Voltron: Legendary Defender

New Let's Voltron podcast out featuring voice director Andrea Romano. LetsVoltron.com/74

She mostly just talks about working in the voice acting industry and how things work, but she does mention a few interesting things. She implied that season 2 was made concurrently with season 1 in 26 episodes but that Netflix only released the first 13 (11, as 1-3 were one.)

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Neat. I love Andrea Romano. She's worked on so many fantastic shows and seems to be an incredible voice director.

Few interesting things about Voltron, I should specify. Her shit about the industry as a whole is also very interesting

Gotta love lice

Mice vs Lice
Who would win

Lice obviously

It seems she's slowing down and getting close to retirement. She's been taking less and less gigs when she used to be everywhere before.

Isn't she in her 60s? Only fair. Semi-retirement but still working for shows she wants

>She implied that season 2 was made concurrently with season 1 in 26 episodes
So basically annoying klance fans whining will have no affect on season 2? Good news

They should renew it for another two seasons korra style.

I think they are contracted for six. I don't know why they made two at once. Maybe cheaper if they knew they were going to make it anyway to do a lot in one go

gotta love the mice


Sheith is cute. Cute!!

too cute

Here you go. A convenient list of Sheith fans to follow. How nice of them to advertise them and connect sheith fans

It's basically one regular season order at a time. It's nothing new. It's just that Netflix now splits them in half.

Everyone in past threads have been assuming that they were currently working on season 2.

The cutest

You guys do realize that if any of these ships do happen your just going to end up hating them like korrasami?

I hope they all happen then, in that case.

How could anyone hate this comfy ship. I guess characters actually liking each other isn't a good enough reason to ship.

Netflix might call it season 2 because of the release timing, even if it's not considered season 2 in production. It makes a lot of sense to me to split the seasons up so we get a new batch every ~6 months, rather than a larger batch once a year.

I think I'd even prefer it if they released in bundles of 8, so they could be every 4 months. That might be kinda pushing it, though.

I don't hate korrasami. I wish it was developed more, but it's cute

On the other hand, it means that if Klance *does* wind up happening(god I hope not, but still), then it was their original vision and not due to fan pressure. Works both ways.

I'd start to like it if Keith was Galra, because then it'd appeal to my xenofaggotry/furfaggotry. As of right now, it doesn't appeal to me aesthetically. People who actively hate it have way too much time on their hands though.

>bundles of 8
Oh that's not a bad idea

People are already starting in on the hate for most likely canon pairing, Keith x Allura.

>sheith backstory confirmed
>initial staff comments only alluded to sheith
>Shiro/Keith and Lance/hunk split up

>season 2 already finished when season 1 was released
>Season 2 will have Shiro and Keith flashbacks + garrison flashbacks
>Josh Keaton saying Shiro was probably a student when they were freshmen
>They would know from the get go if Shiro was an instructor


As long as it's written well.

Those people are mostly butthurt Klancefags.

>ywn get to squeeze Shiro's fat tiddies

I just wish they would just "add" to actually seasons instead of calling each batch a season. They used to do that with the other Dreamworks shows.

Sheithfags don't like it but for the most part are against people hating and harassing fans of it

I dunno, calling each new batch a season probably makes it clearer to people that there's new episodes(when you're working with a format like Netflix). I'm guessing they have their reasons for doing it the way they do.


But I can squeeze my daki.


Bottom/little spoon Shiro is best Shiro.

Indeed. cropped because I don't wanna be banned

>Catboy ears.

it's keith's fetish
shiro is just trying to support his wishes

Consider please: Galra Shiro.

Of course Keith would have the most pleb of fetishes. Does he also like maid outfits?


Piro is best ship, plebs.

Needs more robot.


That's one slutty and gay looking Keith.

...Why is that Shiro a nigger?


He might be Philippino.

What the fuck am I even looking at?

I like slut Keith

Keith in a croptop tries to eat extra beefcake Shiro's burger, gets hit.

What's the point of making fanart if you're not gonna try to draw the characters looking even remotely like themselves?

I think I've seen this artist before.

Don't they draw every single character as some kind of tranny or nigger?

Failed hamburger theft

>Say he's not Japanese
>He has a Japanese name

His parents were weeaboos.

Okay so explain to me why half of this entire fandom is now on a gigantic witch hunt list going around.

>ywn have Keith offer to suck you and a friend off behind a dive bar.


The sluttiest

It's either because of sensitive triggered babies who should reconsider being on the internet if they're so delicate or because klancer antis think if they run off every Shiro ship, their ship will have to become canon.

They look Lilo and Stitch characters

Will we have a shorty muscle slut come in and woo Allura



I saw a fuckton of people talking about it on twitter, everyone seems really mad about it. Is this new thing much worse than before or.

>Lance talks like a slut but is a virgin
>Keith talks like a virgin but is a slut

Afaik that list has been around for a while but now big name sheith artists have found out about it and are turning it into a joke

Is shipping just poison for a fanbase?

Some Klance/Lancefag artists are on the shit list so I've seen them pissed about this too

We can probably look forward to some cast or crew member saying something about it. Think they might put out a PSA at NYCC?

Who even decided what triggering content was in the first place?

These kids are getting in some great training for when they become concerned PTA members.

I used to think so but whatever this is is a hundred times worse, maybe they're shippers pissed at rival ships but I just looked at the list and things like shiro x shiro is on it as bad along with shiro x captor and any nsfw content at all of any characters and just people who are okay with ships they don't like even if they don't even ship it. I don't know what this is I don't get it, it's not even about liking something but some crazy social justice campaign against everyone on earth

also every fan artist is a "whitewasher" and a racist and a bunch of other ists why are fan artists all Nazis from Cred Forums

the list is like 300 people long and growing now. since twitter is going nuts maybe the crew will address it like for Steven Universe but I don't see what good it will do they seemed to ignore that

It wasn't that bad back when shipping was a shameful thing you did on a newsgroup.

Harry Potter was the turning point. I blame kids starting to infiltrate fandom in bigger numbers compared to back in the day when you had to at least pretend you were an adult.

also the "whitewashers" looked like they all just eyedropped the characters so having the characters have the same shade skin as the show is racist? and rule 63 is offensive? is this just the suicide thing from steven universe again but with hundreds of artists instead of one

Voltron is Dreamworks' last hope. I'm sure if there was a legal way to do it, they'd be issuing takedown notices on anything that could remotely fuck up its fandom.

