Are her boobs gonna fall out? That outfit does not seem structurally sound any more.

I get it. I ain't laughin, but I get it.

>no copypasted panels
B for effort.


from where is this ?

Is this actually written by Bendis?
Because it's actually kinda funny

>complete with lazy panels featuring even lazier backgrounds
it truly is a Bendis miracle

>In which Marvel writers/artists try to get ahead and appear to be 'in' on the Bendis joke to draw in the Internet and Youtube kids.

>Even panel 2 and 12 aren't even copypasted
>Gwenpool is anti-Bendis
Is she /ourgal/

You're greatly overestimating how many people are "in" on the "Bendis joke"

The joke makes me think this is a fancomic.

But the idea of anyone caring about Captain Marvel makes me think this is official.


Bendis? The writer?

Yeah. The writer.
Brian Michael bendis.
Writes....ultimate spider-man

The writer? You mean the person who concocts stories for comic books?

I didn't think I could appreciate Gwenpool more until now.

She still bought Miles Morales books.

>See, Bendis sucks amirite fellas?
>p-pls buy my book

Still can't beat "Mark Millar licks goats"

Pointing out how much you suck doesn't make up for you sucking.

That's not fair. NOTHING can beat Nextwave.

Is this Hastings writing?

Is he allowed to make fun of Marvel's Kingpin like that?
He'd better be careful.

This is gold.

>Brian Michael Bendis, the writer!
Lack of copy-paste is a shame though.

If this was actually Bendis then it is the first legitimately funny thing he has written in years.

I think this is from Rocket & Groot, since Gwenpool isn't doing a CW2 tie-in.

New Nextwave when?

LMAO this faggot thinks he can get on our good side by acknowledging our longtime complaint

Fuck outta here

This isn't actually a Bendis book. It's from Rocket and Groot,

Never because we can't have nice things.


this is gonna see use every time solicits roll out

Jesus fuck.
And to think just yesterday we were saying marvel would never have let somebody tear into there flaws like ennis is doing for dc in dogwelder and sixpack.

As a dcfag i never thought i would say this but
>its ok when dc does it

Fuck that feels really weird to say after all the time i have spent arguing with people over why dcs actions are ok while marvels similar but shitty actions are not.

Thanks user

Do you joyless fucks ever just sit down and enjoy things?

It's too self-aware to actually be written by Bendis.

Brian Michael Bendis.

The comic book writer.


Still i can see why you marvelfags say it so much now it feels somehow invigorating.

>lazy panels featuring even lazier backgrounds

Is this the real life?

Machine Man is too good for this world of fleshy ones.

>can't into Cred Forumsntrarians

The Captain is confirmed to be in the new universe since he popped up in Nova #9 so it's a possibility. He did what he does best and got drunk, punched monsters and talked shit about a Marvel Civil War event.

Who would you guys want to see on a new Nextwave team? The only position I can think of is The Captain as the new team leader.


Wait... who is actually the person who created this page?

Reed's Ms Marvel best Ms Marvel

Nick Kocher. Stay away from his twitter.

>Nick Kocher. Stay away from his twitter.
lol. you know that's like daring people to go look at it, right?

and is you think his twitter is going to trigger me, you underestimate my power.

So what's this from?

Like, you mean, the book from which it originates?
The book that mocks Bendispeak? That book?


Wew lawd.

whoever wrote this browses Cred Forums, 100% certainty. That's almost verbatim Bendisposting

Quentin Quire
Pic related
Rick Jones

>muh rape culture!

So if Bendis isn't actually behind this issue then why is Kitty. Pryde there?

Looks fine to me maybe spends a little to much time retweeting posts criticising donald trump but with the election drawing near i can understand wanting to talk about it. And i did not auctualy see him make any tweets of his own on the subject either (admitidly some of the posts he retweeted were pretty fucking cringy but its an ocasional bad retweet in a set of tweets of which there are only a few a day)

Dat ass


Come to think of it was heckblazer a word that saw much use outside Cred Forums

>that Cindy booty

Where does Spider-Gwen keep her hair? You can't pad down that much hair to the point of form fitting to your skull. I thought that was the point of the hood.

Yes, that's what fans called New 52 Constantine all the time.

To make a joke about bendis overuse of her.

The top bit of the mask works like a bald cap and she just wraps up her hair like she's about to put on a wig before she puts it on.

She's on the same team as Rocket and Groot, who are the book's titular characters.

