Spider-Woman #11 Storytime

In which Jess copes with the death of one friend, and the loss of another.








How will Clint get shat on today? Lets find out!



only carolfags like this



Not by the end of the issue they won't.



Hahaha I remember when this cover was censored because they didn't want us to know about Clint killing Bruce.

I know, I read it, that why I said it, the guy who post CarolxJess art will get more material for his fanfiction from this issue.



I miss her old costume.

The beginning of the end.


>Second panel
Of course Bruce browses /r9k/. Of course he does

>our big, loud play-fights






And so a 35-year-long ship sinks.

The end. No moral.

What a waste of time

Thanks Bendis you single handily destroyed an entire charecter for your shitty "event" so badly everyone hates her in comic and out

just FYI, there's like 3-4 of us.

Jessica doesn't deserve a friend as good as this.

Is this more for the movie Synergy shit?

Even in comic everyone fucking baffled by hawkers being a moron

and you are all cancer

There is still hope right, the new writer will make her justice.
I was liking her new solo.

I'm sorry for your awful taste.

Get ready to take flight with Captain Marvel, coming to theaters on March 8, 2019!

>liking the new costume
marveldrones are out.

Why did they break up again?


Which is annoying since it means that everything on this fucking event was completely godamn pointless

The lack of balance in this event makes it even worse than the original CW. At least Tony and Steve both had readers and characters supporting them and decent arguments. Carol is losing support from her own team, Ms Marvel, her best friends, not a single book is showing any positive anecdote to her position, not a single writer or reader supports her.

>Is this more for the movie Synergy shit?
maybe. they're probably clearing out all the old friends to make room for whatever new ones she gets in the movie. I expect Carol to be very lonely until then.

The costume was garish as fuck but who cares when it contained dat ass.

>I don't like shit
>Well then you must like piss
They're both bad. The older one was just worse.

Fair point

Am here. Present and accounted for. But am more of a bestfriendshipper

I liked the other one because it was a superhero costume, this new one is just a bunch of stuff you can buy in the closest Zara store.

i like the grey and black costume in this issue, but don't like the red and yellow for some reason. i guess the "functional" look just looks better to me if its in sneaky colors?

her old costume sucked too tho

it's amazing how hard they have to work to make "lets stop crimes before they happen and people get hurt" into a bad thing.

It remind me to her age of X costume, which was cool.

Why hasn't this book been cancelled yet?

CarolxJess shippers.

Hopeless is just...hopeless.

It's actually incredibly easy to do that. They're just choosing the most ridiculous ways possible to do so.

Poor spider.

Worst breakup ever.

Clint was cheating on her and it didn't occur to him until after the fact that they weren't in an open relationship.

Fucking Clint. With who?

Some hot red head that was using Clint to fuck over the Russian mob.





Clint and Avengers ladies, is he the male bike of the Avengers?

>of the Avengers?
Not even just the Avengers. Just look at his tenure on the Thunderbolts.

I'm still surprised he stayed this long. I thought AT MOST she would help him and the others being forced to commit crimes then his role is done. Like how after the main characters help the family of the day or whatever in case/monster of the week series you never see them again. Instead he stuck around and became a pretty reliable friend.

When was the first time they met ?

Was it under Claremont ?
Because that could explian a lot
Of things

*explain a lot of things
Fuck my phone

No they only met last volume, he's just a Hopeless pet character.

Okay, has anything like this ever happened in the past or did the writer just need a reason for Jessica to be sad about his death?

Carol has been shitty since turning into a butch dyke tho.

Carol's done nothing wrong

Her fatal mistake is being a Marvel character.

>let's talk about how i told one of our friends to kill another friend, and then hug it out!
man between this and the new captain marvel issue, this week is not kind to carol.

Carol didn't tell Clint to kill Bruce, that was Tony going into conspiracy theory land.

oh hey, someone remembered the brief occassions when he was called Bob Banner instead of Bruce

This Black costume is pretty cool.

I like this Lesbian break-up, but man, this is just not Carol's year. This event better end with her having no friends and having to redeem herself.

I miss Ms. Marvel.

as a fan of both characters and the ship, I like this. some nice juicy drama that, compared to normal comic book breakups, isn't that contrived.

that sandwich thing happened

epic meme

Pre-crime (with no way to prove it and literally zero context for the crime) is so incredibly morally bankrupt it can't even be measured.

the audacity to arrest people, and hold them forever (how do you sentence someone for a crime they now cannot commit? you don't, you detain them forever) on the word of some Pre-Cog would shatter the average citizen's faith in Justice.

this story has one twist that is obvious, eventually he will predict Carol Herself commiting a Heinous crime, and she will simply Belay her own arrest, destroying even her own morals for all to see.

Obviously sentencing should be severely reduced if there is any at all. Like prosecuting pre-crime is the problem, but acting on that knowledge to rescue people is fine.

but carol was never good in the first place

You know what? Fuck it, I'm a fan of this event. It's the best thing I've read in comics in a long time.

I mean sure, not because I give a shit or it's especially good, but I'm just really enjoying watching everything crash and burn around Carol. I want to see her break. I want to see her cry. Then I will be satisfied.

>It's the best thing I've read in comics in a long time.
did you not read Pleasant Hill? that was a significantly better event than this

I remember this! Was in one of those weird secondary Avengers books.

Can't say I did. Color me intrigued.

Member when Spider-Woman was cute and attractive?

>Fake hair
>Fake boobs
>Wasn't around for the majority of her own life
>Literally trained as a murderdoll

with the sliding timeline she was mentally like fourteen then

I wave this flag.

After all this shit is over how the hell are they going to redeem Carol? At this rate there's nobody that'll like her.

Another mind erasure.

Pleasant Hill would have made a way better premise for Civil War II than this.

she is due for one, when you look at her timeline.

tbqh I like the new costume
It's cute and it works
The old one was good too And was sexier
Still like the new one

I'm a jessfag though and I hate carol

>those hips

that is some terribad art

Well if she has become the "I just want to be loved" crashing down around her despite all efforts to better herself, where would she go from here? Backpack across the planet and fight small crime using crazy powers without revealing her identity?

Cred Forums needs to stop pretending like Carol has ever been good. There's a reason she's going on volume 10.

and yet somehow after all of this she will be the most popular hero in Marvel

I really am curious how Bendis will rationalize this

the masses will be fairly evenly split between worshiping the ground she walks on, and wanting her deported from the entire planet. most of the A list heroes won't tolerate her but the ones who weren't caught up in CWII will be awed by her reputation as the woman who just decided to become the law one day and did. her and Tony bury the hatchet in CWII: The Oath, and hand Ulysses off to Captain Hydra, and until people find out he's the one who masterminded this whole shebang, him vouching for her will count for something

I'm kinda thinking Captain Hydra gets revealed and that's why Miles killed Cap in the vision, cause he found out somehow

the divide comes from Carol realizing her shit tier interpretation of the visions nearly doomed them all, but she still spins it to the public as a successful case of her methods, though amongst all the capes she ends it because of how close she almost screwed them all

Something about breaking down characters you love.
Like his straight up assassination of Wanda were she wasn't even a character, just a plot device.

I can understand breaking a character down if it was to have them rise up again but Bendis from past record doesn't actually do that part

...and if a character is burnt down hard enough, nobody else does either.


Clint remembered she was terrible and undeserving of life?