Vader curious. Because you can bet there have been trained Force Users who haven't stood up against Vader.

If SW r34 taught me anything it's that jedis get really inventive with their lightsabers.
And Maul has a pretty long one.

>Unless it's sheathed somewhere, we can see she didn't

I believe it folds up into his crotch area when not in use

Vader, like Anakin, seems to prefer the more physical side of the Force. Not just combat but telekinesis. And choking. Definitely into choke play.

I liked this. Stormies deserve more love.

Him and Padme must have had a seriously deviant sex life

Y-you don't think Anakin and Vader are the same person, do you?

I must have rage-blocked that out. Now I get to be mad all over again

Hey, let's make a comics about stormtroopers, show the story from the Imperial side, we'll give the main guy inner monologue about how Empire liberated his shithole planet!
I have still liked it.


What are you talking about? They were just good friends. Butt friends.

That was an old EU thing that TIE's don't have lifesupport. Pablo and new canon confirm that TIE's have life support and ejection seats. Always really stupid in old EU. Also, Destroyers have escape pods for everyone in new canon not just officers.

Padme is the most vanilla girl out there, I'm sure it was missionary all the way, Explains why Anakin was so frustrated.

Vader is I think best described as Anakin when he has no restraints. Not the Jedi, not morality; nothing is holding him back. And it DOES make him very much changed. He's certainly not the same person, but in a way Vader was always something inside Anakin just as eventually Anakin was just a tiny presence buried under Vader. Not going to say Vader was an inevitability, just that everyone has the Dark Side in them (Yoda found that out in season 6) and Sidious fed it as much as he could during the years he was grooming Anakin, subtly poisoning him with Sith ways of thinking.

But in his twisted, charbroiled heart how much of Anakin is still recognizable in Vader's actions? I like to think enough. I loved the way he rammed his ship into the enemy in Lords of the Sith. Classic Anakin maneuver.

I could see her being into pegging.

You say that as if every night he was home with her Anakin didn't whine out, "Can I PLEASE be the man tonight?" To which she more often than not replied, "Shut up and put on your Gunray hat and tell me about how much you want me to negotiate as I peg you!"

It only makes me like him more.

It's actually very smart to have entire planets dedicated to food production.. We do it on Earth all the time. Certain countries don't have the best means for agriculture and rely on imports.

That's a disturbing hivemind.

I suppose it's inevitable in a way. Planets that are rich enough or deemed provide an opportunity to become rich attract people. Population soon outstrips local means of feeding them, especially when people are building as much housing as they can instead of farms, but that's fine because being rich means you can just buy food.

You're right, on Earth we prefer to just run with things and often outpace our means of supporting the grotesquely bloated system we've created, expecting the good times to last forever - which they inevitably will fail to do. And every time we've had mini collapses we fail to learn from our mistakes.

Padme is for pegging. It's obvious when you think about it.

>Padme is for pegging

this, actually

Don't tell me you've seriously never thought about it.

>Maul does the Kylo Ren thing

Fuck yeah


My dad thought her abs were bad CGI.

Makes me want to play an Imperial Commando game

In my state alone we have a tiny portion dedicated to food production. We rely mostly on imported food from the midwest and west coast.

>My dad thought her abs were bad CGI.

Abs come from pegging.

Relevant: During the potato famine, Ireland was actually producing a lot of grain, but the UK was making them export it all.


Alight, calm down Paddy McFlanagan

I'm glad they remembered Sith can read minds.

Huh. I always thought it was pronounced Doom-ay.

>dose lekku.jpg

>"did she just fart?"

I got the Dume part right, but honestly I've been pronouncing his last name like 'He went to Jared's'

Dune with an m

That is how Kanan pronounces it.

I always read it like 'dune' but with an M instead of an N.

Not really, she's worst girl in every way so I prefer to not think about her.

Why is Maul so hot sometimes, and so pathetic at other times? This is suffering.

Damn 4th panel ruins it

Leave the thread and never return, you piece of trash.

You don't like le dreamworks face?

I meant him explaining the joke actually

Ah, right. Yeah, it's pretty dumb.

Get hype

Adding "like" in there completely ruins it.

Gotta agree, there are some HD TV's so advanced they look 1:1 with real things, it's almost disorienting watching it. Movies look fake as fuck though, very few don't. The older they are, the easier the effects are to notice.

>TPM wasn't meant for HD

What were they filming in back in 1999?

