Captain Marvel #9 Storytime

She's already had Miles, Kamala and Jessica turn against her. Will she lose anyone else?

But first, some variants.








>Prostate cancer variant for Carol
They're trying to tell us something.








>commander Danvers
When did she get demoted?




Carol, surely you know he was actually in a concentration camp.




Commander of Alpha Flight, Retired USAF Colonel, Superhero title of Captain. Like her codenames, it's kind of a mess.


keikaku doori

Once again, tie-ins point out the holes in Bendis' "well-thought-out" plans

The end.

Bless their hearts, they're really trying to make this not the dumbest fucking event ever.

Well, some are. Others are just rolling into it, like whoever writes Power Man & Iron Fist.

>Accusing an actual concentration camp survivor of invoking Godwin's Law



That's how it has worked for her for the last 30 years

SO big question. And I have a really shitty feeling the answer will be the same as with the first Civil War, but, how in the flying fuck is Danvers not going to end up a hermit after this stupid event finally finishes?

Clearly she watched too much Mr. Robot before.



Carol, I think Magnus has the right to call you literally Hitler, you are not the murdercarol i want, you are an asshole

Wait,is Northstar evil ?


she be a hermit in the superhero community but to the marvel citizens, she'll be their greatest hero

Who is that?


It's not Northstar.
I know, the kinda-similar last name tripped me up too.

He was in the issue earlier.

CBR apparently

Come on, calling everyone that is opposing him Hitler has been Magneto modus operandi since at least the 80s

>Magneto finally getting called out on his MUH MUTANT HOLOCAUST crap

Does anyone else find it funny that basically every Canadian "villain" that doesn't travel south is either a world ending threat or ancient curse left by native americans?

Only when they are not mutants, mutants cant be hitler.

>mutants are dying from a myst
>The president hasnt activated O*N*E yet
>carolfags will defend her until death despise the facts

Finally, the nations of the world will see the true villain in all this - CANADA

Well, Loki worked to lead to the election of someone, so we know who to blame for that


Ignoring the ethical debate on predictive justice, does nobody care that this is insanely illegal?
She's arresting people who haven't done anything! And detaining them indefinitely!

Plus, shit, all she knew about Aurora was that they'd fight. Carol gets into punch-ups with other heroes CONSTANTLY.

>the entirety of CWII is a Canadian plot
It would almost make all this worth it.

>Yeah, yeah, everything's about Hitler.
>Concentration camp survivor.

>She's arresting people who haven't done anything! And detaining them indefinitely!
Plus high-altitude drone surveillance is fucked up.

In her defense Magneto just destroyed the island of Genosha.

>telling a guy who actually survived a concentration camp at the cost of his whole family to stop worrying about the possibility of concentration camps

Our Northern territories and provinces have a disproportionately high crime rate compared to the rest of the country.

Might be the isolation, might be the high rates of alcoholism, might be the poverty, or the economic difficulties, or even some ethnic issues.

But it's true.

I'm sorry if I missed it somewhere but why the actual fuck is Carol in charge of this whole thing?

If you want to talk about someone being emotionally compromised, she is basically at the top of that list. You'd think that'd be kind of an important issue, and I haven't really seen a reason she's the only person that can do it.

I'm so fucking bummed that everything seemed to be pointing at the much owed resolution to this dangling plot with Brand being the mole for the mutants and then it was just Canada shit

>implying magneto isn't right

Who the fuck is gonna be left on Carol's side at this point?!

Wasn't he in a concentration camp? How the hell does carol not know this

Don't they fight for her during the last issue of CWII?
So I suppose by the end of next chapter everything will be a-ok

This time, everybody EXCEPT Peter Parker switches sides.

How much you want to bet that the main CWII book will still have Alpha Flight on her side? I mean, Blue Marvel still is.

Woah Trudeau wannabe is evil. Are they ting to tell us something

Add in the Candian ninjas from Ms marvel today and yoube got yourself a full on Canadian conspiracy

so.. let me get this straight, they have one Psuedo-Precog (who doesn't even Precog in the slightest, just predicts with numbers in his head) and they base an entire justice system around this one man.

a single individual who they can never replace and have to trust implicitly.

and because of said man people have already been killed and now they are running rampant arresting anyone without knowing Cause=effect?

literally no one except Medusa.

yes, but to be fair the guy is REALLY accurate.

You should read the Uncanny Inhumans trial because Medusa wasn't having any of Carol's shit over there.


but he could just lie, or be mind controlled, or have his own bias affect his vision, at any time.

Plus he's the only Marvel character that canonically smokes weed, and that sounds like it could complicate things.

