ENDTOWN - 2016-09-28 Wally's Huge Balls edition


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>Each sphere contains emotional food source for AI
>Dozens of trapped travelers
>Including Sarah

Ten months we've been on this boat.

How do you guys do it?

>Second panel

Another one for the Collection

>>Including Sarah

Sarah is a cute designed for uncommitted sex.

Like how many people needs this ship to be fully charged? I thought that with Holly was enough. I'm starting to believe that the ship does it for enjoyment rather than necessity


I suspect that the ship AI has bonded with Holly through her past and is becoming Lynn

>Holly thinks AI Lyn is real
>decides to stay in the ship

She's so crazy and irrational, i can totally see this happening.

It could be, but it seems that the whole conversation was just a way to keep Wally busy while he recharged the dittos to keep running the illusions

How is loving her husband crazy and irrational?

Fuck that whore, she's a worthless bitch.

>>Each sphere contains emotional food source for AI

Wally is going to jump from sphere to sphere looking for his friends, glimpsing other peoples pasts in the process.

Brace for Kirbee tears

My body is ready.

She didn't used to be. In Aaron's first draft of the Unity story, the lizards were going to eat our heroes, but Sarah helps them escape. Jim goes back to Unity to get Sarah to leave, but is killed in the process. Sarah was initially a sympathetic character.

you can yabba dabba do it

the only reason any human ever does anything: spite

not really, in the first draft Sarah eats Jim, actually...

Are there more than 4? Has the AI been milking victims for emotions for a long time?

Same thing. The point was to show that some mutants were slaves to their instincts. Sarah had enough humanity left to free our heroes, but couldn't help herself when the feeding frenzy began.

Also, darkest story because it would have obviated Kirbee becoming a character.

Does it have to be negative emotions?

I wouldn't mind if Wally was trapped in a bubble that was forcing him to experience intense, mind addling, pleasurable emotions...

>it would have obviated Kirbee becoming a character.

so, would have made the comic better?

We Super Monkey Ball now boys

She'd probably be seen as a complete failure by her parents, belittling her for every thing she ever did.

Either that or she had a collector's edition, holographic Japanese Charizard card and accidentally dropped it in some nast shit and completely ruined it, thus scarring her forever.

A lot of us probably read Paranatural, we're used to this shit by now.

Kirbee, stop posting in our threads!

Course not, but her husband is dead and she knows it.

Convincing herself otherwise because the AI takes lyn's form is though, i can see her totally capable of doing so.

>We Super Monkey Ball now boys

That's a lot of people.

>Meanwhile, inside Kirbee's ball

>You will never lick those chips of Kirbee's tits.

Kirb we'd a fine character and helps balance out the current main cast from being pure angst at this point. Don't let waifufags or waifu wars get to you

>the AI has been using ditto simulations to torture people for who knows how long

>a lot of us
keep your taste to yourself, please.

Endtown is a pretty good way to pass weeks, daily activities and three panels in a week.

It's also an exceptionally immersive experience to me, atleast.

Aaron doesn't get nearly enough credit for how diligent he is about keeping his schedule.

how much of his persona life has he revealed? He must be one hell of an organized guy.


I know that he doesn't expose himself to apocalypse stories whenever possible because he doesn't want Endtown to be influenced and changed indirectly by them.




Like playing a really god videogame?

>Pin-up before 2016

>Everyone's revisiting their depressing memories
>Kirbee's watching herself play video games in the past

>>Kirbee's watching herself play video games in the past

>he most traumatic memorie was getting ehr ass kicked and being called a faggot while playing call of duty.

>watching your younger self stumble through what seems glaringly obvious now
The horror!

>has weed, but not especially good weed.

Seems Suule got banned again. Janitorial staff is cracking down on drawfags.

well that sucks

They can only stop us from posting for so long.

Poor Aaron. He's doing a great job and I hope everything goes well for him, despite his health problems. This comic really deserves all the love it can get.

