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He doesn't need it to win

>He doesn't need it to win
No, but he needs it if he wants a realistic chance of winning. Trump winning without PA is miracle-tier.

He can afford to not get it of he grabs Colorado and every other swing state except New Hampshire.

But just based on sheer probability that probably won't happen. It's unrealistic to assume Clinton will win zero swing states.
PA is essentially cock blocking Trump from the White house.

You're right. PA will never be blue again. Here is a pro tip. Next time you want to make a shill thread, shill thread, do it right.

Theres a democratic registered voter advantage of almost a million people here.
Don't tell me you are falling for the "all the white unionist dems are voting Trump" because I can guarantee you that's not happening just based on personal exposure.

The party in power always has an advantage. Back in 2008 everyone said Obama had a disadvantage because Florida, Ohio, Nevada were solid Republican states. But that certainly changed.

Michigan is honestly a better option for hit. It has been hit harder economically, and has more white Democrats who could be open to his message.On Top of that, Michigan isn't like PHilly where you have to deal with Philly and Pittsburgh. Detroit has lost a huge chuck of their population, and doesn't have the population of Philly. It also borders two likely red states in Indiana, and Ohio. If i'm Trump, I ignore PA and go for Michigan and Wisconsin.

>Party registration
>Mattering in the general
People want jobs, they want Trump.

You guys said for months he would win NY and now you've finally given up on that but you still cling to PA. Why?
It's a solid lock for the dems.

Yes, there's a lot of white trash in PA. But Philly and the other metro centers are just too powerful and have too many people. The result is a false flag state. It always looks within reach but is always firmly out of grasp. It's the Oregon of the East.

Actually in 2008 the polls were EXTREMELY biased towards Romney and he had like 500 high ranking officers endorse him. The establishment going all in to win is nothing new.

He should go for Michigan,Wisconsin, and even Virginia even though there cucked. I even think a states like Connecticut would be a better option. Those states don't have to deal with block black dem vote, and mass voter fraud like PA does.


What's the point of all these Pennsylvania threads?

Nate Silver says that Trump is more likely to win Michigan than to win Pennsylvania.

That's what i'm saying. Trump shouldn't ignore Pennsylvania, but he should certainly go for Michigan. Michigan has been screwed harder by Democrats than Pennsylvania has.

They're trying to get people who live in PA to not come out and vote on election day.

>What's the point of all these Pennsylvania threads?
Basically people that are new to politics and are really only here for the Trump memes and normally don't frequent Cred Forums at all when it's not an election cycle have taken a look at the electoral map and realized that the map has a heavy bias towards Clinton and Trump needs to flip more than just the swing states to have a good chance of actually winning, even if he wins the popular vote.
These people look at PA and see a state that looks within reach even though they know jack shit about PA, its voting history, and its demographics, yet they'll insist that Trump's message will resonate enough with the people there to make the state go red for the first time since Regan (who won every state except his opponent's home state).

TL;DR the electoral collage is shit and has a good chance of costing Trump the election and people are blaming PA because it looks like it's flipable, even though it never is. It's a "lean" state for dems in the same way that Texas is for reps.

Hillary's last stand state
If she loses this, it's all ogre
If she wins this, she has like a 90% of becoming president

The fact is, if Trump wins Florida and Ohio. he is winning the election with or without PA anyway.

Illinois may actually have a chance of going red this year, we have been becoming redder and redder because of how corrupt and retarded the Democrats in this state are. The only thing holding us down is Chiraq.

Hillary still has plenty of time to keep fucking up as well. The Democrats have called wolf so much on Trump that few attacks can actually affect him now.

PA is a "lean" state for dems in the same way that Texas is for reps.
PA is just another Illanois/Massachusetts/New York

Millions of conservatives locked out of voting because of heavy population centers that are too dense to override.

Michigan and PA still lean blue though.

If Trump were to win either of them, you can expect all the other swing states to go red before it, so essentially, the electoral votes of PA and Michigan wouldn't matter anymore.

I think his best shot is to win Colorado and Nevada over MI or PA.

This, however, would be a very slim win so if anything goes wrong, it's game over for Trump.

But blacks and beaners don't come out for Governor/Senate elections the way they do for presidential elections. Maryland has a Republican governer. That doesn't mean they are red this election.

>The fact is, if Trump wins Florida and Ohio. he is winning the election with or without PA
That's wrong though.

In that situation. because Iowa and Nevada are red, Colorado would be red, and if Maine CD2 went red, then NH would be as well.

Assachusetts, one of the bluest states ij the union elected Romney TWICE.


Doesn't matter.
Here is my uneducated prediction of 2016.

Dark red -> Went to GOP in 2012 & 2008
Light red -> Very close in 2012
Grey -> Pence's home state

Now according to RCP average:
IA +4 Trump
OH +1 Trump
FL +0.5 Trump
NC +0.5 Clinton
VA +3.5 Clinton

+Nobody is exited for Hillary.
+Wiki leaks is bound to drop something before debates.
+Hillary never really wrapped up email/foundation issues.
+Hillary has spent all her ammo already, with nothing sticking.
(Birther, Russian involvement..)

