Cool cop ladies of Cred Forums

Cool cop ladies of Cred Forums.

Vigilantism is crime, so no cops who moonlight as masked heroes.

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If this were on Cred Forums I could contribute, don't have much policewomen in the Cred Forums variety

Officer Lapis on duty

In before Judge user.





>Vigilantism is crime, so no cops who moonlight as masked heroes.


>no one posting Juan Jose Ryp's Anne Lewis from RoboCop

Not the DCAU version.

Familiarize yourself, user



Women outside the kitchen AND doing policework?

Now that's fantasy!

who dis

>He hasn't watched Gargoyles

It's up there there with the best western animated shows

That seems like a pretty hard role to fill.
So I'm just gonna ignore that and post a cop who moonlights as a vigilante



They all deserve to get raped because all cops are scumbags.

Did anyone else think Marcie Miller was kinda cute. Y'know if you could get past the oppressively depressing atmosphere of that arc that is.

Wasn't that a gay guy? It's been a long time since I read the arc.

The guy standing next to her is the gay guy, Marcie was just a chick.
>Gay Black Manlet Cop
His life had to just be endless shit taking.

Every time I rewatch Gargoyles, I can't get over how good a character Elisa is. As good a fighter and smart as you'd expect a police detective to be, but not to a ridiculous degree. Stubborn (sometimes too much so), but compassionate, tough but fair.

Best girl.

>no one mentions Zootopia

I guess the ride is over.

Was this any good.


Sure. It's more goofy than anything but it's not terrible. Plus, it's just one issue anyway.



Not really, but it's worth a read if someone storytimes it. It's an interesting time capsule of what SJWism looked like in the 70s, anyway.

Fun Fact: Maggie Sawyer had her own mini, and it was okay.




>Vigilantism is crime

but user, she literally takes the big dick of a large purple vigilante on a nightly basis.

Elder God Tier
>Actual Cop Uniform
Pretty Good Tier
>Made up uniform that exudes the right amount of authority/copliness
What's the fucking point Tier
>Plain Clothes Cop
DooDooPooPooFecesShit Tier
>Slutty Cop Halloween Costume

Only self-appointed, but still cool as fuck.

Underrated as fuck comic.

>you will never marry a tough lady cop
What's the point of life?

Why don't you? They're actually real and relatively plentiful.


Pinup girl from Zenescope's Wonderland. Dunno who exactly.
Felina Feral from Swat Kats.
That one girl from League of Legends.
Yuriko Watanabe, AKA Wraith from Marvel.


They're also lesbians.

This could be an insane mini series in its own self.

My role model

Another from Image

League of Legends girl is name Vi, she a beat'em up cop in a steam punk city

You have to buy the cop skin

A small part of me secretly hopes we'll someday get it as a comic or something.

>duel wielding

That's not regulation, officer!

What was Elisa again? Native American?

Hopi Indian father, Nigerian-American mother.

Hit submit too soon. Was going to say that her voice actress is of that heritage on her mother's side with a white father.

I just realized that CZ-75 has no hammer, so close yet so far.


Rosemary is close enough.