Ugh, that looks NOTHING like Roxi! Practice user!

nice read, I like that he's emphasizing that it's about their decisions and their culture, not their mutations.

Sorry. It HAS been a while since I last drew her.

Hey guts got off his boat not too long ago, 10 months is months is a small price.

Wait, there are print versions of Endtown? How did I not know of this?

They seem really short, though; Book 1 apparently only covers until the end of Gustine's Quest, and 2 until the end of Countdown. Are there going to be more? And to any anons who have them, are they worth it?

There are. And Aaron usually draws a little character in it if you buy it from him.

Vol. 3 is out, covering Wally & Holly in the Wastes, up to Unity

>not when she tried to beat Dagoth ur in morrowind without using super-potions or cheats, and at level 11 with a mage
Because I did that, and it was a fucking slaughter.

Well shiiiiit nigga how do I buy it from him? I started reading around the time the end of the Unity Arc premiered, and I follow almost every thread religiously. I honestly don't know how I missed it, I guess I'm just terminally retarded. Seriously, though, I can only find them on Amazon. Is that a direct purchase from him? Because I want unique art from Aaron.

Can't see that on Amazon either, but that's good to hear that so much of the story is covered by the print versions.

Shit, I found book 3 on Amazon. It's not listed on the same author page as 1 and 2, though: amazon.com/Aaron-Neathery/e/B00J7HBSRQ/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

I have Book 2, which starts with Sparkplug's flashback. It was a lifesaver during a roadtrip, and financially supporting Aaron is always worth it, in my eyes.

*Is* the Amazon listing directly from him? If they are I think I'll get one of them next month.

I just wrote to Aaron to see how to order the books directly from him.

Not sure, see below. If it is that's great, I'd love to financially support Aaron, despite my general dislike for Amazon's monopoly.

Thank you, user. Please post here when he replies. He's usually pretty quick about it, right?

Speaking of support through books. Any ETA on the book version of RPG?

This is the first time that I've heard of this.

I'm not going to go too far down that rabbit hole, but at this point the print version of the Endtown RPG isn't going to happen. Jarlidium Press has backed out and Aaron has just tossed this all back to Everett.


Say wut?

>print version of the Endtown RPG
As in an actual Endtown game? Say whaaaat?

>As in an actual Endtown game?
An rpg book and yes it's official, it's more, some anons gather all Saturdays to play it.
There's also someone that it's making an actual Endtown videogame

Yup, there's an RPG held every Saturday on roll20. Shoot an email to [email protected] for the current PDF.

It's quite good too!

What sort of pics would you ask of a humble drawfag, be there one here to answer?

I'll need to check it out sometime then.

Happy Chic?


Come the fuck on. Can we convince Aaron to reconsider at least. We need some Endtown media. Fucking Albedo had its own RPG.

What furfag was working on this?
FurAffinity has a ton of useless RPG
projects going, but they all stink of
drama and furfaggotry.

Holly dressed as a Skaven from Warhammer fantasy.

This Saturday's game is currently closed, however. You'll have to wait till next week to see the game, though the GM, RPGanon, usually announces this on Fridays or Wednesdays.

"Why don't we eat the beaver?"

mfw I bump a thread

So basically like the Matrix?

This is why I get out of bed in the mornings

Ignore the old volumes, Aaron released newer merges volumes you can get here or from Aaron himself.




these are the newest volumes

I'll buy straight from Aaron.
How do we order?

>or from Aaron himself
Yes, but where do I order those from Aaron straight out? I imagine his profit margins are a little higher on the ones you order from him, and I want the cute drawings he includes.

Via email, contact him and let him know he's interested. He will take the payments via paypal and mail them anywhere you want him to, they are even cheaper if you get them from him, since he won't have to give amazon a cut, 20$ each volume.


>you are*

also, he sings them and Adds a little lovely sketch on the front page.

Thank you very much, user, it's much appreciated.

Don't thank me user, Thank you for supporting Aaron.

