Remember Bionicle? That Lego line about robots with elemental powers living on a tropical island...

Remember Bionicle? That Lego line about robots with elemental powers living on a tropical island? The original run lasted from 2001-2010. The fanbase persisted through the 5 year hiatus because they were just that passionate, and also because there really isn’t anything else to fill that niche.
A reboot was launched in 2015, but it was barely promoted or advertised at the point that many Bionicle fans still don’t know it happened.
Not like it mattered though, because the reboot was a dumbed down piece of crap. It tanked so hard that Lego ended the line early (the story was originally planned for 3 years) and the last wave of sets weren't even released in some countries.

Bionicle won’t be coming back for a long time, possibly ever, because of how bad the G2 sets sold. But the concept still has so much potential.
So a few people thought “if Lego won’t give Bionicle the respect it deserves, maybe it’s time to make our own elemental robot story, with blackjack and hookers”, and so Afterman was born. (not the final title, I’m just bad at names)
It’s not exactly a fanfiction. It’s inspired by the themes, motifs and aesthetics of Bionicle, but it doesn’t use the same characters and does not follow the same storyline.
It’s an attempt at creating a universe inspired by Bionicle, but legally distinct from it.

Bionicle deserves to have a nuanced, richly-layered story…but we can’t rely on Lego to do that. Not anymore.
It’s time for the people who truly care about the series to take it into our own hands and make the stories we want to see.

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I hear Bionicle movies after Mask of Light are really fucking terrible

>TFW I like G2 a bit better

G2!Kopaka is my husbando

That is a truckload of autism.
Go write your thing though, have fun.

How is it inspired by it? Robots with masks and shit?

What's autistic about wanting to fall with that big hunk of hot ice, faggot?

I'm a huge Bionicle fan, but you sound pretty autistic user. It was nice while it lasted, but we have to let it go.

we got a google doc, as well as some concept art. (2 artists with 2 very different styles, I'm not sure which one works better)

And here's some stuff from the other artist.

I think you may wanna try this over on /toy/'s Bionicle general.

Good luck with this, regardless.

Bionicle was ruined by Lego being greedy cunts raising prices on sets every year ($14 canister sets for fuck Glatorian, are you fucking kidding me?) and Greg F. getting too much control over the story and writing his stupid bullshit. He had such a boner for comics that he made all the same mistakes as them.

Bionicle was great, but let it die anons. It's never going back to the way Mata Nui or even Metru Nui felt. We're never going to get another Time Trap story that explains away some bullshit in a really fun story.

We're never getting another MNOLG

Just remember the good times.

>You will never play MNOLG for the first time again
why even live

>Native nomad of the fire tribe, Tau is a man whose past is wrapped in an enigma. All the denizens of the village know is that he appeared one day with a cart full of goods. Cunning, manipulative and as charismatic as he is mysterious- this merchant may offer resources and words of wisdom to our wary heroes; but is he truly on their side?

Did anyone one read the bionicle comics?

It's just the story part, I don't think a Bionicle inspired comic would be toy related.

This isn't fanfiction, it's not a sequel of any kind. It's a new universe with different characters and a different story.

It features mechanical beings with elemental powers and magic masks, but the plot plays out very differently than in actual Bionicle.
Also stone isn't an element anymore.

Is this supposed to be a joke?

Calling in, I did. They were my jam. I actually thought the Piraka arc was cool as fuck, and that 2006 was one of BIONICLE's best years, mostly because I didn't have cable and so never saw those shitty-ass Piraka rap ads.

2001-4 had the best art, though. The opening comic is still unspeakably atmospheric. It sells itself so goddamn well, especially with that Kopaka hero page.

Okay how many of you are faggots from BZP?

Never touched the place except to read Greg Farshtey's posts. That dude is based as fuck.

The OP, at least.

Fukkkk No say what you want about 3 and Legend Reborn by Legends of Metru Nui is a quality-ass flick

>tfw got the lego magazine when the bohrok arc started
Why was Kopaka the coolest?

He's right, user. The second is the best. The only saving grace of #4 is Michael Dorn.

Because he's the Toa of Ice, user :^)

Ice cold IS cooler than cool

I remember playing that god awful pc platformer with the first generation bionicle. It suuuuuuucked.

No he fucking was not. He was a clueless retard who couldn't use the material Faber created effectively.

Shieeet mang, you're making me remember the original toys I had back as a kid, I still remember that Kopaka was the first I ever got.

I'm interested but that link doesn't appear to be working

how bout now

I only got to read like every third issue. There's not a place where they're all together is there?

Although I think it doesn't have all of the exclusive comics, like from the graphic novels. Maybe I'm just too retarded to find them, though.

Greg did okay when he wasn't given too much power. His books were always decent, far better than the shitty earlier ones made by that freelancer.

But with those retarded online serials his faults really shined through, and his involvement with the fans eventually did more harm than good.

