Batman! Finally I've found you!

Batman! Finally I've found you!

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He's dead Jim.

Give it up Gordon,he doesn't have the stomach for it........but i do.

Even better, that way he canĀ“t actually enjoy it.

How did you get this way?

Uh, context?

Do it.

His body is right there. You do it old man?

It's a robot.


This is about YOU, Batman!

The Joker keeps hurting and killing people, and you refuse to do anything about it to permanently stop him. Every time you just want to put him away in Arkham, and what happens? He escapes just to hurt more people and their families! You refuse to kill him, you refuse to even do anything to prevent him from permanently harming anyone else. At this point it's clear you love him.

You have to prove to me and everyone else in Gotham that you're not secretly in love with the Joker. You need to do the one thing someone who loves another would never do. YOU need to rape the Joker, if not for me or Gotham, then do it for yourself!

How long must this goes on?

we already had a goddamn crisis about this. Every possibility was already tried:

- Gordon tried to become batman to rape the joker;
- batman rapes the joker but he likes it so it's not rape;
- batman kills the joker and to rape him but it doesn't count as rape either;
- batman does not rape the joker and Gordon goes to jail;
- Gordon sends robot batman to rape the joker.

Perhaps the answer is NOT to rape the joker, don't you see?

Over thinking this.

Batman just has to knock out the joker then rape him.

How can he enjoy something he was unconscious for? He didn't give his consent so it's still rape.

>This has gotten out of hand
That line never fails to not crack me up

What a dumb robot.

No you don't get it Jim.
The man is dead. If there are any more of his kind out there handle it yourself. I'm done.

Then I'll just have to rape you myself.

>JK goes back to Schillinger mode for Gordon
I'd watch it

I've been saying this for a while.

Batman and Joker just need to fuck already.

Rape or lovingly.

You brought this on yourself, Batman.

I don't know if I should love or hate this meme.

Is that BD Wong

oh god. I've only seen OZ once in my life, and this was the episode.

Curse you fate!



Its the dick your ass deserves, but not the one it needs right now

But Jim? You don't know the truth?

Look what happened Batman! You didnt rape the Joker and now there are 3 JOKERS! 4 if we count the damaged one!

>The truth

How far down this rabbit hole of truth can we go?

as deep as you want baby

Was this ever finished?

Not to mention that after Batman finally raped the Joker, Superboy-Prime punched reality, rebooting the universe, and then Dr. Manhattan created 3 Jokers for the lulz.

but he WANTS batman to know him out and have his way

>3 Jokers

>What is it, master Bruce? What did you find out?
>It's bad, Alfred.
>...Don't tell Gordon about this.

I can't believe he finally did it.

How come you never asked me to rape anyone? I knew it, you never loved me.

>How can he enjoy something he was unconscious for
>implying the bat dick doesn't cause involuntary prostate orgasms


...who are you again?

> Every night Gordon turns on the Bat signal just to get Batman to rape the joker
> Every night Batman tells him no
> Gets increasingly desperate as Bruce struggles to reason with him
> Bruce has given up on leads for other criminals to respond to the bat signal only for Gordon to tell him to rape the joker
> Eventually he just stops showing up
> Gordon still shines the light every night
> It's been more than 2 weeks since the last time Batman showed up.
> Gordon stands in the rain as the bat signal shines into the sky
> "Sir please, come on of the roof."
> "No"
> "Commissioner, he's not coming."
> "He has to do it."
> "Sir you haven't eaten in two days, you'll get sick out here."
"Damn it Montoya, I'm not leaving this roof until Batman promises me that he'll rape the joker!"
> Eventually they have to pull him off by force, it takes 5 men to get the job done and all the while he's screaming

You aint goin nowhere. I got you for 3 years of playtime