Jess just left

Get me another bottle.

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RIP 3 decades of solid friendship.

Like a captain I will willingly go down with this ship

they met in 1981, IRL. 35 years. Is that one of the longest friendships in comics?

in-universe, Carol is going to spiral because of this.

This is a perfect excuse to declare war on Earth and make a military dictatorship world government.

Maybe this would be the trigger for Evil Empress Carol. Go get the Kree and enslave both Brood and Skrull and go Warlord mode.


that would be fun, but would they really do that with her movie coming up?


If they show this as making a positive change in the universe, sure.

Carol needs an anchor and somebody to leash her from her destructive personality. That has been Jess (and Wanda from time to time.) No one else knows Carol's buttons more than this confidante of her. The person who saved her life when Rogue threw her off the bridge and has been saving her from loneliness of her ordeals through the years after.

Ben and/or Roger are dying in Spider-Woman's next arc, maaaybe she'll call Carol to help?

3. Bargaining

Carol will start heavily drinking again. Goes off to her duties drunk and her once AA sponsor, Tony will notice her spiral down back to self loathing and then they'll reminisce pic related.

Evil Empress Carol making a positive change in the universe? I don't see it.

Tony Stark called, he wants his gimmick back

She's in good terms with the Kree? They did see her as the ideal Human/Kree hybrid and the Empire is dying. If Marvel is trying to challenge her already defective moral compass, why not go all the way the other way. She'd done the heroics. Time to be a villain.

agree 100%. Even if you don't ship them, they need to stay friends. It makes both characters better. Just look at the banter they had when Jess was wearing her snow-suit.

Or you could be Bendis and just say "lol let's stir up some shit"

Punch the shit out of it.

why did Brie Larson post that? did she just watch the movie again or......?

re: the next arc. Surely they wouldn't kill the baby.

Carol needs someone to loosen her up - she's too hard on herself and Jess needs someone to stop her from going full stupid. They don't need to be romantically involved, they just happen to be each other's person.

Someone just called Hopeless a "son of a bitch" on twitter. lol

You forgot the next page where she snapped at him

What happened?

it wouldn't be Carol without a murderous rage

Jessica Drew told Carol Danvers to go to hell and they're not friends anymore
the two characters have been friends for 35 years of real time. (first met in 1981. pic related)

Aaaaaaaand...what happened that was enough to destroy a 35 year long friendship?

Carol wanted to talk to her before she talked to Clint.

That fated day that birth a friendship that's sincere and so strong people started shipping them as lovers.

I'm clearly missing a lot of context.

A spoonful? Jarfull? Or bucketfull of context?

> Chris Claremont
Confirmed Bi

Bucketful, probably. I'm terrible at keeping up with this crap.

The best kind of ship.

it's Civil War 2 bullshit.

Short version: Hawkeye, Clint Barton, killed the Hulk. Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, dated him, was friends with the Hulk, and is besties with Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Carol didn't want the Hulk/Bruce Banner to die, but she helped create the situation that made it happen. Spider-woman, trying to clear Hawkeye, tried to infiltrate Carol's space station to see him, but Carol intercepted her. Spider-woman, with her usual stellar decision-making skills, punched Carol for a while, then walked away enraged, telling her their friendship was over.

Jess have lots of other powerful friends though.

So they're idiots. Got it.

not really. Spider-Gwen (in another universe) and Silk, AFAIK.

That's fucking reta-
>Civil War 2
Oh right.

That shit reminds me of something

*writers are idiots


Fair enough.

in Civil War 2, everyone is an idiot.

In this instance, Carol was definitely NOT an idiot. She literally said, "you wanna see Hawkeye? OK. You wanna investigate, to try to clear his name? OK. You wanna beat me up? OK. You can have anything you want, just ask." And she stood there and let Jess beat on her for a few pages, told her troops to lower their weapons and let her go......and all Jess can do is yell at Carol as she walks away.

