Ms. Marvel #11 Storytime

Hey there gals and pals!

Time for an outrageously out-of-character storytime!

Let's read what I hope is the LAST issue where Khan has to deal with this Civil War 2 nonsense.

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I hope Candian ninja is a recurring villian



same, he's great.




Was that a minority report refrence?


>which you'd already know if you saw that one movie with that short actor--


This ENTIRE EVENT is a Minority Report reference.

Yes. Everyone knows CWII is basically that so it's surprising that he's the first one to actually mention it.




these guys are nuts and I love them


Finally us torontinans are getting the representation we deserve in comics.

Smile status: Unprotected.

And that's it gals and pals, look for Ms Marvel backpacking across the world trying to find herself or whatevs while simultaneously appearing in probably at least four other books.

Until next time, stay outrageous!

He's obviously going to be a villian

>Toronto Maple Leaf style
No wonder these guys never win.

>Man, that really bums me out.

fucking Tony

I laughed out loud.


So she'said doing the same Batgirl backpacking traveling heroine thing. Great.

fuk ;A;

Every hero goes backpacking at some point, my dude.

Thank you for storytiming, OP. I enjoyed the issue!

>Let's read what I hope is the LAST issue where Khan has to deal with this Civil War 2 nonsense.
If it is it will not matter there gonna drag her into inhumans vs x men.

>look for Ms Marvel backpacking across the world trying to find herself or whatevs while simultaneously appearing in probably at least four other books.
Nicely done, Marlel.

You would think this whole experience would convince Kamala to never use the Ms Marvel name again, but editorial will find a way to keep the book going just the same.

It's so weird to see Tony actually being the voice of reason in an event. Carol has gone off the deep end.

>inhumans vs x men
That's not a thing that's actually happening is it?



Kamala should throw the name and costume in the trash and make her own name so Captain Marvel can stop mooching off her

That's the event that will immediately following Civil War 2.

>Wakanda letting a white guy in
Pfft! I don't think so.

fake bomb threat is not a crime in the USA?


Ihavent been reading post SW
whats been going on?

Best man. Worst liar.

He's scamp.

OMFG. I love it.

So That's why they call him Hijinx.


Bruno, you're breaking your promise...

how long until the Canadian ninja syndicate rules the criminal underworld

>this isn't going to bring Rhodey back
oy. you dun fucked up, Kamala

what is this faux-naruto bullshit, i love it

I'd love to see a goofy comedy that involves a Hand Ninja and a Canadian Ice Ninja.

this is boutta be fucked

I like to think he got Judge Roy Snyder who let him off on the "Boys Will Be Boys" defense.

>Grove Street

I'm honestly surprised they didn't throw down on the spot

>She is NEVER going to forgive me for this
Oh Kamala. Everyone knows that after hero vs hero events, eventually the heroes will put aside their differences, pretend the event never happened, and become friends again! But you're young and inexperienced, you'll learn.

What grade is Kamala in?

And Sam and Miles too

it is

I liked it better when Papa Tony and Mama Carol were arguing about Kamala's custody

i'm really only interested in CW2 for how it will affect Kamala desu.

but it looks like she's being written out after this, and thats good.

Yes! Fuck that bitch! Stand up for your ideals!
And fuck Basic Becky!

This is wrong. This is not cute, this is sad

Fuck. It's going to take a Herculean effort to make Carol likeable in time for her movie...

Of course it's happening. We already made the Bingo

>The next time you show your face in Jersey City will be the last time you show your face in Jersey City

Oooh. That's harsh. I smell an enemy for life.

>Sam's life gets better
>Kamala's life becomes suffering
Talk about a role reversal
I love it

I had not seen such a funny page from Skidman

If I were Willow, I'd explain it by having Kamala say she's using it to represent the morals and responsibilities that Carol USED to stand for...

>Impersonating law enforcement
Wait what? I thought Carol's operation was authorized by the government .

Carol will gladly disavow anyone who looks up to her.

she choose dad

If Kamala's going to have her own Green Goblin, I'm fine with it being Basic Becky....

I have zero sympathy for Kamala or Bruno.


Will it tie into that as well?

She knows that anyone who genuinely looks up to her can't be any good.

Fuck you Bruno.
YOU are the one who chose to blow up that building, it wasn't an accident, it's your own damn fault. Kamala had nothing to do with it.

