Nova #11 Storytime


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Richard comes back


Pretty much. That part with other kids wasn't needed, desu.


And what continues to annoy me, they'll keep Sam's dad as carrot for him to chase after. Literally baka.




Wrong Spider-Man there.










>That part with other kids wasn't needed
But it was. That shit was hanging over him this entire run. Could have been a page or two shorter maybe.

And so begins Sam's descent into comic book character limbo.

The new Nova #1 regular cover may be revealed at NYCC.

Please don't be a fake-out.

>all of the heroes on the cards are token minority legacies (except for Iron man who's about to be replaced anyway)
good issue other than this

I believe they can co-exist. Sam as the one that operates on Earth, Rich as the one that spends all of his time in space rebuilding the Corps.

Is this the beginning of a new cosmic marvel ? one that doesnt suck ?

I like it when a hero trusts his close friends and family with his secret instead of being an secretive lying asshole that makes everyone worry like Peter Parker.

Dude. She's so dead. It's like superheroing 101, don't ever promise things like that.

Seriously, if your loved ones don't hate your hero identity what could possibly be your excuse for not revealing it to them?

Oh shit Sam's happy again


I'm not crying.

>Pretty much. That part with other kids wasn't needed, desu.
Don't care, still buying it. Gotta support my li'l nigga Sam. Vote with your wallet and all that.

>Jesse hasn't been uploaded
That really doesn't mean much. It's just as likely that he died and is buried in an unmarked grave, given that Sam has his helmet.

What's up with this and the prior pages getting cut off on the right side?

Richard Rider is back!!! ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!

This was a sweet issue.

Is that Hilary shown as a christan saint? Because if yes, then the juice are realy going over the top SJW here.

I'd actually kind of like it if it turned out Jesse died. Sam has Richard to look up to now, and making sure what happened to his dad doesn't happen to anyone else would give Sam solid motivation to stay the fuck away from Earth. He's barely friends with Kamala and Miles, and potential Viv shipping aside, his mom and sister are all that's keeping him from being full-time cosmic. Hell, they could move to Knowhere and his sister could just get teleported to earth for school each day.

Assuming it was the imposter that Sam was chasing for the entirety of the last volume, we've heard fuckall about the presence of his real dad anywhere in space. Killing him off would finally let that storyline end and would be par for the course for Sufferin' Sam. Plus it's not like it can't be undone later. Another writer could just say it was another clone from the same batch that died and the real Jesse is still out there.

to be fair, until she found out it was Peter, Aunt May did hate Spider-Man, or at least believed everything JJJ said about him

>New Warriors stained glass window

If that was Ryan's idea, I can sort of forgive him for his shoddy continuity. Most likely it was the artists contribution, though.

I like how they did these pages. The trippy visuals make the exposition way more interesting.

I literally don't care is Jesse dead or alive. Give fucking closure already, it's annoying.

That is Rich's mother.

And why does she look like Hilary. I remember here back from the 90s and she did not look anything like that.

>Sam will then fly over to the Triskelion, sucker punch Blue Marvel while yelling "Ya burnt!" and then try to run away before getting smacked back down to Earth
Well, it was nice while it lasted...

Please be Richard back properly
Please don't be some lame-ass evil clone or illusion or something
Just give me mid-2000s Nova back

We did it bros!

Sam is my favorite Nova.

>we only go t a few more minutes together
What's an editor?

I really like this

>Sam can suffer for good instead of evil
I like this.

This issue has been a long time coming.
Sam needed the closure and getting Rich back is good too.
The Epilogue was a bit sloppy though, just kind of threw it out there.

Someone who Marvel will pay for doing nothing.

So was this the last issue before the relaunch?

I want to be happy but I'm afraid it's bait

The solicit for Nova 1 in December basically says "Richard is back! Or is he?"
One day Brevoort will decide people aren't pissed off enough and he'll say it's time for Rich to not really be back


I like the bottom half

I dunno, with the stupid trapped in Worldmind shit, I just don't know.

because you're so fucking delusional over the sjw boogyman that you think a comic book for children is out to get you

>And why does she look like Hilary. I remember here back from the 90s and she did not look anything like that.
She doesn't look like Clinton, user. She looks like a general older (but not Aunt May old) white woman.

It is beyond retarded. He had 0 connection to the Worldmind when he was in the Cancerverse.
I would have actually bought this, but Rich coming back is handled too sloppily

>that kid on the right with an Iron Fist shirt

Man, Sam's gonna end up with with CTE the amount he gets his head smacked around.

