Spider-man Homecoming

We hype for Homecoming, or?

This looks pretty fucking great.

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Tom a QT.

I can't fucking wait, honestly. I don't care about what color MJ is or what age May is, I'm just so glad we'll get a movie with a Spider-man and Peter Parker that are faithful to the comics. I'm still mad that normalfags' idea of Spider-man is the autistic caricature that the Raimi Spidey/Peter was.

I can't help but feel making Peter 15 was a -little- too young, but it'll have to be that way now. I think Tom would of made the perfect 17-18 year old Spidey, I love how it's either a 30 year old Tobey playing a 17 year old, or a 22 year old playing somebody waaaay too young.

Peter looks great, but I'll never forgive what they did to Flash Thompson.

I could deal with it if the actor at least looked like a jock in any way, shape, or form.

And I could also deal with MJ if she at least had red hair, but set photos show that that's not the case.

This is my favorite movie costume

She'll dye it in the end.

Not after it became the Diveristy Movie guest starring Spider-Man.

>I could deal with it if the actor at least looked like a jock

Why would a jock be at a tech-sciences school? Flash is a bully before a jock. So long as he maintains being a bully then the basic essence of the character is there.

>And I could also deal with MJ if she at least had red hair,

But MJ isn't in Homecoming. Or at least no official sources have listed her as being in it. Unless something's changed since I last looked and I haven't heard about it.

>Why would a jock be at a tech-sciences school?
Why is it a tech-sciences school and not a regular high school? You know, like in the comics.

>But MJ isn't in Homecoming

Zendaya is playing her. It's pretty much an open secret at this point.

Flash being the physical bully was part of the great irony of it. Peter gets the power to push his shit in, but chooses not to. Making him just a mean guy removes that irony.

It sounds like they could've just made him an entirely new character.

And I really don't want her to be MJ, and I know nothing has been confirmed yet, but it's weird that all the other students have their full names on the cast list, while she only has Michelle.

I want to protect that smile.

How many other heroes you think will show up in this thing?

>Flash is a bully before a jock.
Nah, being a football player is a big part of his character

Remender's take on him revealed the daddy issues which motivated him to play. I think this was the strongest part of the "Agent" Venom run

because its not fucking 1962 i guess

the school system isnt the same as it was, and anyone even slightly as smart as peter would easily get into a specialist school, especially in somewhere like new york

it makes sense if you want to translate the story to the modern day, rather than just copy it and tell the same thing again, but with different actors and effects

im giving the benifit of the doubt till the first full trailer at least

I just that suit to get fucking destroyed after some intense as fuck battle

This suit is the fucking best.

I'm a little worried about the villain line-up in this film.

I really can't see how an entire villain can be based off the Vulture? Just going to be thinking the entire time "where the fuck is every other avenger who could fix this in about 2 mins."

I thought of that exact problem with Amazing Spider-man 1. Imagine if that took place in the MCU, Stark could fly up to the lizard and destroy him in seconds, I know movie logic and all that blalbal but it'll still be there. Why is Spidey the man to take out the thread of Vulture?

Because Spidey needs to grow as a superhero and having Iron Man or someone come up and take care of every little thing is counter-productive.

I don't think the Vulture is going to do anything big to get the Avengers attention. He's probably going small-scale enough to fly under their radar. Maybe he's trying to rob something or kill a former employer/ business parter. That is usually what Vulture does in the comics.

The same reason Spidey deals with literally anything in the comics, because don't think about it.

It'd be a pretty neat detail if they mentioned that Peter SHOULD be in a kid prodigy school, but being Spidey causes his grades to slip enough that he's stuck in public high.

His choice to exercise responsibility keeps him from reaching his full potential. It's like a metaphor for the character. Peter would have literally no problems if he decided not to use his powers to be Spider-Man.

I still liked the ASM2 suit best, but this one is pretty great. The only part I'd absolutely do without is the black lines on the blue sections. The black sections on the red don't bother me, but the blue part just looks a bit janky. Tiny spider takes some getting used to, and I really liked the one they had for ASM but this one's growing on me. They really did the ditko eyes justice which is cool, even though I liked the big USM style eyes.

>because its not fucking 1962 i guess
What? High schools still exist, fruitcake. Even for "geniuses", which Peter is not.

>Even for "geniuses", which Peter is not.

Even among comic characters where EVERY main character is some kind of genius or other these days, Peter Parker has literally always been considered especially intelligent.