Cap did it first.

nice, hadn't seen it yet. good work, Cred Forums.

looking at the chart I'm guessing we're going to see at least half of these.

why did he get shit for that he was helping to save a friend from kidnapping

Nah, they'll do a Civil War 1 and just not have the character assassination that drove the plot.

I THINK they're juniors in high school? They might be sophomores

poor little white boy.jpg

This is why I read Squirrel Girl and Gwenpool.

this is Bruno's supervillain origin. He's going to be Kamala's Archnemesis in a few years

A friend of theirs was being illegally detained for something he didn't do, and Kamala's response to that was "I'm helping Captain Marvel OMG I'M CUMMING SO HARD!!!"

new-carol is wack anyway kamala, u good

At least that would mean her story is having to do with itself again and not just EVENT tie-ins.

And that means him blowing himself up is her fault?

Nah. She should keep the name and piss off Carol by being better than her.
No giving up. No backing out.

So,if I'm understanding this right, what Civil War 2 is really about is Captain Marvel, who is supposed to be Marvel's feminist icon, is running around punching people because her boyfriend died while Iron Man is all, "BITCH BE COOL!". Also the movie Minority Report.

Does that sum it up?


They sent no threat. They staged something that would look like a bombing. On private property.

Kamala is joining a "teen" avengers team with Miles, Nova, Chulk and Viv.

if she put her foot down on becky(possibly in a literal sense)she could have stopped this
yes its all because carols BBC/tony's BBFF got killed

>become supervillain
i want it so much, but i also hate it so much

how do i deal with this internal conflict?

This would have been a better, more believable conflict.

Judging by the way CW2 goes, and how one sided it is this has to be a red herring. Xmen BTFO Inhumans in term of sales for like 40 years straight? Something like that. Currently like what, 77% maybe of people are in IM's side? With the Inhumans vs Xmen it'll be like 93% on the Xmen side, with 6.8% of people in Inhumans side just rooting for Kamala and noone else.

My point is that there's a chance that Hasbro realized the Roman Reign effect with both Cap Marvel and Inhumans, and try to push them as secret heel for the story.



>nb4 Agents of Shit

No, no, not Avengers, man. Fuck the Avengers. They're the CHAMPIONS. It's like the one superhero team that hasn't been drug through the mud yet. And Hercules started the team! Who doesn't want to be part of a superteam that had Hercules as a founding member?

Embrace it knowing that his redemption is inevitable.

When she's a white man.

When she's a gritty, urban vigilante. Also probably something with rape in there.

>implying you wouldn't fight over Kamala

I mean, Carol has a point here. The problem wasn't predictive justice, it was the fact that Kamala couldn't keep Basic Becky in line.

Pretty much. But it seems like, at least IMO Marvel knows how loopsided the side are, with their "minority darlings" like Kamala, and Miles are joining Tony, and people on Captain Marvel side putting up a really badly argued logic of "you're just being controlled by rich white man Tony stark" (someone pull up that page with Miles). It could be a reverse parody of feminism, but maybe I'm just reading it the wrong way.

Obviously at the end the side supporting pre-crime cannot possibly win.

Well the real problem is that she put a bunch of fucking teenagers in charge of law enforcement.

Is it even sanctioned or is it still dumbass vigilante though? It's even worse if it's a dumbass vigilante precrime based enforcement

Dude, Tony is going to retire because Carol breaks him in half, Bane-style.
She wins the physical fight but Ulysses gets killed so she has to stop her crusade.

Whitey is gon learn the hard way...

Well, Carol apparently runs the government now. So maybe this is her off the books teen vigilante division. You'd think she was CIA and not Air Force.

Thanks, OP.

>Embrace it knowing that his redemption is inevitable.
i love it.
KamalaX Bruno OTP

>When she's a white man.


doesn't the MCU print money at this point?
people wouldn't go to see it just because its MCU?
and i mean a kamala solo wouldn't cost too much since, most the the actors they'd need to use would be unknown or low-budget (since it'd be a bunch of non-white actors)

You know, I'm reminded of the Civil War 1 - Iron Man movie situation.

Civil War 1 had people calling for Tony's head on a platter, and yet when Iron Man came out in theaters, he was the best superhero ever made in the history of ever, and it propelled him to the top of Marvel's image

I REALLY hope that doesn't repeat with Carol, because I absolutely loathe and despise her.

so if Bruno becomes a villain what kind will he be

>Xmen BTFO Inhumans in term of sales for like 40 years straight?
Well one is a major franchise with countless books and spin-offs and mass media representation, while the others were supporting characters for the Fantastic Four and Marvel Cosmic with a handful of minis here and there.