To be fair to Jess, it's part of her character that she makes bad choices. She's pretty messed up.

>in this one event
she lost her best friend, her lover,her sidekick/junior, and is about to lose the alpha flight


I dunno about that. the next page Harley kicked Ivy's ass so she could get back with the Joker.

yeah. Carol's total remaining friends are Monica Rambeaux and (maybe) She-Hulk. And Wanda if anyone remembers they're supposed to be friends.

Isn't that the same? Just replace Joker with Clint, Harley with Jess and Ivy with Carol and you get almost the same situation

Am not updated but did she also lost her friendship with Peter? I wish Logan was still alive, Carol needs a familiar soul.

Scarlet Witch went full sitting this one out. Also has mostly been exiled from existence because of editorial.

>she hulk
i dunno where she stands considering her new book is going to be very angst/ post trauma

and wanda's playing neutral during this whole mess but she does have monica, medusa, storm, the guardians so that's something

Both of them turned into retards recently.

Carol with her arresting people for shit they haven't done.

Jess for having a baby for some stupid reason.

The difference are that Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Woman are good guys.

>the guardians
not for long, starting next issue the shit hits the fan

I see your point. there's a lot of differences, too

I'm referring to the situation and actions, what happened to Jess & Carol is reminiscent of what happened to Ivy & Harl. Both friendships ended because of a third party also shit writing

Can we make Carol gay for Jessica in the MCU movie?



Yes, please.

Yeah of course there are differences, but the situation is almost the same


and Jessica = Tatiana Maslany



>trying to restore friendships and relationships between characters to give them a sense of family and legacy again


>making all of their "hero" characters dislike and distrust one another

really makes you think......


Ok, it's settled then, I'm giving Carol to DC


I don't want her to bully Billy.

It surely makes you ponder the moment

Off to DC you go, dear

oh my.

lol. Carol falls through a rift in space-time and appear in the DC universe. She's about equal to supergirl, strength-wise. what happens?

>all these fucked over relationships

it looks like going to be rebuliding her whole character from the ground up

it does, but I am cautious about interpreting it that way.

I ship Carol and Jess pretty hard, and that's exactly why I'm cautious about reading too much into the comparison. I don't want to get my hopes up on flimsy evidence. :(

>Carol falls through a rift in space-time and appear in the DC universe. She's about equal to supergirl, strength-wise. what happens

She'll bring some Skrulls for playtime with Supergirl.

Know what, just give her a mind wipe for the nth time.

>it looks like going to be rebuliding her whole character from the ground up
that's the last thing she needs.

surely she'd want privacy for playtime with Supergirl.

>Carol's now the hero her post house of m self always wanted to be

>now has no friends to shared this with

I'd rather Jess as Mary Elizabeth Winstead, though Tatiana is a good second.


>35 years of friendship upended
If you think that's gonna stick you got anoth-

I could get behind that

I just realized they killed the friendship to clean the slate for her movie.


So could I.

what issue does this happen in?



perfect depression

pic related to this entire fucking event

Total bull

no, no, no, no. After her experience with the X-men she has seemed to hate all aliens. It's a wonder she doesn't hate all humans as well, but she is totally right in hating Brood, skrulls and kree, not sure about the Shi-ar

god fucking damnit. I cared somewhat about Clint and Hulk. I cared about Carol. And fuck you, I may be a shipper but Carol's friend/loveship with Jess was important, it would be like destroying the friendship of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. all for an event I haven't read since issue one cause it was terrible and I could tell it would be terrible from the first 3 pages.

Marvel is tanking cause of this

not since Secret invasion she hasn't been that screwed up. She was a lot better if the few spider verse stuff I read. Smarter than at least 1/2 the spiders at least

She's a fighter and a survivor. But everyone has a limit. The trauma never really stopped for her after Rogue's attack. It just keeps on piling.

huh, that's pretty good. However, that actress is so good you could probably make a colloge of any character with her and make it work

I just tweeted Brie, asking her if she read any Reed Ms. Marvel, or pre-KSD Carol, in preparation for her role. Fingers crossed, fellas.

