Sixpack and Dogwelder - Hard Travelin' Heroz 02 Storytime

It's time for real heroez!

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John looks like he wants the First to come claim him.

Oh, i miss Hellblazer so much












Lucky you looking at his rebirth so far it seems to be back.


oh I like this one

I don't know, new one didn't click for me



what the fuck is going on?

And that's all for now

Weldforce confirmed

Thanks OP.
This series is pretty dumb
and FUN

Im sad to hear that.
Oh well at least we can all agree its better then his nu52.

Thanks OP, I like this version of Constantine also
fucking Batman!

Yeah, sure, it's much better

solid gold

My fucking sides.

This page is simply amazing.

This and Flintstone really are the two DC goldmines this season.

too bad they'll both get cancelled next year

This one is mini

well shit.
I would've loved to see more of Section 8.
I guess it's bbetter then nothing.

I have a funny anecdote about this page.
As i was reading the previous page i was auctualy think batman should have probably shown up by now.

Ennis seems to be ok with working for more Big Two stuff, he's doing Dick Dastardly and Muttley after this so there's always a chance he does another mini.


>Six Pack & Dog Welder Hard Travelin Heroez 1 15,165
This book exists purely on the strength of being one of Didio's favorites.

>My fucking face when this entire fucking issue

>he's doing Dick Dastardly and Muttley after this


>Starfire only speaking in random Lovecraft quotes
>Constantine constantly bitching about his reboot
>This fucking page
Is it illegal for a comic to be too good?



>Everything about this

Pure and simple comedy.

No amount of Cris Evanses laughing can properly express my reaction to this comic.

Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.



I fucking can't

Honestly none of the runs have been bad.
Yea first constantine was a little to mainline DC for people but as a replacement JLD book it was good.

The short run before rebirth, constantine the hellbalzer was GREAT, and any hellblazer fan should try that.

It's a little early on rebirth series, but its certainly not bad already

This was fucking beautiful.

>Cred Forums pretends to like a shitty "lol so randumb" comic because it's obscure
Every fucking time

>Ennis is randumb now
Fuck off, faggot. Go read Avengers or Superman or some other shitty comic.



This better than I imagined.

Based Ennis. I still can't get over the gutpunch that was ASSE and here he is making me laugh again.

And people say comics can't be art

So, what model phone do you think the Spectre uses?

>ennis doing dick dastardly and muttley

muh dick

I stopped reading ASSE at some point (forget if it was the WW or Phantom Stranger issue), what gutpunch?

Guts is cute! CUTE!


No bueno.

>Guts has a trenchcoat fetish

When are Phantom Stranger, Dr. Occult and Mister E going to show up to help Constantine spitroast her?

Has Section 8 ever met the Doom Patrol?


shots fired, especially on milligans poor shitty run with the bisley covers an all.

Damn, Ennis could be actually good choice for Doom Patrol if you think about it...


So how does a voice sound when it's being pushed through the corpse of a dead puppy?

Like Swamp Thing's voice. Notice he's got the same pauses and word balloon style and Ennis got inspired by Moore's Swamp Thing for this run.

what in the fuck

Also Ennis got Moore's blessing (and some advice) for this issue.

So how does a voice sound when it's being pushed through a shitton of swamp moss?

Probably like the one on the Swamp Thing TV show.

>the guys at noonan's

it's nice to be back

>we don't know what baytor looks like because of all the dc rebooting


Why is Frank Castle crying and has blonde hair?

So how does that sound?

I love how he inevitably says it because it's the only thing he CAN say.

why is bueno even doing anything at all?

that's just gross lol

Wait... What "happened to" him?

So this happened in Fuck-you-DC universe ,huh

Is this referencing something?

first panel is destined to show up in every "out of context thread" forever

In the last Section 8 mini, he was a regular man with a wife and kids who picked up the wrong welding mask at a random store.

You don't want to know what happened to the wife and kids

>dat Hitman cameo

well fuck

>he's doing Dick Dastardly and Muttley

>fucking batman REPRESENT!
Hey Spectre, Get out of Gotham.


>The Spectre saying "what the fuck?"

this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a comic

Jesus Garth, you're killing me with this shit!






Somehow... I was not prepared for that.

>everyone's reaction

>Spectre reacting like that to seeing a guy with his hand up a dog's ass

No one storytime Hellblazer yet?

This scene is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a comic.

Thanks, OP.

I lost it when Constantine told Dogwelder to shove his hand up the ass of a dog's corpse.

>the Spectre can't just Google it

seriously dude, it takes like 10 seconds.

The fact that Constantine went from Vertigo's trickster magician to mainstream DC superhero with his own team and blasting magic energy blasts after his series was canceled at 300.

Ennis used to write Hellblazer so he's probably a bit bitter.

>So, what model phone do you think the Spectre uses?

definitely iPhone, what with the garden of Eden and all.

Does this really make you people laugh out loud or are you just saying it does?

Nah, it's mainline DCU. Chalk it up to Spectre doing a bad job at streamlining the post-rebirth universe

nigga the fuck kinda unfunny garbage do you consider funny?

I had a giggle fit while reading it.

I was smiling all the way; you didn't like it?

Or are you just saying that because it's DC you refuse to laugh?

That would be missing the point of OOC threads. I mean... does context make this any less weird?

bumping for others.

No, I am Baytor!

>phone calling The Voice
maximum kek

>Ennis writing Dick Dastardly and Muttley

oh my god.

>Sophisticated Suspense
Oh no. You think they're going to meet Swamp Thing next?