I was thinking the same thing.

If only one of those hundreds of artists was a lawyer with a specialism in libel.


Is it strange Shiro fanart time?




This is the single stupidest and most awful thing I've seen from any fandom.



Safe spaces were a mistake.


I hope these crybabies trigger themselves into an early grave.

wow Shiro, Keith is just checking you for lumps, no need to get upset



Luckily it's turning the entire anti-sheith movement into a joke. Probably the best thing that could've happened to sheith fans




He would be the expert.

Got mine signed today

Keith's secret network of daddies, eh.

It's a galra thing.

Awesome, how was the signing?

It was cool. Got free pins and the third issue. Both guys were awesome and nice. The fans we're kinda weird, smelly people.

>weird and smelly fans
I can buy that


Off model as fuck.

Lance confirmed for Trump voter.

That reminds me: Did we ever storytimed the third comic?

Nope, just 1 and 2.

Y'know I'm starting to feel glad that I never really see any drama from this fandom, outside of you guys talking about how tumblr is losing their shit.

I'm confused, what's happening?

Voltron fandom every place but tumblr is cool but on tumblr Voltron is right down there with Steven Universe stupidity with a fighting chance to be even worse.

Just someone on tumblr made another list of people to shun but this time it's hundreds of people and growing so the entire fandom is on their naughty list. Twitter mostly seems to be laughing at it though since it's gotten so ridiculous it can't be taken seriously anymore. If everyone is a pedophile, no one is a pedophile.

There's a smug teenager hanging out in their bedroom in the midwest right now expecting to be elevated to BNF status by the time they wake up tomorrow thanks to the handy list they spent months getting just right.


I like how the Voltron fandom only list has some stuff about Gravity Falls characters on it for no reason at all.

I won't post any more about drama here but it is extremely funny. Almost makes me wonder if the list is a troll. Probably not.

And thank you shippers for ruining it


From what I saw on the mod's personal Tumblr, they were "shaking and crying" over having the wrath of the majority of the fandom brought down on them. Unfortunately, it looks like a few dumbasses are patting her on the back.

Jesus, how the hell does somebody like that function in the real world?

I thought the skirt was little Marvin the martian legs from the thumbnail.




And you just know they have no idea what they did wrong. Nothing will be learned from this.

This is an embarrassing question, but are these storytimes archived somewhere? I've been away for a long time, and it looks like desustorage is no more.


You just know they'd lose their shit if someone put them on a list made up of uptight fandom crybabies too.

They bit off more than they could chew this time around and I'm glad about that. Kinda hard to suicide bait 300 people at the same time. And even particularly dense teenagers might think "hmm, that sure is a lot of people, maybe I should look into this and not take this anonymous anti's word for it."

Holy fuck link pls?

I didn't even realize the third one had come out. If 1 and 2 are anything to go on, it won't be anything special, but I still hope some kind user storytimes it eventually.

Why do I never feel sorry for these guys when they stalk and harass people and then start shaking/crying when the fandom gets upset with them? It's like you randomly go up to a little kid and start punching him in the face to take his lunch money and then cry and cry when he finally socks you back or when people around you just say, "Hey now, you stop that."

My favorite comeback is "I'M A MINOR. STOP HARASSING ME!"

I think it had an early release at the signing. It's not on digital release yet

Yeah I was there. I tried to stay away from these people. It hurt my soul seeing this

twitter.com/amzorz/status/781341352432848896 Tim looks dead inside

Aw, I missed the weird Shiro art dump.

Is this dolphin porn

Dude, I don't even know. Dolphins should have at least 10x more rape, right?


I hope we get to see Galra children in the future.

Me too.
They'd best be cute as hell.

Korrasami has the problem of being an obvious late-minute decision. If Sheith happens then there's enough in-universe setup for it to not feel like it was pulled out of their asses.

desustorage is now desuarchive.

Wide release next week.

Voltron Twitter is pretty fucking cancerous, probably more so than Tumblr because it's easier to hide there.

This. But t b h twitter is just an extension of Tumblr in regards to fandom nowadays

I assume this is Bill Cipher related. Are they making fun of Gravity Falls drama or enacting it? Hard to tell anymore.

Actually you're just in time for round 2.

>ywn date Shiro and kiss him passionately when he proposes then fuck him so full on the wedding night

Pretty sure they're making fun of people who see triangle shipping as a very serious problem/issue worthy of countless PSAs and warnings. Not sure what it has to do with Voltron but apparently the list of VLD people to be afraid of included people who shipped Bill for some reason with nothing additional from Voltron fandom. Twitter couldn't figure out what the fuck that was doing on there and found it hilarious especially if they were hearing about the scary dangerous triangle shippers for the first time.

Shiro with his fringe pinned back does things to me that I can't explain or stop.

The difference between them and us is, every last person in that picture is being social and enjoying themselves

Could he even wear white to the wedding?

this thread is gay

It's down now. For some reason a Hance fan got put on the list even though they don't draw Shiro at all.


I figured it would be the breast fetishists first.

Of course he could, Shiro is a wonderful bride that you would never be ashamed to have! He'd just be wearing a slutty red thong, bra and matching plug underneath through the whole affair. To suit his true nature.

buhleted huh

OH WAIT if you ask they'll send it to you privately hmm.

Hance is bad too? of course. I hear some Klance shippers got on it just for having "suggestive" or "fetish" Klance drawings and that some people were just on there with "nsfw" as what they'd done wrong (drawing it? reblogging it?) or "does not ship shiro with anyone but think it is okay to."

I think what got everyone laughing this time was just how many people were on it with more being added each day and the wide net cast, at some point you just write "be sure to blacklist everybody on tumblr for being a racist abusive homophobic misogynist child molester" and you call it a day, what happens to salem when you hang everyone and there's no one left to do the hanging

How pure could he still be after the whole Galra affair, though?

kek there are multiple lists going around and voltron director Chris Palmer is on one and other people from the voltron crew, so funny

That's hilarious.

Some people got on it for not drawing Hunk fat enough or coloring Lance dark enough. Another got crapped on because the list keeper thought they responded too aggressively to their SJW bait.

Is Bex Taylor-Klaus on any of them too?

Why do they even bother watching and staying in the fandom when they find the creators themselves so "problematic"? ?

