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I'm honestly more curious as to what they'll do when they run out of animated movies to turn live action.

It will be like Jungle Book minus a human.

We go full circle, the animated movies that were turned live action get remade again as animations.

Everyone was arguing that Jungle Book should be considered an animated film when it came out.
The thing was filmed in a garage in L.A. or something.

>are you ready for EVERY FUCKING disney film to be remade into live action? Because that is what will happen
>Live action Frozen

So they mean cgi, right?

And why??
What's the point?

If they want to make a new lion king continue after simba's pride and adapt Kovu+Kiara's reign into some Shakespeare story


Yeah, what the fuck. There's not likely to be any actual live action in this at all, wht use that monkier.
This is a CG remake, and it'll probably be real uncanny and too serious for its own good
The only way to stop these is for people to stop seeing them, and a lot of people seem to be willing to fork over money to see these instead of just staying home and watching the original. Fuck normies man

Live action princess and the frog
Live action rescuers
Live action great mouse detective

When are they gonna re-make Song of the South?

What's the point? At least Jungle Book could be turned into a more coherent and better told story.

But everything good about the Lion King is already in the animated film: the kino shots, the father/son relationship, the songs and the score.

Even all the play could do was add the subplot where Scar tries to fuck Nala.

>Removes all the Nazi imagery


Nah, jews love reminding everyone about nazis as long as they are stil pure evil bad guys.

The new thing will be that they'll make Timon and Pumbaa a gay couple.

maybe we'll start getting animated remakes of their live action movies

Only if the main plot revolves around overcoming white privilege and Uncle Rufus is a non-binary trans keksexual.

>are you ready for EVERY FUCKING disney film to be remade into live action?


If this is all accurate, these are the pre-2000 Disney Canon films, excluding package films, that haven't been announced for a live-action remake (yet)
>Lady and the Tramp
>The Aristocats
>The Rescuers (/ Down Under)
>The Fox and the Hound
>The Great Mouse Detective
>Oliver & Company
>The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Aren't they already going to do a Mary Poppins one?

Are you ready for Simba to be voiced by a black guy?

Also read that Disney plans to reboot the Black Cauldron since they bought the book rights.

I approve that they're only picking their failures, giving them a second go.

We don't need a second Aladdin or BnB. They're perfect, don't fuck with them.

there was nazi imagry??
idr that

Who's ready for the Kingdom Hearts Cinematic Universe?

>We don't need a second Aladdin or BnB. They're perfect, don't fuck with them.
They're doing Genie film

They won't do Aladdin, most of the appeal of the live action remakes is the amount of stars they get for them.

And they can't do that for a movie that needs a 100% Arab cast.

Why? What's the point? There's no humans in this.

Just make a live action Aladin movie you fucks, that one would actually make sense and be cool. Or Mulan.

I hear ISIS has been putting out a lot of movies, anyone good in them?

rip robin

I want a live action Alladin

>Cheap CGI-ridden movie about talking animals with strange celebrity cameos

How is that any different from trash like this?

During Scar's villain song, the hyenas are goose stepping in formation.

>And they can't do that for a movie that needs a 100% Arab cast.

The only "Arabs" in any big budget movie set in the near east are going to be extras of British/something descent.

>DIsney/Kingdom Hearts CU
>Throught their adaptations we get references to the other movies IE A Beauty and The Beast reference in Hunchback, a reference to "Simba and his kingdom" in Tarzan, Rescue Aid Society in Great Mouse Detective.
>End of some of them we see bits of the KH saga being set up like brief Keyblade references in Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, Hercules, etc., Maleficent meeting Xehanort, Heartless appearing after a credits.
>We see Maleficent gather her team of villains, which have Horned King, Ratigan, Shere Khan, and maybe Dr. Facilier added to it.

How the fuck are we supposed to stop this?

I want more niche-stuff like Atlantis, Treasure Planet, and Meet The Robinsons to get a second chance, though Atlantis would feel like a blatant Avatar rip-off.

It's just a circumvented way to get adults to watch animation.

>Discipline represents national socialism

Well shit, best dismantle all the armies across the world before they start gassing russians.

>live action Lion King


>an African character
>voiced by a black person
.... How awful? Where are you even going with this?

That's the difference

Is that a problem?

It uses an IP people are nostalgic for.