All trump needs to do is bring VA down a % or two and he wins thanks to Obama supporters not showing up for Clinton. (Black population in VA is ~19%)

New Hampshire is much more of a left leaning state than people always think. It went for Bush once in 2000 and has been solid dem ever since.

Colorado is just like Virginia. It's been overrun with minorities and hippies and is now a lost cause.

And my state Virginia isn't guaranteed blue. Obama winning us means nothing, and Clinton is the worst presidential candidate in decades, and Kaine isn't liked here. There are many ways for him to win.

I think VA is gone, bud. I'm sorry. Even some of the most enthusiastic projections for Trump have it going Clinton.


Yep Clinton isn't winning VA.

>my home state Virginia
Shit man, I'm sorry. What has happened to your state? The once great capital of federalism and states rights. The state of George Washington and Robert E Lee.
How bad is it?

>All trump needs to do is bring VA down a % or two and he wins thanks to Obama supporters not showing up for Clinton
Yep. Clinton has no chance here.

Nothing. No one was excited to vote for Mccain or Romney. Trump has energized the base, and now has a large base of Democrats who support him. Red from 1976-2004 and only went blue because Obama was simply better than the other two candidates that the gop offered up.

Was anyone here really pulling for Romney as a candidate or did you just want to see Obama lose?

Obama was not better than McCain

Yes he was. He even got a significant vote from White Republicans in my state who didn't want to vote for McCain after Bush. I voted Obama.



doesn't really matter

>I voted Obama.
Most people did. Don't worry about it.

I'd probably vote for McCain again if I could go back but I regret my Romney vote. What an establishment tool that guy was.

I don't like the idea of being stuck voting for one party forever, but I guess it ends this election. I'm voting Trump as President but I'm going with McGinty over Toomey.

Why are you shilling for Clinton? She is a lying,flip flopping,criminal, with serious health problems. There aren't many safe blue states with her as the nominee. Trump excites people in the same way Obama did in 2008. I feel the same excitement I did when I voted Obama in 2008.

>No mass black vote


>all of the swing states will go for Trump guaranteed
That's statistically and historically speaking highly unlikely

I'm not saying she doesn't have a demographic advantage in certain blue states, i'm saying that people aren't giving Trumo enough credit. PA is 80% white. Missippi is 50% white. Texas is less than 50% white. How many of those white union Dems in PA are afraid to lose their jobs? White people make PA go dem. Not blacks.

Why Oregon? My state is never relevant besides really retarded west oregon libshit from the colleges

You seem like someone who knows what they're talking about

You're acting like an overwhelming majority of white people are voting Trump, that they're all a given. They're not. Roughly 4/10 whites here in PA will not vote Trump. And the vast majority of white women will not vote Trump

what percentage lives in Chi?


People are keeping hope alive that Johnson and Stein split the dem vote in Oregon. Like in 2000 when GWB lost you guys by only 7k votes.


That is what i'm saying. If a majority of whites in PA vote Trump, the Trump will win regardless of the black vote. I'm not really talking about Pennsylvania, but Michigan. Most white people in Michigan are not doing well. If a majority of Michigan whites vote Trump, he will win. The same in PA. I'm not saying Trump will win PA, I'm saying that whites decide who the states vote for. Not Philadelphia blacks.

> New Hampshire is much more of a left leaning state than people always think. It went for Bush once in 2000 and has been solid dem ever since.

Wow, a sample size of 3

>he doesn't agree with me
>he must be getting paid to have a different opinion!

And people are acting like Trump is the typical ChristCuck that the gop runs out. Who's entire campaign is built on religion. Most people in blue states only care about jobs.

Romney was and is a pussy. Just another neocon puppet. Trumps hasnt changed in 30 years. Hes no idiot. I think hes the last Hope for Western Civilization either that or Global Civil Wars. Also i hope Lieberman gets aids.

He could also win NH + 1 Maine CD.

Well isnt that great? Im sure we cant be the only ones this way? Nobody on the east side over here thinks those other two candidates will make it and are voting for Trump, most dont like him but they hate hillary with an furious rage. So why arent the libs (bernouts) still grasping hope for johnson and stein?

Ever since this happened, Republicans have kept an eye on Oregon

Why are you acting like demographics don't matter? It is easier for Republicans to get white people to change their minds and vote for them than it is to get blacks or Hispanics.

The electoral college favours Trump

And I'm telling you that a lot of white Democrats might as well be niggers. They will not under any circumstances vote republican.

Alright, I dont keep up with politics concerning Oregon because its the most lost cause Ive ever been involved with.

Ground report: New Hampshire is going red this year.

He knows this because he's seen signs for Trump when he's driving to work!

I've seen signs for Trump in Mass. That doesn't mean it's going red.

Nate Silver is a discredited kike

Because Republicans have never cared about the working class like Trump does. Trump is more of an Independent.