I can't wait for that to be canon so everyone can cry and make up dumb excuses.

It gives them something to feel superior about.

It's so fucking stupid it is funny. There's a few hundred people, maybe a few thousand who eat up all of this without question no matter how ludricrous it gets, no matter a total lack of evidence or how wild the claim. Then, even on a site as immature as tumblr, there are hundreds of thousands of people who think they're all idiots. Mostly it's entertaining but it sucks that they have gotten a lot of artists and writers to stop making things at all or to stop making anything they disagree (or well, to try to kill themselves) with and to apologize when they didn't even do anything. That's obnoxious.

What I don't understand why these people just don't use tumblr savior and blacklist the shit they don't want to see. It's a lot less trouble than starting all this witch hunt bullshit.

>look at thumbnail
>Oh shit, wounded cyborg Shiro? That could actually be pretty co-
>more gay shit
I don't know why I bother opening these threads anymore.

I'm a fujo and all, but the excess of Shiro homoposting is very tiresome. Didn't the Shiroposters cause some kind of drama in the Cred Forums gay thread?

And before anyone says anything, I don't have a favorite character in Voltron yet, though I think Heith is best pair.

So is it possible to have a Voltron thread about the actual show and not shipping?
Just wondering

This is all I want, even if it is the same conversation, it's better than the shipshit.

Thank you. Sorry for any trouble.

The OP was actually podcast news lol

It genuinely makes me sad. I really like this show and am looking forward to next season but it sucks that every single thread is just ship ship ship.

You may not be able to keep the shippers from posting, but you can bring up conversations of your own. Anything in particular you want to talk about?

Come up with a topic.

>What I don't understand why these people just don't use tumblr savior and blacklist the shit they don't want to see.
They don't get to play the victimization card and elevate themselves above others that way.

Well it's a topic that has been discussed before, but let's go with Alfor, and what he did in the past, and if he was a paladin or not.

Also makes me wonder, if Coran was sort of an advisor, wouldn't he know a lot more about the past than Allura? He just plays as the goofy dumbass old man role, when he's knows a lot more than he lets on.

Will they show up again?

How bout Voltron, you know the actual robot. One of the things I love about this new version is that the power of Voltron seems limited only by the potential of the paladin. Like when Keith formed that massive cannon out of nowhere. What else is Voltron really capable of?

Do you think the sword Keith unleashed was the same as Blazing Sword, or will we see that later?

Did Keith form a cannon? I only remember Hunk using his Paladin weapon (apologies, for got the name of them) to create a cannon on Balmera to fight that robeast...

Regardless, yeah. I have a feeling some interesting combos can be made by using their collective resources.

I'd put my money on "yes".

I hope its not
The blazing sword is iconic as fuck. The current sword is just a sword so I'm really hoping that we'll get the actual blazing sword at some point.

I'd be very disappointed if it did turn out to be the blazing sword. It's just too plain, and it doesn't seem to pierce all too well.

Since Zarkon had the black bayard and had all kinds of weapons, do you think they'll eventually get that Ivy whip sword?

Yep, that's why I hate this artist. They don't look fucking anything like the characters they're supposed to be.

Interesting thing was that the paladin weapons seemed to share this power, Zarkon was able to manifest a lot of weapons that the don't match the current paladin weaponry.

I wouldn't be surprised if Voltron has a LOT more abilities and ends up having some kind of super galaxy destroying weapon that is the reason Zarkon wants it so badly.

Calling it that the blazing sword ends up being one of the most powerful abilities and they use it only in the season finale or something.

I think Zarkon showed what a fully realize paladin is capable of. Ideally I would like to think that each paladin is capable of the same level of control over their bayards once they reach their full potential

I bet blazing sworld will involve all the paladins to input their bayards at the same time.

Whoa think of the possible weapon combos! Two bayard combo, three bayard, four!

My bet is it's formed with the Black Bayyard(however you spell it) and just like the black lion combines the powers of the others to form Voltron, the black paladin weapon will combine all of their weapons to form the blazing sword.

My bet is that the whip sword will be Pidge's weapon, because it is similar to Pidge's weapon's grappling feature and yet makes sense on a giant robot scale.
From what I remember, the Paladin's bayards respond to their subconscious and personalities to make their weapons. It stands to reason that it is possible they could gain control over the bayards and change their weapons to suit the situation. Like Glitch from Reboot.


Is the preview for the second half of season one out yet?

>>So basically annoying klance fans whining will have no affect on season 2?

>tfw the tumblrinas who want Pidge to be a polymemegendered tranny won't have an effect on season 2 either

There was a series of images that outlined why "antis" do this kind of stuff. I don't have it on hand, but the jist of it is that bad stuff in fiction "normalizes" the bad thing, making people think it's ok to do in real life. So writing about raep or drawing rape, leads to more rapes IRL. If you draw a dark skinned character slightly lighter than normal, the Ku Klux Klan will become the leading political party and lynch everyone, if you draw some guy smooching a loli it'll lead to America turn into a pedo paradise.

Conversely, since these people have such a strong belief in the power of media upon society, they push very hard for "representation", believing it'll lead to widespread tolerance of those they want to represent (ethnic minorities, gender minorities, etc.)

So it's not just enough to protect themselves from offending material, they have to actively stop it from being made or publicly available in order to protect others.

tl;dr: "fiction affects reality" reyagainstreylo.tumblr.com/post/131601922067/hi-shippers

Lance will be last to form a weapon during their fight for the black bayard.

Where can I watch the s02 trailer?

Literally meme magic

Didn't one of the writers say something about how his bayard will have more to evolve into? Sniper Lance confirmed?

It'd be cool to see Voltron with a giant planet busting sniper rifle.

So if Shiro gets his bayard back, what do you think it's regular state will be? I think it may be another sword.


A dildo.

What if he doesn't need one? I mean if I were Haggar I'd give him a tech arm that can turn into a makeshift dildo for sure.

Ahaha, deleted!
Anyone saved that list? I'm curious to see what these people consider "toxic".

>another thread of Sheithfag delusions

Klance is going to happen. Accept it now or die in torment when your creepy ship gets sunk. You have, at most, one more season to clutch your crazy to your hearts before you get BTFO by destiny.

ok buddy

So now that fujos have successfully stopped any chance at one of their ships becoming canon, are we going to talk about how Haggar's apparently got a huge backstory coming up?