The two really aren't comparable. It'd be like comparing the Asgardians to the Eternals.

Well I like Carol so fucks you.

>Dude, Tony is going to retire because Carol breaks him in half, Bane-style.
you shitting me?
I hated Tony after CW 1 and I still hate the son of a bitch now.

But we've got a few years before Carol's movie, they're probably just mind wipe her again

carol has been shit since just after she became Captain Marvel, really.
Black Panther-lite.
Powered by Wakandan technology and such.
bankrolled by T'challa for shits and giggles.

Well that is not exactly out of character

Is there one Civil War comic that even shows Carol to be right?
She is so comically wrong, I don't understand how anyone could support her in a reality filled with bad futures and visions of the future.

he takes over wakanda and turns it into his own kingdom no one knows because wakanda is so isolationist

>Obviously at the end the side supporting pre-crime cannot possibly win.
They can win as long as Ulysses dies right after.

>he takes over wakanda and turns it into his own kingdom no one knows because wakanda is so isolationist
bruno isn't that smart

>You'd think she was CIA and not Air Force.
idiot, she worked for both of them before she got powers. read comics.

I think she's great, she's just still trying to get over KSD, and this Bendis shit isn't helping.

he does it by making a robot army out of vibranium

>read comics.
I do. I haven't read ALL comics ever you fuck.

Those Black Bolt squares really seem to overlap

Oh, Sophie, you poor naive child.

Her own series and Ultimates are doing the best damage control possible given the circumstances

Why do you think we get not one, but TWO new Iron Men?
Riri "Dindu Nuffin" Williams Iron Man and Infamous Iron Man aka Victor "I fucking love metal masks" Von Doom.
Tony must be out of commission until the next status quo reset and getting BANE'd worked well in TDKR.

I'm betting that something big is going to happen in the end of the event that makes her "right" since her solicits are showing her being celebrated as a hero after Civil War II.

compare this issue of Ms. Marvel to the Captain Marvel issue that came out today.

In Ms. Marvel, Carol was obviously hurt and upset, but even when seriously provoked, didn't lose her shit. In Captain Marvel, it only took a tiny provocation for Carol to start fighting Alpha Flight. Same character, different books, acting very differently.

Looks like Gage shit the bed.

>implying Cyclops is right shouldn't be the free space

Tony's a big guy.

Don't bring logic into this... It doesn't fly here at Marvel and certainly less so in Hollywood...

>her solicits are showing her being celebrated as a hero after Civil War II.

If you recall, Tony "won" Civil War I

then everything went to shit.

I think you are overestimating Bendis ability.
She'll still be wrong, but everyone will say she was right.

isn't he going to be rirri's A.I.?

Cyclops is right is the free space in Death of X bingo.
This one is someone actually saying "Cyclops is right". There's like a 50/50 chance of Marvel allowing that to happen.

She needs a Gwenpool to protect her smile and be traumatized with

>Looks like Gage shit the bed.
To be fair, the latter is much more in character.

I like the idea of a Carol who tries her best to be responsible and heroic but at the end of the day is a total blood knight who's terrible at decision making.

This. They're showing that Carol understands how obtuse her methods are but she's stuck in an "in for a penny, in for a pound" situation. I don't think I've ever felt writers convey, through their tie-ins, how ready they are for this event to end as hard as I have during this one.

Did you not read the last issue?
Gwenpool is insane and would cause Kamala's smile to fade for good.

There's rumors that she's going to be part of the New Warriors series.

I want Kamala movie with all the Bollywood dancing and everything.

that's a rumor. makes sense to me, though.

Gwenpool would traumatize her with sex instead of violence

>I like the idea of a Carol who tries her best to be responsible and heroic but at the end of the day is a total blood knight who's terrible at decision making.

I do too, but they need to be consistent. Is she super-restrained or does she try to restrain herself for a few minutes, then say, "fuck it" and open fire? In the last year, Carol's been pretty under control.

That ginger is a massive bitch.

The weird thing is that in the main book it's the opposite and Tony is running around kidnapping people because his buddy died and Carol just wants to arrest future criminals.

Plus a single instance of incorrect predictions and a nonsensical rooftop battle

Her name? Her colours?