He's still answering questions on Lego's official message board, but I hear he's far less enthusiastic by now. Understandably.

Bionicle was kinda Golden Age, wasn't it?

All the Bionicle movies sucked.
Sure, I liked them when I was a kid, but they're just so cheap and corny.
That being said, while G2 wasn't exceptional in terms of story, it was nice to see the Bionicle fanbase back and actually looking forward to something.

I'm ignoring the rest of your post to focus on this:

>we can’t rely on Lego to do that. Not anymore.

Lego almost never knew what to do with Bionicle. They got lucky with the release because they had people who actually knew their shit, and this initial push was enough to carry the franchise for a good while, but then they let it degrade, leading to the first cancellation and the shitstain of a reboot. Bionicle was a story-driven multimedia property but the management of its media was horrendous both in G1 and G2.

The brand was one of their long-runners, you'd think that there's enough hindsight for Lego to make the reboot successful, but instead it was a trainwreck from beginning to end. Not even a fun trainwreck, just a sad one. Even though I didn't care for it much, it still gets me how mismanaged the whole thing was, how badly it was timed and how Lego blew what little budget they had to the wind with inept marketing.

The recent revelations about Hero Factory are just further proof that Lego doesn't have a fucking clue about what to do with their homegrown action figure lines.

>Greg F. getting too much control over the story and writing his stupid bullshit

When I got back into Bionicle, I decided to do some reading and see what I'd missed. I was disappointed to learn that Makuta was actually the name of a species and that the individual's real name was taken from one of Greg's World of Warcraft characters or something like that.

The Miramax movies were mostly a big ball of plot holes and mishandled characters, but they had this certain "life" to them. CGI quality was mostly shit and the animation subpar and full of errors, but the art design and most of the cinematography were pretty ambitious for cheap direct to video movies. Music was gorgeous too, it really felt like they were at least trying to make the movies seem more than what they are.

The fourth one didn't even try, which is why I consider it worse, even though its plot is more coherent.

The Netflix mini started out being passable, just a hair above total mediocrity, until it became irredeemable shit due to the cancellation. I sorta feel sorry for the guys who made it, a lot of them clearly had enthusiasm for the job, but they had to work under so many limitations.

As I recall, he named the WOW character after Teridax (speaking as someone who liked most of the later years, even I say it's a crappy name), not the other way around.

Also while I don't know if it was part of the original story concept or only added in later, Makuta being a species was canon before Bob Thompson handed the story team leader reigns over to Greg. It was alluded to in the second movie, which Greg had nothing to do with.

Ah, my mistake.

>Ah, my mistake.
See, this is what Greg should also have responded when he made a female character into a male through a typo, and instead of correcting the mistake, tried to come up with a shaky backstory explanation for it.

>it was nice to see the Bionicle fanbase back and actually looking forward to something

And look where it went. Feels bad man.

I miss it so much.

Bionicle is literally the only line of toys that ever had an actually good lore/ world attached to it even if the actual storylines were rarely anything special

In a later age now though, its funny for a finnish girl like me since ive noticed how many finnish names and words they put into the names of characters (mostly Matorans as far as i can recall)

>Not like it mattered though, because the reboot was a dumbed down piece of crap.
How do they dumb down fucking Legos? Why do you have these super strong opinions on fucking Lego stories? I swear to God, these fucking cartoon manchilds keep shitting up my mature comic board for mature superhero readers like myself.

Not him but they were dumbed down physically and story wise, they are just reskinned hero factory sets now that are aiming for the 3+ audience instead of 7-16

Yeah, a lot of the NPCs from the 2nd online game were given names that were Finnish, Czech, Hawaiian, Hungarian or Japanese words. Mostly Finnish for some reason.

>Mostly Finnish for some reason.

Because they sound like they fit into mata-nui easily and they have had problems in the past with using things like Hawaiian names because they apparently "defiled" certain terms with it

Im still wondering whether or not the Tahtorak is actually named after the finnish word tahto (will) or not, since the creatures only appareance is in a metru nui comic where it keeps wanting an answer to some question

>tahto (will)

sorry, meant tahto is "want"

It's a shame to see G2 leave so soon. I like the sets and the story had potential to go places.

>B-But muh dumbed down lore
Well yeah that was the fucking point. G2 was made with G1's biggest failure in mind.

I'm not saying the lore was the mistake, but eventually it got too complex and hard to find for new fans to get into, which doomed the toy line. G2 has the Netflix show, a few books and a graphic novel. Compare this to all the fucking things G1 had.

I also like the new personalities of the Toa. They feel more inexperienced and I'm a sucker for that trope.

I do love some Bionicle. Read the comics around when the Bohrok were the big threat, not bad comics.

