Metropolis is in Delaware

>Metropolis is in Delaware
who comes up with this shit?

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>population 72,000

>Gotham, NJ

I wonder if Jerseyians will band together and go full tumblrina over their state being shit on in like every work of fiction ever.

And will anyone listen if they do?

Gotham City is Atlantic City? Bludhaven is in the middle of the Pine Barrens?

We don't really give a shit. Also, Gotham is basically Camden.

Map thread? Map thread.

Gotham is more Newark or JC.

So Kamala lives there?

non-amerifat here, what can you tell me about the area where gotham is supposed to be located?

Gotham has always been in Jersey. This isn't 'new'. And yes Gotham is more Camden than Newark.

I live in South Jersey. It fucking sucks here.

somewhere in south jersey

I am from New Jersey.

Most of these maps are putting in in Pine Barrens country which looks like pic related.

Atlantic City area.

Why the fuck are the Pops so low?
Metropolis and Gotham should be well over a mill each.

Map of Gotham City developed post No Man's Land. This layout is pretty much the standard Gotham City map these days and is used in both Nolan's Batman films as well as Snyder's Batman run.


The only good thing about Camden is the aquarium.

And here we have the map of Gotham placed in real life New Jersey, where it takes up space in the bay that is currently empty.

And for fun, here is the Metropolis and Gotham layout used in Batman v Superman.

>Coast city is in California
I don't know why but I always thought it was in Florida for some reason

When has Gotham ever been a beach city?

Every one of these maps either puts Gotham is this area or one liek pic related.

I liked going to the Riversharks games too. Shame they're gone.



>Listing New York and Brooklyn seperately
Brooklyn's part of NYC

Very nice. Did you make this? It's very well done.

Is there a similar map of Metropolis? It's supposed to be across the Delaware Bay from Gotham.

Gotham is supposed to be a place where people are afraid to stay at with violence everywhere. People can deal with living in Newark or Jersey City, but if you live in Camden, it's because you literally have no choice. It's an abominable shithole. Of course it's also been years since I've been back there.

Coast City is basically the 4th large metropolitan area in California for DC. In the Green Lantern movie, they used the skyline of San Diego for it.

The legal boundaries of cities often have a much lower population than the metro areas that people consider as the whole city. Los Angeles is a good example.

It's partially my own headcannon talking, but I always thought Gotham and Metropolis were flat-out replacements for several IRL cities.

As for the populations, Gotham have ~300,000 population could be accurate if they're only counting the city limits proper, and not the surrounding areas effectively submerged into the metropolitan area. It's more or less my own assumptions on the matter, but Metropolis should be way bigger. I've always assumed it was flat out the biggest city in DC's US, either that or Gotham.

Is it just me or ia gotham's crime rate way too low relative to metropolis?

>Wonder Woman
>Washington DC
Fuck that. To me, Diana will always be associated with Boston.

Why would it be in Florida? We don't have any superheroes. Well, none worth a damn anyway.

I did not, but yes it's really well done. Unlike Gotham there's never been a standardized map for Metropolis. Which is understandable, considering the Gotham map was more or less standardized just in the 2000s. The closest thing we have to a "standard" map for Metropolis would probably be pic. Maybe we'll get something official some day.

Brooklyn has 5 times as much crime as Gotham. Why isn't anyone patrolling there?

Yes. Kamala, Batman, Jay and Silent Bob, and Jason Voorhees live in New Jersey.

Nice. Where's the from?

The Great Mistake of 1898 never happened in the DCU.

What's wrong with that? It's supposed to be a large city in the Northeast. Delaware's a perfectly fine choice for that.

How come it's so bad

To be fair, that technically means it's free space rather than taking up somewhere an actual city is they just plopped it down on some Swampland. Which Gotham has occasionally.

no one likes nyc niggas

Oh dear, the peasants are all riled up. Which flyover state are you from?

deadass timbers rat muffugga :DDDDD

It should be on the other side of the peninsula on the Delaware Bay so that it can be across the bay from Metropolis in Delaware.

Fuck off with your movie bullshit.


Try actually reading a comic someday, junior.

This location has been retconned and recanonized a million times. It's hardly concrete. I personally hate the idea that Metropolis is so close to Gotham. It doesn't make any sense when there's a sign directing people to Metropolis from Kansas. I could see Virginia. That's not as crazy to me. Being right across the bay from Gotham is ridiculous though.

Does anyone have that weird map (from LoSH?) where Metropolis takes up almost all of the Eastern seaboard of the USA?