>I liked the big USM style eyes.
I don't mind the Kirby neutral position, but when he's around college age I'd like to see the Bagley eyes become the neutral

It emphasises his youth

As he gets older go towards Ditko and sinister eyes, and maybe MacFarlane shaped once he's married

>which Peter is not.
Yes, yes he is

Tobey was 25 during the filming of Spider-Man 1 and Tom Holland is 19 right now you idiot.

I think the smaller eyes work best for adult Spidey, when eveything looks more proportional. Strangely enough, I think the really big eyes work best when Peter is younger and more lanky.

But he was in high school for at least a year before he became Spidey. He should already be in a gifted school by the time he gets his powers.

>Why is it a tech-sciences school and not a regular high school?

Because plot details have established that Pete's going to a special school for advanced students on a scholarship backed by Tony Stark.

>Zendaya is playing her.

Every official source lists her as playing Michelle, not Mary Jane.

>It sounds like they could've just made him an entirely new character.

I somewhat agree. But they needed a bully character and they were doing a highschool movie. And I guess they wanted to do a more modern take on bullying since it's not so much just being exclusively about being physically imposing anymore. If anything he's pretty much an OC in everything but name.

>"where the fuck is every other avenger who could fix this in about 2 mins."

Half of em are fugitives, one's a cripple, one's an autistic shut in, and the other is trying to fuck Pete's aunt.

>I don't think the Vulture is going to do anything big to get the Avengers attention.

I think he will, but Pete takes care of it before it comes to their attention - I.E. the climactic fight of the film.

I mean shit, he works with a guy who stole Stark Tech and apparently stone Falcon's wingpack to fuse with Chitauri tech.

Intelligent yes. Genius no. Especially not in the MCU.

>Because plot details have established that Pete's going to a special school for advanced students on a scholarship backed by Tony Stark.
An unnecessary change for the sake of including RDJ.

>Every official source lists her as playing Michelle, not Mary Jane.

Because it's supposed to be twist.

>Half of em are fugitives, one's a cripple, one's an autistic shut in, and the other is trying to fuck Pete's aunt.

Yeah, after the events of Civil War it's really not that crazy to think the Avengers wouldn't just swoop in and stop any domestic threat in NYC. Remember that the ones still actively part of the Avengers now can't do shit without Ross's express permission first, and the ones who went rogue are all hiding out or out of the country now. Chances are by the time someone like the Vulture is a big enough threat for Ross to consider the Avengers an appropriate response, Peter would have taken him out already.

20, petal.

oh my fucking god...

grab a comic for once in your life and learn your shit you scrub

Because even tech-science schools have a school program and they aren't above giving jocks a free ride to get ahead. At least fucking armored adventures did that right.

>Genius no.
>Especially not in the MCU.
Based on what? His MCU portrayal hasn't given any indication that he's not smart. He was the one who came up with the plan on the fly to take down Giant Man. The only smart guys who've shown up in MCU are Stark, Pym, and Banner, so if anything there's more precedent to call him a genius than there is in 616 where he also has to go up against faggots like Reed Richards.

Maybe it's a money issue then?
Either way, the answer for "why is he not in a better school" is "Spider-Man".

Sports program I mean.

These shots wok pretty well, I never would have thought going so bright color wise would do it.

Remember when Pym got mad and envious of Peter after he studied his Spider Tracers, saying that what took him a small fortune to research and build the technology that his helmet uses to communicate with ants, Peter was able to build on a highschool budget, not only that, but he some how made it smaller too.

Peter is amongst one of the smartest in 616, not the top brain, but he's pretty fucking high up there

Well, these shots are set photos, not actual stills from the film. So it might not turn out quite as bright after post-production.

The only reason that rumor even started was because some rando on Twitter said they had "TOTALLY LEGIT INSIDER INFO YOU GUYS", Disney and Marvel didn't comment on it, and it died down in a week.
It also goes against the leaks we've already got that say MJ shows up in the last 5 minutes at the titular dance for a "face it Tiger" moment right before it ends .

I ain't buying it until we get an official reveal. If there's a Marvel document that says "PETER PARKER HAS TO BE A STRAIGHT WHITE GUY", I can't see them racebending MJ, personally.

They literally already gave the reason Peter will be in the super school as "Stark showed up at his house and told his aunt that he was getting a Stark genius grant."