It was dumbed down compared to the original line. When Bionicle first started, they went all out with expansive world building and a unique fantasy mood, and they kept adding a fuckton of lore afterwards. It was Lego's fantasy epic that had plenty of darker and deeper moments. Not overly dark or deep or even that well written, but still surprising for a line of Lego toys.

The "lore" for Gen2 was so sloppily put together that even the guy they hired to write the books complained that it made no fucking sense. It was so oversimplified and lacking in any sort of detail that even kids didn't like it, yet Lego kept marketing it to the older autists, so essentially it had no audience.

I disagree with what says about the sets, though, a lot of them are fairly intricate, way beyond almost anything Hero Factory (another line that got fucked over by Lego) put out. They just had a small budget, so a lot of the toys ended up looking like garbage.

I used to be, but around 2005 or so, when I dropped out of Bionicle, I stopped going to BZP. I think I started wasting my time in YTMND's IRC chat around then.

>The recent revelations about Hero Factory
Do explain.


Also, I'm not too surprised that Greg F. is not the greatest writer. I once asked him via BZP about seeing if he could insert a romantic subplot, since I was (and still am) a dirty shipper, but he shot it down for some reason that I can't remember now.

You can thank the Maori for all of that.
I think they "hacked" BZP once; I forget if it was a genuine hack or just a DDoS attack.

OP's autism reminds me of the autism of that one YouTube channel dedicated to Bonkles.

>Destroys a toy in perfectly good condition because M-MUH WORST SET I HATE IT SO MUCH
>Has a 10+ minute-long video dedicated to whine about red axles and mocking anyone who disagrees

>G2 was made with G1's biggest failure in mind.
I don't think even Lego understood what the failures were.

Sure the needlessly detailed and continuity-heavy story was overdone, especially with the online content. Still, I maintain that with better media management, kids could have been kept interested and up to date. There were magazine exclusive comics that couldn't overlap with DVD movies that came out only occasionally, a book series that wasn't even marketed, online games, story serials... the lore was spread out over way too many forms of media, most of which were only available in the US (apart from some later stuff that was only released in places like fucking Poland).

Add to that that a lot of stuff, such as the widely promoted video games, were non-canonical, so it's no wonder kids were lost. There wasn't some singular story source you could point would-be fans to.

G2 is practically the same, except that the lore is so thin that it's not even worth getting into it that much. Comics/books come out too late, again they aren't marketed, the cartoon is only available on Netflix in a few languages and it's not promoted either. Those shitty webisodes were the most easily accessible story content, and again they don't tell a whole lot.

I wouldn't have minded the more simplified story and world, it would have been refreshing after the clusterfuck that was G1. But it was still all over the place, inconsistent, difficult to access and not marketed towards kids. Lego didn't fix any issues, they just made new ones while simultaneously throwing out one of the things that got many people interested in the line in the first place.

Yeah that's what made me sad about G2. It more or less "fixed" G1's problems but it brought problems of its own.

I kind of agree with OP in that we need a fan continuity, but if I'm honest I think G2 deserves it more due to having fuck-all to its name.

I had this picture as a poster
I don't know where I got it

>Do explain.
Christian Faber made a blog post about the supposedly deep original concept behind HF which we never got to see, hence why HF got so hated for being "too kiddy". He later deleted the text because he felt he got too emotional, so this screencap is all that remains.

Still hurts that nothing came out of the Mask of Time hints. Even with all their alleged incompetence, the story guys tried to add some deeper lore, Lego just pulled the rug out from under them.

The comfiest flash game of all time

Greg was really against romance, on the basis that kissy-screwy stuff feels too out of place in a toy line. That, plus it would have opened up a giant can of worms. Greg knew well how autistic and obsessive the fans were, so making romance non-canon was just his way of dodging a multitude of bullets. And who knows, maybe Lego didn't want him to talk about it either, sort of like how the story kept tiptoeing around the concept of afterlife to avoid offending people.

That said, he still introduced love in the Bara Magna story, between Sahmad and his dead wife (love in this case obviously being meant in a past tense), and between Mata Nui and Kiina (which didn't go anywhere because Mata Nui isn't a biological being).

The best story-related thing to come out of the line IMO.

Too bad it's so unpolished in places thanks to the rushed development. Wish Templar Studios could go back and patch it up, include the missing quests and tie up some loose ends.

The sequel was pretty comfy too, for a few minutes at least. Once you get into its tedious chores and grinding, it's shit, and the ending is like a cruel joke.

BZP usernames lads?

Ah shit I didn't realise BZP was my first forum and I would always enter the Building contests. I even tried to make my own god awful sprite comics.

I lost interest after Jalla and co turned into Toa.

>Comics/books come out too late

And were almost impossible to find.
I got the first issue of the comic only by sheer luck and I couldn't find the second issue with that falcon ANYWHERE.

