>435: "See Ya Later"

Just the one page this time.

We suspiciously did not get an answer as to whether or not Allison touched her dick.

I don't think he touched his dick while dying

Oh, he said "ding dong" not "dying dong"

So, in two days everyone is going to break out of hell.

Good to know.

Watch Pasqualo's dad actually be in Heaven because a) he was smart enough to be the only person who knew God hated people touching their dicks and b) wanted to be as disconnected from the act of conceiving his son as physically possible.

So heaven is full of vampire women and men without arms at all?

>ywn touch ally's dick

I'd rather touch Trisssh's

>it's another "god is an uproariously uptight shithead going against basically everything in the new testament" episode

i have only a tiny exposure to theology but this always seems so cliche whenever i see it

If Trisssh has a dick it's probably covered in spines and spits corrosive poison.

That's exactly why it interests me, user

>spits corrosive poison.
she just needs to stop eating asparagus on purpose

but you know she never will

and you know you don't want her to

Well fuck, who ISN'T going to hell at this point?

wait a second
>aurora presumably is in heaven, or at least didn't go to hell
>was outside during the day time, a lot

thats probably why the first layer isn't terrible
because the devil isn't an asshole

Aurora was never a human, or whatever kind of living creature counts, to begin with

While this did explain why Hell seems like such a normal place (literally everyone goes there), I have to admit this comic didn't sit right with me. It's either pointlessly stupid (and now canon, since Tubsy presumably knows what he's talking about), or just wrong, which also makes no sense.

Now I love the concept, and its pretty funny in a Douglas Adams kind of way, but it sort of fucks with the LORE.

Trust in Gob man. He blends stupid shit with emotionally heavy shit all the time. Hell, the very last comic before this one was a legitimately touching comic about Pasqualo thinking about Hershey Park

Gob, if you're here, is this comic ending soon, or is this just another arc?

I think he said this is the last chapter, a chapter could be any length though

>IT HURTS!! could end at any moment

>He blends stupid shit with emotionally heavy shit all the time.
Sounds like I really should start reading this. Been checking out these threads but never gotten to really read it. Oh well, might as well, Cred Forums really knows the best kind of autistic shit that's entertaining.

Act 6 was the "last act" of Homestuck

Something makes me think that all this shit is connected.

The nonsensical apocalypse, the angel girl showing up for just this one sad little sack of a cyborg, the Devil, everyone showing up in hell, etc.

It feels like everything that's happened up to now has been an excuse to bring things up to the current point with Pasq and the gang all in Hell.

It Hurts is actually really good. It's decent fare with shit art and great writing up til comic 100, which is where the DEEPEST LORE kicks in and shit goes to a 10 and really doesn't stop.

Yeah getting all the hype here. I was checking out the last thread too with the whole page with Pasquelo but I was too drunk to do anything. That one really sold me but I forgot but now that I saw this I remembered again.

i wanna fug ally

I'd say 2 more chapters including this one we're in. Each chapter with 1 main arc. Things COULD change though. I hope you guys enjoy what's to come :)

So if you chop off a dude's ding dong at birth, he's guaranteed going to heaven!

Oh fuck, thanks for the answer Gob. Here's hoping the last chapter isn't a really short joke chapter which, though I find them funny, would be kind of a bummer as the last chapter.

Oh shit, that means shit about to ramp up


> He doesn't know
Ally fuggs you

>shit art

I'd say it's stylistic, like, I've seen art similar looking to Gob's that just gets shot wrong, be it anatomy or perspectives or backgrounds or something. Plus Gob puts work in occasionally to break style and make a page look really good.

Act 6 was twelve acts long

For those of you guys who followed Homestuck and were really into it, how was the ending? Was it satisfying emotionally?

I hope to pull off a good, good ending to this silly thing. :D

I don't think ANYONE who was invested in Homestuck still cared after the years long hiatus.

It was beautifully animated yet answered almost nothing. Many characters and plot threads were completely ignored. The last stretch of the comic before the ending sequence began was full of out of character writing, not even touching the bullshit effects of the retcons.