Link to her the storytime :v


Carol a shit, making Jess by association somewhat a shit. Maybe now Jess is allowed to be less a shit while Carol drowns in hobo piss.

Or that specific murdercarol page. Lol.

Huh? Was there a post here? I can't seem to--- hello?

I'd be tempted, but there's too many "Carol's ASS" banter in there that, although it's not meant to be bad, and is rather tame, they might still scare off a newbie to Cred Forums.

I might link her to that page, though.



Actually, I might link her the storytime. She hasn't responded back to me, though.

The Avengers Annual, Vol 1, No 10, 1981.

It's finally time for drunk Carol to make a comeback.

Someone should draw this with Carol

>implying the loneliness of good isn't the same as the loneliness of evil

>not posting the whole page where she complains about it being non-alcoholic vodka

>Get me another bottle.

>the whole event culminates in tony and carol having a pathetic drunk fight before passing out in a rain-soaked gutter

Can you imagine Tatiana fucking Brie?

She's gonna abandon the coffee and go back to the bottle.

> The Avengers Annual, Vol 1, No 10, 1981.
Thank you. If this is they're first meeting, does that mean that one of them is not yet a member of the avengers at this time?

I've seen Tatiana as Cosima in Orphan Black so...yes, I can imagine that quite well.

I would read this. I think this is a scenario where Bendis speak is appropriate.

>Losing Alpha Flight

That's a goddamn plus. As many deaths/Evil Canada Shit follows them, I'm shocked the space station hasn't been nuked yet.

it got blown up pretty good in the very first arc

>Thank you. If this is they're first meeting, does that mean that one of them is not yet a member of the avengers at this time?
I believe Spider-Woman was not an avenger back then.

one big problem: Carol would still have her super-strength, energy blasts, and invulnerability. She'd kill him by accident. ok....on purpose

keep us updated kind sir

I will. I might tweet at her again, since she hasn't responded, but I don't want to bombard her.

semi-related: someone called Hopeless a son of a bitch on twitter this morning.

If I called Larson a son of a bitch on Twitter, I might get a response, but I wouldn't like it.

After today, is there anyone in the MU that likes Carol? Civil War 2, more like War against Ms. Marvel, amirite?

she'd probably just block you or get them to ban you. twitter is no fun allowed.

Captain Marvel Kills the Marvel Universe.

Written by Garth Ennis.

CW = Carol War

>After today, is there anyone in the MU that likes Carol?
Monica and Adam tolerate her

What is it with Carol, Civil Wars and Spider-Women?

I need to find a way to make a Carol version of this.

Drop a request in the drawthread?

It's time for Carol to face her oldest foe.

Actually, a villain who literally made people drunk might be intriguing.

Well for Julia it is a mix of subconscious "NOT MUH" and clashing ideals. This one is more a result of a feeling of betrayal in Jess overriding her reason despite Carol's best efforts to understand the situation.

There was a Deadpool story where A.I.M. captured Dionysus and used him to power some kind of "inebriation ray".

obviously repressed lesbian lust


I can do it, but it'll suck

> Captain Marvel vs Captain Morgan


their was that old story where deadpool married a mindfucked carol.

>Proof that open relationships don't work: someone sleeps with Tony Stark!

It's no wonder that Jess quit her.

that was the Ultimate universe.

> big problem: Carol would still have her super-strength, energy blasts, and invulnerability. She'd kill him by accident.

And the problem is what again?


As if that kind of shame can be limited to one universe.

Thanks user. Carol will pour a glass for you.

Carol Carol go away! How many younglings did you kill today?

it can't but I'm trying very hard to pretend it didn't happen so pleaseshut up.
Carol should remain true to her waifu, even though her waifu told her to fuck off.

none, but she abused the human rights of the entire human race

And she was trying to understand and not be the oppressive overlord despite having all the tools to do so.