Did they take it down because it got featured on Cred Forums?

If so, that's awesome.

So I'm trying to remember the whole timeline of Shiro's captivity with the Galrans.

We see him get captured by that Fish Galra guy, in the 1st episode Shiro recognizes Sendak's ship as being the ship he was taken to afterwards, and then in the 3rd episode he remembers his time in the arena.

Sendak's ship doesn't look big enough to contain such a massive arena, so he must've been transported from Fish Galra guy's ship to Sendak's ship to the arena. Do we have any more info on his captivity?

Why does Josh Keaton want Shiro to suffer so much?

I can't believe she's voice directed every post B:TAS Batman cartoon.

>however, the page still exists, so if you’re sensitive to problematic content and are looking to block as many people as possible in order to keep your dash as safe as possible, feel free to contact us privately and we’ll send you the link

You can just PM them if you want it so bad.

Now if only some triggered tumblrina would make a page of problematic PidgeXLance shippers so I can follow them and hopefully find some good fanfics, fanarts, and lewds.

>You can just PM them if you want it so bad.

I have a feeling I could be in this list myself, so I doubt they'll answer me.

Power Glove for Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken

Pic of Sendak's ship for reference.

cause we dont get hiatuses between episodes, its between seasons, there's nothing else to do

stupid question
can a guy be considered a fujo?
I thought it wwas a girls only thing
I mean, if youre a guy and like gay pairings youre just a faggot, no?

Only if you're self inserting

Fudanshi is the word you're looking for

fanart-rainbox is the only one I know of.
Guys can't be fujoshi because joshi means girl but you can be a fudanshi.

I'd bet all the change in my sofa that Alfor was formerly the yellow paladin.

I think he was probably the Allura role. Why wouldn't Allura mention that he was a paladin? Omitting Zarkon makes sense, but Alfor less so

>Voltron panel at NYCC

Are we gonna get some season 2 news finally? Also, since they're apparently doing 26 episodes at once and splitting them up into two seasons, do you think we should expect six month hiatuses?

Yeah they're going to show season 2 episode(s) and announce merch

>Omitting Zarkon makes sense,
I think it would've been pragmatic to let the team know they were going up against a former paladin.
>Alfor less so
I'm guessing that his involvement would have opened the door to questions about other former paladins and that those questions couldn't be answered just yet for story purposes. I wouldn't be surprised if it all comes out during the next season now that we've had the Zarkon reveal.

Also, what he's wearing looks a lot like paladin armor. The outfit Allura wears when doing her command stuff doesn't have any padding or plates to it.

>I think it would've been pragmatic to let the team know they were going up against a former paladin.

Or it could make them lose faith in the system. It's easier to portray the former paladins as grand heros and zarkon as blindly evil over viewing either side as having gray morality

I'm kinda hoping the next season will introduce a little bit more gray morality like that. Like planets that, while still subjugated by Zarkon, have also been improved with all the Galra tech they didn't have access to before.

Also perhaps someone recognizes Shiro as the Champion? There's bound to have been some sort of publicity of that. What if they run into a world that knew of Shiro's escapades in that bloodbath and instantly distrust Voltron due to that.


Just popping in the thread to ask a question.

I fucking love The Wonderful 101, will this be on that level?

No spoilers plz

Thanks pal.

Do you think the old paladin costumes were somewhat different? I wonder how the castle ship had them if the paladins were supposedly either all killed or lost. Unless it just printed out new ones.

It hasn't yet. Keyword being "yet". You should watch tho.

But danger is coming. Looming large.

Not even close. Voltron's not bad by any means but doesn't have even a fraction of its fuckyeahness.

Wait for Season 2 honestly, it got cut off midway in its upload to netflix. There's a fight near the end that gave me full on Platinum vibes.

Yeah, castle or whatever probably just made new uniforms for everyone. I can't imagine Zarkon bothering to turn his in after defecting.

What if his armor is his old Paladin one but corrupted due to quintessence. Otherwise,
>stole the bayard
>stole the armor
>Stole the slippers

Truly, a horrible dastard.

Maybe he spilled mustard down the front and decided to keep it since he wasn't going to get his deposit back.

cause from an acting stand point, it's kind of fun to play suffering.

I want just one canon scene of Zarkon relaxing in his ill gotten slippers.


Sendak a cute. CUTE!

i hope we learn something about that purple guard that helped voltron out

not the same in the slightest

>see that canon Shiro booty pic
>capical CC instantly makes me think THICC

I'm broken

That he is.

Whatever else season 2 brings to the table, I hope we get to see more Sendak. Even if it's just in flashbacks.

Not as great of a booty pic, but still.

dat ass is THYCC

I'm gonna be pissed if he doesn't come back in some way. It'll just feel like a massive waste of a character with a lot of potential to me.

Hopefully they won't just bring him back as a Robest to immediately job to Voltron too. He deserves more than that, he's too interesting a villain to throw away so soon.

IF his ears get bigger when he becomes a Robeast, will it be worth it?

No, but it will ease the pain, a little.

Still doesn't beat 3D Keith for canon booty.

I'm choosing to believe the Galra Empire is basically a never ending episode of the Office.

I don't know if you're the user that wants to lewd Sendak, but if you are how do you feel about those bottom Sendak pics where Zarkon's fucking him and he loves it. wew lad

Three dimensions, three times the thicc

I am in fact that user. And I was the one who found and posted those over on /y/. Fantastic artist, I hope she continues to draw more of him in the future. I am, in general, all for any lewd Sendak, especially if it's consensual. That non-con shit got old fast.


Oh excellent and thank you for posting them, just wanted to make sure they didn't go under someone's radar. Happy catbat is best catbat.

Sluttiest of cyborgs

If there are Sendak lewds, I will usually find them, eventually. My thirst is strong. Sometimes, I even request them when artists are nice enough to ask for requests.

Overall it's kind of like comparing apples to oranges, as 101 is allowed to get away with some off the wall nonsense because it fits the tone and, well, it's a game. However, if Legendary Defender's climax is half of 101's, then it will be a 10/10 show for me.

This is a reference to something. What?

The Warriors, bro.

The Warriors, that rockstar game on the PS2. :^)

Ki Hyun Ryu just posted this. Looks pretty cool.

I would be up for a limited comic series with their backstory or just space adventures.

I hope they come back. AyyGretchen Weiners has a really cute design.