Well the filming was 19 and 18 years ago, it only came out 17 years ago. So even good cameras and editing software would be ancient in computer terms today.

This dialogue is nuMarvel as fuck.


>Star Wars Episode 1: All Establishing Shots

I missed the beautiful establishing shots in The Force Awakens...

Which is weird because that's Dark Horse.


>The Star Wars Show
>Interview with Steve Blum

I just realized that's the holocron that also had Obi-Wan's message

aren't lots of those action shots?

At least we got this.

If there's one thing I'm going to miss from the Prequels, it's Coruscant. Every single shot of Coruscant is fucking beautiful.


>An establishing shot in filmmaking and television production sets up, or establishes the context for a scene by showing the relationship between its important figures and objects. It is generally a long or extreme-long shot at the beginning of a scene indicating where, and sometimes when, the remainder of the scene takes place.

Yes, but they still work as establishing shots. The key is giving us a prolonged look at the landscape rather than a quick glimpse.

>I missed the beautiful establishing shots in The Force Awakens...
Yeah, we didn't get nearly enough of that. Abrams also doesn't seem to like landing shots either- Lucas loved showing ships land, though it could get excessive.

Holy christ he's just as terrifying as he was in The Clone Wars

True that, my nerra

For all his faults as a director, Lucas was really good with visuals.


Ashley is cute!

Who says the sequels won't go there?

It's probably not likely since it's no longer the galactic capital- there isn't as much reason to go there.

Why the hell was Siege of Lothal episode not in any season and was instead bundled with one of those "Season 0" shorts? It's long enough to be a full episode and it's not just some silly filler either. I was actually wondering why that qt disappeared all of sudden.

Because Coruscant is part of the Prequels and therefore must be avoided entirely.

What are you talking about?

>hideous art style

Seems like they are doing thrawn justice, but at the same time you know he will lose etc and be "undermined" since we know how episode 4 ends with the death star.

Oh, just found out that there is a short Rebels movie released before Season 2 that I didn't knew about.

Did we go through this with The Clone Wars?

That no matter what, the Jedi will still be wiped out?

Can I marry Ashley? She's too adorable

But in legends thrawn was post episode 6.

Isn't that the mindread thing Kylo Ren did in TFA?

I don't know how you didn't know about it. It is the first two episodes of Season 2 that were screened at Celebration earlier last year.

The fact that no website can seem to agree on whether Spark of Rebellion, Siege of Lothal, and Steps Into Shadow are "TV movies" or just two episodes probably contributes to confusion.

Dr. Aphra is cute!!

I'm so fucking wet right now.


According to the Blu Rays, they are all just Episodes 1 and 2 of their respective Seasons.

Many websites went full retard though and list them as movies (even though they're only 44 minutes in total, combined), sometimes even separating them from the rest of the Season.

Yeah but how did user not know about it? Hr didn't even know it existed

The Wook, for example.

This is literally a fantasy of mine

user, you are not female.

He lost in the EU too, though...

That's what you think.

Your Y-chromosome tells a different story.

Does anybody have that third rebels clip that Disney put up on their website? Somebody posted the following link in the last thread but it doesn't work for me.

But what does the extra chromosome say?

Cred Forumscomrades, let's not fight, we can all fall for the trap.

Whose fighting?
We're just having some friendly jabs

So that Leia is just a young Ben Solo dressed in his mom's clothes, right?

Even Ackbar knows it's a trap.

The fucking guy with the ice cream maker...

Is that Bailey Jay?

Sorry, user, I didn't know you had a mental deficiency. It explains your confusion with your own gender.

Adam Driver wishes he looked this good.

Here's a direct link to the video file



Same place Luke got his crystal
/spoiler/ Out of his ass

>more tom baker this soon


So that must be where all green crystals come from

Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it.


I wonder if this was the original idea.

/swco/, when a girl responds instantly to my texts, does that mean she likes me?

this is off topic as fuck
yeah most likely

Well it means she doesn't completely despise you

It could mean anything
Probably that she's fucking bored

Not really, it means she wants to bang you right now.

Well, I've been texting her for a few weeks now and 95% of time she responded quickly unless she's busy. Even went on one date 4 days ago and we're talking about the second one already. I think it's going good, but I don't want to fuck it up.

>went on a date
>talking about going on a second
>does she like me?

>for a few weeks now and 95% of time she responded quickly
Hurry up and make a move already.