They can just git some Indian people, like the guy from Slumdog Millionare, or boy and tiger on a boat. Plus Genie and Iago can still be big name celebrities.

Can jeremy Irons reprise Scar?

I hope they bring back James Earl Jones as Mufasa.

Not pictured: Budget

>implying they werent befor


>A Beauty and The Beast reference in Hunchback
To be fair, if they did a live-action Hunchback, I would find it amusing if they got Emma Watson to do a brief cameo as Belle like in the original movie.

why are they doing this. why

>indian descent

>It's a Walt was right about the Jews episode

>tfw the treasure planet remake gets rid of the sails and turns into conventional sci-fi.

Just wait until the live-action "Winnie the Pooh" remake.

Also all the Final Fantasy cameos are now changed to profilic Disney characters IE Elsa, Stitch, probably Johnny Depp cameoing as Jack Sparrow.

Also Maleficent now having her "men are pigs" shit with her calling Sora a misogynist.

Final Fantasy cameos was the dumbest most misfitting part of the franchise anyway. Brooding hyper-emo Cloud talking to Goofy, like what the shit

Except Zack. Zack fit in perfectly.

Live Action Pocahontas when

Agrabah isn't a real place, in the original story Aladdin is Chinese and the story happens mostly in Morocco. In the Disney version they're vaguely Iranian or something whatever fuck you. The architecture is almost definitely East of Syria.

It's just pointing out to thaat their concerns are unfounded because Hollywoood just doesn't work that way.

It's like someone worrying that they;ll never adapt a popular book series because Hollywood would be forced to add gratuitous action scenes and release it as a trilogy with a two parter finale.

I just hope the Mickeyverse characters aren't CGI or else I'll riot.

And Terrance Stamp or Malcom McDowell for Master Xehanort.

Their live action shit hasn't been bad so far honestly, but dammit Disney I'm a fan of yours for the animated content you put out.
I don't give much of a rats ass about you adapting old animated films as live action now

But wasn't Maleficent shit?

Just give us Der Fuehrer's Face in live action with a CG animated Donald Duck and everyone will shut up.

>Replace Germany with SJWs.
>Replace Japan with China.

I wish they did more """original""" live action movies rather than rehash their adaptations of classics.

Because money is yes and writing is no

Better then how Paul Ruddish is butchering them.

Too bad the only ones people really give a shit about is Pirates of the Carribean and maybe Tron.

Live action original disney films suck.

>In the Disney version they're vaguely Iranian or something whatever fuck you.

I've pointed this out too. Agrabah doesn't seem very Arabic at all and more Persian than anything.

Also, Jafar is based on the main villain who was from North Africa, where Islam was commonly blended with traditional African religions, which are chock full of belief in ancestral spirits, curses, talismans, and other kinds of folk magic.

Kinda hoping Scar's followers are shown this time. They better not fuck up Zira.

Mary Poppins and Roger Rabbit too, sorta.
I never realized that so much of their production used to be live action.
Oy vey.

At least they're less cynical than this remakes on top of remakes things.

Makes sense.
It should also be pointed out that the original story was a late addition to the Arabian Nights, it's possible it was written by a European going full orientalism.

They also own Marvel, Lucasarts, and Dimension Films so they can release live action movies that don't conflict with the Disney brand image and cause brand confusion.

I don't remember where I read it, but an analysis pointed out that by having the hero be from China, and the villain be from the edges of the Sahara desert, that the story effectively spans the entire Muslim world. In a time when MOST people rarely travelled far from the community in which they were born (the Hadj being their furthest and only "vacation") this grand scale makes the story even more fantastic in that context.

>entire movie is built in a pre-islam world where nothing of the culture except for some names and in the english language

I guess we will see. if they do live action mulan, one of their most culturally tone deaf movies ever in live action, they may still try. China hates Mulan.

Heck yes, we need this more then ever!

I thought China loved Mulan? They had Jackie Chan sing in their version and everything.
I know Greece hates Hercules though.

I guess that makes sense.

Wasn't this obvious? Why are people surprised? They remade like 4 or 5 animated movies already AND Beauty and the Beast is about to come out.

The only one that won't get touched is Alladan because
>muh Middle East

Hollywoood would likely be hesitant to present a "pre-Islam" near east unless it was a Mesopotamian/Biblical setting. Not that they muck with that subject matter much either.

