Why do they always put the writer's name first and the artist name 2nd? it should be the other way around

why do they always put the writer's name first and the artist name 2nd? it should be the other way around.

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Because the last time artists got top-billing in the comics industry, we were left with the 90s and the Liefeld/Lee/MacFarlane generation of pouches and cross-hatching in place of competent storytelling..

art is visual storytelling. even if the writer writes good dialogue, if the art is bad, the comic could never be anything more than mediocre.

Because Stan Lee decided which should go on top

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How come there are so few artists who write their own stories in the US and Europa?

The artists wouldn't know what to draw without having the writer's script first.

Because it's usually the writers, more than the artists, who people seek out. When you hear about "so-and-so's run" it's always in terms of writing. Plus, art comes and goes and has no bearing on continuity, but whatever's written is what we're stuck with until the next reboot or retcon.

Wait, are you implying that comics in the 2000's have had competent storytelling?

Comparatively, yes.


But it's the writers who decide what there is to be drawn

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you can take the same written scene but have it be drawn totally different by two different artist. one would be awesome because it made everything look cool and captured the emotion, the other would be dull and boring even though it's the same scene. The point is, the artist is like the director of the comic and the writer is like the screen writer. In movies, the director's name goes first. In comics however, the script writer gets to go first. It is wrong.

Artists could fix this problem themselves by not being talentless and writing their own stuff.

That's because a director can order changes to a script.
Artists cannot do that.

Art is important but writer is most important. Think of a famous comic. Why is it famous?
The writing. Every time.
The art helps, but it's writing that turns a "Oh jeez that was pretty" comic into a legendary one

Take your absolute favorite writer and pair them up with Greg Land or Rob Liefeld. Even if it was that writer's best writing, it's pretty much impossible for that comic to be good.

Actually in the opening credits, "written by" usually precedes "directed by".


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Because that way, you know whose run it is. Artists tend to change from time totime during that run.



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Grant Morrison's new X-men begs to differ.

Because the writer is more important. Otherwise you're just looking at pretty pictures.

Then why does everyone blame Zack Snyder for BvS instead of David S Goyer.

Supreme - Alan Moore & Rob Liefield
The Punisher - Ennis & Dillon
Dillon isn't that bad but you'll ignore the same frank face because of the writing.

Follow your favorite artist's bibliography you'll notice it right away. Some books will absolutely be better but why? The writing. It's a symbiotic relationship/duo but the writer comes first in comics.