You awkward, little faggot. The answer is yes. Have a nice day. Stop worrying about it.

inb4 this is Jamarcus and he is dating Naare


>Star Wars: Commander still getting updates
Should redownload it? I stopped playing after my squad dissolved from inactivity.

dude, some people stay together for YEARS before realizing they don't like each other enough to make it work. there's no affection, just this weird shaky tolerance of each other in exchange for a semi-steady fuck.

There's literally no reason to rush into a relationship ever. Take your time, find out more about her, etc. Unless you just want her as a fuckbuddy, then go ahead and try to rush things a little bit and make your move soon.

That's marriage and doesn't have anything to do with dating. That also has more to do with how courting practices have changed in today's age.

I heard 2 of them are female. If so then kudos. I appreciate the armor designs. If not well I'll still like the armor designs

>I heard 2 of them are female. If so then kudos.
>implying this is relevant
Who cares?

>I am not gay
>I am not gay
>I am not gay...

Just finished Freemakers Adventures.

Please tell me we're getting a second season, this was gold.

>he doesn't know about representation

wew boy

Tell her you don't like sand!


I'm tempted to pick it up myself, at least in light of the Uprising shutdown.

This. Use some anakin quotes

Dude, I was just talking to her about going to beach for our second date. Holy shit, I need to do this! But then it's going to be like, "Uh, user, you're the one who suggested the beach."

Cry about how much more powerful than Obi Wan you are. Padme was really into that



Didn't even know these guys were a legends thing too

you're trying to mess it up for user
anakin also physically abused padme and killed her

Try not being a Star Wars casual then.

No, Darth Vader did that!


Still waiting on that unlimited cum you promised asshole

Was there any more theory given to the theory that the Sith Holocron was Kreia?

There's a 100% chance that they just designed it as a random hairy alien and Pablo went "hey it looks like this thing from the old RPG, I'm gonna canonize it"

It's just a theory, nothing more. I kind of doubt it's supposed to be a Sith Lord that we know from Legends.

While the basic outline of Sith history is still there, the actual stuff we know doesn't really support the Legends characters we knew from before Darth Bane's existence.

Hell, even canon-Bane is different from Legends Bane, with the only things he has in common besides the name is the creation of the Rule of Two, and the fact that he was the last known Sith to exist a thousand years before the films.

You've not been paying attention to canon have you?

Not really. There's not much to support or disprove the claim.

Not him, but Pablo's been doing exactly that.

God, imagine if someone managed to get her to go full SS. It'd be fucking anarchy.

I do remember this one girl a while ago who talked about how she used to have a crush on Anakin.

The Hayden Christensen version.

you might be waiting a while, semen doesn't don't out of there.

This issue was cute

I just go by the Recon system, The premiers are all one episode.

>Pablo's the only one making decisions
>not the storygroup
>making what he feels is canon
You're both retarded.




For the time being, we'll still do Wednesdays as well as Saturdays. Life Day in September is unusual, but stranger things have happened.


I thought they were going to drop it out of the bottom! Did they really throw it out the hole?

He's referring to Pablo having done this in the visual dictionary. He's outright said he's done this.

I know Pablo did this for Zuvio (he wasn't made as being any particular existing species, Pablo decided to label him a Kyuzo), there's probably other examples. Granted, Kyuzo were already canon.

Making something small or innocuous canon every so often isn't the same as injecting his magical realm 24/7 whenever he can.

More like FemRevan.

They had to launch it behind them to push them up to 88 miles per hour so Han could see some serious shit.

I don't think anyone claimed this

I was making a joke about it being similar to other instances where Pablo did just that, I never said he was solely in charge of canon.

>his magical realm 24/7 whenever he can.
He made the Grand Canyon canon, user. He's crazymad with power and coffee. If we let him, he'll canonize pic related. He'll do it! The man must be stopped!

>If we let him, he'll canonize pic related

Reminds me of a dream I had the other day that at some point involved a HUGE bulking Yoda, looked more like the Hulk.

Judge him by his size, I certainly did.

You really want Yoda's ultra saggy turret tits to be canon?

Bold move, user.

Not just that, I want Transformers Yoda to replace all instances of Yoda in any media. The new Deluxe Editions of the OT and PT will have this as their only change.


>Yoda as a bottom

He's a big guy

It would be hilarious if Yoda's species was canonically huge, but shrunk as they grew older.

it explains why he's all wrinkly.
all the water's evaporated outta him

All we know is that she's an ancient Sith lord that Filoni had to check with the story group to see if he's allowed to use her.

that could mean a lot of things.
it could mean he thought of a name and had to ask them if it was taken. Lucas did the same thing with the EU.