>Carol was definitely NOT an idiot
she was condescending as hell. "let's just skip to the part where we hug it out" is not an appropriate response to someone grappling with the urge to murder their ex for the murder of a mutual friend

we need more perverted edits out of this event.

This happened also And Logan.

so Carol's big mistake with Spider-Woman is.....she stuck her foot in her mouth? You may be right, but Jess still vented all her grief on Carol. Just like Tony. And soon She-Hulk.

Apparently Carol's new title is "Captain Scapegoat"


>Jess just left her
>half the named characters on alpha flight just left her
>Kamala left her
>Rhodey dead
>She-Hulk is probably going to leave her next time we see her
>MAC hates her
>Blue Marvel is quickly losing faith in her
>Wanda can't be assed even visiting
>Steve is secret Hydra and has been sabotaging her for a while now
>doesn't even remember having camaraderie with Peter Parker, who is probably going to be against her by the end of the event
>Guardians gonna hate her by next week
>all her remaining mutant friends are probably going to hate her when she hesitates to pick a side in IvX
>Medusa is gonna hate her for the same reason
>Monica has always merely tolerated her at best
>most aliens hate her on principal for being a kreeaboo half-blood

>in space, no one can hear you cry

>Carol would still have her [powers]
if she'd already spend half the night shooting into the sky in agonized despair, she could be too depleted to be above human

Save her, Briefu.

Don't worry, random Marvel civilians absolutely love her at the end! So it'll all be worth I guess. Now that I think about it, Clint is stated to have people worshiping his ass too going forward.

I mean, I'm sure people worship Carol's ass, but that doesn't mean they like her.

Carol can work with the Kree. She only fights them if it's neccessary. The brood and Skrulls are a different story. They trigger murdercarol automatically.

CarolAss is divine.

What about visitation rights?

Carol is suffering. Carol is despair.

In the meantime, have a little something I made just now. Ironically, even in this lame edit, Carol gets her ass kicked. :(

I imagine this is Carol right now

Carol's best bet is to fake her death, spend some time in one possible future or another, then come back and claim to be from that timeline rather than this one and act shocked that her past self is dead

Or have her roam space solo like she did when she first became binary. Hunt out every single Skrull and brood.

she needs to leave at least some skrull alive so Teddy can unite the kree and skrull empires under his banner



Is it just Jess'hands and feet that are adhesive or the rest of her body can stick to the walls too?

>Carol used to live on Carrol street


>fluent in three languages

This never gets used ever.

She's used Russian and Arabic I think one time each.

>leave a skrull alive
I don't understand.

Clear my head on this, if the Kree has this immense hatred toward the Skrulls, why does Mar-Vell has a half Kree son?

Mar-Vell had the mental discipline to overcome his genetic prejudice

>Carrying her in between her thighs

How can this be?


Carol gonna Frank you up

Carol's face omg

That's just stupid

>making all of their "hero" characters dislike and distrust one another
I'm seriously baffled why they think it's a good fucking idea to the same hero vs fucking hero bulshit event so many times and it's even shitier now than the last two times

Nah I don't buy that it seems to be more of a result of sub-par writing mixed in with a shitty event

Scott's Maddy Pryor? WAT

Fake people are fake

Claremont liked the name long before he knew who he was going to give it to.
By putting it down in an issue, even just for a nobody background character, Marvel has legal dibs - so if DC makes a new character with that exact same name there won't be a lawsuit over Marvel using it in the future.
It may seem silly, but DC would have a lot of trouble justifying before a judge ever naming a DC character "Peter Parker", no matter how different that character might be from Spiderman. But if it was a throw-away name in an old comic, fair-use applies.

They did see something in her and wanted her to start a master race.

Caro does have a lot of cosmic ties. She was with the Starjammers during her Binary days then with the Guardians. Kree, Skrulls, Brood...

