If I drink bleach, will pic related get a third season?

If I drink bleach, will pic related get a third season?

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It's no use man.

Even if you're willing to take all of Disney shit down your throat it won't get renewed.

If you get a mass amount of people maybe

No, but by no means let that stop you

Please, the software is called BleachBit. It's not literally scrubbing of server hardware, and it cost nothing. Every fucking day with this.

Worth a try.

what's the point if you won't live to see it anyway in that case?

What if he only drinks a little?

Every cartoon gets cancelled.

that's not how we roll my man. it's all or nothing

Only one way to find out.

Even if Disney were to greenlight another season. Who's to say Craig and the rest of the cast would come back to it?

Real talk though what's the opinion of the show?

I liked it, and the consensus seems to be that It's a good show. Even if most "fans" only got into it for the waifu bait.

What's it about animated shows that make people go full waifumode.

I'll let you know after metalocalypse comes back.

Because fictional women are better than real women.

I'm trying to make a chart of all the characters astrological signs, does Hater strike you more as a scorpio, or a cancer?

people who do, are naturally in that mode
it's just that some characters are easier to go with that the others


Definitely not scorpio. He might have some cancer in him, but probably not much.If he did would it be bone cancer? X D

One of the best cartoons in the decade. Esoecially if you're sick of cartoons with "deep lore" or inserting heavy real life themes into them.

Yes, it's geniunly fun and funny, and it isn't up in its own ass like AT and SU.

Hater is best boy


You have Lord Dominator as Virgo, right?



Will Wander ever visit Earth?

Don't think so, I think the people working on the show were more interested in creating brand new planets.

Earth wasn't even in the galaxy they were in throughout the show

He already did
In cartoon mode :3

You mean form you double google.


Are you being retarted on purpose? Hater's clearly a leo.


Why must Disney suck so much?!

WOY's funny, cartoony, heartfelt, epic, AND had an endless array of waifus!


They suck because they cancel cartoons too soon if they're not popular enough.

I fear that Star Vs. will suffer the same fate, I hope they wrap up the show in Season 3 because I doubt they'll get a 4th Season

Admiral Admirable

>renewed for a second season before the show had "officially" premiered
>renewed for a third season before the second season's airdate was even announced
>has become Disney's flagship cartoon to make up for the loss of PnF and GF
Yeah, right.

Well, yeah, I guess Disney is trying to make Star their new flagship cartoon, but it definitely doesn't match up to the popularity of Phineas and Ferb or Gravity Falls

true, but since right now they don't have neither, gotta work with what you have on the table

I wonder what a cartoon needs to have to cause their sympathy while others like WoY and other series get cancelled early.
Maybe they prefer series with humans or series with a (human) male and female MC.

What makes you think Dominators a Virgo?

Of course it will.

It's weird that they didn't offer Hirsch a truck of money for a third season.

If they cancel it, I'm stealing Lord Hater and using him as a main character in my own stuff.


Cancel everything!

One of the few modern cartoons that can knock nostalgic cartoons off my pedestal.

give him a qt waifu

Their fault for treating PnF the way they did I guess.

It's already canceled, mate.

Dont it makes mustard gas

Thats actually the one thing I don't like about his character. Disney sort of overused his waifuness as a flaw when they could have focused on others. The watchdogs rebelling and switching to dominator would have been more interesting imo.

Lol when did that happen? Good news for me though, means I can "borrow" some of Lord Haters character traits.

Hatey wins easily.

He is actually ridiculously overpowered if he sets his mind to it.

It would be extremely painful


Just a hunch. I will admit that she has some Leo traits though.

Sometime before season 2 aired when it was pitched to the Disney higher ups and they decided that 2 seasons and 80 episodes was enough.


But Gravity Falls' popularity dropped like a stone during the second half of Season 2. I hardly heard positive feedback during the last couple episodes.

Was there any explanation of their reasoning?

True, though his waifufaggotry did end up being part of some of the best episodes in the series like The New Toy, The Cartoon, The Rival and of course My Fair Hatey.

That's basically all Craig said. He posted it on tumblr a few months ago.

In other news:
>Welcome to the Wander Over Yonder subreddit!

Banjo-Kazooie is an American animated television series on Disney XD. Created by Craig McCracken, it follows Banjo and his best friend and steed Kazooie. Adventurous and optimistic, Banjo rides across the galaxy to help persons live freely, against the intentions of Gruntilda to rule the universe.