In short, it managed to do the impossible and simultaneously disappoint and somewhat enrage the entire fandom (or whatever was left after the endless series of hiatuses).

I could go on about it, but I'm not the best at putting all my feelings about it into words, even five months later. If you're ever truly curious about it, you could go through the archives, but there's not much point in doing so.

But really, you're doing great so far Gob. You've set up some good shit, but it doesn't feel like you're about to loose control of a million ideas or get burned out on your work. The reason the "Is this the new Homestuck" shitpost gets propagated is that the character interactions remind us of the better times, when Hussie still knew how to write his own characters, when it was just some kids fucking around with each other, yet still getting across that they cared for each other. There is on some level a vague plot similarity, but not in a bad way at all.

Keep doing what you do Gob!

So, is this the new homestuck?[\spoiler]

Okay, so since I know you haven't read Homestuck, its hard to tell if you're making a joke or not Gob.

The long hiatus hurt the fandom a lot, but I stuck through it. Collide (the biggest flash and penultimate flash of the series) make me legit tear up, as it was a culmination of a bunch of plot points resolving after years. The ending was breathtaking, but left so many loose ends, so many questions unanswered and characters undeveloped, that it was kind of heart breaking. Mainly because have all these seemingly random loose ends tie themselves together into some sweet plot twist, or the big reveals of lasting questions, and the development and interactions of the character was what made Homestuck as amazing as it was.

So basically - make everything answered, in a way that can blow our minds and show how far this comic has really gone. You've managed to do it so far, and like and has said, it reminds me of homestuck, with all the subtle hints and interactions. Keep at it Gob.

Thank you so much!!

I really enjoyed the earlier parts of Honestuck. Maybe one day I'll re-read it from the beginning.

I hope that what I have planned makes people feel emotionally satisfied. I've read a lot of not-so-great comic endings so I plan to really try hard. (as hard as I can)

Jesus. It's just my daily joke post m8

You've put us on an emotional rollercoaster through this Gob, and I know you're gonna take us through to the finish. I figure it'd be better to end on an emotionally satisfying ending rather than just a punchline, and I know you're capable of it - some of the arc enders have touched close to what I could hope for an ending.

And this is all assuming you have an ending planned out, of course.

I'm glad its become a lasting thing.

no, people say that because this comic takes place after the previous comic, goddammit, but the original pasquallo got reincarnated into the mom we know now, because of her proclamation of wanting to kill god and satans reaction to it. this is somewhat similar to the idea of the scratch sessions, having the kid(s) swap place with their true parents after the previous session was deemed unwinable. of course this is just a fan theory i seen so im talking out of my ass here.

yeah this. homestuck had many years of pure content that outweighs every other web comic on a daily average even with all the hiatus combined over the years no questions asked. it use to update almost daily and it was a good ride, but it became huge and convoluted. it hurts has a good steady pace and deepest lore, but not bloated and always keeps me guessing. just keep on doing what you do gob.

Yeah between "LETS KILL EVERYONE LOL" and this the comic's losing me.

Yeah I do have it planned out. I've thrown crazy wrenches in my own plans before though hehe

Well its I think its just godproxy.exe. I mean, Pasq literally punches God in the face before, so its more of an up for grabs situation rather than your usual "devils are good angels are evil" jrpg plot twist.

Hey, I believe in you Gob

Just kill everyone and say "the end"

Shit! You already did that.

All the better

Wait a minute
>act 6 was 12 acts long
>act 6, 12 acts
>6, 12
Son of a bitch, he did it again

Just fucking kill me now.


All I want is an Aurora / Trisssh sandwich - is that too much to ask for in an ending?

>ywn cuddle with Trisssh


Aurora is such a great character. It's so rare you see a better than anybody, saintlike nice character be both likable and have actual depth to them.

I want to run my hands over Aurora's rolling hills and plow her grassy valley, IYKWIM