>her solicits are showing her being celebrated as a hero after Civil War II.
Her first issue cover also has people carrying "EVIL FASCIST" protest signs. So less "celebrated as a hero' and more "becoming an incredibly divisive figure."

Bollywood-boo here, just letting you know the actress who's voicing Kamala in Avengers Academy is a smoking A lister Bollywood hottie.

Check her out in this vid

How does Carol even have all that authority? YOu can't just go "I'm in cahrge of this state's justice system", it's not how it works! And what the fuck is with court marshalling that ginger kid? You can't do that!

This whole event is stupid because they just keep redefining what the argument is even about.

I agree with you, but as you know when people make mistakes that have profoundly life-ruining consequences, their first instinct is to find someone else to blame.

Carol's a big girl.

>Indian actress portraying Pakistani character

Is that, you know... kosher?

"Behold the mightiest, fightiest super hero there is! Captain Marvel returns to her helm as Alpha Flight commander with the world cheering her on. She’s the biggest hero in the world – but has Captain Marvel become someone Carol Danvers no longer recognizes?"

I agree that there's still going to be protests against her and not everyone is going to be happy with whatever she does, including herself, but it does sound like whatever conclusion Civil War has it going to be viewed more in a positive light than leaving her utterly disgraced.

Pakis might not be too happy but who cares what they think?

a good chunk of Pakistan is made up of refugees from India and Kamala's family is apart of them

They're all set to 16 now.

With the magic of "We're writers and we don't give a fuck about common sense or logic or anything ever" anything is possible.

that solicit makes me angry. It's incredibly stupid. are they trying to get the 5-year-old audience or something?

Her being in the air Force is common knowledge, as you know. However, Reed retconned that she ALSO had some time in the CIA during his run (remember the time she got captured in a vaguely muslim country tied to a chair, and got smacked with a massive sledgehammer?)

I hope freckles gets raped in prison

She deserves it after how she treated him.

Ginger fascist gets gangbanged by Canadian weeabos.

Guys, guys. I've figured it out. This entire fuckin Civil War 2 thing is a sham. It's not Civil War. IT"S MARVEL"S INJUSTICE!!! THEY JUST COPIED INJUSTICE!

...doujins when?

Has anyone story timed it?

This. Kamala's first and foremost is a Punjabi (the wonky colored subset of Indians with white-ish features) even moreso than Pakistani

As you might have guess, most Bollywood stars like Priyanka are also Punjabis

Kamala isn't Indian.

>captured in a vaguely muslim country
named as Afghanistan, numbnuts

Canadian ninjas have no sense of right or the 4th wall.


Becky tried to stop the destruction of Carol's archnemeses: Cars.

Teraonto ninja league was really working for Carol as basically her version of suicide squad.

But against cars.

Well, I don´t ;A;
Fucking rain, man! Why is it raining so much?!

You monster!

Is it already out?

So sue me, I haven't read Reed's run in years, and I don't give enough of a fuck to go looking for which specific country.

It's being written by Waid who's said in interviews that he's going to be making the story as overtly political as possible. I really hope it's good and I plan to read the first issue but predictions are that it's going to be crap coming out of the gate.


Kamala's villain roster grows. That's a good thing.

Boss of Space.
The planet they live on is part of space.

Why exactly does he need a school if he's already a super genius?

Bruno will (hopefully) realize that Kamala was just being young and easily disuaded by authority, while kamala will see the true extent of her failings. I Refuse to believe that Bruno will give up on KK:s ass entirely.

You can't get a foot in the door of an industry without papers saying that "Yes, this person is good."

See The Bollywood dance is an adaptation of Bhangra which was a traditional Punjabi dance

Wait a minute...

Why does he need to work for somebody? Why can't he just invent and patent shit like sky shark?

Oh no she didn't!

See, that's how you treat your young heroes. You give them their own cast. Miles, I'm looking at you.

She was probably only authorized to do stuff with Kamala being the only one actually able to legally do anything with the rest being considered trainees. Then Basic Becky went and acted like she actually was a fully fledged cop independently of Kamala.

You don't need to actually fight her! There's no need for you to put up your dukes!

I called it. Things would not be apologized for until it's to late

In a world where being a super genius isn't even a real power, Sky Shark is amateur hour. Invent a new type of molecule an then we'll talk

Tony Stark had his own multibillion dollar company to support him endeavor and prevent everyone from stealing his shit.

When did I fall into the universe when Tony was coming off as reasonable?

