How do we fix Tom and Jerry?

How do we fix Tom and Jerry?

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tumblrin-- I mean kids hate slapstick violence in 2016 so get rid of that


LET TOM GET THE UPPERHAND ON JERRY ONCE IN AWHILE. Gees, give the guy a break, most of the time he doesn't even DO anything, Jerry's just a HUGE jerk.

Fix the show?

50/50 win rates
Real dead on screen
Classic music...

remove adobe flash.

Release the second blu-ray volume for fucks sake. It's been over five years now.

Same way you fix any animal - take them to the veterinarian.

Idk if it's going to be set in modern time I would suggest a sitcom like setting with past references younger kids don't get but the older parents would get and I guess the music would be Idk 40s

Neutering. They'd be much more tame.

Return to the insane slapstick violence of the golden years.

Nowadays that's fucking impossible, but if somebody could do it and be justified, it's Tom and Jerry.

The only thing I think should really change is the win rate. Maybe make it 7:3 on average. Otherwise, don't mess with success.

By fanservice.



Leave it dead

It doesnt need to become some fucking corpse like Looney Tunes did with Wabbit

Can't really. TV production values aren't good enough to capture the magic of the original. Even beyond the obvious animation quality issues, music was a huge part of the Tom and Jerry schtick, since they didn't talk.


>Nowadays that's fucking impossible

What the fuck are you talking about? All the edgelord bullshit constantly in Family Guy and South Park makes that old-school slapstick seem white bread tame by comparison.

>Classic music...
Tom & Jerry is more of a Jazz show.


That actually works pretty well

Everyone says a witty catchphrase every other second
Add laughtrack
Make the jerry a wisecracking multi ethnic genderqueer halfgod moralqueer transage destroying the white cis tom every episode

More over-the-top violence.
Honestly though, of all the classic animation reboots Warner Bros. is shitting out right now, T&J isn't in the worst of them. It's decent, but not terrible.

This. That little fucker instigated half the fights.

Those straight featureless teeth look really weird on Tom.

More slapstick violence and make Mame Two Shoes a hot ass negress with a big ass and make her five times more racist.

Delete any T&J short, movie, or TV show made post-1958 from existence

The 1992 movie was good though.

Make Tom into John K
Make Jerry into Seth MacFarlane

No, it was a Disney movie shoehorned into Tom and Jerry, and it committed the sin of having them TALK. And not just a line here and there like the classic shorts, but talking all the time for the whole movie

Them talking was the literal best part of the film though.

>The movie's explanation for why they never talked before was because they each thought the other would be too stupid to understand
While that is funny, it doesn't explain why they didn't talk to other characters.

But those are "adult" shows intended for "mature" audiences, user.

Remove Jerry

>The movie's explanation for why they never talked before was because they each thought the other would be too stupid to understand
thats actually pretty funny

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