>little budget they had to the wind with inept marketing

Judging by the recent leaks, there seems to be some massive budget cutting going on in general.
All the sets we've seen so far are extremely uninspired, generic or retreads of old shit and the amount of new brick molds also seems to be pretty low.

I never liked the designs after Gen 1.

Make Gen 1, but with the poseability of Gen 2.


After the storytime this summer any nostalgic goodwill I had for the series dried up. Holy hell what a mess the story was.

they're legos

Beyond that, more and more sets came out for higher and higher prices, and with less relevance to the plot. We got those play sets in 2005-2007, and while the 2005 ones were decent, the Voya Nui and Mahri Nui sets were for things no one cared about, battles that were over in a single chapter of a single book. Plus the story justifications for characters and sets became stupid, with 2008 releasing the vehicles including a set (or was it 2 sets) for a pair of characters that only really showed up in a web serial and fucked off to an AU.

And around that time is when they started cutting books because sales were down, and had Greg do online serials instead. Only Greg used the serials to focus on fan favorites and characters he didn't feel got enough screen time, which none of those serials would have sold well as books even he had to know, so the cut books likely had more info on the Toa Nuva and other stuff fans did care about.

Not that that matters though because by the time the Nuva got revamped sets, they fucking forgot everything about their original character traits and personalities. I mean turning Gali into a fucking sniper who avoids close range combat? When she is the martial artist of the group? Holy fuck.

Greg had a chance to redeem everything after Lego pulled the plug. He started a new serial, introducing two kickass elements in the toa list (lightning and psionics) that were female only elements. But he shit the bed. He forgot his own lore (if not willfully subverting it because girls are icky) making only one a girl, and rather than fix his mistake he decided the best approach was to explain that one Toa was the original member of their race, and their destructive male tendencies made their creator sure to put more passive females in charge of it. After all his shit about no romance, about how "gender doesn't really exist, it just helps humanize these robots", about him giving females actual powers (because they'd never show up in the Lego sets). He pulls this shit. And then just stopped updating because fans hurt his fee fees and didn't deserve his bullshit asspulls in his grand magnum opus.

Greg F. Put a lot of bullshit into Bionicle. AUs were his attempt to be more like comics, and seeing some AUs was okay and fun as "what ifs", but they started having characters drift into the story that had no reason to. Remember the Good Teridax from the AU where Makuta transcended their darkness and Mata Nui finished his mission? He came back to save the main Universe, but died offscreen because Greg couldn't figure out how to have Makuta fight himself.

Remember Tren Krom? Bionicle's Cthulu? Not only did no one ask for him to exist, but he didn't ultimately do much besides cheap tension and Greg had him killed off when he got bored.

Or how about the revelation that the Matoran were supposed to be mindless robot workers, but a glitch caused them to have free will? This MIGHT have been a neat plot point, but it comes at a time where all it does is tell you "these characters were supposed to be soulless, but instead they're just malfunctioning".

All of this in a goddamn series for fucking children. Lego may have killed the toy line, but Greg killed the story.

It's a bit sad the story went to shit, really. I enjoyed reading the books, I actually had almost all of them except the earliest. They got a bit confusing when the air shit started, and that's when I finally stopped buying anything Bionicle. Sets were too expensive, story was too confusing, but I was still sad it was ending.

Too bad the 4th movie was really the worst out of all of them, no one gave a fuck about watching the embodiment of Mata Nui Mad Max it up in a desert, everyone wanted to see the Toa save people.

That's pretty interesting.

And I still use the name everywhere. My past is cringey; I will openly admit this.

>he says this on a board dedicated to children's cartoons

>So much Autism
Bionicle itself was pretty cool but it the Autistic fan base is what ruined it

I agree. Feels like Greg and other members of the story team just wanted to cram in as many unnecessary plot points, useless trivia and forced twists into the lore as possible, instead of keeping it clean, simple and coherent. Stuff that doesn't amount to more than a few sentences on the Bionicle wiki. Also, fuck the autists at BZP who kept forcing this stuff. The lore was already complicated enough, especially with how Lego kept adding characters who never had the chance to get any focus (like most of the 09 vehicle riders, Greg barely used them, he instead made up new throwaway characters).

I'm just rambling and sperging now, but main point is this is one of the main reasons why it was so hard to keep up with the story, and it's no wonder G2 wanted to avoid this. Too bad that they just went too far in the other direction.

I think the base story is still decent, had it been told competently. It's all the needless twist and turns, Greg's "creative freedom" and Lego forcing the writers to either add or take away storylines that messed it up. Stuff like this is to be expected with merchandise-driven properties. The fandom was just the icing on the cake.

>replies to a bunch of random ass posts
>cries autism
>in a Cred Forums Bionicle thread


>Cred Forums

I think OP babbled something about making comics.

>comics officially published by DC for 10 years
>4 animated movies
>G2 had an animated show on netflix
>not Cred Forums

u wot m8

It's not mainstream DC or Marvel. Nor is it a cartoon for little kids i can jerk off to. Ergo it's not Cred Forums related.