>he sings them

Yeah, but he only likes those old 30's songs!

fuck... i need some serious coffee...

Did you guys now Aaron did a radio show? I haven't listened yet, but when googling around, I found this: radio4all.net/index.php/program/38508

Sorry, Holly got there first.
I'll make a fresh pot...

That just gives me more time to read with.

That's cute kc.

>Tired girls making coffee to wake themselves up

Fuck me, I love that expression.

Side note, with October around the corner, are there any drawfriends willing to do some Halloween pictures to celebrate? Maybe something a bit spooky?

Spooky Scary waifus

>Not Spooky Scary husbandos


Schism versions? Say a schism Kirbee or Linda?


waifus in Halloween costumes
SLUTTY Halloween costumes

Spooky Scary Skeletons waifus

>Sarah dressed as slutty waffle iron


That's not very spooky

>That's not very spooky

wait till you see naked gustine

Chic's torture is probably constaly being forced to live a scenario in which he's conscious within his egg as a child but instead of them letting him hatch, they decide to eat him and he has to live through being eaten by his parents


>tfw burned through seven years of endtown in four days last week, and the universe hasnt even begun to explain itself yet

Aaron's wild ride never ends

Trash thread is up... Just saying

on the upside though, most consistent webcomic update schedule I've ever seen in my life

made me chuckle how the updates slowed down just after he created a patreon though

It ain't spooky but I was doodling Dottie in a Callie costume in anticipation for October.

omg, this is too cute!

>thread is entirely rocko's modern life ass looking lizards

ugh, no thanks

Dude, have you seen the screen caps up the page? Aaron is a madman working on his life's magnum opus. He's the most dedicated webcomic artist out there. Most quit because they have a cold. This motherfucker almost lost his legs and moved down to 3x a week while in the fucking hospital. Shit's on another level from other artists entirely.

Witch Roxie when?

Aaron is awake right now and I'm trying to get him to post here with a big announcement.

Everyone e-mail him NOW and invite him on!

[email protected]

yeah, I'm entirely unfamiliar with a webcomic artist being even remotely dedicated, but this guy is like some kind of comic jesus

It sounded like it was running entirely off of one person when it had its original captain.

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say most of them are either decoys... or contain skeletons. We are coming up on October, after all...

Updates slowed down because he overworked himself, saying that he literally almost lost his legs and had to stay put in the hospital. That's why there was that interlude with the non-Endtown stuff.

It was only then that he mentioned he can barely afford the costs because he has no health insurance, then some people convinced him to set up a patreon so people would help him out, and because of the whole leg incident he's been keeping it at a 3 day schedule to not nearly lose them again.

It's coincidentally funny, since a good 90% of artists are complete twat-waffles when it comes to patreon, but Aaron slowing down on updates has nothing to do with patreon.

did the ship say how LONG ago it was abandoned? It's possible it needs to suck up the feels just to keep its systems surviving

I doubt there's a bunch of bones, it managed to feed and hydrate Wally and co., so I'm sure it has enough in supply to feed its captives.


We definitely need a weeb costume for Roxie now though, but I can't think of any anime costumes she'd dress up in that are remotely Halloween-y. Maybe one of those magical girl things from that show with the contract animal?

oh, yeah I wasn't trying to say he did the classic patreon fuck-off, that dude has more work ethic in him than anyone I've ever met

I'm looking up refs for Little Witch Academia right now...

Feed them what, though? It can't move to gather anything and it sounds like it was abandoned shortly after being built.

>InB4 they find out they were eating the processed remains and incidental output of the last lot of victims.

I seem to recall Chic got a plate of eggs and bacon...

god there's a lot of pseudo-cannibalization in this comic

Sorry, wasn't trying to white knight him, just thought you should know about why he opened the tip jar account.

But I completely agree with you, the quality of his work and the timeliness of it all really makes him a cut above the rest of other story webcomic artists.

Never heard of it, but those witch costumes on google images are really cute. As always, can't wait to see it.