Stop fighting about it.

The "belt" line is way too high. Only looks good when he's crouching or sitting or something.

The only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing that bothers me about this movie, is FUCKING "'"'''"'''''''''FLASH FUCKING THOMPSON""'''"""""""""


Peter had identical highschool test scores to Reed Richards.
It's just that he wastes his intellect throwing cars at people instead of using them for SCIENCE!

Yeah I agree

>black girl with bright red hair
That's a disgusting tumblr OC, not Mary Jane.

And literally every time he decides he wants to do science, he makes something crazy and brilliant and you get shit like happening.

Peter, if you don't cut that shit out I'm going to beat your ass up

the funniest thing about this casting, is that Tom is taller then him. Just to really push home how much of a bully he won't come across.

THAT'S what's bothering me about it, good eye.

It makes him look like he's got his pants hiked up way too high or something.

>black MJ

I have no problem with a black love interest, but Mary Jane is not black. She's a redhead, and no, Hot Topic dye doesn't count.

I'm not fighting, I just think Peter being in his element at school isn't the best way to go about it.
It's like having Clark Kent be the cool, respected owner of the Daily Planet.

Maybe he'll be a cyberbully

spidey. stahp. you are not batman.


>Disney and Marvel didn't comment on it

Not directly, which is rather telling.

>It also goes against the leaks we've already got that say MJ shows up in the last 5 minutes at the titular dance for a "face it Tiger" moment right before it ends .

Those have objectively been proven false. Plus that's what's happening anyway, with Zendaya.

>I ain't buying it until we get an official reveal. If there's a Marvel document that says "PETER PARKER HAS TO BE A STRAIGHT WHITE GUY", I can't see them racebending MJ, personally.

You overestimate Mary-Jane's importance.

Dunst died her hair

And she was a terrible Mary Jane.

I wanna give this kid an atomic wedgie.

>ugly manlet spider-man
no, i am not.

How much will this make at the box office? 1B? Place your bets. I think

Marvels boy in the mcu first time + Tony Stark, coming off of Civil War, a clean 1b.

She shouldn't even have been called Mary Jane, either. She was nothing like the character from the comics.

even though both iron man and happy hogan are in this movie

>Builds his own web shooters
>Formulates his own web fluid
>Builds computers in his spare time
>Studies the rigidity/flexibility ratio of Falcon's suit out of sheer curiosity
>Does this in mid fight while outnumbered
>Uses strategy to incapacitate Bucky, Sam, and Lang
>Only gets stopped by Cap, the best strategist in the MCU
He's pretty fucking bright. Could easily talk shop with Stark and Pym and all them.

Well, the Avengers are disassembled anyway.

Real talk, the suit is near perfect, but WHOEVER designed the waist/belt part to be that high, what in the living fuck is that. Crouching shots look perfect, but that waist is just way too damn high, hopefully that is correct ed in post

I've come to accept Flash because the movie is changing the basic design of pretty much all main characters

>Aunt May is a hot black-haired woman.

>Mary-Jane is a black quirky outcast with a penchant for hair dye.

>Flash Thompson is a rich Guatemalan prodigy kid and social bully

>Liz Allan is black

>Ned Leeds is a chubby Asian and Peter's high school best friend

>Betty Brant is a long-haired blonde nerd and goes to school with Peter

>Sally Avril is a THICC nerd.

>Tiny McKeever is an actually tiny, skinny nerd.

>Jason Ionello is a tiny, skinny nerd.

>Jason Warren is a black woman.

>Shocker is a black guy.

>The Tinkerer is a mid-20's overweight guy.

Pym actually takes a look at his spider tracer and starts giving Pete grief about not living up to his potential.

>the ones still actively part of the Avengers now can't do shit without Ross's express permission firs

UN panel =/= Secretary Ross.

But yes, they can't do shit without approval.

Dunst and Howard should have reversed roles

Last I heard the leaks were confirmed.
Also, call me a pessimist, but I really strongly doubt Disney would have their brand new mascot for the MCU, the dude who will be the most profitable character in the MCU after RDJ eventually retires, the face of Marvel since the 60's, be in a mixed relationship. At least with MJ, the iconic Spidey love interest that every casual knows.

Meh, it is isn't the first time they changed Liz Allen's ethnicity.

>near perfect
pic related is perfect my friendo

It's such an easy fix too. If they lowered the belt it would be 10/10 for me.
Makes him look taller too.

