Gunnerkrigg Court


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Parley wears that dress like a jet plane wears heelies




Make it look like this was all just a cleverly themed strip show!

What the fuck are you doing, Parley?

Poor Murderghost. She just wants a friend and green dick. Basic human rights.

Are you joking? Given Andrew's ability, the probability of that happening is 100%.
Godspeed Parley!

Robot's already ded. WHO'S NEXT?

I feel really bad for Jeanne, who just seems to get fucked over again and again.

>jeanne murders her boyfriends ghost and can only be taken into the ether because she breaks down crying afterwards

So George is gonna die, right?

>more people think Annie will die than Kat

I'm confused.

I don't think Andrew CAN die, why is he so high on this poll?

Kat will robotize Annie, become mecha-sexual, and then get into lesbian shenanigans with Annie as the olden days.

>Smitty's powers are ethereal strings
>Jeanne is an ethereal being with a sharp sword

but lucky

I'm betting it's gonna be the Coyote tooth that ends up severing some important strings and allowing shit to go down.

...wait, isn't Parley meant to be using the Coyote tooth in this chapter?


Good news everone!
I'll be able to draw again!
I'll do the best muscleParley request I'll get.

Parley dressed as He-man for Halloween

Draw muscle parley getting eviscerated by jeanne

Draw something on-model for once.

You know I can't do that!

shy and self-conscious muscleparley. the smaller girls are lining up to squeeze her ample biceps

Not very topical, but best one so far, I think.

Why is Parley such a bad friend?

Gonna play some vidya, gonna do when I come back, unless something better comes up.
Thank you for the requests. :)

Cred Forums's back

You think parley is going to try to reason with the murderghost or just try and fight her?

Kiss her, you dope!

Oh fug


Sexual frustration. Do you think Andrew alone can satiate her appetites?

That depends how his luck power works. If it's just going to latch onto Jeanne with strings, she'll see them and cut her way free. It might even be what makes him a target over Parley.

This guy gets it.

Dead thread?

I'm trying to draw something that doesn't look like ass.
Also, I got distracted by mean green memes.

>...wait, isn't Parley meant to be using the Coyote tooth in this chapter?
Maybe annie showed enough wisdom to not hand an all-cutting plot device from a trickster-god to a string-entangles couple? Maybe she'll use it on the arrow instead?


Hopefully reason with her first, that might buy them a few more seconds and not get Parley sliced up immediately.

Just a prank bro!

a duel. for honor! for elf dick!

Parley has been training with a wooden replica of the Tooth, so think it's still part of the plan.

She probably has it in tooth form but probably as a last resort, because it might cut Jeanne's soul in half.

Holy shit, this was 13 chapters ago already.

I hope Zimmy is in the comic soon. I like her.

Bump for drawing

I'm probably super late to the party but can we just take one belated second to appreciate that coyote gave an all-powerful cutting weapon to a dissatisfied and emotionally erratic young girl who is part fire elemental and not the biggest fan of the court?

I, like coyote, reeeeally wants to see how this pans out.

Picture is taking a while.


Sorry. :(

It's okay, we're used to you disappointing us.

there are so many "what could possibly go wrong" moments, yet they never go as wrong as we would like them to

I don't even know what that is supposed to mean.

Jets don't wear heels and Parleys don't wear dresses.
Take it off! Show us those muscles, girl!

Heelies are shoes with wheels in them.

Oh, misread that.
Regardless, Parley should take it off.

I guess I could try to get back into streaming today.
Should I?

Sketch so far.
Not much, but I think I'm done for today.