So you think Marvel might ever reboot the setting like DC does after all this crap?

yeah, people have pointed out the problems with this whole situations at length.

ok, well in that case, Carol will have literally no one at all to call friend. If that's not a recipe for her spiraling into self-destruction, I don't know what is.

To be fair, the government did commission giant murderbots to control mutants, which Hitler almost certainly would've done had the option been available.

B-but Trudeau was in Choosing Sides 005 tie-in...

So when is someone going to kick Carol's teeth in?

Well, there is

Commander isn't really a rank, so much as a Title. Usually you are called commander if you are in charge of a unit or battalion.

Man, I don't care what Ewing wrote for his backstory. In every comic he's appeared in, Ulysses is such a boring, nothing character. There's nothing to him save for his powers. All he does is act all excited about being around superheroes.

Why isn't he ever mad, sad, scared, or anything else after seeing how much his visions fuck things up for people? Why isn't he doubting himself after the incident with the briefcase?

He might as well have been a magic gem that lets people see the future. Him being human has virtually no bearing on the story.

Hell, Korbik was a McGuffin too, and even she had more personality than this guy.

at this point several people have kicked her teeth in.
with fists: MAC, whoever that was in Rocket Raccoon + Groot, Tony Stark, a bug monster in A-Force, Thanos
with feels: Ms. Marvel
with fists and feels at the same time: Spider-Woman :(

Wait, I mean

oh that's not too bad, they probably still have another decade before winter then

Carol you know full well how insecure you are about your public opinion.

So which hero is gonna beat the living crap out of Carol and it will feel totally great when that happens?

For Tony it was Thor. So who's gonna do it Cred Forums? It's gonna be Richard Rider Nova isn't it?

thats sort of the point, no one gives a fuck about him, what he thinks or anything, and beyond his powers he's a nothing, a nobody a schmuck, not a hero or anything whatsoever.

he's Joe Nobody who got the most important power at the most important time and now he's the crux of everything going on.

his utter lack of Agency is basically a plot point and why its escalated to this point.

>Why isn't he ever mad, sad, scared, or anything else after seeing how much his visions fuck things up for people?
dude, you haven't been reading the storytimes. in the main CW2 book he's been nothing but sad and scared 24/7. Ulysses cries more than everyone else put together.

I could buy that if the book took time to make at least a subtle mention of that happening instead of just making him look like a wide-eyed, oblivious mouth-breather.

I also recall him being asked if he wants to go through all the stuff he's put through, and he says "yes" every time.

Yeah, I saw it.

But, I wish he would do something about it instead of just crying for a bit, then doing whatever Carol or Medusa tell him to do. Even having him have a personal moment of self doubt about the morality of what he's doing would be preferable.

His aunt will still get shot...

Well, America Chavez did swing an office chair upside Carol's head in Ultimates 10

Why does she have common sense now but not in civil war?

Is this event basically just one giant excuse for everyone at Marvel to beat the shit out of Carol both physically and morally?

This continuous rejection isn't going to be over for Carol until Ulysses finally turns on her as well.
It's kinda tragic. But, you know: eggs and omelets.

>if the book took time to make at least a subtle mention of that happening
mostly that's in the scenes where Ulysses is otherwise alone in New Attillan with Karnak basically torturing him to hone his gifts


Disney owns Marvel now and all those superhero lesbians are going to made to suffer for it.
You know this.

>Man, I don't care what Ewing wrote for his backstory
How were those issues, anyway? Pretty much everything else that Ewing's written is great.

>Implying Marvel didn't have a subtile aniti-same sex agenda before it got bought out.

Sure they've had gay couples before, but none of them ever got a solo comic.

It sure looks like it

I was joking just a bit, Marvel's editorial structure still remains intact as of today.
But to take this seriously we have to recognize the profoundly LGBT-positive efforts Marvel has made over the decades in what is a decidedly hetero-male oriented marketplace.
I challenge you to find a company with more gay, lez, bi, and "other" mainstream characters.
Also, they have had solo titles, they've just all been limited runs.
(and I'm still on the fence about if or if not Carol counts)

A cat in a robot suit???

>(and I'm still on the fence about if or if not Carol counts)
they should fix that by having Carol and Jess get back together in the most dramatic way possible. With sexy times.

Magneto is so great.

"I am MAGNETO, go fuck yourself!"

Kill them Carol. Kill them all. Like a big girl. You know the voice in your head is right. Everyone is secretly against you. Do it Carol!

Medusa doesn't care either way

because her writers are trying to damage control allof Bendis fuck ups

>calling Magneto out on his bullshit

First decent thing Carol's done this entire event.

>Not again. Not after the Starjammers...