I feel like that's more the harness he's got on.
It'll look fine when properly lit at the right angle.

>Plus that's what's happening anyway, with Zendaya.

Which is about as bullshit wishful thinking as the last 5-minute MJ reveal.

>>Liz Allan is black
who cares
>>Mary-Jane is a black quirky outcast with a penchant for hair dye.
well, there are plenty of blacks and africans with naturally red hair, so she could be dyeing her hair brown, and then changes it back in the film or something.

>>Betty Brant is a long-haired blonde nerd and goes to school with Peter
yeah this pisses me the fuck off. Betty was the (slightly) older working woman originally.

>there are plenty of blacks and africans with naturally red hair
You did not just type that and mean it seriously.

what if zendaya is gwen

Even Reed Richards considered Peter one of the most intelligent people he ever met.

anyway kys

i'd be okay with that

I want to fucking dick Holland with the force of a thousand suns.

>>Ned Leeds is a chubby Asian and Peter's high school best friend
I wonder if they'll eventually try to use hobgoblin instead of the goblin this time round?
Though I have a hard time imagine them deciding against bringing Osborn in some way.

Also have they said who this kid is yet?

not only is she black but the bitch is ugly as fuck

>Last I heard the leaks were confirmed.

They obviously are not.

I can't stand when they change gender or race for characters that have been around forever, just because.

i think itd be a better twist to have her as gwen and kill her off in this/next movie than have her as MJ.

user, you're forcing me to unironically point out that it's the current year. People don't care about that anymore. Besides, Zendaya is barely black. In every other place in the world without the one drop rule she'd be mulatto at worst.

>i'd be okay with that
Of course you fucking would.

>Zendaya's character is referred to as "Michelle" for entire film, black hair, nothing out of the ordinary
>End of the movie, Peter shows up to the school dance (late, of course) flustered, looking for his date
>From off screen behind Peter, a voice "Fashionably late as usual I see"
>Peter turns, enter Michelle with newly red hair
>"Get woke senpai, this party is lit DESU."
>One of Michelle's friends comes up "Michellery Janqueesha Watson, you is turnt as fuck girl"
>Parker raises an eyebrow "Red's a good look on you, MJ"
>Waka Flocka Flame plays, everyone begins to twerk
>Roll credits.

>People don't care about that anymore
People aren't allowed to say they care about it anymore.

Indeed. BDH would've made a better MJ than Dunst. And not just because she's an actual redhead.

Jason Ionello.

Screenshot this fampais

Oh, you're one of those guys.

Will this film end on a Spidey swing into the sunset? Can't shake the feeling it's going to end on a joke, and cut to credits of some kind.


Mysterio and Rhino should be in the sequel

why the black lines, they look like shit

To be different desu, they can't make the suit too similar to previous ones or normies will throw a fit for some reason.

It looks like a Jim Lee redesign

A realist. Yes.

Given this thread I'd say I'm far from the only one. Thank christ for anonymity.

Can we talk about this outfit? What situation did he get into to end up like this?

Pete was probably changing into his regular clothes after gym class, having it last period of the day or something, and Vulture started attacking some shit, so he slipped into his Spidey costume and left his regular clothes in his backpack, and by the time the fight was over, school was out for the day and Peter gets these clothes and hopes Aunt May ain't home yet

I think in other pictures from this set hes by a laundromat, so he's probs doing laundry, but why does he won those clothes is really what I'm wondering about.

You are allowed to say what you want you deluded fuck. You can scream to the skies you don't like the cast of Spider-man Homecoming and I guarantee no one will give the tiniest bit of a shit

Internet drama fuelled by teenagers and young adults in college doesn't reflect reality

Sure thing, Cred Forums


>Peter goes to the laundromat to wash his Spider-Man suit
>Peter hurriedly grabs his suit to spring to action
>He got the wrong machine
>Has to fight crime in someone else's PJs and save the day fast enough to get his suit back before the store closes

the only one of those changes im okay with aunt tomei. its like they decided to make everyone some kind of minority or an outcast - like theyre doing with the rest of everything in the marvel universe.


Is it weird I want to fuck Tom Holland wearing this outfit.

Most of those are glorified background characters no one gives a shit about, though

I wouldn't be surprised if Sony had a hand in aunt may since theirs was younger than usual as well

The only ones I actually get having a problem with are Mary Jane and Flash since they're essentially new characters who happen to be called the same

According to some gossip sites he's closeted. Though his boyfriend is abusing him.