Too many people just see the Near East as Islam and trying to explain how it isn't seems like too much work for not enough payoff.

Inb4 they make Scar a sympathetic villain, the hyenas are played as more major villains and Scar at the end pulls a redeeming heroic sacrifice.

They already have a live action Aladddin movie slated. Called "Genie". Because let's face it, Genie is the reason we all saw and like 90% of the reason why we love the movie.

For the record France is mostly indifferent about Sleeping Beauty, Hunchback, Beauty and the Beast, and Ratatouille.

Basically this?


I thought they liked Ratatouille. Disneyland Paris has a ride and a restaurant, and Remy is a prominent character in shows.

Where are the Atlantis, Home on the Range, and Black Cauldron remakes

Those are their biggest failures they need to fix

Atlantis and Black Cauldron are both fantastic already, they're just niche.

I like Ratatouille and I'm sure lots of other French people do, but we don't have a particular boner for it because it happens in "France".
Disneyland Paris really isn't that relevant, it's been losing money for years and I'd think it has more foreign tourists than French tourists anyway.

But why

Lion King is just reaching the nostalgia age now. People who watched it when it came out now have disposable income.

I have absolutely no problem with this. Actually this is pretty damn great.

Because you rejected the Planes and Cars franchises. For that you must pay with blood.

You know, for the Beauty and the Beast movie are they going to address how the fairy was basically a dick for cursing a little kid and his entire household just because he acted like a brat which whilst bad, he was still just a fucking kid?

Teacher's Pet live action movie when?

But those people only give a rat's ass about Timon and Pumbaa, they don't care about the other characters.

Isn't BC a bastardization of the books it's based on?

this desu

Yes and Gummi Bears is a bastardization of BC.

What else is new?

I have absolutely no problem with this. Actually this is pretty damn great.

>He wasnt here long enough for this

Yea, in fact most people in that market won't touch any made after Aladdin, TLK is pushing it since at the same time the cheapqules started to be made, but hey, at least we got Gargoyles around the same time as well.

Also, they only care about Timon and Pumbaa, they can care less about the movie it self.

What that market wants is restocks of the Disney Treasures DVDs, not live action remakes.

That's wrong though. 30 year old girls love Simba.

So it would be a animated movie.

Much more people love Timon and Pumbaa however.

No. I haven't seen an adult even talk about them.
Do you love Timon and Pumba or something?

>live action Zootopia

>Those are their biggest failures they need to fix

You don't do remakes to fix failures. You do remakes to capitalize on the original's popularity. So people say, "Hey I remember that being good" and go see it without needing too much additional prodding.

The only reason to remake a less popular movie/flop is because it's failure drove the price of the property down so low that someone could afford to pick it up on the cheap and hopefully sell it with a new angle.

And Disney has enough properties that are popular enough to make a billion on name recognition alone that they don't need to go digging around for their less popular works.

I have, theres maybe a niche following for Simba but Timon and Pumbaa have fans in the billions, much more then Simba.

I'll bet you all ten dollars that the live-action Aladdin is going to have an unfunny female comedian playing Genie, and there will be this big outcry where half the people (those with brains) will say that it's disrespectful to Robin William's memory to change the character of the Genie so much, while the other half (those without brains) will plug their ears and say that the only reason people are upset about FemGenie is because they can't handle the idea of a female taking on such an iconic role and that it's misogynistic to complain about it. There will be Kotaku articles about it and everything, at least one of the actors will quit Twitter because of it, and someone somewhere will claim that GamerGate is responsible for the backlash.

Seriously, ten bucks. Screencap this shit and if it doesn't happen I'll pay up.

Timon, Pumbaa because they're funny, Mufasa because he's best dad, and Scar because fuck him he killed Mufasa.

>Timon and Pumbaa have fans in the billions

>live action Zootopia

well on second thought

But that market can care less about Mufasa and Scar.

We need contact information.

If they can some how put him in the movie. It could work.

It's true.
No, CG Genie played by Dan Castellaneta.

Seriously though what the fuck is your source that Timon and Pumbaa are the most popular LK characters?

Marketing could care less. Harder to advertise emotional moments compared to comedic ones.