If they allow her to summon Binary whenever she wants to plus the regen invulnerability that Cru left her, she'd be an immense powerhouse.

she lost the regen when Cru left.

Forget about the tragedy of her best friend abandoning her. Start digging a grave to bury her soul.

No, the Brood Mama impaled her and she was supposed to be dead. Cru was hesitant but she revived her with what she left in Carol.


>this didn't lead to her having an eyepatch for the rest of the event




D..Did everybody just up and left Carol?

Just Tony's side and the Inhumans

Carol should still have the Ultimates, Storm's X-men, and the GotG

Do, you miss them, OP?

Going by Marvels 4:1 ratio (4 real years is 1 comic year, which makes logical sense given the timeline of the universe so far (Spider-Man debuting in 1962 means he's been active in universe for 13 years and is currently 28), they've been friends for about 9 years.

How much of that does Carol remember and how many of those memories does she still feel the emotional connection to?

Look its simple, she lets her hair grow out and starts showing off those thighs/ass again and Im sure Jess will come running back


What's the over/under until they make up/make out? Will it even last an arc?

I get the feeling nobody wants the stink of CW2 to linger that long.


These guys get it.

It's total bullshit that Jess' post-secret wars pregnancy was not either:

1) lesbian science and/or magic baby with Carol

2) Jess' child by the alternate universe Carl Danvers, one of Carol's AU counterparts, and thus a child Carol felt responsible for

I don't even care about the ship. But this is 1000% times better than the "I had a kid because I felt like it" that we got, from a superheroine who was pretty avowedly not that keen on having kids.

> retarded deer

Lost my shit

Hopeless projecting himself. He had a kid, but of course the character he's been given the responsibility to write should resonate his plight.

Jess does a lot od dumb stuff but I don't think she's stupid enough to have a kid and continue with her heroics. Oh, and, yea, let's forget the trauma she underwent when she herself was a child.

I really don't understand or see clearly the direction that Marvelmis guiding thier heroes at. I don't know if they are, in any sense, heroes anymore. Isn't this supposed to be the capeshit genre? As a fan, I'm the one getting exhausted for my heroes. I missed teaming up and being each other hope and inspiration against a greater foe. These guys are not perfect individuals. If anything, they're more flawed than the ordinary people. It's thier camaraderie that defines them despite of thier differences. I'm tired, Marvel. I'm tired for my heroes. The same people that they're suppose to turn to when a fight is done, these same people becomes the fight that they're forced to fight. When they go home, take off the capes, see all that is spread in front of them - is this what heroes do now? If it is, tell them it's worth it. Tell them it's worth the emotional scars, the isolation, the betrayal and the never ending trading of blows for this cause - whatever is this cause is - is it worth the cape and symbols and insignias?

You drunk, user? Dude, don't get so attached to it. Just read what you enjoy.


I feel you. Too many events that are hero vs hero and the casualties - reader and character alike have been devastating. AvX was tiring and now we'll have IvX.


>I don't know if they are, in any sense, heroes anymore.
a lot of them are straight up kings. nearly all the other A listers are basically feudal lords.

that's actually why I still prefer Marvel over DC, it feels more like a post-modern warring states epic than a heroic saga, and I find that more entertaining even if it ends up poorly written at times.

Also a version of this.

I don't have a loyalty to either DC or Marvel cause both feed me a dosage of what they produce. Marvel gave me the Xmen and fed me twisted drama but DC gave me the heroics and feel good read.

I recently stopped reading Marvel though. I sneak a read from time to time but I never really follow anything. As much as I love the conflicts, the reasons behind it are too damn retarded I feel like my brain cells are committing suicide each time I read them.

my country went to war with emus and lost so maybe I just have an unnaturally high tolerance for what counts as a retarded conflict

I'm sorry for the ignorance but...Emus is?

>doesn't know about the Great War
Learn yourself some world history. And ornithology, apparently.