Maybe so. If that doesn't get explained, I wonder if Aaron would tell how they got the food and water.

>guts got off the boat

Don't you fucking lie to me

yeah he's been off the boat since last year

then it went on a 6 month hiatus until june, updated twice, and now it's on an unspecified hiatus ending sometime in 2017



Hey, all! Just dropping a line to say that, yes, I'm probably going to go through with the Endtown pinup volume and, yes, I'll be auctioning off the original artwork.. O_O

Sorry I can't stick around.. working on the Patreon email and finishing up an interview (due out on the 1st) and then back toworking on Wally's balls. But I thought you might be interested. Email me if you have any questions!


Jesus christ. it's actually gonna happen

> Pinup calendar

Fuck yes!

Sarah did the most nothing wrong.

Flask was merely the second best at doing nothing wrong.

Thanks for posting!
How many pages will this be?

Relating to what?

what, dude sarah was a legit sociopath who was just manipulating everyone for her own benefit


Posting here about the Pinup Book


Thanks for passing by and amanzing to hear news about the pinup.
>and then back toworking on Wally's balls
This was done on propose isn't?

"Ethically challenged", user.

If you haven't seen Little Witch Academia you should check it out, even if you don't like anime. Gorgeous and well animated and a hell of a lot of fun.
Aaron's looking, I don't need this kind of pressure...

HOLLY! We got another one in need of coffee over here!


Ahh thanks, didn't see him post

Don't strain yourself, we all care for you ;_;

Nice man.

I'll consider looking it up after I get started on Mob Psycho 100.

My pops said it was really good like OPM, but I haven't looked at it yet out of laziness.

It's only a 26 minute OVA. If you get the time I highly suggest it.

Wouldn't want to, if my mental picture of her human form is accurate. We're talking fat white "we's all is goin' ta walmart to git mee-maw sum nanners" trash, dude.

I feel like for Halloween costumes as they go we haven't touched sexy weeb territory enough.
wheres the Endtown magical girl costumes?

Don't tempt me


Someone tempt this man, please!

Who'd be fit to wear the magical girl costume? Maude is a definite candidate with a dress that barely fits, but Allie would be fitting too with her absolutely shitfaced and waving a bottle around like a wand. Roxie is a given, but it'd be refreshing to see someone else cross into the weeb-dimension.

>KC post format



Please, Aaron. If you're listening still, reconsider! I'd be eager to buy something like that.

so has it gone from a pinup calander to a pinup book?

Honestly, there is a problem with a publisher, I wouldn't mind what happened to the TMNT RPG where is changed to After the Bomb RPG with a few changes.

Nah, he's talking about the print version of the RPG rulebook.

Pick your poison


We already got kill la kill Endtown with flask and holly

Oh yeah, I have a copy of After The Bomb someplace. Taking the turtles out didn't hurt it at all.

I'm aware of After the Bomb, but thing there is that TMNT thing was a cherry on top. Albedo RPG 1st & 2nd ed does come to mind in regards how IP was handled. Where Paul Kidd did a lot of groundwork with Galacci giving all the ref stuff.

3rd ed was such a humongous shitshow between Sanguine and Galiacci though to the point I don't think the latter recieved any royalties.

Not gonna judge the Jarlidium deal cause I don't know the whole story. I'd really push for it cause I just love RPGs like that (own a lot of odd pieces myself. Itwould be nice for the revenue from it to go to Aaron though, and well I hope for a compromise. I have some money stashed for the book and I still believe in it.

Do it, DK. Magical girl Wally

Everett has always been in the driver seat and still has options. Maybe a print on demand deal.

Do you think she can even get high?

I don't see why not

Remember that lizards have trouble getting drunk, user!

Oh right, that lie Piotr told Sarah to get her to drain the bottle.

If this is true, I might be stupid.

Agreed, Roxie makes it easy, let's see what we can cook up for the others. Also I completely misread "magical girl" as "general anime girl". So there.

We'll have to see what we can do to the rest.