Newfag detected

I mean, technically there IS porn of it out there, Cred Forumsmrade. Don't tell me you didn't get a boner from Roodaka.

Funny enough, her VA went on to play a main character in the forbidden show

/toy/ is about the toys, not the story. You wouldn't tell a Transformers comic thread to go on /toy/ would you?

3rd movie's broad-tittied horse-faced slutty voiced robo waifu is totally Cred Forums.

I heard Bionicles were super popular, or at least it has a vocal fandom. I personally never got into them. As a kid it just seemed like one of those things boys like.

tits or gtfo

The fandom used to be vocal, but after the G1 story ended, it died down a bit.

I'd love for there to be some kind of a Bionicle revival series of sorts somehow. At least port the MNOG to 3DS or something.

Wasnt there someone that makes busty addons for bionicle figures?

>As a kid it just seemed like one of those things boys like.
How dare you shitlord! Women can like anything they want!

For some reason there's a whole group of feminists in the bionicle fanbase who keep complaining there weren't enough female characters in a boys toyline.

>TFW no clumsy Kopaka ever again
Why live?

Should I trust OP with the fan continuity? Because it gives me vibes of Greg's autism and pretentiousness.

Thankfully they haven't been much in evidence lately.

>Should I trust OP with the fan continuity? Because it gives me vibes of Greg's autism and pretentiousness.

It's not a sequel; it's a spiritual successor. It has surface similarities to Bionicle, but different characters and a different story.

Is that so hard a concept to understand?

The reboot should have kept the tone of Mask of Light

Tried to watch the new Netflix series but it just doesn't compare to this

Not that the original Bionicle movies were masterpieces or anything, they just had great atmosphere (as with the 2001 and 02 storylines)

The scores were extremely underrated though. Furst's score was incredible and I can't believe he didn't make it big

>tfw I was/am a huge lorefag
>tfw was actually was really interested in the Spherus/Bara Magna setting, a lot of it because of storytelling potential and not affected too much by GregF
>tfw nobody agrees with me
Toa Nuva versus Element Lords never.

To be really super honest I liked how romance/love subplots were nonexistent for most of Bionicle's storyline and I'm gril.
Unfortunately it seems everyone wants to make uncanonical yaoi of Toa even when the Spherus/Bara Magna setting had canonical romance.

>The sequel was pretty comfy too, for a few minutes at least. Once you get into its tedious chores and grinding, it's shit, and the ending is like a cruel joke.

>replay original
>wow this is really fucking nice
>play sequel
>okay this is pretty nice tool
>get out of village
>next objective: harvest 2million fucking seaweed
no thanks man

>storytelling potential
That it had plenty of, a shame not much ever came out of it.

I recall they said that had the graphic novels sold better, Greg would have continued making comics, probably with artist Christian Zanier. But not only did the GNs sell more and more poorly, the first GN made up of original stories was a letdown too. They wanted to prove that the story can support itself without toys, but they messed it up by publishing stories that no non-fan would be interested in.

>ywn see mata nui fight alongside the toa nuva

Wish we got the full trilogy of Legend Reborn movies

The truth.
I wasn't into Bionicle back in 2001, but I really wish I had been.
Also, these were great:

>but they messed it up by publishing stories that no non-fan would be interested in.
That's true and a real damn shame at that. Malum's story was the best one in there by far (and dare I say it, it was some of the best interpretations of the sets I've seen in the comics.)
I kind of wish that they'd done more books like Raid on Vulcanus.
But I think what really hurt sales is that even if they wanted to tell other stories it'd have to be some kind of tie-in for Lego to be interested.

At this point the only way Bionicle could get a shot in the arm is if they go that route or make a Bayformers style VFX movie that appeals to nostalgia.
And then I can die contented, even if it's shitty.

Nathan Furst, the people at Templar Studios, Christian Faber and associates, these guys were amazing. They could have halfassed it and only see Bionicle as a stupid kids' toy line, but they gave it their all to make the world feel as lively as possible.

A pity they got rid of them. Bionicle fell apart as they left. Apparently they considered tapping Furst for The Legend Reborn's score but decided to go with a fresh approach. Not that Furst could have saved it, but maybe he could have made it halfway enjoyable.

I was 14 when The Legend Reborn released, so probably too old for it, but hearing Furst's Matoran theme when Mata Nui walks into that place with glowy text would have saved it for me

I remember when I was a kid I was supposed to get the comics in the mail. I know for a fact I wasn't getting every single issue that was released when I was still subscribed to it. I think I got to the big bad boss fight in the first series. My memory is a little rough, but I think they had suits or something they (failed) to use against the 2 big bads? Thats about the point I stopped getting anything in the mail, and I'm pretty sure we never cancelled my subscription either.

I actually kinda liked Hero Factory.