>ywn ever see blushing Sendak
>ywn run your hands over those tiny ass legs

why live

>ywn be in a relationship with Sendak where you can actually tease his skinny legs and he won't punch you in the face
>ywn hear him moan as you fuck
>ywn fall asleep snuggled up against his furry chest, while he purrs loudly

>Sendak skips leg day
Boner killed

>Haggar's apparently got a huge backstory coming up
You have no idea how hard that announcement made me mang.

Teasing Sendak about skipping leg day just gives me more of a boner.

Shiro confirmed for having better thighs than Sendak.

Maybe he didn't skip leg day, maybe that's just as muscular as his species' legs get.

>WWN see Shiro strangle a Galra to death with his thighs

> ynw have a muscly boyfriend to dom ;_;

Prorok looked pretty thick.

>ywn be strangled to death with Shiro's thighs.

well the punishment was life sentence and not immeadiate execution, so there's a chance they'll screw over our beloved crew in the future

might have to wait awhile though

>Prorok looked pretty thick.

Yeah but he's pretty thicc in general. By large, the Galra seem to be pretty broad in the shoulders/chest/neck, but that could also be the armor they wear. Or it could be the art style, animation inconsistencies, or a million other things. Take your pick.


Could he secretly be Lotor?

Kinda doubt it. The galra we've seen don't have those giant yaoi clobber claws he does.

Looks like Meteor.

>ywn rest your head on Prorok's soft belly while watching Netflix

I'd rather rest my head on Sendak's tiddies, but Prorok's belly sounds nice too.

todorriko.tumblr.com/post/151129666933/do-you-realize-how-laughably-entitled-you-sound Imagine being this stupid




>not being able to grip n twist a nice handful of his soft hair as you breed his boypussy from behind and slap his ass with your free hand
Just not the same desu

Truly worse than Hitler.

Keith looks more Asian than post Galra rape Sheero. Pure Shiro looked pretty Asian but not anymore.

It made me realize, he is ugly without his mullet.

I want Keith to bear my children.

Shit meant for
Ah well.



Best taste. That way you can feel him purring.

I wonder if Sendak is dead.

I bet the tiddy fur is nice and soft too. I bet it'll tickle your nose.
Please don't say such cruel things, user.

Sendak is pretty cool and fluffy but I have a hard time seeing him being able to survive after being shot into space trapped in that pod.


A new addition to the list?

Eh, it's a cartoon. Crazier asspulls have happened. I'm thinking he'll be back, because it'd feel like a waste otherwise to kill him off so soon.

If Lotor shows up how strong are the chances of him having a harem?

His face is CUTE

In this political climate, only if it's a progressive harem.

Lotor!Keith and his gay bara harem?

Ah, what you said is very true user.
It would also be really anti-climatic for him to have died like that.
Let's hope he does come back to beat up the heroes again.

But would he want to bear your children?

I'm actually remaining optimistic about something in a show I like for a change. He just doesn't feel done for me, as a character. Maybe some passing ship will pick up his cryopod, who knows?

Only if we get best end

It's hotter if he doesn't

Why do I really enjoy the idea of these characters suffering more?

Post cute Galra keith

this is something I experience with quite a few series I enjoy, idk why


That Lance isn't covertly altean by any chance?

The galra should be able to track him too. He has that druid arm, and Haggar was shown to be able to sense or track or whatever that first robeast they sent after the paladins.


I bet baby Galrans feel like chinchillas and make kitten squeaks.

Some of the adults probably still feel like chinchillas too.

cute baby ayy prince

Would chinchilla soft galra adults be made fun of the same way kids in high school who still look like preteens are made fun of?

Geez, it's been a while. Anyone want to request a fic?

Yes. Someone tried to bully Sendak once for having baby soft fur, but after the beating he gave them, they never bullied him again.

Pidge and Allura get addicted to rough sex with Galra.

Pidge falls in love with her brother's friend.
Unable to confess, she is gifted with by a deus ex machina with Shiro’s phone number. Never minding the strange area code, she immediately calls him and is overjoyed to find out that he has a crush on her as well.

But, the next day, when she recounts the previous day’s confessions to Shiro, he only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, she finds out that the Shiro he called is not the same Shiro she fell in love with. In fact, he doesn’t exist in this universe at all. He is the Shiro’s alternate universe counterpart (Golion's Shiro), who has fallen in love with Pidge’s own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of his crush.

Let's get the Galra Trash Party started with some Svendak

I immediately regret offering to write anything.

How about something more cute and slice-of-life?

how about writing around this


Hunk and Shiro work on an herb garden in the Castle to relieve stress.



Not Keit-ai, but 12 or 13 years old Pidge having a crush on Shiro and trying to get his attention. Matt knows and tries to help her.

A day in the life of bored Galra grunts. Playing foosball, hanging out, gossiping about their superiors, etc.


Nice. At least the crew seems pretty cool compared to the shit fandom.

They are. I hope that will trigger the antis and make them leave

I don't know, if they put Chris Palmer on a list of problematic blogs because of that "Shiro loves you, baby" post, I don't think anything will speak through to them. You would think if they consider people who work on the show to be "pedophilia" supporters, they would stop watching it, but no.

I don't usually fall for "the Princess" character in shows, but I REALLY wanna see more of her

At this point, you just have to wonder what the endgame they're aiming for is.




What kind of Svendak did you have in mind user?


This pic is just furthering my suspicions that these two are related somehow.

Nah, I doubt Pidge's voice actor would ship them if they were revealed to be related.

This is just a picture of two men in typical fighting stance!! Nothing about this is shippy or brotherly.

You understand that relatives sometimes bear a physical resemblance right? If you don't see it fine.

Keith and Shiro have less similarities in design than Lance and Allura.

S2 needs manly tears, more bros being bros, and even more princesses being bros.

Goddamn S1 was a fun ride.

If you say so buddy.

>season 2 hasn't even happened yet and people are already being nostalgic for the "magic" that was in season 1.

>saying you enjoyed something you watched this year is a bad thing


>bara pilot boys consentually touching twinky pilot boys
yes yes fine
that's all well and good
but who is allura going to snu-snu?

I thought his mullet made him generic but it actually makes him look less so.



For real, I don't see anything shippy about Lee's Sheith drawing at all but these people are obsessive about it.
This person has the right idea.

user, please. Allura is beautiful and strong on her own, and doesn't need or want a man to satisfy her. That's why she fucks the mice.