Ending the issue like that, how can it not be?

If you buy it still kind of sends Marvel the message that you bought it for Rich but hey it's your money.

They are going to change writer anyay for the new Nova vol.

I just fucking hope Rich is not Worldmind who thinks he's Rich and he's he actual Rich.

That, and he was genuinely worried that she could have a literal heart attack that would actually KILL HER if she found out.

what if the richard in the worldmind is actually the evil twin?

Remember Anons, if you're glad to see Rich back, actually buy the issue, and hope Marvel gets the freaking hint.

if only aunt may had just stayed dead the first time she died, so much could have been avoided

I should be happy, but if anything now I'm worried this is going to end up like Sam's dad. Especially with the secretive solicitations just saying "he's back but who's he".

I think it's because his head is messed by having Worldmind being inside his head or some dumb shit.

Honestly it's stupid but I rather have that than having a Worldmind that thinks he's Rich.

Are they even gonna get into him not having his Nova uniform on?
I bet Sean thinks he works exactly like Sam and needs his helmet to have his powers.

>Gold Helmet with the wrong design here
>Here the helmet is blue with right design
Why the fuck can't these people communicate with each other?
Why can't either of them just look at the fucking cover that was spoiled months ago?

The blue helmet is at least explainable because it's the Worldmind's helmet, not Rick's. Hell, Sam gave his helmet to his parents.

Worldmind had a gold helmet too. He had the same uniform as Nova Prime.
This is just fucking lazy.

Had gold. In this book, it's blue. So it makes sense that when Rich visualizes, it's blue.
Richfags are the whiniest bunch of cunts on Cred Forums.

How does it make sense? How would he not remember it dressed exactly like him?
Everyone on this book is so lazy that they can't be bothered to use Google images.

Is Namorita and/or Richard's brother still alive?

>DnA Star-Lord

don't give me these feels pls

I can't even bear to read this. How much of Sam's continuity does it fuck up? How much of Rich's?

Nobody knew that Robbie made his way back to earth after Thanos Imperative and decided that he went missing
Brevoort seems like he wants everyone to ignore Namorita coming back.

Gotta love it man...

Nita is a complicated situation. There's a version of her from back before Civil War when she was still white that was brought back in the tail end of Rich's run that hasn't been referred to since Thanos Imperative.
Then there's the OTHER Namorita from Yost's New Warriors who Speedball and Justice both say looks and moves exactly like Nita, although she claims she isn't her. As of now though, with Night Thrasher alive again thanks to Contest of Champions, Nita is the only one who's still dead from Civil War (not counting the character who was only around for the reality show series).

This time we saw Rich having a gold helmet in the glass stained windows, I guess he has a dark helmet because it's the way Sam was perceiving Worldmind? I mean the moment Rich surfaced we started seeing his memories.

Doesn't matter what Sean thinks since he won't be writing Nova anymore.

That's Sam's dad's Denarian helmet although it is sometimes drawn as a Centurion helmet.

>What would have happened if I didn't
What would have happened if you didn't kill yourself already did happen.
Richard death has 0 meaning to it.


The letters page for this issue makes it pretty clear that we're heading into a "return of the Nova Corps" situation since they said that the events of this issue are going to have a major impact on the state of Marvel Cosmic beyond just Nova.

I'm surprised people aren't noticing the most important thing about this page:

Yes, let's all forget about the Fear Itself arc. Just wipe it away and forget that never happened. IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!

because all white people look the same

>Fear Itself
Original Sin, user. Though I give you some credit, because I barely could remember the name myself.
Too many fucking forgettable Marvel events.

So what, Shi'ar gave Xavier a brand new body to swap into once. What's regrowing one fucking limb?

I think that guy is just trying his best to purge it from his memory

>Bendis off Guardians
>new Richard Rider series
Maybe. Probably not, though.
Hell, the new series still has to be actually fucking good.


>Cancerverse Nova
I wouldn't even be that mad. That could still be cool.
Though they'd have to explain why the fuck Death is letting an agent of the many-angled-ones run around in her universe.
Well Death or any other entity around her level, for a matter of fact. Pretty much the entire upper tier of the universe has a vested interest in keeping that shit out.

Rich couldn't do it for some reason in that god awful epilogue and thought he'd still be missing his arm if he respawns like everyone else was doing.

It's just a Skrull, user.

