ITT: obvious stuff that took you a long time to notice

ITT: obvious stuff that took you a long time to notice

>this entire episode parodies on how the US went about going into Iraq

You know, his reasoning was flawless. Absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence.

I need more deforestation porn drawn in Boondocks art style

Yes, but it's also not, you know...evidence. "We can't conclusively say there aren't WMDs" is not the same as "they have WMDs" which is kind of a big deal when your reason for promoting a war is that they have WMDs.

How old are you? Not trying to be a jackass, but I picked up on that meaning waaaay back when the episode first aired, and I was 17.

They did have all the stuff needed to build missiles though. If the ATF can break down my door, shoot my dog, and throw flashbangs in my child's crib for having an upper receiver with a short barrel because of "constructive intent" then we can invade sandy shitholes for the same reason.

You're a meaningless nobody so what happens to you doesn't matter for shit.

Iraq was a "sandy shithole" but America's involvement in anything will have geopolitical repercussions, and cost it a ton in money, resources, and manpower. Consequently, we better be sure before we commit to something or it can really harm the country.

>obvious stuff that took you a long time to notice
Charlie Murphy and Samuel Jackson are fucking great together. The comedy is almost double that their characters are two rich white guys.

not OP but I didn't notice because I was too busy laughing, and that US-Iraq thing wasn't really something I needed to know.

I am going to just go a step further and say that the ATF shouldn't do that either.

>People think that The Story of Ganstalicious was a jab at 50 Cent
>It was more of a jab at him and Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne used to think it was okay to kiss a man on the lips in a platonic way. Take that as you will.

The ATF flat out should not exist. The entire bureau is in direct conflict with the word and spirit of the U.S. constitution.

I didnt make this thread the moment I realized what this episode is about

Sorry user, it's just when you title a thread "Obvious stuff that took you a long time to notice" and proceed to list a single example, most people WILL assume exactly that - that is, that you just now got it and wanted to make a thread about it to vindicate your delayed comprehension.

But that CLEARLY isn't the case here, as I can tell by your lack of defensiveness.

>Of course they're shooting us, we're robbing their store!
See that part I didn't get was about Iraq, I thought it was just the car conversation.

no sweat bud

When the majority of all terror attacks that have happened in your country in its history is from militant anti-government groups formed by the nation's own citizens and not foreigners, shouldn't you have a group whose whole purpose is to do something about that?

That Fooly Cooly is about puberty and growing up.

>Ain't nobody seen nothin'.
>I know who did the killing! I've known for twenty minutes. Guy's name is Terrell Jackson; he's been bragging about it all day. Everybody knows. He lives five minutes away. I've got MapQuest directions right here.
> How'd you find all this out?
>We talked to people!

God it pained my heart to see season 4

>stopping terrorists

They exist solely to make inane and contradictory regulations on what you can't do with your guns, booze, and smokes. They also have zero fucking oversight.

My point was clearly that the US's own people are more a danger to it than a foreign power. I say this as a non-American.

You're not wrong.

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