Wonder Woman #7 Storytime

"The Lies" Part four!


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Based Cho is still doing covers for Trinity. Rucka can suck an uncut cock.





Sjws will hate this



>Carol Danvers and Ultimates








Cho is a nobody. Rucka is a comics legend.



>Rucka is a comics legend.
He was bland before he ragequit DC and he's even more bland today.




Thanks for reading, friends.
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I liked it! Thanks OP


Girls, girls, you're both just awful.

Is Rucka going to stick around once The Lies and Year One are over?

I don't like Cheetah without her long red hair.

>The faces in the 5th panel

Who knows? But so far it has been so bland, we are four issues into the Lies and it feels it should have been one. Plus the new Year One story doesn't help, bland and boring another retelling. Maybe because WW Earth one came out this year so I don't care for it.

Fucking boring

>lol cheetah didn't mean to be bad she was just misled by evil patriarchy

Fucking bullshit.

This is Maleficent all over again.

Google Liberty Meadows

Which was her N52 Origin? was it the one where she grew up with a hunting cult and killed her brother?

It doesn't matter since Cucka will retcon it with Year One

I know he is retconning the shit out of N52 WW. I just couldn't remember Cheetahs origin I this continuity. I think one of the villains month issue had her origin.

well that was a waste of 7 issues.

The origin was dumb, even for comic books.

Like, she comes from a society that operates as its own country with its own laws, with a coming-of-age ritual for girls being the murder of their brothers.

And the US government knows about this, and doesn't even raise an eyebrow at it.

Forgot to mention that this is actually on US soil.

>Rucka is a comics crackpot

Fixed. That guy is a nut.

That fucked perspective on WW's arm is all I can look at.

>google [unfunny shit no one gives a fuck about]
I mean I like Cho's art but he has the lamest sense of humor in comics. He shouldn't be in charge of writing anything ever.

So, isn't it good that Rucka will change her origin?

What the fuck is wrong with her legs?

Why not retcon everything in an issue or two? and move on into something interesting, none of this has been compelling at all.

Theres plenty of shit the US govt. will let slide tho.

replacing a turd with an equally awful one doesn't make it better


Hope Rucka does something interesting after these intro storylines or done. Way too decompressed.

Something about Sharp's own inks and the color job on this isn't working. It's muddy and weird. Also holy shit the pacing is off in this story. This could have been one and a half issues tops.

Same, what's the point?

> white woman saving blacks that literally have bones stuck through their hair
oh jeez

Man, Steve with the beard looks 10 times better! I hope that he and Wondy get together soon!

This actually liked this. It grew on me. But I hope Rucka hits his stride since the introduction and all is done now.

So did DC know that cheetahs are actually the most docile of big cats when making her into a savage cunt?
Cheetahs are just big kitties

She's probably just at the end of completing her transformation back.

>Rucka is a comics legend.

Covers are bland as fuck, I already miss Frank Cho.

>Rucka is a has been.

Wasn't she originally just a chick in a costume?

And all clowns aren't serial killers and and bald people aren't trying to take over the planet with death rays do you have a point?

You're acting like Cho's covers weren't also bland as fuck. The only truly good one was pic related (which was ruined by the shitty coloring).

>Sharp becoming ill recently-ish didn't stop him from drawing

i dunno, make her less sexually objectified by making her uglier looking?

>Housefags caring about anything but muh anatomy.

at least cheetah has a sexy body....

Jesus christ so thats it. This is fucking why Cheetah is suck a crap opposite to WW. Another female villain redeeemed. Which will be ignored in a year when twats fail to make any interesting villains and opt for her again.

Bring back Circe

No way, his drawings are strong, they strike you with emotion while OP pic looks bland as hell, even I pull off a cover like that

That's like your opinion man.
I like both for different reasons. However Frank's had some shit coloring and the whole floating in space problem. These have far better coloring

I'm seriously starting to forget what the plot is meant to be.

>These have far better coloring

That's like your opinion on apples better than oranges

You're right, it is my opinion but I feel the coloring of OP and the other cover I saw better complements the linework. Most the Cho covers are superior in their line form, their colorwork only serves to compete with an element that should've just been allowed to shine.

Even if you like to gap to his one generic body type and you might like his interiors, you can't deny the fact that his covers are garbage.

Would buy a few rounds for/10


>you can't deny the fact that his covers are garbage.
Watch me.

I can deny that. Easily. I cant' deny they have flaws but like shit they're total garbage

Trevor look how a celtic warrior with these blue tattos

>implying I'm not even harder

Really love this Diana-Trevor moments

>cursed for not being a virgin

It looks like shit user, just a character posing, some stupid shit around it or maybe little boxes with other characters and no background. He's also bad at expressions.

