Follow artist because of their fanart of some fotm show I'm into

>follow artist because of their fanart of some fotm show I'm into
>they stop and start making art of their oc characters Idgaf about
>suddenly followers spring up and know every oc character by name and personality
>completely lost on the stories and comics being made
just go back to drawing teenage robot you fucking cuckold

>artist draws things I don't like
>doesn't take my request

Fucking faggot.

You already have enough of these threads on /trash/, complaining about random fanartists isn't Cred Forums related.

neither is anime or live action but it's always here
truth hurts doesn't it
>inb4 delete

>the "artist doesnt do what I want them to do waaah!!" thread

This is a good thing

I get that artists can draw whatever they want, but it's always dumb when they bitch "why don't people like art of my original characters as much as they do my fanart of well-known, actually famous characters"

>focuses on his own creations rather than feeding someone else's FotM long after the month has passed

then they are asking to be in unfollowed if they ignore the audience that made them popular in the first place

Except it looks like the artist OP is talking about is actually getting followers for their original content.

OP is just a baby.


I dare you to give us a name

Not OP but I'm 95% sure he's talking about Dabble at dabble-draws

it's Henry you losers

The Zootopia trash thread's a serviceable example. Can't fap here, bombarded with Zistopia and Roleplay crap for dozens of "*user" also-rans there.

Eh, I completely understand not wanting to draw the same shit and try to find your own calling.
I know a KP and DP fanart dude who does other shit now, and that's fine.

TJ "Henry" Yoshi?

Herny isn't making any "stories and comics" with his OCs and has stated multiple times that he's drawing all the girls again in October like always, stupid

then I guess op is taking about dabble

>Pepe the Frog is now a hate symbol according to the Anti-Defamation League

>start making art of their oc characters Idgaf about
die in a fire
good, the trash removes itself. Maybe to you it seems whoring one's self out for one fan's obsession exclusively is more rewarding than one's own creations. It isn't though

>follow artist
>they go on an autistic fit of rage and delete everything
>they come back a few months later and act like nothing happened

>follow artist
>they lead halfway across town
>I can't find my way back
god damn it why did I do this