Wait isn't Voltron the fandom that kicked off the whole "fiction is reality" meme that's spiralling all over non-Voltron parts of Tumblr?

And of course the only shipping artwork they reblog is Klance! What a surprise.
There was one Hunk/Shay picture, maybe, at best.

What if Shay's 300 years old?

Besides yellow, the other armor colors look good on Shiro as well.

What would be the point of making that a twist

Kill Sheith, apparently. I don't actually mind, but I find it improbable.
I've seen plenty of depictions of Keith being Shiro's adopted brother. It's a comfy kind of cute.

Why would they want to kill sheith? That'd be a dumb twist to write around and force into the story just because one of the staff members doesn't ship it

If "fiction is reality", then isn't ALL fiction and fanart literal oppression? Forcing a "being" to your whims, without their consent?

Ugh. This is all so fucking stupid it hurts.

What the absolute fuck

>implying incest kills shipping
Have you ever even heard of Supernatural?

Not the first time I've heard of this happening, but I don't remember it happening this early in the show's lifespan.

I don't get why fandom pays attention to that list or other tumblr wank. Anybody with some rationality will recognize the bullshit for what it is, while idiots will cling to it and spread the word. Talking about it is only giving the sjws word of mouth marketing.

Because they are actually harassing a lot of the people who are on other social media ITT?

If it stopped there it'd be fine but they and their friends are going out of their way to harass the people on that list.

This. It's hard to ignore getting sent fucked up shit

How much beef can you handle, how much is too much?

>too much beef

>just because one of the staff members doesn't ship it
Who? I haven't seen any of the staff members say that, they've all been positive about it.

Yeah. I meant that hypothetically. You're right though, that makes the concept of them being brothers to kill the ship all the more ridiculous

Gotta love the mice.

>Moody Shiro
>Wannabe Playboy Shiro
>Hungry Shiro
>Smart Shiro

If enough people report you, the mods will delete your tumblr without even looking at it.

So tumblrinas who want to get rid of someone who ships they ships they don't like (known as "antis" on there) will make a post saying that you're a an abusive pedo to kicks puppies all day, and organize a witch hunt so fellow antis can dogpile on you and get your tumblr deleted, which means all the artwork and other stuff you drew will go down the toilet unless you feel like remaking a blog and reposting all your stuff one by one.

And that's just for online stuff, if the witch hunt gets particularly crazy, they can dox you to try to get you fired from your job.


What kind of merch do you think we're getting at NYCC?

>inb4 lion slippers

So what happens when you call the cops?

Stickers, shitty Funko vinyls, maybe some lion plushies.

>funko pops
Sad because it's true. They already have one of the robot

>tfw working on a Keith cosplay
>tfw no dorito bf to cosplay Shiro with me

Me too. I'm in a group but my friend is organizing it so idk who the Lance and Shiro are. Apparently they're dating though so I'll truly be a cucked Keith

>cucked by Lance
That's fate worse than death.

Imagine Lance getting cucked by Shiro though

This guy.

That's old and predictable.


>people don't ship incest

I actually saw more Ryouko/Satsuki for Kill la Kill after the twist, not less.

Don't worry fuccboi-kun, I'm sure you'll find your Space Guts one day!

I'm kind of sad there isn't porn of them with the helmets still on.

They've been saying that since before Voltron. Before Voltron antis went after Gravity Falls fans who shipped the triangle with the kids.

And before that, they hounded Steven Universe fans who made any kind of porn of the show because a kid might see it and become tramatized.

It's really sad, because at the end of the day it's basically just a bunch of teens making it almost criminal that an adult dares to enjoy fandom.

No they've been around to some extent for decades. Some of this group was involved in the bullying someone to suicide thing in Steven Universe fandom, it's not always about shipping sometimes just how everything is offensive and oppressive, and books in school all need trigger warnings or should be banned, and sex is evil. They might have actually exploded this time around in Gravity Falls against Pinecest and with the triangle stuff but even though they managed to bully some big artists out of the fandom Gravity Falls fandom as a whole never really took them seriously maybe because they were against every single ship in that fandom. Steven Universe and Voltron are just the fandoms where they get taken seriously and given a say for some reason. Or some people do, after this latest round they seem to be becoming a huge joke outside of the group that does this. And even Steven Universe fans started to think they should knock this shit off after the suicide attempt and then when they bullied a gay storyboarder off of twitter for being homophobic or something.

>Andrea Romano.
Isn't she the person responsible for all those garbage DC Animated movies? Or at least the shit voice quality of them

Not to mention any teens who end up getting caught in this shit just because they ship something different as well.

They're missing a trick by not doing Hulk Hands but with Sendak's cyborg arm.

Is there a popular theory about what happened with Shiro when he was interrogating Sendak? If it was a hallucination or the castle actually projecting Sendak's voice or something? Because I'm rewatching the show and noticed something. Pic related, took me over 1000 hours in paint, etc.

Directly after the shot of Sendak “waking up”, there’s some sort of light in Sendak’s mechanical eye, which makes it look like it’s been activated.

During the entire sequence, Sendak’s biological eye is closed and his voice has an echo and slight distortion. Except during his last sentence. As soon as the camera pans over to reveal that Sendak’s eye is open, the sound effects disappear completely. At this point Sendak’s speech sounds exactly like his regular speech in other episodes, like he's actually talking.

Whenever the castle projects a voice, like with Alfor's projection and Coran in the air lock, there’s always an echo or distortion in the voice. It only disappears during Sendak’s last sentence, when his eye is revealed to be open. I'm guessing the castle was projecting it at first. Then Sendak woke up during the interrogation, saw Shiro's mindfuck and decided to run with it, so he'd get ejected and can get picked up by other Galrans.

Unless it's all just an animation error, but then it's weird they added sound effects during Sendak's speech and made a special effort to remove it partway through his last sentence. On the other hand, if Sendak is actually supposed to be talking, his mouth isn't shown to be moving in that shot.

>If enough people report you, the mods will delete your tumblr without even looking at it.
I'm surprised the pro-shippers haven't started doing the same, especially with pedo accusations being thrown around.

Why is Keith such a shameless whore?

He's just looking for love in all the wrong places.

Really hard to like this show without being a goddamn faggot.

Stop trying to resist. Embrace the homo within.

