Rosianna Rabbit

>More problems of being a comic character, Rosianna Rabbit wants a makeover.

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This guy has figured out his fans, hasn't he?



Punchline is a bit weak, but God DAMN does seeing Rosianna in that dress make up for it

This week's Discreet Dick can be found in the second panel of this page. If you look in the "drawing cloud" done on Rosianna's face, you can see three puffs of cloud that come together to form a dick and balls (the "shaft" is the one that is right next to the pencil tip, the "balls" are the two puffs below the shaft).

Um...what's the punchline? I don't understand what they're doing in the last panel

>tfw too stupid for rosianna rabbit lore

yeah, I expected alot worse. make her a hooker, or something.

Yeah, I think he has finally realized that he can use Rosianna's sex appeal in place of a joke. I wonder if this will affect future strips too much.

Good job.

Honestly I don't think most would mind that if he did that

I wouldn't mind all that much either



>that dress

>last panel isn't her smudged by a fat load of cum from the artist
fucking dropped

user's right. We need the user with the dick pics. It's a simple move to replace the emery board with a fat chode.

She's cuter here than usual.

I would if only because I just want him to make full on porn already instead of pussyfooting around.

It's a parody of an old comic that used to get posted all the time of a guy drawing a girl who kept asking for design changes. It was meant to be sentimental. The punchline in the comic is that Rosalina Rabbit's artist is making her file her nails instead of letting her just walk off after all the extra work.

The comic it's making fun of was about a girl who kept asking to be prettier, more educated, ect. I think the final panel was of the drawing calling him dad and a shot of the guy with a meaningful look on his face.

In this comic, Roaslina just asks for slutty clothes and make-up, then tries to walk away. The artist, being a woman instead of a man, expects something in return. The last panel is Rosalina doing the author's nails.

What the fuck was the joke here?

It's ROSIANNA, how can you fuck this up?

Then there's the people who call Harry "Henry"...


Oh my god.

Does anyone else find it difficult to get off to Rosianna?

IKR? The Harry Potter parodies should be enough to help anyone remember.

If you need to _try_ in the first place then you shouldn't be doing it. Don't try to fit in, Cred Forums is not worth it.

I wanna eat that rabbit.

>smudged by a fat load of cum from the artist
> people still remember my edit of "can I be drawn prettier" well over 5 years later

it's a good feel

I misinterpreted this at first.
I thought it was the artist being nice to Rosianna, and then she sees his fingernails are rough and makes him let her fix it, all tiny and determined.
It was really cute.
I like that way better.

It's a parody of this comic, right?

Of course.

well now you have to post the lewd parody

>The artist, being a woman instead of a man, expects something in return.
Sneaky Cred Forums

Wait that's it?
Kind of tame for this comic isn't it?

Author doesn't see a pixie cut as "pretty"

Post the one we're the creator blows his head with a gun

Whomp did a parody of this too, right?


How could he top this anyway?

Could have used the whole smurf instead just his hat

I think the real shock from that strip is the fact that R&H are going at it for real, unlike the cock-block from last time.

Post the comic

Wait I think I found it

She looks like a freaking Ctrl+Alt+Del character in the final panel.

This one is my favorite.

It's an old trope. Looney Tunes has a famous episode called Duck Amuck where Daffy finds himself at odds with the animator who toys around with Daffy who just wants to do the show.

Turns out it was Bugs sitting in the animator's chair the whole time.

Fleischer studios had a similar series back in the 1920s with Betty Boop and Koko the Clown interacting with real props using the Rotoscoping technique Fleischer created.

Rossiana slut is CUTE!

She looks like she's wearing a garbage bag.

Not a criticism of your artwork.

oh dear god more

vete a la cama shame

What's she even saying by the end?

"You are the worst father"
Cultist-chan is usually incomprehensible.

Didn't he already do a 4th wall pencil comic
Oh well this one is difrent enough from the last one its not really a problem its not like its going to be a regular occurrence.




Rabbits are by default cute and slutty. They're rabbits.

>can I be pretty?
>gets longer hair
I'm triggered.

Fuckin this

She's based of these guys from the Warhammer 40K Dawn of War videogames.

>I'm a girl that's kinda cool
No it's not
Enjoy menstruation

long hair fags sticking it to short hair bros again

I don't understand
Why Necron draws chaos cultist? Should the father be Nurgle or any choas one?

oh god, more!

Psu is such a fag.

>Make me prettier
>Just add long hair and black shirt

n-no! please!


Someone should edit it so she has long hair before saying that and short hair after.

and yes, that was kinda my other point

Close but no cigar.


oh damm




user pls
we need more

What's the name of this series?

S-stop it, user, I don't chase fatties

Yes. YES!

Boes, A dutch newspaper comic which was published between 1980 and around 1993

There was also made a cartoon series of it