That's because of the fat reserves in their tails, which she lacks right now. Tough it's probably BS.

Also, MJ works in a different way.

>fat reserves in their tails

You mean DAT ASS!

Great stuff DK!

So why is Kirbee still so chipper after watching half of her people burn to death, the other half getting disintegrated, getting her tail chopped off and seeing her friends' dead bodies next to hundreds of murdered babies?

For the most part, she seems to be taking it pretty well.

Her purpose in life is to kiss Wally.

She got the upside of the reptilian-brain emotional stuff - she's super-stable.

Alternately, she's just too dumb to take any of it in.


Fuck, what's that fucker's name?
It's been a long time.


Faye Valentine?

Chic makes a good simon from gurren lagann

Pretty solid idea their and damn that's a good roxie

Not only, but he used to update five days a week until he got sick and cut it back down to three.

Does anyone actually believe that's Aaron?

>Chick as Simon

Noted. And thank you!

I really should have said I'm open to suggestion.

So... I'm open to suggestion! I got a few ideas, but I have to sleep soon and this thread could use the bumps if we are to keep it until tomorrow night. Let's hear what you guys have got!

It is Aaron.

He might be.

He might not be.

I choose to believe that he is.

I got a good one. flask as Nami, that one piece bitch

Was there ever a reason given for why Sparkplug never mutated during The End?

He was crazy, guess that helped him cope with it.

the radiation immunity kept him from mutating even though he had an unstable mind

Very true.

We need to prove it the only way we know how:

Post a picture of yourself with a shoe on your head. And a time stamp.

I think it was but he really should have used his trip. I'm pretty sure he had one...

With anime on the mind, you into Jojo?

Maybe Kirbee as Okuyasu?

Or if that doesn't interest you, your favorite Endtown character as your favorite Jojo character. Actually interested to know which member of this stupid, silly series you like the most.

No, the last time he posted used he "The Other Real Aaron Neathery" because people were jokingly posing as him but we knew it was the real deal because of this.

>people were jokingly posing as

it was kc actually, dick riding as always.

>robe gets pulled off by the door as she enters the room

>Maybe Kirbee as Okuyasu?
This is my fetish

Maybe we can get marx as kira and flask as killer queen

>Petey as Makoto

Does that make Mallard Chief?

I wouldn't mind seeing Jim as Avdol considering his Stand.

I just added Jim to the list of Booru reference images.

Can't believe I forgot that one.

how could you?

I don't know what overcame me.

Decided to draw magical drunk Allie myself.

Never drew a magical girl, let alone a dress or girl before, and it shows. In the very least, I'm satisfied with the head and the position of the left hand after a lot of fiddling. Everything else I want to improve, but can't find a better alternative without a lot more chicken scratches and error.

Needs work but it's really nice to watch you practice. keep at it!

You aren't alone, user.

I'm trying my own hand on drawing hands.

Fucking thumbs.

user, i don't want to poke fun at you, i am actually happy you are trying to get good, but that thumb looks like a fucking dick.

Fuck. I didn't notice until you pointed it out.

I'm glad I tried to redo it earlier then.

Will do.

Last drawing I put up here was a Gustine one, and I think that was at least two or three months ago, and the worst part is I had no excuse to not draw.

That's definitely much better user/

Last one before I head to bed.

he stated at some point that he had two strikes against him for mutation: nearsightedness and immunity, which itself is a mutation

Oh sure, I've been working on it for over a year.

Everybody download this. At this point being a freebie is all it can be.


Sure, how does Bendtown sound?

>At this point being a freebie is all it can be.

that's a fucking shame. even though i haven't tried the rpg myself, i really wanted this to become a thing.

It's okay, I'll be sad for both of us.

Don't know if it interrest anyone, but I got a recent answer from Aaron to a question I had asked him:

>I see the change that affect the people in endtown, change them into random anthro-animals. But human are animals too. Could it be that those immune to the change aren't actually immune, but when it cames to change into a random animal, they simply landed on the "human" possibility and simply "changed" into themselves?