Given her age and interests, it really wouldn't be that surprising if Gwen had picked up some SJW tendencies.

Hammerspace. Or the fashion-associated equivalent.

god i miss boom boom

oh my.

here's a question: if Marvel allowed explicit stuff in their comics, how many heroes would Gwenpool bang?

The mask has a skull cap inside
Look at the mask for TASM2; and you'll see what I mean; there's a piece inside that gives it its shape

Kamala and Miles for sure.

That's not fair. There is zero way of Gwen figuring out who is writing her if writers are imitating other writers just to play around with Gwen's perceptions.

None. Too many capes have murdercocks to risk it.

god dammit machine man xD! fucking creepy and funny af at the same time

I actually saw Ulysses mentioned in another thread and I think that's actually a fucking great idea.
>Nextwave reforms with The Captain as the team leader
>Their goal is to track down the alien race that gave The Captain his powers
>Pretty much everyone on your team is fucking done with Earth at that point so they're down to join
>Ulysses is one part Team Scrappy, one part Cassandra due to his role in the CWII clusterfuck

which issue was this lol?

I really want a Nextwave reunion.
Everyone's been popping up here and there, except for Boom-Boom.
Must have found a sugar daddy or something.

>I was only nine years old
>I loved Bendis so much, I owned all his comics and merchandise
>I pray to Bendis every night, thanking him for the dialogue I have been given
>"Bendis is love", I say, "Bendis is life"
>My dad hears me and calls me a faggot
>He is obviously jealous of my devotion to Bendis
>I respond "I'm a faggot?"
>He says "Yes, you're a faggot"
>I say "But I'm not gay"
>He says "I meant faggot as a generic insult, not to call you gay"
>I repond "It's still pretty homophobic"
>He punches me and sends me to my room
>I am crying now, because I wasn't finished talking
>I go into my bed and it is very cold
>I feel a warmth moving towards me
>I keep feeling a warmth moving towards me for 5 panels
>I feel something touch me
>2 page spread
>It's Bendis
>I am so happy
>He whispers into my ear, "Wanna read my latest comic?"
>"Your latest comic?"
>"You came to my room to show me your latest comic?"
>"Why else would I come?"
>"I thought you were gonna have your way with me"
>"You're 9 years old, anyone who could possibly think that would be twisted freak"
>"A twisted freak?"
>"Can I just read the comic?"
>"Go ahead"
>He grabs me with his chubby nerd hands and puts me on my hands and knees
>I'm ready
>I open the comic for Bendis
>He wasted several pages on characters eating and doing nothing
>It hurts so much, but I do it for Bendis
>I can feel my brain tearing as my eyes start to water
>I push against his force
>I want to please Bendis
>He laughs a mighty laugh as he ignores established continuity
>My dad walks in
>Bendis looks him deep in the eyes and says, "It's all over now"
>"Who the fuck are you? I'm calling the cops!"
>" were suposed to say "It's over now?""
>"Fuck you, what are you doing with my son?"
>"You're no fun"
>Bendis breaks all the toys in my room and drops his mic
Bendis is love, Bendis is life

She wears a wig

I gotta admit I'm kinda glad she hasn't shown up yet, because I never liked the look Nextwave gave Boom-Boom. I was always a fan of her material girl style.

>she disguises herself both for her secret identity and her superhero persona
That's actually kind of smart.

classic copypasta


Every writer is obsessed with Kitty Pryde though, ever since she first joined the group Clairmont made her the center of attention most the time.

The fill-in artist wasn't as good as Gurihiru, but they made some good reaction images.


Yeah, I was the person that guy was talking to. I dunno how they thought of it, but they're a genius.

It was like... two-thirds, three-fifths through the book. Don't remember the actual number though.

>that fourth wall break

oh my god yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

You serious right now?

I hate how she draws everyone with frog eyes.

yes its an incredibly boring and lazy way of seeming "clever" to dummies who don't know any better

>mfw Gurihiru will never draw a lewd version of Gwen.

rocket and groot team book

No, you pretentious idiot. Gwenpool's entire thing is she has meta knowledge about shit cause she reads comic books.

Didn't that Brand thing originate from Howard THE Duck


So shes a smarmy know it all fuck, doesnt sound like a fun or necessary character. Fourth wall breaks are hacky as fuck, period end of story

>I clearly haven't read about this character or anything she's in but here's my opinion anyway
You're a jackass.