So we need all mutants and criminals (active or otherwise) on "a list" and now mentally ill people too.

It's almost like we're adding a new group each month. Just like your detractors predicted.

Carol "I'm smarter than Reed Richards and Tony Stark" Danvers.

If this turns out to all be some elaborate Canadian plot I will totally reverse my opinion of this and buy every CW2 back issue.

I can feel the anger rising in you now.....

I thought she was detaining people until the timeline of the event occurring passed, as Ulysses has been getting better at giving them a date and or time.

"Carol... its time to DRINK"

oh god just imagine if Carol falls off the wagon, and then goes on a fucking spree of destruction, she's the worst kind of drunk too.

even better if she gets her Binary Connection again so its a real deal "people accidently die" thing.

he can give all sorts of information, but he can't give Motive or Context.

not to mention he can just be Wrong, and eventually he'll be Wrong about something massive.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed how fucking rude is to tell an actual concentration camp survivor (not mattering if it's fucking Magneto) to shut up about concentration camps

>yeah, yeah, I know that your parents were brutally killed and you were tortured for years while a child, but, ugh, can you please turn off your PTSD? You're annoying

It should be Rogue.


Because the only thing more fun than a battle-hungry SuperSaiyan with boobs is a DRUNK battle-hungry SuperSaiyan with boobs.

That's like the meanest thing that Cred Forums has ever suggested happen to Carol, but I think it'd be a good storyline for Rogue...


Rogue was cooler with her powers than Carol ever was, and Carol even got to go Super Saiyan and still couldn't sell it.


I'm expecting him to be wrong at this last event, where everyone sees the vision of Miles killing Steve Rogers and it ends up being that his predictive powers turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Honestly this whole event is just an excuse to try and have everyone hate Carol, and I don't know why, especially when she is getting a movie to come out soon.

Didn't the Terrigen Mists fuck with Rogue and she's dying now, or turning to stone or something? It's why she's wearing the gloves and long robes, her skin is turning red and cracked and doesn't want people to see her dying while she can still be of use.

I fully expect Ulysses to kill himself at the end.

If Madame Masque is dead, who will be the starter villain for female superheroines to impersonate?

Shut down!

Marv's mistake with Carol was that they toned down the whole Saiyan aspect, Binary must be the only superhero identity ever where powercreep worked in reverse.

But Rogue's powersteal ability was always a stealth attack until she got ... her ... invulnerability, once that was added she became an instant win machine.
And the whole "who am ah, Sugah?" was really compelling before they took the Carol out of the Rogue.

This actually is a good idea. (and on Cred Forums of all places)

Muties get hit with too much Terrorgene mist and they react by getting what's now called "M-Pox" where the crystals start growing on and in them, like stone tumors that mess with their powers, until one thing or the other kills them.
The mists are a mutagen and the mutants are already mutated, the two things react to each other wrong.
(also, I'm not hearing Scarlett Witch say "no more Terrigen clouds", WTF?)

yea should have kept her Binary powers as a sort of Temporary power-up for her, she can go into it but it taxes her.

But she isn't even officially a homosexual.

Exactly, this is Not-Trudeau. Totally different guy.


>Why isn't he ever mad, sad, scared
user, he looks like he's about to cry in 70% of his appearances, and actually cries in another 20%.

Neither was Mystique or Destiny, not "officially", and they adopted a kid together.

Those wink-wink panels go a long way.

Because everything will go back to status quo and you dumb reader are supposed to forget.

Tony got off with hurt feelings and a slap on the wrist, what makes you think the same thing won't happen to Carol?

Well Mystique is a shapeshifter. And cited as bisexual in things now despite strangely hanging around mostly guys now.

I dont think writers today are as subtle as they used to.

I dont remember Mystique ever kissing destiny in the mouth, no even when she was wearing her armor.

He also had his memories reset to an earlier point and learned about Civil War later.

As if that was the first time, no one cares that Tony once had mindwiping satalites ether. Which he used specifically to cover up illicit shit he did and this long before Civil War 1. Only She-Hulk has ever brought that up and his response was to threaten her with gulag.

I'm trying to remember how broken up about it he was before this?

Tony blamed himself for Civil War, Secret Invasion and the beginning of Dark Avengers/ HAMMER/Osborne bullshit, right?

Yeah. But eventually movie synergy kicked in and saved him.

They actually are.
I have a whole list of red-pills I'm trying really hard to not spill on Cred Forums every night.
(I hate spoilers and don't want to be a hypocrite)

Can't you just make a secret thread where everything is in spoiler tags?
I'm now interested in your secrets.