The Rakshi were my original monster husbandos.

That's okay.

I love Lego and had a few Bionicles from second wave, but I cannot stand the movies. They are unbelievably boring.

i remember playing that shit back in the day on my uncle shitty laptop, but because of the shitty internet i couldnt play it proprerly so i stop and i never find it again

>you will never have friends who were interested in Bionicle to play Quest for Makuta

Last week I went to an observing session at my university's observatory, and when they opened up the telescope the music started playing in my mind. I'll never get that soundtrack out of my head.

Glad to see someone remembers my storytime! I would almost offer to do it again, but that would be inadvisable now that school's going.

>tfw i missed it

>Velika is the name taken by a Great Being[1] who transferred his consciousness into a Po-Matoran body to observe the functioning of the Matoran Universe. On Voya Nui, he was known as an eccentric and inventive member of the Voya Nui Resistance Team. Since the Reformation of Spherus Magna, Velika has put into motion a plan to rule Spherus Magna, which necessitates the murder of several powerful Matoran Universe entities.
>During his time as a Matoran, Velika, having concluded that the destruction of the planet was due to poor leadership by the Great Beings,[9] developed a plan to seize control of Spherus Magna for himself.[10] Part of his plan involved the killing of powerful Matoran Universe inhabitants acting outside of their parameters, who might object to his rule. Velika defeated Lesovikk and stole his Air Sword,[11] with which he killed Karzahni at Iron Canyon and extracted Tren Krom from his prison[12] before murdering him in Bota Magna. Velika killed both in gruesome ways to inspire fear among the population, which he planned to use to ensure his acceptance as a ruler.[13]
>Due to his alliance with Kabrua, Velika knew about the Vorox on Bota Magna. Planning to use them as shock troops,[14] Velika gave them sophisticated force blasters[5] and a device capable of blocking a Toa's Elemental Powers. He also told them of the regression and tragedy of the Bara Magna Vorox. Velika then directed them to capture and kill a group of Toa and Glatorian who were in the process of tracking down the Great Beings to inform them of Spherus Magna's restoration.
>Velika also took advantage of an opportunity to take Axonn, Brutaka, Miserix, Tuyet, Helryx, Vezon, and Artakha out in one fell swoop, as they had all gathered in one place at the behest of an insane Great Being. He rigged the structure to blow, and then began crafting a grave marker for his intended victims.

That game was LITERALLY the most autistic thing ever created. The amount of details and rulings that went into it and the fact the board changes every time and you have to stop in the middle of the game to keep setting it up makes it impossible to get people to play casually.
I loved it.



I legitimately loath all 'humanizations' of BIONICLE. The whole point is that they're not human. It's worse than humanizations of Zootopia or some shit. Posting good fan art.

After all these years, I can still read that shit

>dindu Onua
>pooinloo Gali

Given people like to use a lot of the same sorts of designs for the T&A, I'm sure sure some singular guy came up with it. But there's quite a few people who like to try their hands at it nowadays. It's a relatively popular past time for a number of mocers.

Among other things.

Didn't that come included with Roodaka?

bionicle died after the pirakah sets. the underwater stuff was the beginning of the end

I did! I picked up the series at metru nui, and I have a scattered assortment of the comics from that period till I think the end of the series.
I think there's a bionicle general on /toy/ if you want to take a look at that. I have a shit ton of my old Bionicles in a rubbermaid in my closet

I can assure you, technology has come a long way since then.

I have one of the game packs and have never once played the game. I don't think I've even looked at the rules.

>actual plastic melting hot glue
>not cleanable semen

I'm mad

I disregarded the game completely and used the pieces to make Mata Nui backdrops for my figures

Speaking of which, there are a surprising amount of similarities between (REDACTED) and Bionicle. First big event is about defeating the dark counterpart to a godlike figure. Second big event ends in main villian being sealed in stone by a friendship beam. Third event involves the invasion of an insect queen. Weird huh.

FUCK I LEFT MY NAME ON. Is this a sin that can be forgiven?

Interdasting. Obviously the two are very different, but I never really made that connection. Very enlightening, user, good to talk to a fellow Cred Forumsmrade who isn't triggered by any mention of [REDACTED].

I see people slamming the Mahri Nui arc on multiple boards (or maybe it's always the same faggot?) but they never explain why.

I always thought of it as the best part of the 2006-2008 trilogy, mostly because of Matoro and Makuta. One thing I can't get over though:
>underwater saga
>legs, legs everywhere
>only legit finned sea creatures come with those shitty playsets

Funnily enough, the way that the Bionicle story changed over time reminds me of how a certain MMO's story changed in a similar way
>the two main gods that everyone think are important turn out to be not as powerful as they seemed
>there's an immensely powerful race of beings that created the universe but doesn't give a damn about it
>everything gets darker and edgier
>the world gets fucked up by all of these huge events

>they had suits or something they (failed) to use against the 2 big bads
you mean the Exo-Toa and the Bahrag queens? that's the end of the second year

They should all be Polynesian.
If anything, Onua would be pastier than Kopaka, as he lives underground for the most part.

