It's a "Claremont slips in his transformation fetish" episode

>It's a "Claremont slips in his transformation fetish" episode

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>the one time Claremont ever worked on Legion of Super-Heroes
>somehow only the one time
>immediately latches on to Saturn Girl
>this happens

>it's a Wolfman writes his fetish episode
Seven pages into the new Raven comic. It only took seven pages.

>people actually expected this book to be anything more than a waste of time
Y'all are so fucking stupid. I told you. Several times that this was a pointless endeavor, but you didn't believe me. Idiots.

I thought Wolfman could pull it off. Maybe usher in a new era like his New Teen Titans series.

Made a whole alien race based off it.

Octojean was oddly cute.

How did I not know Claremont created the brood?

but that's not mindraping boys into loving her

It's only the first issue.

>Jean, what are you doing with that rat?

Raven has never had a good solo book. Why start now?

Is his fetish the vomit, the mind control, the teen pregnancy, or all three?

mind control, definitely

The thumbnail made me think Dex-Starr suddenly got a humanoid body and I was going to be angry because suddenly I'd have to read up on the GL books, and I really don't want to do thayt.

The X-threads all recognize his unquenchable mind control and transformation fetishes as part of what made The X-Men great.
There are undoubtably many other fetishes he embraces but those two are the main Claremont ones.

Context for this panel?

That's the power-mimicking X-Man Rogue, after having absorbed the mutant traits of the blue furry X-Man, Beast.

Reminds me of the time she turned into the same race as Nightcrawler.

Wasn't she always the same race as Kurt?
Are mutants even a race?


What you're thinking of is X-Men Forever, an AU where their powers were swapped permanently.

What useful powers does Beast have, though? Rogue is fifty times as strong as he is, can fly, is invulnerable, etc. At least I think she had those powers at the time.

I think Claremont isn't into half the fetishes he puts in his books, but he's an old pervert like Perez so he includes them for others.

Yikes, the little flesh-colored ones are creepy.
Also, CLEARLY nothing on under the mesh top.

The most Claremont issue ever is X-Treme X-Men #20.
In it he creates Rubbermaid (a cute girl with stretching powers way before it was cool), Overlay (who makes people act like animals), and Tantra (with the power to GIVE PEOPLE WEIRD FETISHES).
Only thing it's missing is a TF of some sort.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Claremont's frequent use TENTICLES in scenes with womenz...

>and Tantra (with the power to GIVE PEOPLE WEIRD FETISHES).

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

Also he looks like an elephant, because why the fuck not?

TF best fetish

>Tantra (with the power to GIVE PEOPLE WEIRD FETISHES)

>Also he looks like an elephant

Oh this I got to see.


Jesus wept his power description

>Libido Flares: Tantra casts energy flares that manipulate the libido of other people, causing them to become extremely aroused by anything he chooses.

>Libido Flares
>Libido Flares
>Libido Flares

She got knocked into him, she absorbed his powers by force.

Claremont's thing is when people change unwillingly, he did an entire alternate universe where Rogue and Nightcrawler accidentally permanently switched powersets

I don't understand. Why does he look like an elephant?

Why don't they just bring in Tantra whenever Magneto, Doom, Thanos, etc. wants to take over or destroy the world? He could defeat them just by making them become extremely aroused by a tree, grass, or a fucking park bench.

Is he related to Mammomax?

Maybe he already has.
All the villains have humiliation fetishes, which explains why they continue to lose

I'm sure he didn't understand either.

Completely unrelated mutant who happens to look exactly like an elephant.

It IS a good look.
Mr.Sinister recently killed a third Elephant mutant in Extraordinary X-Men.

These kinds of things are to be expected, just think about all those completely unrelated mutants with pointy ears, or the ones with blue fur.
My Goodness, and everyone has telepathy. It's like a standard mutant power.

His mutation was a cruel prank


FYI: they ALL are.

