Wants to be a Catholic priest

>wants to be a Catholic priest
>doesn't because he looks like a demon

Why doesn't Nightcrawler amputate his tail and round the helix of his ears? He'd look like just a guy with 6 fingers and blue skin then instead of a demon. Solves his conundrum of wanting to be priest but looking like a demon

He just has to get over his own personal demons to become a good Catholic. Or even a priest. Fearing his own looks and not valuing his own eternal soul the same as anyone else is fault.

Looking like a demon didn't stop him from becoming a priest. Even though it was a really weird change in direction for the character, but apparently being quietly, but sincerely religious wasn't good enough anymore. Thankfully, that nonsense is over and done with.

Well the thing is less he's self-conscious and more "he doesn't want to terrify parishoners who think Screwtape is standing at the alter." He's pretty fine with his looks in most regards.

How long until he touches one of the power pack? Any bets on which one's first?


hellboy is a good catholic, what's his excuse?

It does not matter how he mutilates his body to appease his false idol, in the end Zeus will judge him unworthy of Elysium and cast him down to Tartarus and the endless tortures that Hades might concoct for such a heathen.
May the just universal laws of Olympus be praised for all eternity.

>literal demon destined to destroy the world with his giant demonic rock glove
>pious Christian to any degree

He was in heaven for the longest recently, and he was happy

He kind of burned that chance after he sold his soul though. His friends ruined it for him.

Greek Mytholgy is DC, fuckbadger.

Hellboy's whole deal has always been "fuck destiny".

God Forgives. Free will exists for a reason.

Has he hung out with Jesus and effectively been promoted to archangel but kept his appearance because he thought it suited him better or something?

dumb starposter

Nah, he just told the Ogdru Jihad or whoever the hell they can go fuck themselves and he's not opening their damn gate.

>Why doesn't Nightcrawler amputate his tail and round the helix of his ears?
Because blue, fuzzy, pointy earred and tailed was how god made him, and he will not be ashamed of that.

I have other appropriate faces, that one just felt appropriate for Cred Forums

It wasn't the reaction it was your terrible opinion.
But it's okay, I forgive you.

Herc was an Avenger, tardo.

>>doesn't because he looks like a demon

I thought it was because of all the poon he gets

bitches love the fuzzy man

pancakes too good

Kurt has no fucking excuse, if Eddie could be a pastor while being a literal monster and ease people than so could Kurt.

Anti Venom was the greatest thing Slott has ever done and he wasted him


Looking a mutilated demon is so much better