I got u senpai

So what's the overall plot and lore of bionicle? I got really into it around the piraka and inika sets mainly cause of the move along song they used for one of the trailers.

>mysterious tropical island with mechanical humanoids and monsters
>villain is the makuta, put the humanoids' god into odinsleep
>six/seven "toa" arrive to harness their elemental powers and awaken mata nui
>revealed that underneath the island is a technologically advanced world
>the island is the face of mata nui
>this advanced world is the inside of his giant body
>he is eventually awakened but the makuta takes over his body
>mata nui is ejected to another world in a mask
>learns that three planets in a system were once one

And that's as far as I followed the story

There are a bunch of weird little robot guys called Matoran who live on an island. They worship a good god called Mata Nui who was betrayed by his evil brother Makuta. It is prophesied that Mata Nui will send six heroes to defeat Makuta's minions and awaken Mata Nui.

That's the premise for the very first year. The problem with Bionicle is that the story is laden with massive spoilers for every year you go along.

What were the Inika's story? Did they actually ever fight the piraka?

The inika were originally matoran that were semi-important characters in the first few years who were struck by lightning, turning them into Toa.
The answer to your second question is yes.

I think they did, but I also remember the Piraka falling apart mainly due to infighting.

Yeah they did. The second half of the 2006 storyline was basically a giant fight scene. Then they fought again briefly in the 2007 story.

Anyway, the Inika were introduced early on as Matoran back in 2001-2002. They traveled to Voya Nui (island besieged by the Piraka) because the main heroes of the story, the Toa Nuva got lost there after they had gotten beaten up by the Piraka.

On the way to the island, special lightning from the Red Star hits the canisters the six Matoran are traveling in, turning them into Toa Inika. They rescue the Nuva, beat the Piraka, blow up like half the island, fight their way to the Mask of Life (which all parties were after), but the mask flies off into the sea.

>Toa Nuva versus Element Lords

Thanks for that reminder. Worse, we never got the robot dinosaurs that were supposed to come after that.

>Onua should be pasty
How dare you! Onua is clearly modeled after John Henry.

>Unfortunately it seems everyone wants to make uncanonical yaoi of Toa even when the Spherus/Bara Magna setting had canonical romance.
tee bee aitch it's probably because we're more familiar with the Toa as characters, since we had 10 years in their world vs. one and a half on Spherus/Bara Magna. Exposure beats canon every time.

I just realized I made it sound like I'm a fujoshit, even though I swear to god I'm not

Does anyone have the concept documents? or concept art from the original run?
BS01 is pretty good for finding concept art too.


Here's the google doc with the plot so far.

Ideally it will take the form of a comic (because visual storytelling is essential for the atmosphere).
Feel free to leave feedback.

remembers Dark709?

Anyone here guest starred in his comics?

Oh shit BZPower

That was my jam when I was like 10, I saved up my allowance and used it to spring for lifetime premier membership and everything

And yeah, I guest starred in his comic

not bad desu

I like them. I feel like the first artist does better faces than bodies, while the second artist does better bodies than faces.

It died at glatorians or whatever they where called. I liked phantoka

You've got some neat stuff OP but I have to admit my respect for this project is somewhat diminished from this shilling. You have to understand most of us aren't as emotionally invested as you clearly are.

Anyway good luck, please don't crash and burn like most fan projects.

>being passionate about something is autistic
>posting on the cartoon board on an anime forum isnt

If you're not introverted or autistic you should really fuck off out of here.


Can you guys stop throwing around the word autistic? Being passionate about creative projects does not mean you're autistic.

It's not worth it to be ashamed and embarrassed of your ideas, because then you create nothing.

>Tfw remembering BZPower before G1's cancellation

>All those comics, forum games, stories, artwork, etc
>Mods actually had fun with April Fool's day jokes and fads (ex: mods all changed their names to Star Wars characters)
>Greg answering literally any and all questions you posted
>Set reviews were a big deal, and an even bigger deal when they sometimes came with a video attached
>Everyone was much friendlier and the site was much more active

>Went back when G2 was announced
>Why are there so many Lego reviews? They outnumber Bionicle reviews 3 to 1
>Where are all the famous people? Where's Dark709 or his comics? Where are all the epics I spent hours reading back in the day? Why is everything so barren?
>Wait, are mods seriously getting upset over cis privilege and gender in the forums? Isn't this supposed to be a kid's site? Why does everyone have a MLP avatar?
>Oh god what is happening right now this is not the website I knew and loved as a kid

I miss old BZPower, and it sucks that I can't even visit it anymore because the archive got deleted or some shit.