I like the image, but she probably should just leave her emergency Captain Marvel button on the ground like that.

Huh this comicnis still good despite the event been shit. I'm glad wilson is trying her best.

The moment the comic loses her, the comic is over.

Money and resources, dude. Why do you think Spider-Man was always so eager to work with Stark and Reed? They're super rich and could bankroll his research with tons of money.

That's not an excuse to blow up a building at all.

Well, now he's going to Wakanda. They can probably give Bruno his own pocket dimension to do his research in.

I hope asks Tony asks T'Challa to pull some strings and let Bruno have whatever he wants.

Bruno didn't blow up a building, he was trying to use a science thingamajig to override a science lock to free their friend and it blew up the door instead causing Bruno grievous injury.

Then its his own damn fault for building shoddy tech.

My guess is that Bruno will do incredibly well in Wakanda and Tony will recruit him with Kamala's recommendation. This is when the wounds will start to heal.

The more easily believable "real-world" variant of the crime would be blowing up a transformer when you just want to short-circuit it.

Destruction of property is basically the only law he had the intention of breaking (since we know from the police that they didn´t allow the carol corps brand of justice, thus can´t be accused of "releasing criminals").

I don't think now is quite the best time for you to go to Wakanda Bruno. Do you not check the news? There's a bloody revolution over there.

The french kind or the syrian kind?

>Not Latveria

Missed opportunity there.

Latveria is a shithole right now.

Just noticed the Bort license plate.

Check out Tony being a better hero mentor than Carol ever was

A mixture of both

Which is bullshit. If Doom really was trying to become a good guy now, he would NEVER leave his country in such a horrible state. He would only abdicate if he left someone he trusts like Kristoff in charge.

So... lots of royalty dying but there are no leaders to pick up the mantle?


Get out of here, Hank


>Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge
In case anyone was curious, ammi is singing an actual song from a really famous Bollywood movie called sholay
As an Indian, I'm actually really happy to see this


Since this is her solo, is she the Punjabi MC?

Chpra voices her?
but she's too old to play her in film, isn't she?
She is gorgeous though.
I mean, i dont really see where or how it fits into Kamala's story, but it'd be fun as a joke scene.
is that actually happening though?


Sam got aged up pretty quickly then.
miles became Spider-Man at 13...but he was younger when he got his powers.

So.....16 is 11th grade, yeah? or more 10th grade?

The German kind. A progressive democratic movement is ultimately shattered by the monarchs.

thanks for letting us know.
thats cool.

No royalty has died so far, not due to lack of trying on the rebels' part.

>is that actually happening though?
Right now it's about as "happening" as Hulu's Runaways and ABC's Damage Control.

So "grain of salt" and all that.

First issue comes out next week. Or the week after? Sometime soon, either way.

I hate this weeb shit

>No one is a criminal until they've committed a crime
Like the Canadian ninja did when he stole a tank? :^)

Convenient she is actually singing the title. Although the line is repeated a lot if I can trust my ears.
What is that song about?

Here´s hoping that it won´t suck TOO much, hehe!

>it hurts to laugh

>that last panel

you are far too large for that bed bruno.

It's the nose that kills me.

Could you kinda overload the inhuman like this? What if everyone jsut started planning dangerous shit at the same time?

>post-CW2 series coming out before CW2 is over
Just another Wednesday at Marvel

Yes, and the lack of hair fluff

it's called a gap year. all the teens do it.

Well, he was an alliance of necessity.
Kamala needed him to prove her point and he was able to demonstrate that he was not deserving of the incarceration he illegally suffered. Albeit charges of grand theft battle tank, neglect and property damage remain as reasons for a legal arrest.
But Kamala has it right. Being a criminal does not equal having no personal rights.

Kamala in the black ms marvel high boots outfit.

yes please.


u wot

>hating on Tak Miyazawa
p-pls, dont hate my artist husbando

>Right now it's about as "happening" as Hulu's Runaways and ABC's Damage Control.
ahh, okay, so not at all then.

If I met you in real life I would beat you up

Oh you sweet summer child. Tony will die by the hands of Carol. T'Challa will double down on enforcing Carol's police state, Bruno will get deported and will be so desperate that he becomes a villian.

They allow it when it's convenient. Those kids are with Carol corps, and Carol said that she takes command over Carol corps just a few pages back. But do you see that cop arresting Carol? No. Even though she is responsible.