Straight guys have admitted to be turned on by Shiro. There is no shame here.

I've seen a couple of theories, but nothing has really taken off as the popular fandom theory, from what I can tell. Some people have speculated that somehow, with Haggar's experiments, Sendak and Shiro are mind linked. Or perhaps he was conscious on some level during that scene. Others think it was the castle fucking with Shiro, and that it was in his own mind ultimately. That everything said was his projections of himself, he's just hearing it in the voice of his enemy.

It's interesting that the machine doesn't begin copying Sendak's mind until Shiro hits the glass and tells him he's a broken soldier, to which Shiro responds "So you can hear me".

That scene makes me think Sendak will bne back in the future. He doesn't feel done with as a character yet for me. It's obvious he and Shiro have some connection on some level (and no, that's not shipping goggles saying that), whether it's through a mind link, or if Sendak is just symbolically meant to be his arch-nemesis or something.

I can't wait for the reveal that Keith is a shameless heterosexual.

>That everything said was his projections of himself, he's just hearing it in the voice of his enemy.

I could buy that. Everything said could just be Sendak or the castle, but it all also sounds like Shiro projecting his insecurities. "You've been broken and reformed", "We're both part of the Galra empire", "You'll never beat Zarkon" and shit.

I honestly think that's the most likely answer and the theory I've believed in the longest, but I'm open for various interpretations. Some other people have observed some neat things.

You can find a little hetero stuff if you look hard enough.

Shay could also be the human equivalent of like 12.

Such a great ship. Best taste

I want to see some evil Voltron counterpart. THAT AREN'T ANY OF THESE:
> Voltron Robeast that jobbed from 3d
> Dragon Voltron out of nowhere 3d
> Samurai Voltron and Pulley system Voltron from that awful Voltron comic where "everything is a lie, it's all a conspiracy, and Haggar transforms into Aurora and gives Lotor peptalk and a bj"

Are you saying you don't want Lotor to get a peptalk and a bj?

No, unless I'm the one who gets to do it.

I can't get into Shatt because Matt isn't remotely cute. He looks like a nerd who should be punched in the face. Pidge looks very similar but is 100x cuter

Aside from the horrid name, I like it because of that dichotomy. Cute nerdlet gets the herculean hunk hero to destroy his bussy.

I can't get into it because we know nearly nothing about Matt as a character.

What languages are these?

The tears will be delicious.

I like this show but none of these ships are for me for once.

Hello, have you heard of our lord and savior, Zendak?

No please tell me more. Is he a cute?


It is a ship comprising of two aliens.
Well, one of them is the cutest! The other is the strongest in the Galaxy.

The cutest.

qt chinchilla man

This is good. I need to re watch the episodes these villains came off as kind of one dimensional fist shaking villains. They deserve another chance.



>those cheek bones
Sign me the fuck up for the empire

Sendakposting is the best posting.

Hells yeah. I love the artist, and their obsession over Shiro titties, but hadn't seen any Sendak art by 'em yet.


Is this what they do in their time off? Before they fought Voltron did they conquer planets or something? With an Armada that big did they ever encounter a force they couldn't handle?

Hi paladins. Long time, no see.

Yeah they went around conquering planets, mining for Quintessence, taking slaves/prisoners. And probably not, though I'm sure they got in some pretty nasty battles a few times over the years. Maybe that's how Sendak lost his arm and eye.

We know they would have watched space gladiator matches in their time off. Maybe they did everything a little bit Roman Empire style.

What is wrong with these antis?

which Galra Keith is best looking Galra Keith?

Middle is best. I want Lotor = Keith more than anything.

>Those face lines


Lotor finally gets with Allura after all these years but it's when he's Keith.

Kek, the irony.

We'll just have to wait and see, user. Also it doesn't have to be "a twist". Though the fandom may view it as such because a lot of people seem to think they already know what that relationship is.

>Kill Sheith, apparently.
I don't think the writers care about that, user. No matter how much the fandom would like to think otherwise.

Why do the antis have so much actual child porn of real life young children? So distributing and sharing child porn of real life little kids being raped is great but pictures of cartoons characters who are often adults are not? What the hell?

>I don't think the writers care about that, user. No matter how much the fandom would like to think otherwise.

I don't understand why Cred Forums thinks that pair is any more canon than the other gay pairs. And frankly like you said, I don't think the creators give a shit.

antis are Coo Coo

Sending gore, whatever. Sending RL CP? You crossed the line. IP tracking is popular on Tumblr, I'm gonna ask around if anyone has this fucker's address.

which fucker?

No one knows who sent it

Fiction is Reality

How would Shiro react if you called him Daddy?

If you had told me 15 years ago that things like this would happen over fan fiction/art, not just one singular incident but an ongoing thing, I would have called you crazy. Almost seems that this weird subculture that metastasized on tumblr is bordering on cult-like.

Probably confused, since I'm a bit older than him. Then he'd let me down easy.


How could you even send a picture on tumblr? I thought you can't send pictures or links via notes.

Bout the same, he'd probably be uncomfortable or really confused and only go with it if you want to.

More important question, how do you respond to Shiro calling you daddy?

Great, now I gotta go clean up little tiny bits of penis everywhere.


if the person has their submissions on you can send them anything but i think only tumblr users can use it. so i dont understand how they dont know who is sending it

If you submit when not logged on it is anonymous

Hulk hands are easier and safer for use

So lion slippers are the best ones to make

with time and faith, even miracles like that can come to be

there are niches for all

I love how much of /vld/ ships sheith, laugh at the antis, and have unanimously condemned the cp sending yet are still blamed

Someone out there said that Antis treat fictional people like they were real and real people like they were fictional.

Have you seen the KPOP fandom?

No, but the fact that there seems to be a dedicated thread about it on /trash/ is a warning sign. Redpill me on them.

>Before Voltron antis went after Gravity Falls fans who shipped the triangle with the kids.

I know art like pic related was super traumatic and I will have nightmares for decades to come.

Is America ready for a gay male lead on an action cartoon? Probably not. Though it does sound like they weren't expecting the show to be nearly as popular.


Well, it's not like they have an ironclad OTP for the children in that porn, just saying.

Guys, we don't even have to worry about the shipping drama because season 2 will introduce waifus for all the paladins and a qt boy for Pidge, and Allura and Coran will fall in love, and everything will be pure and heterosexual just as God intended.