And I'm not just talking about Rogue or Hank.
It's true, even Magneto, think about it: he develops god-like abilities only after he's subjected to horrors and persecution as a powerless child.
Mutant powers are always fucked up like that.

Cannonball developed the power of flying into things really hard, and just in time to save a man's life.


Lord, I pray for strength on my journey


And in case there was any question, of course she wanted the spi-D.

Hothead who always throws himself into trouble without thinking gains the ability to make those mistakes extremely worse?
They can't all be devil tails and sulfur stenches in God's mockery of your devout faith.

Remember when Claremont made a demon force the loli Magik go through instant puberty and get tits? Yeah, that happened.

>Combination of Rogue, Mystique, and Nightcrawler.

Lawd jesus have mercy on my dick cause it's about to get worked

Because Salvador Larocca can draw elephants.


Thank you based Wolfman

Another one that comes to mind is the story with Proteus, Moira MacTaggert's mutant son. I first saw this story on the '90s X-Men cartoonn, but when I read the original Claremont story it was way more incesty and rapey. Basically Proteus wanted to possess his anti-mutie father's body and use it to rape his mother. It's been a while since I read it so I don't remember if they came right out and said or just implied it but that was the impression I got from it.


I want to fuck Beast Rogue.
Ah shit, now I want to fuck Nightcrawler Rogue.

God bless that pervert

We could always put it to... A VOTE


Yeah... that gal has a strict "no-touching" rule. Sorry.

Agility, Stamina, sense of smell, intelligence

in the three part "Beast" miniseries, in mojo world he had minor control of concussive blasts when he took a disguise off.

i'm going to reiterate his intelligence

Not Nightcrawler Rogue

there was a what if issue about that. # 90-something i though

Hey man, she's got thick fluffy fur it's fine

just wear a condom and it'll be good

what-if issue about what?

nightcrawler rogue? Yeah, Claremont did a short non-canon x-men series with that in it.

How did she have sex with Gambit? He just jerked off on her while she fingered herself?

I've always thought they should adopt Leech. Then they could fuck while he's sleeping or hanging out in the adjacent room.

what if issue 98


Wow, you weren't lying.

Yeah, they should do an issue of Uncanny Avengers where she gives Leech a "bad touch".
Hydra-Cap can set up the playdate.

Perverts do great things


>look it up
>depowered and dead

That's too bad. Imagine the killing this guy would make as a kind of psychiatrist. Pedos and guys who jerk off to tiles could come to him and ask him to give them a less weird or illegal fetish. He could single-hoovedly put Chris Hansen out of business.

Yeah, all three either died or were never seen again.
Fucking Decimation.

it's a great one.

"No more elephants."

there was also the time that beast had rogue absorb him for a moment before he went off to do something or other with the Brand Corporations in a Beast/Spider-Man team up. Mutant Agenda #1

wow user. that was my favorite children's book when i was 2 or 3. made my mom read it to me repeatedly. that shit was hilarious

Didn't Kitty Pryde get turned into a literal catwoman in a issue?

>>Reading the tracy scops comic

Once in the Magik mini, and another time in...I wanna say Wolverine First Class?

once more on mount wundagore





What the fuck, Claremont?

I thought it was a Dex-Starr in humanoid form too.

It's really no different than what they were doing in the Silver Age of comics


The most fucked up, overtly perverted thing Claremont ever did was when he had a possessed Professor X psychically rape Dani Moonstar in the Micronauts mini. And she liked it.

I've fapped to that issue where Rogue loses her powers in Genosha and the guards "get fresh with her" on more than one occasion.

he did change Moira into whatever he pleased for a while
which was sorta horrific then, but ripe for fetish stories in my mind

reality bender and all

Sinister knows his fetishes

>How did she have sex with Gambit?
his ability to manipulate kinetic energy basically allowed him to make it so they technically weren't making contact, but still got the tactile feedback as though they were

gotcha covered


He's also big on race bending.

y'know, with a shave old Chris could probably portray a half-decent Xavier himself

Wasn't there a bit where some alien slaver uses some orgasm wand on one of the female characters and she basically spends the rest of the scene sprawled out in ecstasy?

yeah, that rings a bell. I think it was while Prof. X was rolling with the Starjammers. Magik's teleportation fritzed out and sent one or two of them to an alien space station, where the Starjammers found them being auctioned off


How many powers can Rogue absorb and mimic?