That's probably bullshit, but Holland does have some gay vibes.

Then again, so does the kid that plays the Flash and he's actually straight.

Does Gwen exist in this universe?

This. I actually can't stand the new suit, random black and lines everywhere? fuck no and what's worse is the complete masturbation Cred Forums does to every pic of the costume, yet in the past, they always bashed people changing the design in other media because the original "is too iconic"

What happened to that exactly?

It's MCU.

That is not a good excuse for poor design.

It's MCU, and has minorities in lead roles. Therefore it is immune to any and all criticism. Are you racist or something?

I like all of the movie Spider-Man suits desu senpai

Me too. I think MCU has the best colors though, and I've always been a fan of the BIG eyes but the Ditko eyes look nice.

I'm told the original suit was supposed to be red and black but the printing tech of the time demanded blue was used for highlights instead of grays.

One reason you wanted to outfits to be so close to the comics was because the stories were always hollywood rape jobs on the original content. Since they're not raping the comic versions they probably feel freer to experiment or tap more obscure elements of costume lineages. Not just for this Super Spider movie but just in general. They've used obscure sources for costume looks on several characters now.

So wait, they're using the exact same design for the standalone movie as for Civil War, yet everyone else gets a different costume in every single movie? Why?

I guess I am. The costume is bad, except for the eyes.

The only suits I dislike are the shitty black one from SM3, and the new one.

And it's worked for characters like Captain America, not for Spider-Man. It looks like a cheap chinese knock off Spider-Man action figure, that looks just like the character, but altered enough that whoever made it won't get sued.

Maybe there's not a conspiracy to silence you and people simply changed their views over time. Crazy, I know

Ultimate Spidey was that age when he started out and that was the mst consistently good run of Spider-Man in years.

>What happened to that exactly?
this is neo Cred Forums which jacks itself off to MCU anything.

they're probably gonna take more of an ultimate take on this version, so even if she does, I doubt she'll be a real love interest.
to be fair, the Civil War design wasn't finished until close to release, since Spidey was 100% CGI in the film.

You know I was being sarcastic, right?

do they sew him into that thing?

how the fuck does he put on the suit????

Reminder that this is an example of the type of people you argue with on a chinese cartoon forum every day.

>I'm just so glad we'll get a movie with a Spider-man and Peter Parker that are faithful to the comics.

Literally what on earth makes you think this is true? Look at the cast, we already know this isn't the case.

There are zippers that go in a U shape from the armpits to the lower back

user you're arguing with a person which thinks a shy and awkward Peter is comic accurate.

They certainly have the money to do so and make a new one every time he takes it off.

Yes, you were being snide over people supposedly not being allowed to criticize MCU films or ones with diverse casts. Your point?

user, breathe. It's just a joke.

>All the other kids tried to give that weirdo Peter a chance
>He fucking insults them and blows them off
Reminds me of that scene in 30 Rock where Liz Lemon thinks she was bullied but a flashback shows her roasting people for no reason.

Oh, I know it was a joke

>Though his boyfriend is abusing him.
He could like that you know.

>too many black lines: the costume
Raimi's Spidey is still best costume.

You mean the one with a chain link fence glued to it?

>We're supposed to believe Peter would sink as low as to fuck that thing when he has his still grieving auntie at home just begging to be dicked

as terrible as BvS shilling earlier this year

What does she need him for when she has a set of Doc Ock tendrils in her nightstand?

>Only gets stopped by Cap, the best strategist in the MCU
Thought that was Cyclops but your most likely talking about the movies.

top kek

I want to believe this movie will be good... but I just can't at the moment.

>we need to cast a new mj for our upcoming spider-man project
>any suggestions on who could play a young, sexy red head?
>what about that girl from shake it up?
>you mean bella thorne?
>no the other one

If they had to cast a former Nickelodeon, Disney Sitcom star for MJ I would have preferred Miranda Cosgrove.

Some of these set photos look really awkward, I'm getting the feeling these suits weren't tailored for Tom's body measurements.


I would love to see him use the Spider-signal but that might be too cheesy.

They literally referenced it in Civil War when Peter is fucking around with his new web shooters.

FUCK FUck FUkdjsgok
This is it.
This is what bothers me. God fucking damn it.