OMG sorry, sorry. Ahahaha.Yea I heard of that. I was thinking of a country name Emus. We have a place here called Imus.

>12 birds

As much as I want you to enjoy your readings, I would like Marvel to have thier current titles sell less and lesser. They need to amp up thier game and at least attempt for quality worth our money.



maybe more

>I would like Marvel to have thier current titles sell less and lesser. They need to amp up thier game and at least attempt for quality worth our money.
pretty sure that when business start making drastically less, that take even LESS risks and bet EVERYTHING on the things that make the most money

for the outcome you want, you need for the CWII books and tie-ins to have a big drop in sales, but the non-event books to have an even bigger spike, with the biggest sales spikes going to the books currently being best written.

that would tell marvel that times have changed, but it's not a disaster, they just need to shift gears and focus on narrative strength rather than shock value and internet controversy



Dammit, Meredith. One job. You have one job.

Hm? What happened?

CW2 happened. Cw2 destroyed a friendship so rare they get shipped as lovers.

6 months at best. And she still knew to try and work this out.

>The machine-gunners' dreams of point blank fire into serried masses of Emus were soon dissipated. The Emu command had evidently ordered guerrilla tactics, and its unwieldy army soon split up into innumerable small units that made use of the military equipment uneconomic. A crestfallen field force therefore withdrew from the combat area after about a month.

Oh shit, my sides.

Ah, right.

I don't see that lasting. Its too heat of the moment, and not nearly personal enough.

They might be on the rocks for a while, but I don't see that as anywhere near the festering hatred or betrayal that breaks up a friendship like they had.

Someone post the pages?




Who will fill the hole that Jess left?


Large amounts of alcohol and self-loathing.




I'd fill her hole.

That calm. She knows the amount of physical pain Jess could inflict and that none, really. Emotional is another topic.

They'll be friends again in a half year, who cares?



Huh, I'm not sure if I'm reading it wrong but it seems to me that Carol did nothing wrong here, why is Jess mad at her?

Jess's emotionally impulsive. She's still affected by Bruce's death and it does not help that it was her Ex that is responsible for it and who also is with her bff's camp. She's throwing a tantrum. Carol's just taking it in.


>How do you do, fellow superheroes?


>I'm giving your address to ISIS and telling them you love Israel

Oh god this is golden, where can I find more like these?

Okay, this was a funny line.

you can ask me nicely, since I just made it yesterday. Glad you liked it.
I am also responsible for the abomination that is
if you don't want to wait for me, try if you haven't read it already. The guy is way funnier than me and did a parody of all of secret wars and a bunch of KSD's captain marvel.

Man you sure made me laugh with those pics, and yes I would like more please

ok, will do!


It was the 70s, they were allowed to get away with that shit back then

More like now Spider-Woman's leg are too thin to carry someone that has twice her weight.

the saga of Carol's sex life continues.


moments later.....


She probably is actually going to fall off the wagon at the end of all this. Especially if she kills her AA sponsor.


She's like a millennial Meryl Streep.

I hope she doesn't.

Sent another tweet to Brie.

where are you getting this?

No reply yet? I'll help if I have an account but woe is me, I don't like Twitter.

Thank you. However, I'm worried that if too many people ask her, she might get overwhelmed.

What I specifically asked her was whether she read any of the Reed Ms. Marvel books for research. I'm not sure if we should show her the storytime, as Cred Forums's culture might scare her, if she isn't used to it.

I thought the movies would give her editorial protection.

probably best not to link her the thread, lol

>where are you getting this?
my brain? Someone asked me to make more, so I did.

>(maybe) She-Hulk.
Cousin Dead.

Due Process shredded.

BP trying to push Cho's shit in.

If there was any logic at the House of Old Idea, Jenn should be gutting Carl right now...

>as Cred Forums's culture might scare her, if she isn't used to it.
pretty sure it's 100% certain it would

anyways, maybe tweet her once a day and ask? that's not too often

Maybe every 2 days.