Marvel is doing everything it can to make people forget Mar-vell existed

Of course Ewing fucked it up but I don't think they can control him

Man this event tie-in arc was a load of trash. It's hard to get over just how dumb the central conflict of this book has been. Don't really like the premise for the next arc either. The next issue probably determines whether I drop this.

I really don't understand the legal status of whatever the fuck Carol is doing. Marvel really needs a Judge Dredd type-a character that would enforce actual LAWS, not this "we do whatever the fuck we want with the full backing of SHIELD, but as soon as we disavow someone they can be arrested by a cop from Shithole, New Jercey for doing exactly what we told them to do".

>showing Carol to be a cunt and Tony to be laid back and based


Yeah, its mentioned a lot in the song

Basically the title translates to "we won't ruin/break this friendship"

That was completey dumb. You don't get arrested for pretending to be a cop immediately after being fired as a cop.


That's the thing though, the cop should've arrested them both, ginger and Carol.

But who in their right mind would put hand-cuffs on carol?

You'd think that keeping the nose consistent at least would be a requirement

Damn. The bittersweet irony of it!
Best choice possible.
We should ask Wilson who came up with the idea.

Miyazawa is okay but lacks weirdness. Alphona is much more charming.

Wish Gurihiru did some issues.

Ewing is the hero we need but don't deserve

I get it now, no one at Marvel knows even the most basic consept of how law works. Forgetting that holding someone for 24 hours with no conviction is legal. Kamala just lured a person into an ambush and threatened said person in front of witnesses. How is she not arrested?

Marvel really needs to step away from social issues because they really suck at it.

If he's going to Wakanda, fuck no. They'll be making sure he stays on the straight-and-narrow (not that he'll ever get off it).

Well khamala that's what you get for trusting captain hitler

Such sadness. Poor Kamala!

Give me an animated series. Her powers are practically made for it.

This is probably what's going to happen. Kamala insists on keeping the name/look as a symbol of the kind of hero she knows she should be and the kind she thought Carol -was- before all of this editorially mandated bullshit.

>Alphona has only been on the the current run for a combined total of 2 issues
>None of those were full issues
>Conflicts in the arcs are about being in the avengers because they just HAD to put her in there
>Modern decompression means her mythos can barely develop
Shit run desu, had hopes too.

>How will she travel the world if she's apparently in highschool in Champions?

Great Scott, just look at that powerful shirt
>Pew,Pew,Look, it's a Gundam!

I kinda want Canuckja to steal Hand ninja powers and become a legit threat while still being campy and funny

Why would they have Tony fire up his propulsion jets, and then immediately turn them off again? Was he supposed to be just showing off?

Pakis are basically Muslim Indians.

It would be haram so keep dreaming.

>Why would they have Tony fire up his propulsion jets, and then immediately turn them off again?

He was getting ready to fight Carol if he had to. Since she flew off, he dropped the fight stance.

Given Wakanda's seemingly-limitless ability to make scientific impossibilities possible, Bruno will likely be back to his fully-healthy and not-crippled self by the time he returns.

But he's white

i feel like it'd either be really great, or really terrible.
but not both

well he could be a villain for kamala, and not be exactly evil or a law breaker.
i would be okay with this in theory, but in practice, current marvel animation is dogshit, so no thanks.

Fuuck off Indian poo in loo

They were part of the same state before it fractured along religious lines.
The statement is correct.

He's a whitey. Wakanda wouldn't waste their tech on him.

You know, I'm shocked Department H hasn't done Ninjas yet.

Everett Ross and the FF never had a hard time

The fact that they're even letting Bruno into Wakanda in the first place is enough to prove that Wilson is choosing to disregard their usual xenophobia.

Insane? Elaborate?

Fuck you Bruno, you did this shit! Miles will treat your waifu better for you.

captain marvel is the mary sue of this year in marvel

The boy is poor, now the only places where him can apply for a career are Hydra and McDonald

I love how Kamala calls the Carol Youth redhead "Basic Becky". It's such a teenager thing to do.

>I had to blow up one know how psychics are with their time paradoxes

Everything about this entire arc feels so off. Yeah okay sure, Kamala needs to deal with more than just common nobodies in Jersey, but this whole fucking event just reeks of editorial going to Wilson and saying "Kamala needs suffering now."

Solid rogue for Kamala.

Carol's also 100% right, Kamila worked with a criminal syndicate to commit crimes. What the fuck kid.