I thought he got a different suit? Is pic related a fake, or does he have two throughout the movie?

Best thing I have read all week.

>raised webs
>huge inexpresive leyes
>tarantula emblem
>fushia instead of red

KEK Hell no

Well that doesn't look like Tom, so...

I know, but I'm wondering if they'll actually use it as it's a really cheesy comic thing to do, even by Mcu standards.

That was the prototype suit for Civil War
They changed the design in postproduction and CGI'd the changes

I doubt they'll use it as an actual spidey signal for him, no.

The raised webs look fine, they're nowhere near the mess of wire looking shit that was on the Raimi suit. The Eyes are the best feature of the suit, and them being inexpressive helped the suit look more real, there was never a point where he looked like a cgi person instead of a dude in a costume. The emblem I personally liked a lot, though I can get that other might not. And the suit is red, you're just being stupid.

God dammit, that's the perfect live action Spider symbol, too.

You mean the same cheesy MCU that refused to put a huge, purple sock on Zemo's head?
The same one that didn't give Batroc a villainy 'stache?
THE MCU that did not feature a Chinese-born supervillain called The Mandarin?

; __ ;

I like the one they went with more honestly, but I still liked the ASM symbol best personally.


That user said MCU right in the part that you quoted, are you dense or are you just trying to find excuses show off your "comic knowledge"?

Jesus fucking christ, I'm a concept artist for living and hearing you guys whine about the tiniest fucking details in this costume is making me depressed.

What the suit looks like is not gonna make or break the movie, fucking chill it looks fine.

Anyone else hoping that the climax will be Pete yelling Shocker?

Post your work, faggot.

Link to artstation or Portfolio please.

Art me a concept, senpai.

We just like costumes man and we all have our own preferences for what Spidey looks like. I don't think any of the people discussing the costume details here are thinking it will make or break the movie.

ASM2 may have been shit but it had objectively the best costume

I'm kinda done with this whole comic book movie thing. I just want Infinity Gauntlet to be the end of Marvel's run in the movies.

I will maintain to the day I die that ASM2 had a good movie buried under all the shit they piled onto it. It had some of the best elements of any Spider-Man film to date, just unfortunately baked into a pie made of crap.

I don't know, a lot things seemed like they were just tacked on, including songs by musicians owned by Sony.


Oh definitely, but there were really good things under that. Like the costume, Spidey fighting rhino at the end, the slow motion sequence where he saves all the people in times square, etc.

You know, since The Amazing Spider-man Canon is technically over, I like to imagine Spider-man got impaled by Rhino's horn after it cut to black and died right there.

>Jason Warren is a black woman.

Could be his sister

>>The Tinkerer is a mid-20's overweight guy

Looks to me like their are being inspired by the Ultimate Universe Tinkerer

why would you want a tranny who can't act to play mj

>Mary-Jane is a black quirky outcast with a penchant for hair dye.
>Cast listing shows Zendaya's character's name to be "Michelle"


Lets not forget the Urkel belt line Toby had.

1.5 like IM3

I didn't forget it, I was just commenting on my only gripe with MCU Spidey's costume.
Although it helps that Tobey's belt line arrow was way more steep so it didn't look as bad as Tom's.

Spider-man 2 vs Carnage
Spider-man 3 vs Sinister Six (starring Ultimate spider-man and spider-gwen)

you can just
stop watching their movies

Which spider-man has the best spider butt?

I'm really really worried that this is gonna be the first MCU to get panned. Like rotten score on RT panned.

Why? Because it has one thing no other MCU film has had: Sony

The MCU moves in real time, so starting him out young is pretty perfect. We'll get to see him grow and mature. More literally than any other MCU hero

Ok to be fair, they were tempted to give Zemo the mask and theres art to support it. Its just that given how much was already going on its hard to squeeze in why hes wearing it. However Zemo does seem like a reoccurring role so fingers crossed

>People don't care about that anymore.
No, but studios do.
I remind you of the literal, physical document stating that Peter Parker must be a straight, white male.
Unless I'm mistaken, I feel like Jessica Jones is the only Marvel thing with a mixed-race romance in it.
For whatever reason (probably marketing purposes), it's still considered "edgy". Everyone knows what Mary Jane looks like, so I doubt they'd mess with the marketability of that established iconography.

Well I suppose Marvel wants to have at least one film series targeted to little kids. This is Disney after all.