But a big part of the Lion King's popularity, and a large part of why Timon and Pumbaaa worked so very well is because they followed on the heels of one of the most emotionally heart wrenching moments of loss in any Disney movie, and that los was only so heart wrenching because of Mufasa being so fucking awesome.

That was later debunked as fake.

>Timon and Pumbaa

Are you that guy who insists that little girl from Hamtaro has hundreds of millions of fans?

Oh you are TMSfag, nevermind.

No, Timon and Pumbaaa worked because they were Disney's answer to Ren and Stimpy.

It's Famicom.

No, I don't watch anime.
No I'm not, I don't even know who he is.

Timon and Pumbaa can hold their own show, their own independent movies, and be marketed to kids via toys, games, and merchandise in a way few of the other characters can.

But if you ask anyone about the Lion King, Mufasa's death is right up there with Timon and Pumbaaa. It gave them a really big boost.

No it's not.

Stop samefagging, Fampai.

Why doesn't TMS animate for the west anymore?

disney, you're fucking PUSHING it.

i think it's time for some company to step in and throw the mouse off the throne.

Yeah, who? Dreamworks?

Of course they will.

They just made a billion dollars off a live-action *Jungle Book*. These things make crazy money, why wouldn't they?

naw, they can't anymore. Maybe Warner Bros. but it'll take couple of years.

Even the directors have openly stated it was styled after Nazis marches. It's a pretty blatant reference.

Warner Bros. needs to go back to 2D animation though.

>The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Of course they're ignoring the movie that actually could benefit from a remake.

There dozens of live action Notre Dame though.

If the movie isn't more popular than the ones listed there, then don't bother. Remakes aren't about rescuing the reputation of less successful films. They're about exploiting the popularity of successful and well known properties.

convince them somehow. we're awaiting another Lego movie.

>It's about real animals with CGI mouths in a police station.

Zootopia is already crazy realistical, i dont see the point.

Somebody tell these hack frauds that "live-action Lion King" already fucking existed BEFORE The Lion King.

Black Cauldron is getting a remake if I'm not mistaken.

It's the only one I'm actually interesting in seeing.

I always get the impression that they're kind of enforcing their own brand on what are public domain stories.
So that if the kids of today and tomorrow hear about these stories elsewhere, they still think "Disney!".

Yes, and The Tempest existed way before Forbidden Planet.

Everything has been influenced by Shakespeare in a way, pal.

Didn't a black kid sing child Simba's songs already?

Will J.J. Abrams be directing it?

>Live action princess and the frog

>CGI lions

Please kill me

>Disney tarnishing it's classics with needless live action remakes
>CGshit taking over their animation division

Is there a bigger cuck medium than 2D animation?

>tfw loved the Jungle Book and Cinderella
I'm okay with this
would've preferred Aladdin though

Watch as they train real animals to dance and not kill each other for this movie.

Chill your tits furfag, you still got 20 some years
besides we're more likely to get a live-action Frozen

All those animated Don Knotts movies

Looking forward to the Aladdin live action movie and the shitstorm it'll bring.


No. John Favreou

we're getting WiR 2 , Gigantinc and then Frozen 2

what a time to be alive!

No, Favreu's directing it.

>there are kids now who consider Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Aladdin as "those really old Disney movies"

There is no way in hell they will remake Black Cauldron , its just short of Song of the South in Disneys movies they want people to forget exist

you've grown up, deal with it.

if you plan on having kids , rent these movies and show them while they're young.

Will, I think Favreu did a good job with the Jungle Book.

But then again, as much as I loved the original, it had room for improvement. The Lion King doesn't really need it.

Don't be stupid

there's a thing that's always happening, a phenomenon called time

>if you plan on having kids , rent these movies and show them while they're young.
This. I had my cousin raised on classic Disney movies and Looney Tunes while he was an infant. He's ten now and loves them as much as he loves the modern stuff. That's how it worked for all those years before when it was all still being shown on tv regularly.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire remake when?

Disney wants people to forget about Song of the South, yet splash mountain exists.

I'd kind of want this if they made the characters look like actual stuffed animals or even did some stop motion.

Yeah that always made me wonder what was Cloud and Sephiroths beef with each other in the kingdom hearts-verse anyway?
Aeris is still alive and I don't think Sephiroth destroyed his hometown or killed his mom either since all the ff characters are apparently from hollow bastion which was destroyed by the heartless with very few casualties.