Hit me with that source

Ennis always makes me laugh out loud. That man writes some funny shit

Fury my war gone by

C a p e k i n o

>Ennis used to write Hellblazer so he's probably a bit bitter.
I kinda have a hard time seeing him care that much. I suspect he just finds it a bit daft


Why isn't this a cartoon

I want audio

Well he loves Moores Swamp Thing so maybe a little bit personal investment. That and Hellblazer was kind of his breakthrough in the 90s

I think everyone woke up from my kekking

Ennis is a treasure.

I guess Youtube might have it somewhere.

>Garth Ennis
>Steve Dillon
i cant believe its not frank!

Thank you for restoring my faith in comics.

They do John way before Drank

You forgot Cred

My sides still hurt

Go read some more Jurgens and Lobdell, reddit.


>not Hellblazter
Almost perfect


the horrorist and the family man are some good fucking stories 2bh lads

He would write an excellent Doom Patrol. He hasn't written a serious big two comic in a while

>suddenly swamp thing parody

well alright then

Yeah. And even though Ennis himself wrote some of the best Hellblazer he instead gives a shoutout to John's main man Delano. Though Ennis already namedropped himself in the previous mini, desu

Ennis, The absolute madman asked Alan Moore if it was cool to spoof the original Swamp Thing comic where Constantine first appeared. Moore not only agreed but made suggestions as well.

They're a friends actually

Alan Moore is a pretty chill guy, actually.

He rescues childrens' balloons and doesn't afraid of any film adaptations.

Why does that image make you think that Ennis doesn't care, if anything it should make you think the opposite, Ennis hates the mainstream DC universe and hates that Constantine has been put into it

"I mentioned this to Alan Moore and he pointed out a couple things about dogs and welding that I actually found very helpful."

that's great

I wonder if Moore ever has to weld any dogs for his magic rituals.

I just picked it as an image related to the thread, rather than my comment, but the page really isn't a sign of hatred, it's a rather innocuous pisstake

Why do I found this depressing instead of funny?
Hell, All-Stars Section 8 was funny as hell until the last issue, since then everything Ennis does is fucking depressing for me.

I nearly cried laughing when I saw the title/font

Because Ennis is an angry man who knows what's wrong with the industry, he knows that Constantine it's not a character to fit on the regular mainline but editorials don't care so the butcher the character to be fit. Ennis knows that but instead of doing something to fix that, he chooses to shat on the character.

Where the fuck he shat on character? How the fuck he can fix that? He's not owner of DC. Why you so delusional?

God bless you, Ennis.

>A writer can fix a character
To Ennis, Constantine is a regular hero now, and what does Ennis do to regular heroz? He makes fun of them.

Did you just create stuff to be angry about? Where you get all this nonsense? Jesus christ...

just spit drink all over the computer screen, im crying this is gold

Sheeeeeeeeit I took a sabbatical from comics a month ago and forgot all about this series.
Anybody got a link to the issue #1 thread?

Bueno is feelin it

The thing i love most about this is about half of of specters censored words would have worked better with a word that would not have been censored anyway but they went with the swears to extend the joke.

Because six pack asked him for help.

oh this is good

bumping for others.


It's better than I could have ever dreamed

this page makes not much sense out of context, but it hit me like a freight train

Someone should re-storytime the original Section 8 run. That last issue hit all the right emotional notes

>Constantine that short
>Six Pack that tall

Odds of Ennis writing Rebirth Superman?

McCrea really outdid himself on that handsome Supes and so much else

0.001% I don't think he has it in him to do an ongoing of that profile anymore. He probably just wants to do his small minis like this now where he has no editorial meddling or expectations.

This is the SECOND mini. I was surprised there was even a first one, this continuation was a dream come true even if the first one had a good ending. I wouldn't be surprised if we got more after this.

People who say they don't like Ennis are faggots, this shit is fucking hilarious.


He apparently doesn't even have it in him to finish The Platoon

He's doing a War Stories ongoing for Avatar.

Although that's already running into delays, so...

He wrote the script YEARS ago. It's Marvel's fault for not getting it drawn and published.

Figurative and literal considering Sixpack in that first panel...
John is clearly kneeling in despair. Pack and Welder look same height cause it's an upward perspective and Pack is bending forward

I was sure we'd get a 'Master Baytor' joke before it was through.

The Spectre mocking Fate got my sides!!

Red Team's got a new mini as well, which is as solid as the last one. No vigilante cops this time, just basic solid cop stuff.

Is Section 8 any good? If so, can anyone storytime it?

F ;_;7

Dogs truly are man's best friend.

Oh shit. Welder's going to weld God to someone.

I hate that outside of Cred Forums a lot of people seem to be hating this book. There are people in Bleeding Cool and CBR literally thinking this is the rule and not the exception on DC's books.

This was pretty cringe to be honest.
Guess I am not the target audience for this kind of """"humor""""

Ennis is class act actually.

>Dog wielder connect to Egypt
>Yhwach is a dog
>The first sign
Humh ...

Dogwelder being a legacy hero will never not be funny.

He's black too, which adds that certain something to the whole affair.

>No vigilante cops this time

What in the fuck is the point then?

I know he is being meta but isn't the family man something he would prefer to keep hush

Ok with this page, i just started laughing. I can't I just can't.

>>Starfire only speaking in random Lovecraft quotes

I missed it

So did I. I'll post it for the hell of it.










This still hits me in my gut like a cannonball













Thanks, user. I should look this up in the archives to see how people reacted to this the first time around. I recall that "He Comes" panel being cropped and "racism is bad- and superheroes are the answer," but that bit with the stupid half color covers was amazing and new to me.


Why did I read the 1st panel in Robot Chicken Batman's voice??


>he dogwelded his kids' faces

>It's a Triumph, the insult dog episode


>Wait, where did I miss Starfire speaking in Lovecraft?

Dog spelled backwards is God.

Welder spelled backwards is Redlew.

This will be important.

Go fuck yourself kid