>Tony Stark finally steals Carol's teen waifu

I look forward to the edits of this page.

But Jersey is all about the common nobodies. It's the one place nobody in the MU, be they hero or villain, ever goes to or cares about as they all stay in NYC. By all means, the more isolated Kamala's little world stays from the rest of the MU, the better she gets.

It's why this second series is failing so badly. First arc has her facing HYDRA, and she's also got duties to the Avengers and now this CWII nonsense.

Helps Miles track down a student who was going to try to blow up the school Miles goes to. Gwen then attempts to kill the student in order to save time and avoid the hassle since he was just some non-entity B-plot character, and Miles stops her. She tries to explain herself, Miles is severely weirded out by her, they fight and he leaves her tied up for the cops.

Thor and Bruce Banner are both most well known for their periods backpacking around the world incognito.

Like, Thor doing it predates Thor's existence as a marvel character.

Well, people always knew it was him in the old legends. Because he was shit at obscuring his identity.

we're getting three. Iron Patriot II, Iron Heart, and Iron von Doom. there might be more. rumor has it it's basically gonna be Armor Wars II, this time with Tony sitting in the bleaches munching popcorn while watching everyone else fail at doing what he's been doing for decades.

he's not so much trying to be a good guy as going out of his way to try something different. Like, he was persuading that scientist that the cure she was working on wasn't gonna get done in time to save her dad unless she moves onto human tests, and he just so happens to have a place where she can experiment on human guinea pigs in a discrete location

Toni Ho won't have shit to do with anything.
She's gonna finnish her Norwegian dyke project.

the USAvengers are gonna eclipse SHIELD and Alpha Flight both as the government's favorite super group. which means they're gonna show up everywhere being smug about it.

What has to be done to get her out of crossover hell?



B-but...OTP...this isn't how it's supposed to be...

Become Moon Knight levels of unpopular.

Why is this little shit acting like Kamala can't hook him up with advanced Inhuman Medical technology or Stark nanomachines to perform cellular level surgery

Because she avoids the Inhumans as much as possible and Tony's fuckin' broke.

She fucking trains with the Inhumans frequently

Tony's only broke in Avengers, in his own run he still is CEO and owner of an international company, he just fucking bankrolled his new affirmative action legacy heir

We can't have that.

That's NEVER happening.

>She fucking trains with the Inhumans frequently
I've only ever seen one instance of this, and that was only because she had some downtime in between threats. We don't know exactly how frequently she trains with them.

Once Wilson's gone and all character rights are stripped from her, it's open season on poor Kamala.

Don't even joke about that.

I worry somewhere down the line, Benis is going to see Kamala and think "I can make her into a galactic superhero!" and proceed to have a bunch of edgy retardation about fighting monitors or something.

>Just imagined Kamala being used and passed around like the town bike, broken and helpless to stop everyone from violating her over and over I a bad person?

I wanna meet the one person on the planet Earth who sees Carol guilt tripping Kamala and thinking "Yeah! I'm totally with Carol on this."

Years from now after the Captain Marvel movie and the Infinity War.

It will be a series, it will be good, but no one will watch because Marvel/superhero movies will have peaked.

It gets one season and a fervent fan base.


>Make a character so unlikeable in comics that even comic fanboys gladly accept when he/she gets reimagined for the movies

RDJ Iron Man was best Iron Man after Civil War 1 and the Iron Man came out. They'll make people dislike Carol, which makes them more likely to accept when they change her up in her movie.

It's brilliant, I tells ya.

They started "Carol is actually a terrible character" way sooner than that though.

S-she's going to Wakanda, right?

She's going to see Bruno again, right?



So far, it seems like she's going to Pakistan to reconnect with her roots. Likely going to meet her grandmother since the CWII arc has been putting Kamala's mother's family in considerable focus (especially with the implication that grandma suspects they're a little more than human).

Fuck this stupid event I'm outta here!


You're an executive for Marvel.

>We'll never get master/apprentice training between Kamala and Carol

It would've been neat to see them bond.

I'm really behind on events atm, isn't Kamala supposed to be joining a teen superhero team with Miles and Nova and Cho? How is she doing that while backpacking around the world?

>She's gonna finnish her Norwegian dyke project.

I see what you did there.

>(especially with the implication that grandma suspects they're a little more than human).
we'll probably get the story of how her great great great great grandma once banged a moon man

I assume she'll be backpacking for a few weeks after or late in Civil War, then the team gets formed when she returns.