All these remakes yet they won't take another shot at Kingdom of the Sun.

>Sleeping Beauty
Pretty sure that one is set in germany.

>Did that movie ever release?

do enough people actually see these movies? i've never heard anyone talking about them and they seem to mostly fizzle out when they come out

There would be a big shitstorm if they tried to remove Splash Mountain. It's one of the most popular and iconic rides in the parks. I don't think the animated portions are what Disney considers racist anyway. Brer Rabbit is pretty much a southern version of Bugs Bunny.

As long as Jim Cummings is still voicing him, I'd be okay with an attempt at live action Pooh.

Came out back in 2013 I think. It was inoffensive. Just a generic main character saves the day by being a nice guy and helping others who later help him plot.

but it was shit!

I, for one, look forward to highly realistic Nala "fuck me" eyes


It seems like they're fads that do well at first but then are forgotten about within a year. Yet even so, they apparently make enough money for there to be more of them.

I'm hoping they'll actually make changes to the storyline so it's not just a retread.

yah , worked great for Maleficent

>live action Helga
>live action Audrey
>live action Kida

If Disney is smart they would save a Kingdom Hearts movie AFTER Nomura's wild ride finally conclusively ENDS.

From there they adapt the concepts of the individual games and flesh them out into competent movies. They'd need to emphasize the original story and do it well so that it captivates audiences (so hire Brad Bird).

Honestly agreed. It's funny, but motherfucking Nintendo in Smash? They got Cloud Strife right but in KH? Complete bastardization (though Nomura is to blame for the bastardizations).

Most of those movies were not successes for Disney. I do expect to see a live action Tarzan movie, and the main thing keeping Pocahontas safe is probably the fact that it would not be received well because of the subject matter and its love of the noble savage trope.

>Came out back in 2013
Shit really? I remember the ads but heard nothing about the movie itself and never even recall seeing anything saying it released.
I figured it was like Dino Time and was silently cancelled right before scheduled release or something.

Isn't Tarzan pretty much public domain right now? We just had a live action Tarzan movie that no one saw.

i can still find merch of it. and it even got dvd sequel.

There was also a CGI tarzan movie relatively recent.

>Movie focuses on human safari explorers
>They're assigned to study a drought that had happened
>The entire movie is basically someone documenting the events that transpired, and then writing a book about it
>which eventually becomes The Lion King

Is funny because Jungle Emperor Leo HAS human characters and the "moral" of the story is humans and animals getting along successfully

The human was the only real thing in that movie

>Movie focuses on human safari explorers

If there white, it's going to be a shit show. Make it an African tribe and maybe just maybe people won't bitch.

This could be Potential concept art for the movie.

I agree with Cartoon Brew in that this is going to have no footage that isn't produced entirely in a computer. Maybe they'll greenscreen everything with actors beforehand, but every image will be created on a computer - and that means it's animated.

So, what.
Are they gonna make a fully CGI movie and call it live action, or are they gonna film Hamlet, prince of Kongo in Africa with local crew?

I don't believe you.
I guess you can say that movie... really flew under the radar

Maybe just cgi mouthflaps

This would be a shame.
Also it's a shame there is nothing else with such ships on it.

Also, why didn't we get a series based on the game?

Maleficent was cool

Really? I though time move backwards


>though Atlantis would feel like a blatant Avatar rip-off.
So? Nobody cared when it was a blatant Stargate ripoff.

What pisses me off is that this is a total cash grab of forgettable vfx shitfests that completely discount why people like animated Disney movies or just animated movies in general
I might see the one of The Black Cauldron though, that's the only one that deserved a gritty reboot in live-action
pic related

Mickey is too powerful for us.
Only Felix the cat could defeat him.

The real situation is that you will never, ever get a French person to admit to enjoying anything American. They despise us on principle.

Euro Disneyland really should've been built in Italy where there's a stronger Disney base (thanks to the Duck comics). The French have an anti-American culture and something like Euro Disneyland was never going to appeal to them.

This is what I'll do with video games too

>opening sequence
>sun rises
>all of a sudden blinding, obnoxious lens flare.
>this somehow happens every minute at minimum until the fucking logo at the end of the credits.

my sides are in orbit. Christ that would be fucking horriffic.