There's just something about the prequels' visuals. The CGI definitely looks dated and fake but goddamn it's still pleasing to look at. I don't know what kind of black magic Lucas worked to make dated CGI still look beautiful.

I'm sorry user, I couldn't understand you with that cock in your mouth.

It wasn't dated at the time, he pushed the tech forward. But it's still looks great.

Better Lucas' than Cred Forums's, user. Do you have ANY idea where that green frog dick wearing the banemask has been?

Lucas is just a master at making beautiful worlds and his visual and directingstyle lends to that. He also finds imaginative people to work on the film

And I don't think too much of the CG is dated, though there isnt necessarily a shortage of examples of dated CG. It looked great at the time

>It looked great at the time
so did so, so many other things user.

and now we know better.

No we don't, JJ. Your Practical Effects™ failed us all.

the fuck are you talking about? what do puppets have to do with bad CGI?

Practical effects were pushed as a selling point for TFA as a return FROM cgi, user. Then most of his practical effects were shit, even worse than the physical effects done in the Prequels, and they still relied on huge amounts of cgi.

Personally I think it looks pretty good. The only problem is that it is HORRENDOUSLY jarring when something real is put next to all the cg, like an actor.

and that makes the bad CGI of previous movies less bad how?

it's still just as terrible as it always was, we were just too inexperienced to understand it looked like shit.

Don't act like the OT doesn't have its share of dated effects

Probably because you're unable to understand that your opinion doesn't equate fact and you're unleashing the dank "the prequels always looked bad" meme.

>cutting it before Vader passes his head through the shuttle
>not showing a clip where he passes his head through a giant metal door in Attack of the Clones


You dub faggot, I'm saying all the special effects in Star Wars always looked like shit, how are you this fucking stupid?

You never said that until now. We were talking about shots from the Prequels, not all of the films.

>That moment when you realize that Hayden's portrayal of Vader as an insufferable whiny faggot was a conscious choice to mimic how much of an incredible twat Luke was in ANH and ESB.

Lambda landing looks perfectly fine to me.

>it looked great at the time
>so did a lot of things

I was talking about everything, It's your own fucking fault that you can't read.

I'm sorry that I'm the one that has to tell you this, user, but you're legally blind.

It is our own fault for taking his bait and feeding him (you)s.

Vader wasn't whiny, why do stupid cunts still keep pushing this meme even after nearly 15 years?

Lucas pls

>he thinks Hayden did a good job in the prequels.

I bet you think the romance is just riveting don't you?

Anakin was Vader before he was locked in the black suit, user.

Literally not what they said.

Never said, now fuck off and drink bleach.
You don't know what whining is, if you lived Anakin's life you'd be a mess too.

I miss her...


>cutting it before Vader passes his head through the shuttle
The webm wouldn't fiti t for some reason when i first made it, here's the landing

>not showing a clip where he passes his head through a giant metal door in Attack of the Clones
Well that's from the PT

If you listen closely his timing and inflection is exactly like JEJ

You can clearly tell the background is a matte, there's no shadow from the Lambda as it lands or change in the platform's lighting.

>Ventress will never peg you with her saber

No, but it's more the issue of "oh he's in control and he just makes everything he likes canon" isn't that far off. Hyperbole, my man
Oh my bad

Forgot the webm

>1999 cgi looked amazing, always did.
>it's just tpm that looked bad
>nothing to do with the improvements since then, nope
The bait is real

That's not good without seeing the rest of Ezra's stats. Also what is his THAC0 score?

Every force user gets one power unique to them.
Vader got the ability to be able to phase his head through any object,

In my opinion the only truly jarringly dated effect in the OT is that fucking tauntaun.

I thought KOTOR didn't have THAC0

She does weird things to me. She's unstable as fuck, but damn do I want that voice to seduce me ever so gently

>1999 cgi looked amazing, always did.
Literally what? Who said that? '99 had some really fucking terrible CGI. Just look at The Mummy. There's some great CGI too, like Fight Club's. Shit in TPM looks awlful, but there's parts of it that look great.

The difference is in how much time and money they spent to make shit look right, and if you're not willing to spend the time and money you shouldn't fucking do it.

I didn't make this, but I'd say his main focuses would be dexterity and strength.
Low wisdom.