I'm actually pretty hyped for Champions. Kamala, Miles, Sam, and the other teens not taking anymore shit from adults and trying to make the world a better place in ways that are not just punching people sounds like a solid premise.

Probably just the usual solo/team book disconnect

>Everything about this entire arc feels so off. Yeah okay sure, Kamala needs to deal with more than just common nobodies in Jersey

She really doesn't is the thing. I'm sure no one would complain if her entire shtick was fighting threats that were common to herself.

Trying to make her fight world-ending monstrosities will kill this series. The charm is that it really is an inexperienced newbie trying to find her way in the world, and it's cute and endearing to watch her do so.

I agree with the second part, though.

She really isn't, is the thing: Carol was running the equivalent of a criminal syndicate (but they were goodright™).

You're only correct if you assume that Carol is entirely justified to begin with. Since she arrested the underling, it's safe to assume that she can't be entirely justified.


>In order to prove that Ulysses can't predict crimes I staged a crime that Ulysses predicted



There was no crime. That's the point. His powers aren't trustworthy.

He intentionally blew something up though. The vision didn't account for Becky so it could've been a disaster. Kamala's test is moot

Carol isn't really a mentor material.

But I love pre KSD Carol. You need a hug user. Come drink with us.

They can't possibly repeat that with Carol because women simply don't have the same type of charisma as men. RDJ sold Iron Man to the public because of how charismatic he is in the role. What's her face who got cast for Carol just doesn't have that.

Brie Larson

Like a budget version of Ult Reed Richards with a worse origin?

She's a shapeshifter, artists don't have to care too much.

Then she can learn to become one.

Not in the current state she's in

>teen supergenius accidentally blows himself up, bitches and blames stretchy best pal for the whole thing
What are you complaining about, man, that's a great opportunity, the last guy to follow that career path ended up ruling his own country
Though unlike Vic screaming KHAAAAAAAN all over the place would probably get you sued

Tom Cruise BTFO

>execs: "So, where is Kamala standing in this event that pits her blood against her convictions?
>GWW: She... can't cause she...
>Amanat: She had to go to Pakistan to...
>GWW: Yeah, Pakistan. Because she has to find out about her family and because everything is going to shit at home.
>Amanat (mouths): What are you-?
>GWW (mouths): I have no idea, sorry!
>execs: Hm, yeah, I suppose that makes sense. She did keep her distance and ks getting sucked into CW2 already.

Kamran already did that one.
After she ditched him wounded from his own powers.

Becky did nothing wrong.

Also, Mike's complete and utter absence (I don't even think she was mentioned once) during this arc was kind of odd.

She did okay with Anya.

The test wasn´t to prove that his predictions are false, it was that they easily can be rigged. Think of it like a prank call to the police.

Current Carol cannot mentor effectively. Give her time to recover and accept that she has to learn to compromise to be able to mentor her legacy to be better at carrying her name. She messed up so much in her life and her life has been messed up so much too, Kamala is her redemption.

Not really. She kinda forgot Anya existed before her latest mindwipe.

Anya's father was killed by the Red Hulk, leaving her an orphan and she received more support and mentoring from Susan Storm and eventually Jessica and Black Widow

She eventually just left Earth entirely and shacked up with a Captain Britain Spider-Man

God, Carol is retarded

You can see her desire to teach Anya when she first took her in during CW1 but it was more instructor-student relationship and not really mentoring. Jess did a better job.

The whole event is overwhelmingly retarded.

I hate this. I hate this so much. Damn you marvel.

>she can't be allowed to destroy more families, more lives

Because when those people will actually commit those crimes, families and lives are going to be intact

Except it's different, in this case he actually blew something up which could have led to a disaster. For all we know Ulysses could've predicted her prank if Becky hadn't interfered.

Well, that´s relly where the thing is, isn´t it?
For some reason the people at marvel want to create social commentary, but for it to relate to our world, the same context is needed. The context is created by the circumstances and our actions, and for a us to evaluate a circumstance we need the facts surrounding it, which is where CW2 fails. Marvel simply REFUSES to explain the circumstances of Ullyses soothseeing. Mathematics, my ass! This is ultimately why CW2 will not be remembered.


Exactly and instead of building on his powers and making us understand both sides it's just another excuse to see heroes fight

Carol should not have anymore influence on Kamala. She needs to fix herself first.





>kamala suffering


Not with that haircut.