>Also, it might just be me not remembering well, but I dont think I have seen any anthro-primate, ape or monkeys. Do they exist?

>Thank you for reading! Your theory is extremely clever, and it's true that the remaining humans aren't immune to a virus as that virus doesn't exist, but there is a different answer. I'll drop more clues over time.

>Primates exist in Endtown. I have shown at least one gorilla; there's a gorilla woman named Gretchen who works as a reporter on the Endtown paper who can be seen during an editorial conference in the Milk Trial arc. I'm just not fond of drawing primates as anthros as they're already too human, anyway.

So basically, my theory was wrong and Aaron find it difficult to draw anthro-primate.

She used to be a stoner (she say she was baking) and I think it might have affected the way she approach things.


Well that confirms that the computer wasn't lying about the nonexistence of the virus, at least.

>it's true that the remaining humans aren't immune to a virus as that virus doesn't exist, but there is a different answer. I'll drop more clues over time.
Random guess: People who don't believe in the supernatural. Dunno about Al, but Sparkplug seems like a rationalist.

You also "bake" a few different drugs

Crack, for instance.


That sounds like a decent answer.



We could still try to convince Aaron to do re-do the negotiations, right?

Aaron wasn't the issue, Everett was. Jarlidium wants nothing to do with Everett.

Wait, why is Jarlidium blocking this if Aaron holds the comic rights if I gather. This smells bad.

Jarlidium was dealing directly with Everett on the RPG book; Aaron was always only giving his approval on the project.

What happened with Everett?

I don't want this to get ugly for all concerned. Let's concentrate on the positives. Everett has put together a pretty good RPG which he is free to do with as he pleases. I like that print on demand idea that came up earlier. If you really want to support this, sit in on the Saturday play times and give legitimate input. Download the game and look it over.

Well okay, I still say it all looks dodgy as hell, given there's other publishers that could be pursued. Why Jarlidium has such a big factor here is a rather weird thing, talking from an outsider perspective.

If Aaron is IP rights holder and this Everett person (Who I assume is the RPG author) wants to license the IP from Aaron, publisher has the last say in this unless Aaron is tied down with some shitty contract by Jarlidium that forbids him doing anything with the IP without their say.

That's three cents from an user that was pretty much oblivious to any of this until yesterday, so feel free to disregard it.


Is that NEW Jim content I see on the /trash/ thread?

Hmm... Jim has no ears

>gotta get a grip.gif

endtown is good

That sounds about inline of what I was thinking. Sucks still, I really wanted to get hardcover copy if this game.

I think you mean FANTASTIC


That is why you think and I make the decisions.


>the lips

Well I took a glance at the RPG and I'm not all too happy things happened that way - as far as stuff goes, it's even good as a sort of a reference guide for the world, sort of like EU books were for Star Wars.

But unless Aaron wants to yell at that Jarlidium publisher for killing his possible profit, this is dead in the water. Sorry whoever worked on it.

And even more... I think I'll skip any further eBook or hardcover purchases if Jarlidium is handling them. I'd rather just submit money to the Patreon at this point.

I'm holding out for a positive outcome or some sort of compromise, though things are looking bleak.


Let it go user, we'll start fresh tomorrow.

What;s the matter user? you don't like big thick red lips?

Doesn't he update at 12 PM?

must be cold


Who is the best waifu? and why is it holly?

You misspelt Jim.

can it really be rational if the supernatural actually exists in-setting?

It can be believed to be rational if all evidence previously seemed to point away from the existence of the supernatural.

As for now... non-Mallard rationalists might think things like the Oracle pool are simply things that have yet to be defined scientifically but are still a part of the greater physical world, while I suspect Mallard embraces "Parascience", accepting that some things belong to a different, spookier realm, but can still be modelled scientifically.

Or maybe some people just don't dwell on it either way, and it's whole-hearted belief, not disbelief, that is the key.

256 replies before this. What a pleasing binary number.