Good Cartoons for Babies?

What are some good high quality cartoons to show babies? I'm particularly looking for something that is both good for child development and won't annoy the fuck out of the parents. Asking for a friend.

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Little Bear

Cool thank you very much. I remember that one.

Have you tried Hey Kids?


What the hell.

Look at what kids shows non-commercial broadcasters show. Those usually aren't completely awful.

This is a good tip. Thank you. Are there any stations you recommend in particular? I've checked out CBC and PBS.


PBS is usually my go-to channel.

Captcha: Child Care Center

Phineas and Ferb


Thanks for all the help so far everybody.

Here's a small list that I've made up so far. Anything that should be added or taken out?

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers
Curious George
Daniel Tiger
Little Bear
Magic School Bus
Peppa Pig
Phineas and Ferb
Reading Rainbow
Sesame Street
Shaun the Sheep
The Adventures of Tintin
The Berenstain Bears
The Smurfs
Tiny Toon Adventures
Winnie the Pooh

this is a good cute show. I jackoff to this show. Callie makes my dick hard

Don't know how I forgot about this one. Thanks.

Jelly Jamm.

Also, I'm just looking at your list, and it seems to be covering a lot of cartoons that I would not recommend for babies.

>Chip n' Dale
>Phineas and Ferb
>Tiny Toons

These I would not recommend until at least age 4+.


I would cross this one off your list. Between my own experience, and speaking with many mothers (while working in a book store), the Caillou book series is fine, but the cartoon series seems to make Caillou solve all his problems by whining, and he's a poor role model for children.

This. Take Caillou the fuck out of there.

Blue's Clues


Peg + Cat
Pocoyo (narration by steven fry? Yes please)
Bubble Guppies
Yo Gabba Gabba (mixed media, theres a lot of live action but the show is great)

Oh, original Powerpuff Girls

Jesus christ please not Cailou. I keep having to tell my kid not to baby talk like that autistic little shit.

The Lion Guard, even if I feel it doesn't deserve it's baby-show status. Disney says it is and that's all that matters.

Not many baby shows are 22 minutes long.

My toddler watches
Curious George
Super Why
Thomas and friends
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Is decent but was going after the Thomas the tank engine money

It Did have a thick Asian chick with short hair that hits my buttons.

Fuck yeah, I love this. It's just great animated fun with the right amount of mischief.

Also, sometimes I watch it in Spanish, the original version.

I also used to think Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was a disgrace to the character. Then I watched it in Spanish and was amazed at how accessible it felt. It must be great for babies, and anyone who never got fluent in English despite learning it.

Beatbugs. Each 15 min episode is inspired by and features a Beatles song.

Not sure if this counts as Cred Forums, but LazyTown can sometimes be interesting to watch.

and it's powered by Unreal Engine 3, so that's cool.

any thicker pics?

Sadly, not many

I noticed the other day at feeding time.

Sarah & Duck
Puffin Rock (studio behind song of the sea and Kellis)

Oswald and Blue's Clues were super fun to watch. So was Bear in the Big Blue House.

My sister introduced me to this one. She cut the cable a while back, and just downloads shows for her kids now. But, she often stumbles on shows on Youtube, which was how she found Badnamu.

Badanamu's a series of educational kids songs set to CG music videos that are cute enough to keep the kids entertained, and catchy enough that you'll probably find yourself humming some of them later.

He like Mickey Mouse Clue house and Alvin and the Chipmunks

I fucking hate Cailou, I am glad my toddler does not like it. The whinny tone of that kid is grating.

Also fuck Nature Cat. I hate that pro-environmental bullshit. Anti Valentines day episode annoyed the shit out of me.

I'm not a fan of Toopey and Binoo. I'm ok with the idea of introducing kids to homosexual characters, but Toopey is so over-the-top fruity, and in such an irritating manner, that it's almost an insult to gays and straights alike.

Don't let them watch Daniel Tiger's neighborhood, it's a blatant allegory to the teachings of Karl Marx.

Isn't it supposed to be based off of Mr. Rogers? I'm having trouble believing anything connected to Mr. Rogers could be that bad.

It is based off of it, but the light communist tones from the original are rammed in hardcore in this.

It'a also annoying as fuck (with the characters repeating phrases over and over) and lacks the charm of Mr. Roger's neighborhood.

>blatant allegory to the teachings of Karl Marx

Fucking what?

Character's refer to each other as "neighbor" and not their names.

Most lessons are centered around doing things for the good of the whole at the expense of the individual (not just shit like "sharing is good", but "if you need that last lump of clay to finish your model but your friend needs clay and you used slightly more clay they deserve it unquestioningly.") The king kid is treated in a mocking light, and is usually called out for being selfish and egotistical.

Well, I'll take your word for it, but you sound kind of like the same sort of alarmist that claimed that The Smurfs were advocating Communism.

The smurfs kind of were, but not in a bad way.

My communism bit is just a joke that is eerily supported. The show itself is fairly low quality.

Watership down was one of my favorites as a child.

Both of my kids love this show, and it's not as annoying as some of the other shows.

Why do babies have so fucking awful taste in enterntainment?

Ah yes, good clean, wholesome fun.

Puffin Rock is the comfiest shirt ever, and the design is pretty well done so adults won't get bored out of their minds.

I could use a good, comfy shirt. Do they come in XXL?

It's stop motion, but The Clangers. It got a reboot recently. The original was pretty charming.


And let's not forget Little Einsteins. A great way to introduce the little ones to art and music.

>Is decent but was going after the Thomas the tank engine money
It was made by people who used to work on the early 2000s episodes (and not the classics) when the writing went to shit and was re-geared towards selling toys, so that should say something.