So much for there being 3 jokers

So much for there being 3 jokers

I don't get it.

A joker just appeared in jail in the latest gang of harley's issue
There are supposed to be 3 jokers now but this one is clearly not any of the 3

Three Jokers?

Nah, son. It was another joke!

Harley's book isn't canon. Thats been stated time and time again casual.

Ahh yes, clearly something stated repeatedly in the a-list books .being undone by a cameo in a comedy book.

Top notch sleuthing OP

How do you know this isn't one of the three?

you keep saying its not canon and yet her fucking suicide squad costume changed to match her solo book
seems pretty evident its canon

It's clearly one of them, it looks like Bolland!Joker

forgot my image

That why they change the costume, Harley's book is not canon, they can do every shit they want, Old Lobo is in there

that's not bolland joker though

>retards still can't understand that 3 Jokers is Golden Age, Post-Crisis and New52 versions, And now there is just ONE Joker.
God, how stupid you must be?

Then which Joker was she fucking?

Didn't the oneshot say one of them was being transferred to Arkham?

>clearly not any of the 3

Ignoring that it's a joke book, he easily fits Silver Age Joker's look.

That's clearly him.

Just because there's 3 doesn't mean they live together and hang out together.

Is that fucking Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame? And who's the goat furry?

It's some kind of Harley hallucination again, right?

There's actually 10 jokers, Bruce only knows about 3 of them.

There was a joker in Arkhangelsk and a joker committing a crime at the same time in the Rebirth one shot

Somehow that was the first time it happened.

3 jokers? But a pack should only have 2!

Are you retarded? They've said its not canon. Not me.


Well thank god, that's a weak as fuck justification for how shitty his writing usually is.

There were some random pics of different Jokers which Bats somehow got.

I'm pretty sure they retconned that NuLobo was just another offshoot and that the real Main Man was still around.

They haven't said anything yet, but looks like they're gonna just pretend like Nubo never happen and i'm find with that

Then there are 4.

I'd imagine if they did meet up, it would cause some sort of paradox. Maybe this idea will make the Joker(s) into a key player in the next crisis?

She owns an apartment where the freakshow members of Coney Island live.

Huh. Sounds about right.

When Deadpool got popular, flandarized and overused I sighed and thought "Well at least this will never happen again"

But here we fucking are.

>showing one joker means there aren't three jokers

Literally what?

We saw what the three look like. He isn't one of them.


Cho was more suited for Harley covers than Wondy. Harley team is a bunch of perverts, right up Cho's alley, now he can do all kind of covers without problems

That dialogue is shit.

>Harley team is a bunch of perverts,
That why I like this book.

>Shitting on BvS
Does Harley know no bounds

Yes he is you retard.

No, 3 is right

Where are the SJWs crying that they just called Harley a cumdump?

>all these muscles
All right my dick is hard, now what?

>buff harley
my dick approves

Because that's a good friend of hers saying it, and friends talk shit to one another?

Funny as none of Cho's WW covers were the least bit perverted

Hey, at least due to popular, we have some great writer

>"it's so cinematic"
>OWNED written in big bold letters across jacket
who the fuck is making this shit


Best Joker, BTAS was far superior to any of the movies.