All of them.

I'm pretty sure this isn't a fruit of a sober mind. I want to have what Claremont was having.

Ah, the old "he must be on drugs" meme. It is possible that he is just a weirdo like us.

I'm not weirdo enough, user. I fall short of Cred Forumss standards. Teach me your ways.


Start by believing in this one simple fact: Batman + Preptime = Instant Win

Next begin to apply logic to comic book universes like "how does cyclops' powers work?".

Finally start applying your fetishes into everything until even the most benign cartoon or comic is just softcore porn to you.

Yea but, seriously, how does cyclops' powers work? Can he even see properly with the X on his newheadgear?

>does cyclops' powers work
force creates friction
>can he see properly?

His eyes are portals to a universe full of concussive energy which is why there is he has no recoil from his blasts on any level. Ruby-Quartz can alter his beams into normal, harmless light.

To put it in Cred Forums terms, he shoot punches from from the punch dimension.

The punch force

I love how this board can always find a good use to the weirdest powers.


Uh oh

So were his Libido flares permanent/under his control or do you think if you just regularly see him for a couple of weeks and he gets you turned on by folded paper towels you'd eventually be only aroused by folded paper towels?

"You know that radical teen character with the ability to make people have sex?" Yeah. "Can I make him an elephant?"

That supposed to be Morph? Or a different shape changer?

That's Courtier.
>When Courier and Gambit reach New York, they find Sinister disguised as an obstetrician. Courier shapeshifts into a woman and makes an appointment, but Sinister discovers that 'she' is a mutant with morphing abilities and captures her. After injecting 'her' with narcotics, Courier begins to lose consciousness, melting along the way. As he does, he touches Sinister’s face, revealing he uses make-up to cover his pale face, and evidently could not yet shapeshift. To prevent him from deforming, Sinister places Courier in a large jar of liquid to sustain his form. He offers to make a deal with Gambit. He restores Courier from liquid state, in exchange for a cell sample of the shapeshifter, which Sinister uses to give himself the ability to morph. Upon doing this, however, he was not aware that Courier's 'default state' was not that of a woman, leaving Jacob stuck in a woman's body forever, although still possessing his cellular control abilities.

Of you could sneak your fetish into a big2 comic, would you, Cred Forums?


Good thing my fetishes are normie weird, not /d/ weird


This "guy turns into woman and just has to kinda deal with it" stuff in comics bugs me because if it actually happened, they'd develop some kind of body dysmorphia and slowly turn into a wreck.

Dunno about non-gender transformations because we don't exactly have anything to go off of in that regard

I actually have a concrete idea for that if I ever magically got into comics, dunno about anyone else

Does she actually get Beast-Like, or what?

I got curious but I couldn't find it anywhere to check out for free, or even legally obtain it.

Dammit, what issue and series is this? I've been looking for nearly a year now. Too damn many Xmen titles...

One-off panel in X-Treme X-Men, can't remember the issue. This is the only time you see her like that before perspective changes and she's back to normal the next time you see her.

Has there ever been a situation in which the X-Men were so fucked they just went:
>"Fuck, everybody touch Rogue!"
and we got to see All-your-powers-combined!Rogue stomping some threat?
Cause if there wasn't, this is bullshit and a huge wasted opportunity.

Alright yeah, I give up.

user if you're around and actually seen it and have a method of posting it, I'd appreciate it.

First fight with Nimrod.

Rogue and Nightcrawler ushering Hope. Rogue has 5(?) powersets

I think this was the powersets of Colossus, Kitty, Rachel and...I forgot..

Looking at the wikipedia page for Nimrod it seems it was Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde and Colossus.

This is actually kind of hot.