He doesn't own the complete Grant Morrison's Batman run

>he doesn't own the complete Grant Morrison's Batman run

How does it feel to not know what a perfect Batman story is? Literally tell me a single big Batman arc that is better than Morrison's run. I'll wait.


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Morrison is a fucking hack who never stops jerking off to his own meta bullshit. Get bent.

I really loved it, but there's no perfect Batman story and Morrison's story had pacing issues out the ass. It dropped interesting concepts just as quickly as it introduced them, to the point where very little felt fully fleshed out as a story.

Also that CG story about virtual reality boardroom meetings was seriously shit.

>Also that CG story about virtual reality boardroom meetings was seriously shit.

That one was pretty bad, but the other Batman Inc. ones were great.

Morraion is over-rated.

Geoff Johns is better.

Even Alan Moore is better.

But I do, I even opened the box on Cred Forums

>Johns is better
That was a low quality bait, keep trying

I've never actually read Final Crisis before, I'd love to though


I wouldn't want that.


either you've misunderstood his work completely or you've misunderstood how shitty he is

Is Time and Batman worth it?

>Not owning every Batman run Morrison has worked on
>Not owning his other works

Come at me plebeian. Protip if you don't have deluxe Gothic you are not shit.

>if you don't you are not


Should I get it or not?

If you do not have Gothic, you are not shit. It's a term of phrase in America. Shit is a positive, as in you are the shit.

I hope English isn't your first language.

It's not my first language. What's Gothic about? Is it Elseworlds?

I like morrisons batman but its far from a perfect run pic related

I don't have the New52 Inc because I'm waiting for a Deluxe with the Burnham redrawn parts from the Absolute.

O'Neil's is better

Synder writes a better batman and you don't have to read 5 million bat books.

Found the retard

Found the dumb one

Found the memester

Depends, did you like the episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold that it was based off of it?

Never saw it.

Any no man's land story. Any Alan grant story. Batman existed before Infinite crisis and those 2 popular runs.

That's okay, I got Time and Batman confused with the Return of Bruce Wayne


There's my reason. I hate batman with a passion