He never found Mary Jane

>he never found Mary Jane

dammit, wheres season 6?!

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She was in his anus hole the whole time.

I just finished watching this again on netflix.

So good.

And according to the show writers, apparently Madame Web was teleporting him to Victorian London where MJ was for some reason, and Carnage was also there, impersonating Jack the Ripper.

John Semper Jr. is giving out a book about what happened after that cliffhanger to those that donated to his Kickstarter thing.

For the most popular superhero in Marvel, his shows sure get cancelled a lot...

No, Spectacular still hurts more.

Black Cat was better, anyway.


so many fetishes in one character

>Peter's life is half-fucked
>Gwen is all over Harry's angsty dick
>Norman is still on the loose

Whoa wait what?

>Spider-Man TAS ended on a cliffhanger and Peter never actually found Mary Jane.
>Spectacular Spider-Man ended with a major villain getting away and Peter didn't get Gwen.
>Ultimate Spider-Man has more episodes than both shows combined.



>>Ultimate Spider-Man has more episodes than both shows combined.

Why are kids so fucking dumb?

>Jennifer Hale

>and Carnage was also there, impersonating Jack the Ripper.

If only we got to see this. It would have really shown how stupid the standards for censorship for the show were. Can't say kill, death, or die but having a character impersonate a serial killer? Sure, that's fine.

she was in victorian england carnage was jack the ripper it got told somewhat would have happened years ago.

>Not crowdfunding an audio drama Big Finish style.
>Getting the entire cast of Spidey-TAS together to instead VA some shitty 40's serial type thing.
>Only giving spidey one off episode to 'my close personal friends' aka backers.

wow this guy is a waste of skin.

Will someone leak it?

Would you guys watch a Netflix series of the director's cut of this show? Just taking out all the censorship crap and seeing it for how it was meant to be seen? Maybe if it got popular enough they'd continue it.

Was it made one way and later censored? I assumed it was always made in line with the crazy censorship limitations

Wonder if they were just going to ignore Jack already showing up in X-Men: TAS as a clone of himself that Mr. Sinister used to acquire mutant organs and body parts.

>it's a female muscle growth episode

I think they don't want Marvel/Disney lawyers after them. Giving it out in book form would be the safest choice, since they could just argue it's fanfiction.

You seem quite dense
If he did a kickstarter for a Spider-Man project without Marvel/Disney's consent then Marvel would shut it down. He can offer the stuff as incentives because the whole point is that they're backing the 40's serial homage and not the Spider-Man thing.

Don't blame them. USM is barely seen and it's only renewed because the merchandise itself sells, but only because it's the ONLY Spidey merchandise out right now.

Remember when Disney shut down that Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness fan movie?

no I get why he's doing it that way. But I disagree with his sales tactics of saying it's only for his closest friends, and you can become one of his closest friends by paying to join his kickstarter.

His presentation is lacklustre, he doesn't seem to be getting much traction. Selling his rocketmen thing by attaching it to a spiderman project would be fine if he seemed to have any idea about production value, showmanship or y'know effort.

It just seems like him and a bunch of old VAs were sat around playing poker one night and decided they could probably scam nerds for 75 grand by making a few shitty audio recordings.

If you're gonna make a play for my money, at least make an effort. The whole thing is gonna be like one 10 minute audio file that'll get instantly leaked anyway, but it'd do WAY better if it seemed like he gave a shit. As it stands he's a guy that wrote for a licensed show, can't sell it so he's cribbed an older licensed idea and changed it just slightly enough to get away with selling that.

It's all so...uninspired and lazy.

>Mary Jane
>Jack the Ripper

That doesn't bode well for everyone's favourite redhead. The timeline must be preserved and all that.