It's not supposed to a be a super serious comic, it's just dumb fun. Calm down.

Weren't you kicked out of /asp/ for this image

He was probably kicked out for making a pedo mod thread.

Why even live?

Why does he have Monica's body? Aaron, what creepy shit are you up to?

Not the same user but the writting on that book is lazy as fuck.

Most of ''comic book knowledge'' that Gwenpool has is not even shown in the comic itself, more often than not is waifu fags projecting their head canon real hard into the comic.

is this an edit?

It's a Monica LMD he got as payment for working on that avengers team. When his main body got fucked up he put his head on the LMD

>more often than not is waifu fags projecting their head canon real hard into the comic.
The fuck does that mean? The fuck does any of this post mean?

Cindy 65 is pretty kawaii

It's like meta inside of meta

The character is self-aware of the writers but the writers are self-aware that the character is self-aware


Based Aaron

sadly, no

Confirmed for not reading the damn comic. The main point of her story arc is that, because she's from a universe where everything was a comic book, she's one of the few people in the universe who's aware of the Cataclysm/universe reboot. The plot armor and meta knowledge are just for shits and giggles.

who's the artist? dat ass.

You know how Deadpool's fourth wall awareness is played for dark humor or played for tragedy?
Gwenpool is a character who's convinced she knows everything because she read the books, and the rest of the universe is kicking her in the teeth for making those assumptions.

>Gurihiru will never draw public lewds

For a second I was like "why is The Authority in the marvel unverse?" then I realized I'd accidentally a "to".

They're shitting on it though. The real heroes call her crazy for it.

Incog does Gurihiru's style pretty well I think.

I bet they finger each other while drawing her.

Rename your file "Krusty the Frown", please.

Haha, oh yeah, I get it, because she's like Deadpool, and he breaks the fourth wall all the time


Yeah, but, Bendis?
Yes, Bendis


Really really?
Really really


Comic books?

>Oh no! Keep that thing away from me! I'm not getting put into any fridges!


Your post doesn't make sense. It's like you switched topics mid post just so you could say waifu.

Not as bad as awesome facial hair bros.


But Bendis didn't write it. I think she was referring to the event in general.

I think the joke would have been better if they have just stopped at the "Oh %&@$ is Bendis writing this?" rather than over explain the joke.

Yeah, but he is only interested in flat lolis.

Nobody with a decent bod like Gwenpool is allowed which is such a shame.

Exactly, it's too much effort to be him


We all fall for the character fag gamble.

I'd make it a really esoteric team with nobody from the original lineup on there outside of cameos and guest appearances. At least a couple of those "pushed hard and then vanished" characters, like Gravity, too.

Fucking lmao

Is there anyone who canon-does this?

those edits are getting better every time.

Due with thick, lower neck length hair who has cosplayed as Spidey before here. Most people with hair like mine just use a bald cap or something. Also lets the mask fit a bit more snug on the head.

She just did comic book fantasy casting.


I suspect it's the guy who shows up in every Gwenpool thread to accuse people with a basic understanding of the plot of "mental gymnastics".

You mean these posts were done by him?

Brian Michael Bendis the comic book writer?

Jesus Christ how transphobic.

why tf are Gendou and Asuka in a Marvel comic

Beating the shit out of a cop. What does it look like?

That's the one.

holy kek
We need a Machine Man solo.

Aaron is a robot. Gender doesn't really matter.

>Beating the shit out of a cop.

She is a mutie. Died from breathing in a cloud.

same place parker keeps his dick when hes in costume

the negative zone

He had those and they flopped. Only is popular now because of his burned on everything pompous ass personality developed from a lot of bad experiences.

Which book is this from?

We have ways of fixing that.
Just say the High Evolutionary ALSO experimented on her.

>Only is popular now because Ellis straight up turned him into Bender from Futurama.


Hey man, what do you want? The Celestials called him a . How would you respond to that?

Aw &%*#$ my wingdings didn't work.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot. The CWII tie-in arc has Gwenpool in it.

You are right, when life fucks you that hard, you just stop caring.

Eh, it's just kinda weird when comic writers in general try to get into meta-humor. At its worse, you get super heroes and villains talking like superhero fans, talking about what 'tier' they are, and how they compare to Detroit JLA and whatnot.

Storytime's over here:


>He laughs a mighty laugh as he ignores established continuity

The what?