That sounds interesting m8, go on

>I'm not what you'd call a feminist but I've seen how fast people turn on POWERFUL WOMEN the second they make a mistake.

Muh Hillary Defense
Muh BernieBros

>I'm not what you'd call a feminist but I've seen how fast people turn on POWERFUL WOMEN the second they make a mistake.

Such as fucking who and when?

This is how hypocrisy happens.
Rest easy folks, these headcanons are never believed when you actually hear them.


> these headcanons are never believed when you actually hear them.
it might be fun to mock them

>haha I'm an insider guize trust me haha

How do people on Cred Forums fall for this shit so often?

the consistency makes it great

The Inhumans, Cap (Steve because "Hail Hydra") and probably the Race Traitor.

Think about how many times her brain has been fried as well as the fact that she has no actual memory from more than 9~10ish months ago in universe and ask that question again.

He tried to . Cable time traveled to where they were building them and stopped it.

Man, if Kolomaq is back, shouldn't they have called Snowbird? She's alive again and it's her job to kill the damn things.

And (B): The original point was that Marvel *IS* often subtle in their writing and the forshadowing they've put in their stories is proof of that.
For God's sake, just go way waaaay back to the whole Skrull "Secret Invasion" storyline, there were all kinds of hints that Spiderwoman was a Skrull seeded in issues for months, even years, before. I even recently reread "House of M", and who was it that was dragging her feet when the memory-wiped heroes gathered to act? The Skrull.


Too bad peaceful co-existence between humans and Skrulls will never happen.

However it works in real life, Aurora has two distinct personalities who dislike each other and trade off control over her body, and that's the way it's worked since the nuns at the orphanage locked her in a closet for flying.

Because MARVEL. Of all people that they would choose to lead one of the sides on this conflict, they have to put a very unstable person.

Just like Israel, anything he does is morally sacrosanct because he's in a constant existential struggle.

In Marvel, that actually makes sense.

Yes. Where he's Prime Minister.

Phillipe Beaulieu is Canada's Alpha Flight Committee representative who is clearly Trudeau-based, but is just a Canadian equivalent of Gyrich, and apparently a villain in disguise.

>probably the Race Traitor.
There's multiple of these so you'll have to be specific.

DID is also extremely fucking rare

Yeah, for some unknowable reason CANADA has always been mutant's worst enemy in MarvelLand.
It started in the first Wolverine's backstory reveals and for some reason it just snowballed into all sorts of horrible fake history of conspiracy that can all be layed at the feet of CANADA , it's actually really funny.

He who shall not be named.

This. Since it's all going south for Carol, let's have it on full blast.

Release unrestrained drunk murder!Carol already dammit!


bernie what? i'm voting jill stein now, bitch.

in their imagination

go to bed, Bendis

Apparently Bendis has never seen minority report any movie involving a fascist police force and seems to have no basic understanding of fucking due process

No one literally no one worth mentioning for fucks sake

Hard to believe it only takes one shitty event to complete destroy a carol

You'd think he'd voluntarily quit after so much shit wen t completely wrong

Well, you say that, but then Morrison went and forgot that Weapon X was a Canadian thing and turned it into a much larger, much more American thing.

And Marvel USA is just way less primordially evil than Marvel Canada.

I've only seen the one marvel character with it, what's your point?

If you read between the lines of her solo the whole thing can be interpreted as the people in charge of space Alpha Flight putting her in as a figurehead who will follow their orders.

There's also Norman Osborn, who used to have the Green Goblin as a personality that he would periodically stop using because of his regulars bouts of amnesia.

Alright, so if we ignore that that isn't the current canon, that's two characters out of how many? It's still extremely rare.

Just because he doesn't work like that anymore doesn't mean that the time when he did stopped being canon.

It gets way less rare when you include telepathic manipulations, monstrous transformations like the Hulk, and superscience villainy brainwashing like what Hobgoblin does to his fall-guys.
Then again, we aren't talking about Typhoid Mary...

So your response is maybe, I'm sold.

This is true.


I want to like Carol because I think her modern costume kicks ass but she's written as either boring or insufferable in everything I read and I can't get past her weird ass backstory

It's a shame too, because it reminds me of trying to get into the JSA and just not being thrilled by any of their stories

Reading off my phone. The thumbnail looked like a bunch of sex toys

Any woman ever

Speaking of concentration camps wasnt aurora in one as well?

Canadian Invasion event for 2017?

Sorta, you see... CANADA started up their Weapon X program again and Aurora was one of their test subjects.
But as horrible as that situation was, Aurora ended up dating one of the evil scientists.

Why is Marvel all just shitty events

Because a long long time ago they looked at what DC was doing and said to themselves; "We should do that, but add events."