See, here's what I hope happens.
>Whole movie, Pete is chasing Michelle
>They're buds, but he keeps blowing her off to be Spider-Man
>Just fucking shit up by being a teenage shithead, like in Spectacular Spider-Man
>Aunt May keeps badgering him about Homecoming
>"Oh you should go with Anna Watson's niece, very pretty girl, lovely personality."
>Peter is turned off by his aunt trying to set him up with "Miss Wonderful Personality"
>Actually gets Michelle to go to the dance with him
>Climax takes place the same night as Homecoming
>He blows her off because he's gotta go fight the Vulture or something
>Saves the day, rushes back to the dance
>Michelle is crowned Homecoming Queen alongside Flash, they're clearly an item now
>This is playing in the background: youtube.com/watch?v=AR8D2yqgQ1U
>Pete is sadboi
>"Hey, wanna dance?"
>Looks over
>10/10 redhead bombshell
>He goes for it
>"Wait, what's your name?"
>"Mary Jane Watson, but you can call me MJ."
>"Wait, Watson... you're Miss Watson's niece? YOU'RE MARY JANE?!"
>shiteating MJ grin
>"Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot."
>Pan out as they dance in the middle of the gym
>Roll credits

Even if I didn't say "in the MCU" right there you'd still be wrong.

This is similar to that one "leak" posted awhile back. Of course in that one the dance was Avengers themed and the War Machine ice sculpture loses its legs during the Vulture fight

>Implying Pete won't totally revel in using the Spider-Signal on unimpressed thugs, deepening his voice to try and sound intimidating

This is the kid who tried to put Falcon "under arrest" while fighting him and Bucky in Civil War. I love what a cheesy goof he is.

Peter really shouldn't be very attractive. He's supposed to be a relatable, down on his luck, everyman character.

>the War Machine ice sculpture loses its legs during the Vulture fight
That's fucking amazing, please be true, I'd literally piss myself.

Pete is the kinda guy who's like a 6-7/10 on an average day, but rockets up to 11/10 when he's in the Spidey suit, cleaned up, or in his element.

Kinda goes along with the metaphor of how putting on the mask lets him be the snarky cool dude he is inside without all the social pressure he experiences as Peter Parker.

wouldn't worry about it really, sony is pretty much letting Marvel do all the work and handling all the aspects of the film really. hell literally an exec at Sony said in an interview "We have deferred the creative lead to Marvel, because they know what they’re doing. "

SONY is basically getting a paycheck for this. And its not like theyre in a bargaining position these days. If only we could get the F4 rights from FOX

I agree.
TASM2 was actually my favorite spider-movie, so eh

oh, Andrew, Hands down.

>Spidey "fighting" Rhino at the end being good
>The man with no taste
Fucking how? I mean I get that people have different tastes but ASM2 was a goddamn trainwreck. I refuse to call that Rhino too

>I remind you of the literal, physical document stating that Peter Parker must be a straight, white male.
link on that?
not surprising to me, i just wanna have that to back myself up later.

peter has always been portrayed as conventionally attractive.

Hmm, gonna need some proof here.

He always struck me as the male version of that "80's best friend who's super dowdy until she takes off her glasses and lets her hair down" trope.

All the ladies are like "lol puny Parker" but then the Halloween dance or whatever comes around and it's "oh damn, he fills out that suit nicely".

Sure thing senpai variety.com/2015/film/news/sony-hack-peter-parker-spider-man-white-straight-1201524150/

Yeah he has been and it's a mistake. Andrew Garfield does not look like someone that would get picked on in high school.

This. Peter Parker is supposed to be a frumpy nerd with endearingly mussed hair, big dumb glasses, and a shy demeanor.
But then he puts on the Spidey suit (or a regular suit) and he's suddenly a lithe heartthrob. If he ditches the glasses and stands up straight, he gets another 2 points added by default.

I'm just hype for all the butthurt racists

>, big dumb glasses, and a shy demeanor.
That litterally never been Peter's character, and even when he was a "nerd" in the Ditko/Lee days, he wasn't a nerd at all, he was a self-imposed isolationist because he was practically a misanthrope.


Donald drumph has darker skin than her.

I remember I asked why in all the years of spiderman peter's only dated Caucasian girls and you can imagine the response in Cred Forums.

Now i get to laugh at them while they spas out at a girl who bairly looks orange! HA!

