He uses tons of quippy word bubbles and panels and I think, he has, like an unhealthy obsession with you

>He uses tons of quippy word bubbles and panels and I think, he has, like an unhealthy obsession with you.
>And he would totally have the authority to kill off Catain Marvel!

Somebody's is gonna lose his job on Marvel.

Hey, if anyone's gonna take the dive, at least it's just the writer of RR&G

Hopefully it's Bendis.

Yeah, Benids needs to be fired.

>implying he hasn't already
what book does he have on Marvel Now?

Bendis, if all goes well

Okay thats pretty funny.

Now in reaction image form!

Someone send this to his twitter.

Bennis needs to be shot.

None of this is stuff he isn't joked about himself.

Seriously, if everybody in Marvel, writers, editors and artists are aware of the cancer that is Bendis, why does he still has a job at Marvel?

Densepool is right.

Holy shit, is this real?
I didn't know Marvel was allowed to be self aware.

Marvel is self-aware since Ewing's Ultimates.

Shit sells.


They've been pretty self-aware for quite some time, they have a comic shitting on each of the latest summer events after the event has concluded. There's also shit like this.

But you probably don't read comics, so how would you know?

How? GotG has movie sinergy but what does have Miles? He is just a Peter rip off, and a bad one.

He was created by Bendis. That's about it.
I actually like Miles, I just can't stand his creator and I'm desperately waiting for another writer to get a chance to write for him permanently.

I havent read shit this year and I have returned to read recently (Ultimates) so I wasn't aware of pic related. although I' m pretty sure Marvel is self-aware way before your pic.

Of course, I'm just posting an example. They've been shitting on themselves for years.

He kind of has a personality. He is a kid who knows what's good and what's wrong but at the same he is a pussy who wants to please everyone. That and spider blast or whatever.

I give you that, Adam.