They flat out said they would all be on board


Over 2 million views. Svtoe videos don't even come close

I feel like this has got to be it, which is weird, considering how beloved Disney's non human characters are

Only one way to find out.

Didn't those 2 shows get popular quickly mainly because they were on Disneys main channel for years until they got moved to XD?

I didn't pay much attention to The Cartoon. I assume it had meta jokes?

They aren't that similar to Wander and Sylvia.

Banjo is the straight man in that relationship while Kazooie is a sarcastic asshole that insults everyone.

It managed to break 2 million viewers on Disney XD during it's final episode if that counts for anything.

It's pretty high viewership for Disney XD standards

True, Phineas and Ferb remained on Disney Channel for a long time and Gravity Falls was on it from 2012-2013

Hell I'd drink bleach just to get reruns in a timeslot I can watch it with my cousins or neighbor's kids I babysit while they're working

I feel like the regular /woy/ posters probably watch that 500 times per day.

It that to Reddit.

>not even the best song in the episode much less show

Pls son, don't insult me

Hater's ballad >all

Well then, what's your favorite song.

he's sacrificing himself for the good of humanity

From that episode? Hater's Ballad for certain.

From the entire show? Best Friends Forever

I have my suspicions that a majority of the viewers were curious to see just how badly they'd fuck the show up. And I'd be lying if I said my expectations were set high.

That's pretty much what I went into it wondering. The S1 finale really was the peak of the entire show and that's... sad.

Still not as disappointing as Danny Phantom's finale though

Only one way to find out OP.

For me it's:

Hater's Ballad > Ask her a Question > That's how we'll get her > I'm the Bad Guy > You are the Greatest > My Fair Hatey > Let's all go meet Dominator

Move My Fair Hatey after Ask Her A Question and thats pretty much my list too


All of them.


jk its the one of peepers and sylvia singing together

Who needs Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder when you have Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything?

If I drink this, will the show get a third season?

>tfw you will never be a Watchdog and serve for the glory of Lord Hater.

>ywn marry Lord Hater

Thread didn't start with Dominator, it has no hope to survive

If I had something to contribute, I would.

>tfw can't go back in time to tell myself to adopt hobbies for keeping threads alive on senior-citizen skinny dipping forums

I'm in a similar boat, it's no worry.

The most I can think to talk about is the whole SaveWOY campaign and that's... "Hey guys, have you obnoxiously pushed the show to some unsuspecting fucks today?"

Or art dumping, but my WOY art folder isn't at all impressive unfortunately.

I can drawfag if anyone wants a quick request done but it's going to be on sketchbook paper because I'm working right now

It's for the best. After all we don't want waifuism to clutter the shiw

holy dubs batman


Reminder that this got canceled and Svtfoe got three seasons confirmed. Disney does not give a fuck anymore.

Star doesn't have nearly as many episodes as WOY in two seasons, though. It makes a little more sense, and unless it really manages to explode in popularity by the end of it's current season, it likely won't get renewed for a fourth.


The fact that some of the writers saw this is pretty cool

No. There is only one way to get it uncancelled. You must make a wish on a monkey paw. WOY will be renewed and be the same, always as good as it was before.

The catch is, you will be unable to ever experience it, even reruns. Attempting to will cause the universe to actively fuck you over, making your power go out, making you lose your sight or hearing, making you unable to speak if you try asking friends, and getting your computer seized by the FBI for illegal Wander porn if you try asking Cred Forumsmrades. You cannot kill yourself or die until the monkey paw sees fit to end the show and your suffering, but you won't be able to benefit from this immortality granted, attempts to do so will result in more setbacks. You will live with the knowledge that WOY is back and being enjoyed by people, their kids, and maybe even their grandkids for years, but you'll never experience any of it yourself.

Would you still make that wish?

i'd make that sacrifice for the good of wander over yonder

>No. There is only one way to get it uncancelled. You must make a wish on a monkey paw.


Yes. If it means allowing it to see it's proper end and letting others enjoy it in it's entirety, I'm willing to sacrifice my own ability to enjoy it.

The only way to do it is by becoming a multi-millionaire or even better; a billionaire.

Then convince Disney, Sega, 21st Century to sign a law which allows every artist to retain ownership of their cartoons via a bond share between the artist and the company.

Yes. In fact for every bottle you drink another season will be made. Get chuggin'.