And while we're on the subject, I can think of at least one thing guaranteed to be great. And tgat's the Circle Of Life sequence.

think about it.
>the circle of life
>in dolby atmos
>all those drums pounding away
>bird sounds overhead
>huge, pristine sound for the whole thing.

I don't think TLK needs a live action remake, but when it comes round, I'll watch it just for that bit.

>Plus Genie and Iago can still be big name celebrities.

when was the last time felix the cat starred in a cartoon though
12 years ago?

Wouldn't complain, Cats was the shit

Pooh's actually happening. It's a "Christopher Robin as an adult reuniting with his toys" thing supposedly

there are a couple of ones there that pop out at me as being strange.

okay what? Are they going to go full maleficent and give her some kind of tragic backstory reason for wanting to kill100 puppies and then going full crazytits? I don't see how this can work.
>Dumbo produced by Tim Burton
That's really not the guy I'd choose for that, but meh, never liked Dumbo anyway
Actually interested in this. Could be some cool fight scenes.
My head says no, but my boner says yes.
>untitled live action chip-n-dale film.
why not Basil TGMD or the rescuers?

Finally something positive from William's death.

>women are funny, get over it

Felix could defeat him because he was the ancient one of cartoons.
He can save him from the SJW curse and restore the greatness of cartoons.

What's up, Eddie?

So I'm pretty with Cred Forumss tendencies to hate on things like this, but what's with the sudden normie heelturn against the Disney live action movies? I thought people loved the Jungle Book and it seems like they always want live action versions of every cartoon/videogame/etc but now outside of Cred Forums everyone seems to be pissed off about this announcement. I would have expected them to eat this shit up.

As for me, I'm actually excited enough. The Lion King was my absolutely favorite movie growing up. There's no way this new one will ever be able to match the original, but I still think it'll be cool to see a different style of the movie I loved, especially with how enjoyable it was to watch the animals in Jungle Book. It's not like it's hindering their cartoon department in any way and if it turns out to be shit it's not going to affect how much I love the original.

I know remakes go against originality and most of the time they are just banking on nostalgia, but I am kind of hyped for this.

I am curious about what are they going to do with Be Prepared.

People might be getting tired of nothing but remakes pretty much all the time

I don't think it's going to be a musical. Though, I fully expect hakuna matata to be in the movie.

>Live action Fantasia
With some CGI, that would be some trippy shit.

I can just about get The Jungle Book, but The Lion King? Isn't it totally fucking playing with fire to attempt to re-do such an iconic cultural memory in gritty photorealistic CGI? Certainly not the one I'd have picked for a remake desu.

>Almost life like CGI Nala
Quick someone call Eddy Redmayne and tell him to start stalking up on lube

It's Disney, the thing is going to make a billion dollars if Jungle Book is anything to go buy.

Eh, Favreau hit it out of the park with Jungle Book, I'll give this a chance.

>gritty photorealistic CGI

Well, we could have a Lion King rendered in N64 graphics and attract the 90s kids.

>Live Action Fantasia
That would be dope as fuck honestly, not to mention it would be something so utterly alien to every other film out there.

>mfw Eddie "Life the tail and make her wail" Redmayne bribes the directors so he can play Simba and live out his fantasy of fucking Nala
The absolute madman!

It could work. I mean he can sing after all.

Jungle Book made a bit more sense though. It's a story about a small human boy facing off with all these huge crazy ass animals. The vaguely threatening look that comes with rendering them realistically and juxtaposing them with a live human seems to complement the story.

I'm not sure what it really adds to The Lion King.

I don't, cartoon is still superior but it's still kinda cool to see realistic animals interacting with each other and being expressive.

I'm excited to see the Hyenas. I hope they keep Shenzi's kickass bangs.

Nothing, but people will go in droves to see it because it's CGI

Thought of this immediately. Besides some small bits of trained animals it's gonna probably be mostly green screen and cgi. This is the loosest use of the live action term ever; they're cgi but look like real animals.

Jungle Book spent their massive effects budget well I gotta say.

>Live Action Brave Little Toaster

that would need to be classified has a horror movie

We must use meme magic to get Eddy "I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to fuck a lion" Redmayne the part.