I agree with this. I like Gotham in NJ and Metropolis in DE, but not facing each other.

It changes based on the writer. Some folks look at it and see New Jersey, others Chicago, Miller famously quoted it being New York at its absolute worst.

Stretches of farmland between cities that are complete shit. Camden is shit. Vineland is shit. Bridgton is shit. Glassboro is soon to be shit. Parts are already.

los angeles still has 4 million people. 72000 is a suburb

>nobody from Vermont
Sometimes I question whether Vermont even exists.

>Mooney Bridge

I really hate when things use made up cities in the real world. It's such an odd suspension of belief. Grand theft auto games do the same thing.

>Detroit has a higher crime per person rate than Gotham


>Gotham has a 278k population

I feel like it should be at least 500k

>Real world
But they're clearly not. Especially GTA which apparently had us go to war with Australia and has several made up cities and a whole state. But I'm always disappointed when they use real cities. If only because now we can't get a game in Not!DC.

Whats so bad about new jersey?

If you every find yourself here in Millville, go try this place called Jim's Lunch.
It's pretty good.

Literally home to like four of the worst cities in America.

>Midwest completely devoid of superheroes
But who will protect our crops??

>biggest state in the union has 2 z-listers
Apparently east coast is where all supervillains congregate.

metropolis should be in its own madeup state somewhere nebulously central america, somehow bordering pennsylvania, ohio, kentucky, georgia, south carolina, north carolina and virginia

gotham is chicago and bludhaven is detroit, and the area between them is Gotham State, cutting out a chunk of illanois, indiana michigan and ohio

Apparently Larfleeze crashed in Minnesota for a while.

So, uh, yeah.

gotham's amusement mile literally always has a boardwalk and beach

>Removing places that have already shown up when the location of these fictional cities have been established for some stupid headcanon

Its basically to Philadelphia the way Bayonne is to New York. Some factories that couldn't fit in the bigger city and the shitty neighborhoods that grew up around them.

reading the comics, I always pegged metropolis as midwest based on smallville and its surrounding wheat/corn farms

Because I'm bored while watching twitch, I went through and got the crime per 100,000 people.
Sandman is the most effective with just 2,243 crimes per 100k.
John Stewart is the least effective with 7,915
Hal is three times the GL Stewart is with a tiny 2,667
Wally is the best Flash with 5,960 to Barry's 6,822
Of the Trinity, Batman has the lowest crime rate with 5,013

this. I always thought of Metropolis as Missouri/south Illinois

Yeah, if it irritates you, just blame past superheroics. Same reasoning for the ten-thousand new countries.

>Keystone City and Central City are KCK and KCMO
Didn't know that

Also, since Wally West grew up in Keystone, he could've conceivably gone to college with Clark Kent at an in-state college for some low tuition
>Hey Farmboy, what's up? Still studying?
>Oh, uh, yeah. Gotta get some time in before I head back to the farm over the weekend

Where's Hub City?

but clark is like a 5 older at the very least

Maybe he stayed as a graduate student. I just thought it would be funny if a couple of capes were actually in college together

i would love it as well, user

>And yes Gotham is more Camden than Newark.
>Gotham is supposed to be a place where people are afraid to stay at with violence everywhere
Camden isn't nearly as built up as Gotham.

>San Fransisco has almost 3x the crime of Gotham, but with only the Titans to deal with it
>Gotham only has 270,000 in population, requires the bat family to handle it, despite having 1/3 the crime of SF
>Los Angeles only has 3.7 million in population, despite currently having 12 million people there now
>only has Martian Manhunter and Obsidian
>Brooklyn has twice the population of New York, only a combined total of 4 million
What the fuck?
Is this official?
Or is it just a really old version?

Hub City is East St. Louis.


Wonder Woman? All I get is fucking WONDER WOMAN?!?

Booo. I wanted Batman...

>living in DC
You won't be alive much longer anyways if actual crime stats are any indication.
Wait, boco lives in DC?
Why, it's an awful place to live?

Well, Maryland. But might as well include DC, since Maryland has fuckall else of note.

Why are they numbering legacy characters instead of naming them thats just confusing.

And I'm literally five minutes away from the DE state line, so I guess that helps.

I know its just a small town rather then a city but they should have included amnesty bay on this map.

Fate's based in Vegas. I should pick him up.

It is way to low yeah

>not being content with having Diana in your state
Shut up Boco. As if you couldn't do any more to make me hate you. Goddamn.

