Do you think Steven Universe as a show would have benefited if CN didn't give Rebecca Sugar any restrictions...

Do you think Steven Universe as a show would have benefited if CN didn't give Rebecca Sugar any restrictions, and just let her make her vision?

Steven universe would benefit hugely if Steven wasn't the main character but instead was someone competent

>>I don't watch the show
He's hugely competent, he was only shit in s1.


It would have been ugly as sin and ugly shows don't sell
>inb4 adoihoi su is ugly as fuck
No, it's objectively appealing and the characters get cuter and sexier every season. Because cute and sexy sells.

Steven is competant, even in season 1 he was usually the voice of reason and fixing the others' mistakes.

but that doesn't mean he's not an annoying pussy bitch

No, but I don't like the show as is so my idea of improvement is doing a 180 anyway

The style of the pilot and concept art creeps me out, uncanny valley stuff. I would definitely not be watching if it still looked like that

The fan base would definately be a different group of people

It's a collaborative work and that's a strength. Rebecca's good for keeping the show focused, but it benefits from others input.

It would simply be different.

Sometimes editors help the material. Sometimes they don't. There's no telling which way the wind will blow

>gem tits
Ofcourse it would user


Sugars original designs were fit for comics not cartoons
Not that there is a single good thing to say about stevwn universe animation
Hell I wish it was a comic first so they got to expand both the gem and human plots right and then got adapted into an action/adventure cartoon instead of a mess

actually I wonder why do they look for shitty online animators to pitch them a bad pilot instead ofooking at comics with an already developed plot and world to adapt into a cartoon?

Like the pilot episode? The style was soo shit.

can someone link me the mega directory for the episodes download? came back from holiday and need to watch the last few episodes to keep up with the news

Name one show that is proof this is ever a good idea.

Probably The Clone Wars. It started out shit but Lucas money kept CN busy at bay while the show's budget and production increased tremendously.

worked so well for starwars...

The preq being you have to be stupid rich and be able to fund part of your own show.

Can I get the mega links for the new episodes?

I'm assuming Rebecca is still heavily involved and has no problem with the current direction. Steven Universe is fucking up because it needed to tell it's fucking story and have an end date in stone. There is no reason we aren't on Homeworld yet in the 4th season. The plot should have been kicked into motion after Jailbreak. We should have had Steven being picked up by Homeworld at the end of Bubbled, which was where I thought we were going. Rebecca is drawing this out too long, and I really see SU being AT-tier soon. As much as I enjoyed the LOooBC episode, I would have liked something plot relevant too. Also, no one fucking cares about Onion.

They are in the /trash/ thread