Post your face when you watch a live action brave little toaster and the toaster and his friends have realistic eyes photoshopped onto real appliances.

If they don't do this I'll cry

If they don't put Danny DeVito in it again I'm gonna be pissed.

Nala will be singing after Eddie 'Lying with a Lion' Redmayne gets his hands on her, believe me

all they have to do is glue horns to his head

Too bad they wont be able to find someone with nice enough feet for tangled

I'm a grown up. Who cares?


If they could get the guy who plays Dennis from it's always Sunny and make Meg played by Dee's actor....

Dude, just get the whole cast from It's Always Sunny and make it PG-13.

>this scene with a realistic hyena
that's gonna be some uncanny valley shit right there

spotted hyenas are cute
also, CGI pseudopenis

>Zeus makes a constellation of Rum Ham at the end of the movie

>James and the Giant Peach
>Inspector Gadget

But on the other hand

>Something Wicked This way Comes
>Potentially more scary Haunted Mansion

I'm conflicted

>End of the movie shows the gang drunk of their asses watching the actual Disney's Hercules and the whole gang was drunkenly singing all of the songs and pissing people off
>Mac pulls out another movie, "Let's watch Hunchback of Notre Dame!!"
>End of movie

all movies should just cast the main cast of always sunny from now on

I know people hate the style, but if there's a remake directed by Tim Burton I wouldn't mind it being Brave Little Toaster and not Dumbo. There's just a better balance of whimsy and fucked up material for him to play with compared to Dumbo where making it more edgy could come off as really forced.

I didn't know I could cackle like that

>Don Knotts
You mean Don Bluth?

Okay Disney, you can cool it now.

2D -> 3D is often just disappointing. I'd actually be excited for an Aladdin adaptation if I knew Jasmine would be just as hot or hotter than her cartoon counterpart. That's simply impossible though, and I doubt they'd even try to come close.

>>Dumbo produced by Tim Burton
>That's really not the guy I'd choose for that, but meh, never liked Dumbo anyway
Circuses have always been right up Tim Burton's alley. Hell, he did Big Fish after all.

> No one saw
> Does like $126 million domestic and $356 global.

Yeah with a budget of $180 million, it would have needed to clear just $300 million in the US alone to be profitable as foreign profits matter shit for all.

Oh, that's even more interesting...

The original Disney version of The Jungle Book was kind of shitty, so remaking that in a new style was fine. The best remakes are the ones that took inspiration from material that was either bad or just okay and made it better.

Remaking something actually good puts your remake in Robocop and Ben-Hur 2016 territory.



Jesus no, the book series was so good and then Disney fucking shit all over it.

the rum tum tugger is a curious cat

Aladdin would be fucking awesome live action.

>inb4 whitewashing controversy with Mulan or something

I believe there was a rumor that they were indeed going to use a primarily white cast. For our sake let's hope not.

How much sex do you think the cast had while wearing those?

The rum tug tugger is a terrible bore


No, that is 100% false.
They tried that with The Sorcerer's Apprentice a few years back but everyone hated it because NO MICKEY.

If they try to remake Der Fuehrer's Face it has to have a CG Donald Duck.

A more PC version of Song Of The South can work however, as long as theres a CG Brer Rabbit in there.

tons with all the furries looking to live out their fantasies

>the same movie you saw 2 decades ago, but this time with unconvincing "real" CG!

Who asked for this?

>Potentially more scary Haunted Mansion
Especially since Del Toro really wants to direct this

A duet between the two would be nice but highly unlikely.

>Modern Disney
>Live action reboots of their older films
>Nothing but 3D films when they're animated
>Never a traditionally animated film
Fuck Disney

>The Fox and the Hound
>they do the whole,"remake that more like the book" thing like with Alice in Wonderland


Not what I meant.
I mean what Fantasia is, which is basically an anthology of music videos.
If done right, that could potentially be amazing

Or plus one- the guy who takes Scar's hide for Hercules...

They can't do a Pocahontas Live Action. At least not in this day and age. I mean Pocahontas falls in love with John Smith asserting that Brown People needs White People's help. Which would trigger the hell out of our liberal society.

Daily reminder that America saved France from The Nazis.

As long as we get a CG Mickey were good.

>Live action Lion King

Don't they really mean high end 3D CGI or are they going to train the shit out of some lions?