2016 is a mistake, and now I'm afraid of how much 2017 is gonna suck in comparison

How can Jessica's ass be so flat there?

She's white and doesn't do squats

The wording she chose makes it sound like a literal breakup

>"Life's a Beach [And so is Sandman!!]

muh sjw boogeywoman

First Wanda, then Tony, now Carol. What character will be beaten with the shit stick into oblivion next?

Old Jessica used to have a big ass

Sorry but may i ask, "finally" in what sense?


Cred Forums really is the worst board on Cred Forums right now huh?

It basically was.

i thought ms marvel loved the cock.

Are you people retarded?

She literally has no ass. Either terrible art or something

even /lgbt/ calls us faggots

"We need to make Carol more prominent in the Marvel Universe... Any ideas?"
"How about we remove any semblance of respect from her supporting cast and friends?"

Now you know, why hero vs hero events are a huge pile of shit.

I think the game plan is to try and replicate what happened with Iron Man. Make her the most hated person in the marvel universe, so that you have people everywhere talking about all the terrible things she's done and making her name more prominent in discussion, and once even casuals have heard of her release her movie so all those casuals will go see it, then reset her in the comics back to someone more heroic.

makes entirely too much sense. :(

I've reached that point in my life where I don't care if random people o the Internet call me cuck or racist. I'm done trying to impress strangers on a Vietnam biking board or a porn Fandom site (and yes I do use Tumblr and reddit also I fap to gay port sometimes but I think blm supporters are faggots)

What's with her hips in panel 2? That anatomy is jacked.

Not while /s4s/ exists.

Kamala adores the delicious infidel meat, yes.