Women are only bad if men make them bad.

Like dogs.

For someone who's so pro-feminism, Rucka sure does seem to infantilize women.


This is something I liked about Minerva at the start.

She's someone who looked at the worst parts of Man's World and said "Yeah, I'm down for some of that." She was pretty much the inversion of the Noble Savage (Savage Noble?).

But nope, it was all Patriarchy-God's fault.

>when your catgirl starts getting all racist

It's so cute when she brings up the bell curve.

it's his internalized cis-shame

It's pretty impressive that she memorizes Chicago Crime Statistics, to the date. Moreso since I don't think she owns a computer.

Were you born stupid or dropped on your head as as child?

I wish wonder woman was real

The face in panel 8 is begging for a reaction image.

It looks classy as fuck.

You sound like Linkara ''art can only be one thing!!!'' that guy sucks and so do you

Again, that's like your opinion because I think that the coloring is great in that one.

I just like Cho's crisp lines more than that. The whole shine effect seems cheap and muddies up those lines.

He's on for 24 issues, or a full year. After that, it depends on sales and whether he's still happy.

He does smoke the radical leftist crack a lot, but his skill with characters, worldbuilding, and tragedy is really strong.

For everyone mad that Cheetah is redeemed...Rucka loves tragedy. There's almost no way she'll stay good.

Did Wonder Woman just one-shot an elder god?

>He's also bad at expressions.
Was getting blown the fuck out part of your bitch ass plan?


I'm not entirely sure what happened but I like it

You missed the neck.

Bomb ass cover. Cho can choke on a dick.

tumblr approved cover

I generally like Cho, but that was one of the only good ones (pic related was the other good one). Overall they did look like a guy who wasn't comfortable with his working environment. I'm glad DC found a way to fix it for him.

It looks almost perfect, you are just nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking

so like did wonder woman come out this issue?

>"No WOMAN should have any power."
>gets punched out by woman


>The black guy's face in the 5th panel.
Almost audibly keked in lecture.

The monster dude looks like the child of Swamp Thing and Death's Head II

Change her back or give me more sexy cheetahs. A Cheetah Corps.


That sounds almost as weird as when Captain Marvel's called William.

Does anyone have read Rucka's most recent interview on Comicocity, about Diana's and Amazons's sexuality?

Barbara Ann a CUTE!


I have, think it's cool but I agree with others that we need to hear Diana herself speak about her queerness in the comics rather than just in author interviews

Hearing writers say that Diana is queer is redundant considering all of her fans already speculate as such

Hopefully since this interview is in the middle of his ongoing run, Rucka's not Dumbledoring it and will have Diana address it on-panel

So why'd he come back? More sweet Wonder Woman cred, to build up his Strong Heroine resume?

They told him that Berganza would not be the editor for the book... It was practically a done deal

He's a crazy person that probably enjoys self-inserting as her

It seems to be his jam, yeah. His big solo projects have been Lazarus, about a Strong Heroine a dystopian feudal future, and Black Magick, with a Strong Heroine in a dark magic/detective noir setting.

Both of which are pretty solid books, it's just kinda telling what Rucka's deal is.

>Rucka is a comics legend.

Because Johns asked him to, he got to choose Doyle as his editor, he and Didio kissed and made up some before Convergence, he loves Wonder Woman, and he and Nicola were given the option to tell the story they wanted to tell earlier.


Cheetah is a white blonde. Of course. Because comics don't have enough of those.

4/10 because you had me convinced for a second but then I thought, nah that's just too stupid.

Sharpe should be drawing Swamp Thing, not Wonder Woman.

>So did DC know that cheetahs are actually the most docile of big cats when making her into a savage cunt?

The character of Cheetah is one of the oldest WW villains created back in the 1940s. So with no evidence at all, I'm going to guess the answer to your question is no.


I got to talk to an artist who's doing something for DC (wouldn't tell me what) and said got to pick the editor, so the whole concept of 'groups' has loosened a lot.


Don't forget Tara Chance and Stumptown and Whiteout and Sasha Bordeaux and Question and Huntress and Batwoman...

Why would anyone pick Berenzaga then? Isn't the dude a shitty editor in addition to being a shitty person? But Tomasi and Orlando seem to be doing great so far on the Superbooks under his editorial so meh.

Not much replies for this one. I guess people here stopped giving a fuck long ago.

because rucka is a shit writer and cho was the best thing about the book

Who wore that expression better?

Sounds about right, I'd say.

Don't talk to me or my daughter ever again.

New writers probably don't get much of a choice, plus, they have to give him something to edit so he can justify his job.

>he thought cursing her as a hot cheetah was a bad thing and she wouldn't be a slut anymore