Have you not read Spider-Man? He was 15 when he got his powers. Jeez.

the difference is that this movie is now mcu/marvel and not sony. Once marvel got spiderman back it didnt matter what the suit would look like, everyones gonna love it and the movie will have a 94 RT and make 1.3billion

ugly ass mother fuckers

Well clearly he took a trip to NYC.

>Peter gets the power to push his shit in, but chooses not to

>Just going to be thinking the entire time "where the fuck is every other avenger who could fix this in about 2 mins."
I hate that people like you think they're smart.

Why do people assume she's MJ?
They didn't go to the same HS.

>he wasn't a nerd at all
He was, he privileged studying and taking care of his aunt over going around trying to fuck Liz Allan.
What he wasn't is a shy beta, but he was a nerd.

Hang on, wasn't she his roommate from late ASM? Michelle whatshername. She was a bitch to him because he forgot he banged her.

I think it'll probably suck, desu. This much studio meddling early on is never a good sign.

This costume is the shittiest spidey suit I've ever seen. Someone got paid in thousands to rape the original suit and give birth to this abomination.

Pretty much every cape movie aside from IM1, Deadpool, Blade and maybe the first Raimi SM has had loads of studio meddling.

I like the head/eyes, dislike the rest.

800 million. People are tired of Spider-Man. Many didn't watch CW so they don't even know there was another reboot. When they see another SM movie happening they will be just like "another one? meh".

The sequel will make more money, though. Because by then this version of Spidey will be more established in the avengers movies.

OP didn't even post the best images. Apparently Peter is receiving a package from one of Tony's drivers. Wish that was Happy desu.

there is actually nothing anyone can say to make me feel like this is not the greatest costume i have seen for spiderman

i have ALWAYS loved the ditko/romita spiderman
as a kid in the 90s my father gave me abunch of his spiderman comics from when he was a kid, so that was the spiderman i grew up with.

yes, the bug eye spiderman is okay but nothing beats the sleak clean style we are getting right now. i love it. FINALLY.

>Unless I'm mistaken, I feel like Jessica Jones is the only Marvel thing with a mixed-race romance in it.

Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor.

It's not.

Looks have nothing to do with being picked on, man.

lol this guy

I wouldn't go that far. I'd say It's (in front of/tied with/behind) SM1 which is behind SM2

That costume is complete trash. Why they felt the need to change the original design is beyond me. I can understand the taticool with Cap and Clint and everyone else, but Peter is a show off. It makes sense for his character to want a flashy and goofy costume, he /wants/ his enemies to feel embarrassed that they got beat up by a goofball in a onsie.

Funny, those are the only ones I've actually liked, minus Raimi Spidey.

>huge inexpresive leyes
So you're blind, stupid AND illiterate. Mmkay

Honestly, yhis is even worse than ASM 1 and I'll tell you why. What they did in ASM1 was sell the idea that the suit was new and upgraded. IN CW and Homecoming they're trying to make the public believe this is the MOST comic faithful spidey suit on the big screen, which is fucking not.

Regardless of if you like the ASM1 suit or not, at least it was fucking honest.

you're mistaken.
i dont think it's the best.

if i were to rank by quality, i'd say:

SM1 and SM2 are easily better movies overall, but Raimi Spidey is hardly spider-man. All the characters are reduced to bland archtypes.

TASM2 is the best "spider-man" movie; it (and TASM) better capture the essence of spider-man, but they're both bogged down with mediocre or bad scripts, and so much executive meddling Webb should have taken his name off the credits.

Who I truely feel bad for is Andrew; who was a spider-man fan and really wanted to deliver a G O O D movie, but sony just wanted its own flavor of the MCU (like every studio these days).
If Webb had possessed more of a backbone, maybe the films would have both been better.

Side-note; taking the conners family out of TASM was one of the worst moves they made.

Okay, so TASM2 is your favorite Spidey but not the best movie. The way you worded it in the beginning:
>i dont think it's the best.
had me confused; How can something be your favorite yet not be the one you think is best?

Also, I agree with everything else in the post

>bella thorne
I don't think Marvel are in the business of hiring young actresses that are on the verge of self-destructing.

I also hate the trend of fan casting a character based on what the actor looks like. Lazy shit.

This pic always hurts me, I wanted purple sockhead on the big screen, sword in hand fighting Cap.

Your high school experience must have been rough LMAO