Yeah, and she can certainly acquire the comics if she wants to. Just hope that she knowsabout them.

Speaking of...


Hmm let me help out then. At least she's aware she gained fans because of Carol.

I don't think Carol has time to go to AA meetings. I don't think she attended any meeting at all ever since the mind wipe.

>Everyone arounds them realizes this has been about alcohol the whole time
>Tony and Carol now shunned by the Super Hero community.

I can only hope.

Sometimes I wonder if it's even them handling thier account.


AFAIK, if it's a less famous person like Brie Larson or Anna Kendrick, they usually do. If it's a super A-lister they have publicity teams do it.

>I might tweet at her again, since she hasn't responded, but I don't want to bombard her.
Thankfully you're the embassy we need user and not the one we deserve.

Well, guess it's time for the half-alien lesbians fallback option. Carol might have to buy a fursuit.

Oh god the never ending bickering if these two happens. Reminder that Hank is more or less, a huge talking, intelligent cat and cat penis is...barbed.


You Carlfags has turned up to be an annoying little bunch of obsessed idiots these past days. To be this crazy over one shit of a character. Find another waifu worthy of this garbage.


Bendis already spoiled this issue and they both duck their regular meeting but end up getting into a fight outside the same alternate one.

Looks like she swapped booze for steroids.

The Andy Dwyer method.


You're welcome, random user.

>Hey Carol, can we talk about the moral implications of your...
>Can't. Getting huge.

CW2 was driven by roid rage all along.

wait.......they randomly meet, fight, Tony's without his armor, and he lives? That should be a one punch kill

I'm surprisingly ok with this. Not as a permanant thing. pls no fursuit

1. Carol isn't trying to kill her friends over this. Yet.
2. Tony always has his armor.

I can't wait until she accidentally, in rage, kills someone. She has one of the members of Avengers that has a extensive kill count out of rampage - villains most of them so she never felt any guilt whatsoever. I want her to break.

Nah. That would just be adding unnecessary misery.


it would be cool to see Carol snap, go Binary, and annihilate everything she sees. Kinda hard to come back from that though.
>"we forgive you for destroying North America, it was broke as fuck anyway"

Misery and Carol Danvers are familiar friends. Misery is good for her, she reacts more and develops more as a character when she's miserable. If not, she gets bored and do stupid stuff out of boredom. She's a warrior that belongs in a battlefield - in conflict. Busiek understood that.

Then she and Wanda can be miserable together and be friends again.


>Then she and Wanda can be miserable together and be friends again.
lol. Looks like they are setting things up for the movies.

Misery is good for her, but as this user says , some events can be character-breaking. Wanda's just barely recovered from "No More Mutants."



Sounded like it's more of a shouting match.

Makes sense.

In a better comic, that would form the crux of their reconciliation--they have similar demons, and they begin to realize that this was is them reacting to grief with old coping mechanisms.

And then they handle the real villains.

Wendigos and Bigfoot?


Last Reed-run storytime is up.

just Wendigos. The hairy dude is Porcupine, a z-list villain Jessica Drew rehabbed. He's essentially her sidekick and babysitter now.

Guys dont worry; Carol still has a spider waifu out there!

To my knowledge, Peter hasn't switched sides; nor has he appeared in the main story since Issue #1 of CW2. I also think there was a panel of him coming out of the shower in the recent issues; but it could've been someone else.

It'd be a real fucking shame if Pete didn't learn his lesson from the first civil war if he switches sides to "help" Miles

He lose weight?

B..but Peter and Carol is more like a Big sis-Lil Bro relationship.

And the attraction's been one sided mostly.





And right on the tail of the movie producers saying that they're simplifying her origin...

I can't help but wonder if this all part of the plan... Like they're setting Carol up for the same required reset that Tony got when the Iron Man film did gangbusters... but doing it in the most asinine reverse-engineer way possible...