>only has Martian Manhunter and Obsidian
That's two extremely powerful supers man. Although MM does split his time with LA and the entire Southern Hemisphere

Look, if I gotta be in a state with villains who might kill me, I'd rather if be a cool death from one of Batman's Rogues than...who does WW have? The Fu Manchu Egg?

Didn't Bart Allen live in Alabama while he was Impulse?

Also pencil Zatanna in for Las Vegas.

>talking shit about the Wonder Rogues
Oh, so on top of being an idiot, you're also a huge tool. How utterly unsurprising. Get out of my site, you waste of oxygen.

>No heros in Dixie.

White and wealthy masked vigilantes taking down the criminal element and local gangsters just wouldn't play out in the same light down here.

>being a casual

>Metropolis population
this can't be right, there's a huge downtown with a fuckload of skyscrapers. New York level. They must have meant 7.2 million

Most of those are empty due to repeatedly having super-tough bad guys punched through them.

Weird...wasn't New Troy the name of the Metropolis stand-in in Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme?

those are just stylistic comments not location ones

4 million is a lot less than the 14 million that comprises the whole metro area though.

It's off but not by as much as you think. 7.2mil would only be for the overall metro area. City should be probably like 3x72k

Crime report and crime statistic in Gotham is jigged.

>Delaware is a state

Nah, Gotham is Trenton/Newark

Bludhaven is Camden


Literally can't imagine that sort of skyline in Virginia, it would look so out of place

This, LA is a third of this drought-addled state's 37 million person population. That's also a reason why lawmaking is so one sided here, there's a whole city being catered and candidate-advertised to more than almost the rest of the state. 3.7 million is half the bay area's population, which would be nice, but it's just not even close. LA has a bigger population than New York, which still blows my mind.

>not plopping Gotham down where Arkham, Massachusetts would be

You had one job, DC!

please die

I thought Fawcett City was in Indiana

It's still rebuilding after Man of Steel...

The bay is actually large enough that you can't see land on the other side, and the ferry ride takes like forty-five minutes or something to get from Cape May to Lewes, so it's not like they're sister cities or anything.

I always thought Gotham was supposed to be an entire state though.


Who crumbling industry here?

>Hub City
>Pop. 1.2 million
>Total Crimes-156,237. This Week.

Live in Nj, this is mostly accurate.

it's fucking JERSEY

Why can't Ohio have a superhero...?

Why couldn't they just make Metropolis to be their LA and Gotham their NYC?

New York City Metro Area population is larger than LA's, actually.

Is it really that surprising that a shithole like Gotham is in NJ?

Why is Gotham such a shithole, if Superman lives next door?

This map is pretty spot on.

I live where they filmed clerks.

>Gotham City
>New Jersey
>Not Detroit Michigan

it's literally cursed

like canonically so

I don't know why 'Ghetto in the Woods' amused me so much...

>Weird...wasn't New Troy the name of the Metropolis stand-in in Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme?
New Troy in DC is one of the six boroughs of Metropolis.

Cause it is full of black people. Fucking seriously go to any shitty city in south jersey

To be fair, I think there's a superhero in Flint Michigan. Who escapes me.

Also, there's a 'Petoskey Batman' in Michigan's Real Life Superhero community.... so...

obsidian? how old is this?

Considering that's a logo that only existed 2005-2011, not very old

>Superman lives practically next door to me
>I never knew

Well shit.

Metropolis has too many sky-scrapers to be an LA.

Doctor Mid-Nite operates in Portsmouth, not Portland.

Gotham is full of organized crime. Detroit is just people doing things.

where's hub city?


I wish DCU Online had a decent sized map and gave you the ability to run or fly from state to state or from city to city. I was disappointed, since I expected it to be WoW-sized.

Central City is called "Central City" because it's always been in the Midwest. Same with Keystone City, and Blue Valley Nebraska, the hometown of Wally West. Elongated Man's from Nebraska, as well.

Nah. Ferris Air is located in the middle of the desert.

Metropolis is always on the ocean, in everything I've seen it in.

Detroit is basically hub city but nicer

There's Cloister, which is where Mark Merlin/Prince Ra-Man lives and where my fan fiction takes place.

It's absolutely off by how much I think. I live in Boston, a city of 500k and Metropolis is depicted as having a much larger downtown area with bigger sky scrapers and more density. Anything under 1 million population would be a joke

Wait, Portland has more crime than gotham city, but all we get is fucking Doctor Midnite?