She's stopped working on them years ago.

Pidges qt boy will look super feminine so we get the ultimate trap couple.

Urgh.. Isnt this the show with the space tranny? Why do you guys even watch it?

Man, these thread have truly gone to shit. Not even because you're just farting about "tumblr" every other post, but now you're earnestly replying to Misha? Sad days.

Smug chinchilla man.

These kids have absolutely zero self awareness. It's actually kinda scary how dedicated they are to attacking otherwise innocent people, and how deluded they into believing it's all for some noble cause. Social Justice is a fucking poison.

He's gotta be packing a lot to be that cocky.

There've actually been a few decent ones in the past month, though this one is particularly bad. I might obsessively check to see if there's a Voltron thread up (there usually isn't), but I'm glad we only have like one or two a week during this hiatus.

What is the rarest pair involving the main characters?(Coran doesn't count, that's cheating)

I'm gonna guess like maybe Hunk/Shiro or Hunk/Allura? Not sure.

I'd say the weirdest pair that I've seen gain some traction is Coran/Alfor. Weird just because we know so little about them and have never seen them interact.

I've seen a fair amount of Hunk/Shiro actually. None with Allura though, I wonder why that is

It's mostly bad this time around because of the naughty list getting posted. It'll probably be better when the fandom's quiet.


But I've been taking a hiatus from these threads this past month because of how awful they've been. Are you telling me these threads went to shit, got better after I left, and then turned to shit as soon as I came back? I guess I just need to stay out of these threads.

Nah, it just got really bad because the antis went ballistic and that's come up. We're getting closer to S2 time, NYCC will be positive. Things will get better they just got shite this week.

Even Allura/Shay is more common than Allura/Hunk. Really makes you think.

>blaming Cred Forums

Just heard about the CP shit.
What the actual fuck is wrong with tumblr?

Andrea Romano should be a Cred Forums legend desu

I wouldn't say they reliably got better, just that we had one or two exceptions to the mostly-shitty rule.

I'd say Hunk/Allura.

Haven't seen a lot of Hunk/Shiro yet, but even not looking I've come across it. Should do a search, though - I like this pairing.

>I'd say the weirdest pair that I've seen gain some traction is Coran/Alfor. Weird just because we know so little about them and have never seen them interact.

It's because they have the potential to have a lot of history. Why put your random advisor into cryo sleep to watch your daughter?

I know I've seen more than a few people who like them as a pair, but I'm not sure if those people *ship* it or just like the dynamic.

(The only axis on which I really like Keith is the idea of him and Pidge bonding over being, well, kinda bad with people. I don't ship em though.)

Yeah, there's definitely potential there, it's just currently so heavily based on speculation. But then, I guess most of the ships kind of are? The show is not particularly romance-heavy.

The way this shitty fandom universally decided Sendak has a huge cock is one of the few good things to come out of it.

I'll fucking laugh if the gay pair is Alfor/Coran, and those dumbasses start screaming "THAT DOESN'T COUNT! QUEERBAITING! NOT MUH HEADCANON! HOW COULD YOU LET A POC NOT HAVE THE GAY PAIRING!?" etc etc

They could be cute together.

No, these threads have been pure ass for a while now.


I feel that Keith and Pidge have the potential to be really cute friends together. Sort of like a kindred spirit.

Yeah, I really hope season 2 expands on the less-explored relationships, Pidge+Keith included. There's a lot of potential.


But user, Alfor is a POC.

I could really see Pidge and/or Hunk being the one(s) to bring Keith out of his shell. They just seem to have the right temperament for it.


Same here. Maybe that's why I like Heith the best because Hunk is such a swell guy and Keith seems to get along with him very nicely, even makes him laugh.

Saw the first 1 hour episode.

Does this show have anything going for it other than shipping?

Rounding out a dying thread with a crossover.

They're shapeshifters, literally white passing.


Robots and shipping.

First episode is agreed to be the weakest. It's only been the first half of the first season so far, though.

No. It's the show with a Mulan girl

You're completely disregarding Alfor's lived experience as a black Altean.

Aight, I'll keep watching.

What's the best ship?

He knew. He was just trolling.

Depends on what you're looking for. Do you like longtime friend comfiness? Rivals? Womanizing guys who fall for tomboys? Princess/knight?

I like villains/heroes.

It's a reboot of an cheezy 80's anime. If you're looking for deep topics or groundbreaking material, you're probably going to be disappointed. If you're content following a somewhat silly show about pilots in robot lions fighting aliens in space, then you might get some enjoyment out of it.

Svendak is the ship for you.

Then you have good taste.

>It's a reboot of an cheezy 80's anime.


I like my comfy ship. Plance is also good, though

Seconding this.

Well, he does have a bulge in certain screenshots.

But user das PEDOPHILIA

>in heat
no alpha omega shit

Ehhh... he's an alien, so I'm willing to give it a little bit more of a pass if people headcanon it that way. I personally don't think they have heat cycles though.

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by WAN. But I'll elaborate that it's a western translation of an anime. And I use "cheezy" in the most loving way possible. I grew up with Voltron, even had the green and black lions.

Even if it was, do you think Keith would care?

Sendak would say he was in heat to troll Shiro.

where are their arms

Have you watched the show.

I'm on episode 2...

>Hunk gets with Shay
>Keith gets with Allura
>Lance gets with Pidge
>Coran wins the Shirob owl

How mad would the fujoshits be?

Please don't bully disabled veterans of war.
Probably. That same artist also draws Sendak with like four dicks. And I don't think he has weird genitals like that either, but I'm not gonna shit on someone elses interpretation. Especially not when they draw hot porn of characters I actually give a shit about.

They both have prosthetic arms.

They'd call Coran/Shiro pedo.

It's from the original Golion theme.


Allura's voice acting is a little... too much sometimes.

Oh, they'd rage and shake their fists at the heavens and accuse everyone of sabotaging their ships...only just long enough until they found something else to latch onto.

>That same artist also draws Sendak with like four dicks

Sauce me on that RIGHT NOW.

I need more of Sendak trolling Shiro.

I'm not much of a fan of the accent.

They have some more, just go poking through.

Thanks, bro.

They'd move back to complaining at Overwatch for a canon gay update.

No prob. I really like the way they draw Sendak's fur.

>all that porn

Oh hey it went all Gurren Lagann.

Her accent is very fake sounding