The dad stuff really handicapped this volume, a shame since I like the art and character writing.

I think the Black Vortex event shown him with both arms too.
The series went out of its way to ignore bendis then.

>Writer ignoring Bendis and Original Sin and Black Vortex shit

>Writer ignoring Nova lore
That's bad but this is his last comic and a new writer is going to do the new Nova so I'll let it slide.

No, the Black Vortex had his corpse floating in space with only one arm and Sam going "Well I guess he died then"

This is probably the last time you will see him so take it all in.

There's a very slim we'll find out what actually happened after Thanos Imperative, and that could show him in the old Star Lord outfit

"Being a hero is hard. It doesn't have to be miserable."

Rich, you were always the hero we needed.

What a lovely issue. Very good. Maybe this is a new dawn to the marvel cosmic universe?
Maybe Sam will get Richard as a mentor and stop suffering?
Maybe Richard and Sam will bring back the nova corps?
This could be very good, let see what's comi ng.

My expectations are very low.
I want Rich to go back to being a lone ranger.
Loveness is mainly a tv writer, so I think he's going to take this chance to show Loeb what he can do and mainly focus on Sam.

I hope he is real.

Loveless wrote that really good crossover last year
I like his sense of humor too
Sam/Dick team-up series has me hyped


>What exactly is the Worldmind?
>I am the Worldmind
>Right, I know... but like, what does that mean?
>Are you asking what is the Worldmind?

Did Bendis ghost write this, or are standards just this low in general?

oh boy here we go another white male cisgendered character

The only comic I remember him writing was Groot. What crossover did he write?
I wish they'd give Sam a rest from the main Nova title and let Rich carry it for now. Sam has done a very poor job of that
Sam will still have Champions, which Marvel is going to promote everywhere.

Wait, trapped? So being a Nova essentially consigns your soul (well, consciousness) to alien worldmind purgatory? I suspect they don't put that on the recruitment fliers.

It's a character point in this moment.
He was struggling to speak normally, because he was still Worldmind entirely and not Richard Rider. Notice how that stops once he remembers who his Mom is.

>I want Rich to go back to being a lone ranger.
>not wanting awkward big brother Rich who doesn't really know how to be a mentor
I might be biased though, because I fucking love mentor dynamics.

Apparently Yost answered what her deal was for when his run ended, but the topic was purged and I never could find that again

I think Sam needs to be taken off Nova and just stick with Champions for a while.
Sam has a very bad track record and is met with more back lash than positive reception. I want Rich coming back to last, and if Sam's there it'll be crippled to another short run.

The Spider-Man/Inhumans/Captain America one

I hate dickfags
Sam/Richard team book is good news
fuck Waid, he's an old hack

you're a dick and a fag
not just a dickfag

Richard's books don't last long either

lel i getchu but, come on you're posting pepe fang, Dick Ryders back so i welcome our cisgendered space overlords who put their dick in aliens.

Sick burns, dude. Your roasts are so fire that my eyes burn from reading them.
For real, though. 100% of the books that feature Sam have done terribly. He's beyond saving.
Rich never left the top 100 in Vol 4. Sam is at a whopping 14k last I checked. You gotta know when it's time to quit.


I agree with the exception of they could have added in more info in less space.

Richard Rider has seen exactly none of those people/outfits, hasn't he?

They could have thrown us the bone of using the old versions that he would remember.

Adorable and heart warming.

I'm sure Bendis will declare her having to be found chopped up in a fridge within the year.

One way I figured they could have taken things is having Shuma-Gorath force Rich to be his replacement for Lord Mar-Vell, and one way he breaks Rich to do this down is by showing him how little everyone cares about his sacrifice as everyone moves on and never mentions him
Would save a lot of time on bringing him up to speed with everything he missed.

>Because FUCK free will?

Boom, dead mom walking!
>Sam you dumbass!

Again, who ARE these cunts? HavenĀ“t seen them before.

>not suffering
Pick one and only one, sweet summer child

Our little boy has grown up!

>Suck it up! My life is terrible and yours can be too. It's called [innane buzzword].

I hate this shit. I want to see a character be like "Oh, when you put it that way. Nah, I'm out." "But-" "Bye."

Me too user. I hate liars.

It's hard to remember them all now. The only one's I can recall are Civil War, Secret Wars, Dark Reign, and Siege. Maybe it's a good thing... or a bad thing to try and forget so much that I called it the wrong event?