What people forget about the DC earth is that it's not the same size as our earth. It's physically bigger in order to account for all the new cities and countries. They don't just take a slice out of Egypt and make is Khandaq, Egypt as we know it is already there with more space made so Khandaq can fit.

The earth is also hollow.


I think The Question went to college with Lois Lane and maybe The Creeper.

Well, we had the Question out in Hub City, but... those crops can protect themselves.

Speaking of which, I'm kind of disappointed they just dumped Q into Gotham for Montoya. Would've liked to have seen those Hub City crime statistics.

In the DC vs Marvel crossover the Avengers learned that DC's Earth is slightly larger than Marvel's, which has generally preferred to used real cities most of the time.

So DC's USA has extra space, hence Gotham and Metropolis co-existing alongside New York.

Decent explanation desu

central & keystone are pretty spot on.. they've always been in missouri & kansas respectively, only separated by a large bridge and this is heavily supported by canon evidence in almost every iteration of flash comics.

coast city is also spot on. kinda close to edwards airforce base ( which is real and is also the place where hal's dad died in comics ) but on the coast. edwards would be about 2-3 hours east of that location.

star city i always thought was supposed to be seattle, but its location kind of moves around a lot in the comics. sometimes california, other times just "west coast". i know in arrow season 1 they had a seattle address in some of the episodes, but i don't actually put too much weight on that ( since the show is a) garbage and b) in another universe ). i guess having it be the "stockton" of the dc universe makes fucking sense bc star city is a shithole, much like stockton. anyways, that location is wrong if it's trying to be stockton. should be a little more south east, bout an hour south of sacramento. i don't recall star city being on the coast but then again i don't really read that many GA comics.

as far as the other cities go i don't really know enough to be sure, but central, keystone & coast are all 100% accurate.

>bob kane sound
Absolutely disgusting

I don't know, user. For me, if a hero's in Boston, they need to be Bostonian. It has to be in their blood. I don't see Diana being a psycho over the Patriots, Celtics or the Red Sox. Or being territorial when it comes to her "side of town".

Oh shit you're right. City proper is 8.6 million or something, but the whole thing is just shy of 20 million
Holy shit that's almost everyone in the state.
That's fucking terrible, I feel for anyone in New York State that's not in the city.

Some user posted that crab head helmet as a download, anyone got it?

Yeah... and Gotham only 270,000? WTF really? This map sucks

>I don't know, user. For me, if a hero's in Boston, they need to be Bostonian.
But Bostonians are horrible.

I live in Hub City

So batman has a New Jersey accent?

Neal Adams please go

spider man and captain britan were at one point roomates while brian braddock did a semester at empire state university, and super hero partners, and CB thought spiderman kept flakeing on him, but Pete through brian was a shady roomate, neither one ever knew the others identity.

this is like how the speed of light in DC is 30% slower then in the real world/marvel.

>Civic City

It's where Golden Age GL and the JSA operated.



San Francisco is also 50 miles farther north than it usually is...

>tfw north jersey
suck my dick you fucking southern vermin


christie county ww@
this map is pretty good though, south jersey is a shithole
>the shore
>filthadelphia runoff
ghetto in the woods couldn't be more accurate

Why does Georgia never get any love?

Has Colorado ever had any Super Heroes? I think we had like one Marvel team in our state for few months.

Star City can't possibly be in Seattle. Grell's Green Arrow has Olly moving to the actual Seattle.

Finally, an excuse to post this.

Altught, Cred Forums, whose cities are on the map/have heroes in them?
El Paso reporting in.

>Gotham is in NJ
>no guidos
>everyone is pale as fuck

I call bullshit.

Eh, it varried. It was sorta NY early on, hence "Gotham".

Detroit is Hub City after a massive urban cleanup and goodwill movement.

>Diamond District
Nice touch.

Is the Batcave under Wayne Manor? Does Bruce ever get held up by traffic on the Robert Kane memorial bridge?

>Bob Kane memorial bridge

You're forgetting Central City and Keystone, home of the Flashes. They're in Missouri and Kansas, respectively.

>Bob Kane
>Same surname as the Batwomen
How did I only just get that?

Pics of ghetto in the woods

Would Google but cannot read name because of other name.

>To be fair, I think there's a superhero in Flint Michigan. Who escapes me.
That'd be a new one on me.

Been here thirty years and haven't heard that one yet.

Detroit has a few, Midway City is up in the UP, but I can't recall anyone ever being from Flint (at least comics wise) other than the various shitty OC characters the publish in the Flint Comix.