Spoilered for contentiousness.
That's probably because they couldn't use much cgi that'd end up being dated as fuck now. The sock puppet space worm comes to mind though. And a lot has been improved and outright fixed and replaced in the re-releases, so now the improved OT is missing many of it's dated effects, meaning dumbasses end up thinking they're nearly perfect and the PT is extremely flawed in comparison. Ironically many of them shit talk the very re-releases they grew up on and base their perceptions upon. Had to get that off my chest, personal misperceptions leading to massive arguments always gets under my skin.

Doesn't matter, it's just a joke.

The Special Edition is at it's strongest when the touch ups are subtle. Touching up the composite work in a lot of the shots (I'm looking at you Battle of Hoth) A lot of the work was put into ANH, and some of the obvious CGI looks really good (the flight to the Death Star for example is great) other parts not so much (the extended stuff for Mos Eisley) and some is just mind achingly awful (that Goddamn Jabba...). The touch ups were the most efficient use of their special effects budget by far, and it's seems pretty clear that the shots leading to the Death Star attack were a number one priority, while the alien creature additions were a later one. The SE films look much better than the originals, with the remastering and new color balancing, not to mention the better sound, there's no real denying this. It's just some of the new bits and pieces that just didn't get the time and money that they needed that drags down the experience.

And with that said, I would go to the Goddamn barricades for puppet Sy Snootles. Fuck that CGI abomination.

I was sarcastically making a jab at him. The argument of "they always looked bad", aside from being subjective, is really biased. Like you said, there was a ton of cgi that hardly ever gets a spotlight put on how dated it is like the PT does. But is it really fair to act like it was always bad when in reality it's only bad now because the technology has improved so much, which is a fucking shitty way to perceive things btw. Not like they could've done anything about it back then. I'm all for a fair criticism of something that could have been done better by the people who made the movie at the time, that's an important thing to how something is seen long after it comes out. But just being whiny about how a 17, 14, or 11 year old movie doesn't have cgi as good as a movie from a year or two ago or what-have-you is just silly, and a very empty argument.
>The difference is in how much time and money they spent to make shit look right, and if you're not willing to spend the time and money you shouldn't fucking do it.
Lucas and his team basically spearheaded a new technique to bypass limitations of the technology by using a higher res image as a paint for a surface for a cg asset, rather than a fully cg colored asset. This allowed for the desert landscape to look better than a ps2 cutscene, and not have to spend over 100 million dollars and an eternity of cg work and development for just one segment of the movie. Combine that with using real miniatures with likely a hundred man-hours of work a piece for the big wide angle sweeping scenes throughout the PT, and I really have to wonder just what the fuck you're talking about when you say
>if you're not willing to spend the time and money you shouldn't fucking do it.
as though the PT teams didn't. Because they fucking did. It's not their fault technology has improved in leaps and bounds since then, is it? Their worked helped advance the medium, ironically.
Can we move on from this old fight?

It's okay user, we all come to these threads for two things when rebels isn't being discussed: Unnecessary obsessiveness with tiny details, and waifus

You help keep half the flame alive

So the new Fulcrum is Kallus right?

But user, this wasn't sy snootles but a totally different character they couldn't complete in time for the original trilogy.

>you replied to me both times, user.

That thing is horrifying as well.
When I saw it in theaters when I was six I marveled at how bad it looked.

Have to admit, as much as I hate Jedi Rocks, I love that little blues number right before it. That green thing blows a mean harp

No, Fulcrum is Dash Rendar. The trailer is a deliberate misdirection, Pablo told me after I gave him a rimjob,

>believes we were "too inexperienced" to know the cgi of the PT was bad
>funnily enough the time needed to realize it coincides with an age of vastly superior cg
>you posted that thinking no one would connect the dots and call you out
Now why did you do that user? You know we have enough baiters that come through here already, we don't need actual posters adding to it. Let's bury the hatchet so the next thread is better, truce?

When I first played Kotor, I was stuck on Taris for 5/6 months.

I also maxed Strength and Constitution because I didn't think any of the other stuff mattered. I also didn't know what the word Dexterity meant. Or Charisma.

First thing I did was open up the console and boost all my stats to ungodly levels, because that's how I goddamn roll. Fuck you, game! If you didn't want me to have Unlimited Power™ you should have done a better job locking it down!

I'm also one of those shits that starts a new Fallout game and immediately bumps up my carryweight to 30,000+. Fuck you, I should be able to juggle Deathclaws if I wanted!

>open up the console and boost all my stats to ungodly levels
Well, I was 7 years old playing on the Xbox version, so I couldn't really do that.

The trial never ends.