You know how generals get when a show/comic is on hiatus? How they collapse in upon themselves in a blackhole of autism and retardation? That happened on a large scale with BZPower during the five years Bionicle was done. Everyone who didn't care as much left, those who really cared either went insane or were chased out by the insane, new groups formed among the insane. And here we are.

The mods were fucking retarded in the old days too though. They'd ban you over the stupidest things.

We didn't even have the comics in my country (or maybe I was unaware of them). We just played with the toys

This, the site was an uneasy autist-hole from the start.

Still though, G1's cancellation and the ~1 year forum downtime practically drove away the userbase. I knew that even back in the day, people used to hate BZP, but now it's like a shell of a shadow of its former shitty self.

At least I lived to see bonesiii get booted off.

where my /toy/ boys at

Where do you think you are? Everyone with a more than passing interest in a subject is deemed an autist here.

Wait, did he get booted? What for?

Some crazy ordeal I only found out about after the fact. A female member had a breakdown, some say bones tried to "help" her by worsening her mental state, but to an outsider it seemed like he was harassing her.

It was one of the most baffling BZP episodes I ever learned about. There were talks of love, marriage, accusations of betrayal, no one knew what the fuck was going on. At the end, both got banned and now no one talks about it. It almost feels like some pre-planned stunt to play a crude joke on the community, except that it was apparently real.

I don't really understand the situation. I only found some tumblr posts about it.

>female member

Was this fishers64? I saw she was banned one day and wondered how that came about.

Weird. I heard he was a creepy creationist and they found his personal website about it.


Also yes.

found it by googling his name and "creationist"

Wow this is some great stuff.

Oh holy fuck, he came back.

christ, you weren't kidding about this.

Christian Faber recently made a video tribute to the fans with a lot of concept art (not much "new" stuff in there though) but he had to take it down. Some say Lego forced him to do it, who knows. Faber has said years ago that he's working on some type of Bionicle showroom, so maybe he can't release concept art anywhere else.

In any case, someone else go the video here:


I've learned to let go. I will cherish the good memories.

Also fuck all the Mahri Nui haters.

I think that there is a few reasons as to why I personally didn't like Mahri Nui.

One of the biggest is that it takes place entirely underwater, which made kid me feel like the water-related Toa and Matoran should be OP as fuck, especially compared to the Toa of Fire or Air.

I also think I was getting more savvy about how stories are written and identifying tropes, etc. The transition from Voya Nui to Mahri Nui felt flimsy, and I remember liking the villains a lot less than those in previous iterations. The whole thing came off as cobbled together. Of course, these are recollections from almost a decade ago, so take it with a grain of salt.

I liked the Mahri Nui plot, but there's a whole lot of issues I have with it. In no particular order:

The whole backstory about how Mahri Nui formed, the Cord, and the island of Voya Nui rushing down back into Mata Nui's chest when the Cord was blown up. None of this makes any sense, although this is a problem that plagues the entire Mask of Light storyline.

The setting is meaningless. Mahri Nui itself gets maybe a few seconds of screentime and is destroyed with little fanfare. The rest of the story takes place on a generic seafloor.

The Barraki were interesting enough, although they felt more like stupid thugs like the Piraka than warlords. Pridak in particular was laughably edgy.

Toa Mahri being water-breathers and their scuba gear being gills. Pointless.

Dekar becoming Hydraxon II. Very interesting in concept, nothing came out of it, it just needlessly over-complicated the story.

Piraka becoming snakes, what the fuck.

Didn't help that Stuart Sayger's art in the comics reached a whole new level of lazy, the effects and organic creatures look beautiful but hell do the characters look like scribbled rubbish. Also, the number and length of the comics decreased drastically, even in the graphic novel the entire story take up only 2/3 of the pagecount.

So what did you like?

Mahri Nui was the point where the designers and the storywriters hit head-on and couldn't reach a compromise. The Toa Mahri were completely aesthetically alien to Bionicle up to that point, and the Barraki couldn't mitigate that.

The whole basic story if I just ignore the logic and logistics of the "lets plug Voya Nui back into the hole" thing. I liked the interactions between the Toa, Barraki and the "titans". Primarily Makuta finally taking things into his hands, Matoro's arc, and learning the backstory about the League of Six Kingdoms was neat too. There was a sense of urgency and when the plot unraveled at its climax and all the characters just went at each other while the universe around them was literally dying, that felt pretty epic yet bleak.

The books were nice, I liked how Greg gave the characters moments of downtime among all the action, the mini-movies were awesome, and even the story serials were promising at this point.

Bionicle was my shit when I was younger. I had those rolling bad guys that have their head sling out when you press down on it and the elders from the McDonalds kids meals.

Makuta is metaphor for cancer and Toa antibitoics, which why G1 container were shaped like pills.

The whole premise is based around the lead designer personal struggle against brain cancer