Nate Jenkem you mean

How many people ITT are from PA or have ever been here since the election started? The rural T (or as fuckface Katie McGinty says, 'the uneducated T') is burning with fiery Trump passion. The place is insanely mobilized to elect Trump. It isn't unrealistic. Trump has people out there who are voting for him that haven't voted in years. My father is voting for the first time since 1996 because his job is at risk of being outsourced. This is the reality that many people are living with across the state, and you can't underestimate us. Pennsylvania is the greatest state in the country and I am door knocking in Pittsburgh and its suburbs to get this guy and Pat Toomey elected.

Beaverton Hilldog voter reporting in. Glad to cancel your vote out, m8.

Trump outsources labor. Your dad is a moron.

Idc, Oregon doesnt matter to me anyway.

Fuck off, faggot. I can't possibly imagine being you and coming to a place like this where everyone hates you without being paid to do so.

Very good.

Pittsburgh here.

I'm voting for Trump but also for McGinty.

I realize Trump needs all the help in Congress he can get blah blah blah but we have to send a message to the corruption on both sides of the isle.
Toomey has no interest in helping the people of this state.

Fuck the establishment, regardless of party. If I pretend it's only a Democrat problem, then I'm no better than the libtards.

pretty true fampai, trump doesn't have it too bad. pennsylvania isnt out of reach desu

And I can't imagine living in a place where everyone has a GED or less.

Enjoy your wasted effort and NEET dad.

He is leading big Luzerne,Northampton. and Bucks. Not a bad start

Yes he was, NO ONE wanted to vote for another neo-con.

I was at his event on Friday and talked to Pat Toomey, he's just a nice guy. I understand that he is an establishment cuck who did try some underhanded gun control bill bullshit, but whatever. I can't really say I have much preference towards McGinty or Toomey, but since I met Toomey personally, I have to lean for him.

Oh I have no doubt that he's a nice individual in person. Bill Clinton sounds like a guy I'd like to get drunk with as well, but it's the track record that speaks louder to me when it comes to my vote.

>unironically insulting someone's father over the internet

Never change.

Deal with it.

I really want to like Pat Toomey.
I really do.

I won't vote for that bitch McGinty, but I can't say I'll vote for Toomey yet.

This is just as likely as Johnson winning a single state.

Screencap this

Daily reminder I'm making a collage of these posts when PA goes red this year.

i live right outside philly. I work in the mainline (people who think they are blue blooded) and they seem pretty blue pilled. Theres a church that has a BLM sign that seems to get vandalized pretty frequently though. Fuck mainliners though for real.

Ultimately, he is just an establishment Republican. Not much more to him. Take that as you will, I guess.

He dosen't need PA. All he needs according to (((Nate))) is NV and CO.

>North Carolina more liberal than Ohio and Iowa
What a fucking world.

>Go red
>Hi hello I am retarded and also what is this?

I think he mixed up the colors..? I'm gonna guess that's what happened. Or he's fucking retarded, I have no clue. He has the entirety of the Deep South as blue so.

Does McGinty have anything going for him? I'm no particular fan of Toomie, but all things considered I'd rather have another luke warm red guy than the creeping blue menace.

I now regret sitting out the elections the other year and helping to let this horror story Wolf in.

GWB lost Wisconsin by less than a point in both his elections. He would have won it if he cared about the working class population.

IL will go red before CA will


Katie McGinty is a woman. She was recently in Pittsburgh with Bernie Sanders. She is very, very far left.

Google #'s
Chicago: 2.719 million(2014)
Illinois: 12.88 million(2014)

All the people in this thread that are considering voting for McGinty, watch this.
See how far you can make it before you change your mind.

I live in Philly and have not encounter any Trump supporters within the past month.

Oh, also sticker and sign update: Still no Trump that I've seen, but Hillary is is definitely on the uptick. It used to be more common to see an Obama 2008 or 2012 sticker than anything esle, but now more of those cars also have a Hilary 2016 sticker on them.

Still common to see a Bernie sticker for the more blue collar type people. Hard to get a reading on what these key swing voters are going to do.

Seems to me trump sama has a very good chance

Did you get your colors mixed up or something? There's no way that the South votes democrat

No chance.
Very, very likely to go blue, and if it does this year we might as well add it to the above list of states the GOP will never win.

I think Trump can still win, but it's going to be by a very small margin. The debates are going to either push him slightly over for the win or sink him entirely and end up with a worse loss than McCain in 08.


LOL no

Trump will win here in VA by 3 points.

>tfw Aussie fag knows more about your election

One correction with your map. Michigan and Wisconsin are grey.

Trump is going to embarrass himself at the debates.

Next you will tell me GA is grey.

Thanks bud.

Trump made the same mistake. After the recall election and all that bullshit you'll see a higher red turn out in the northern states but the liberals in the south are going to turn out in crazy numbers.

Wisco stays blue, bruhv.

>No chance
...yet CO is showing signs against that statement.
The PNW had a lot of lefties spirit broken when their golden boy sold out for a beach house.
This ain't over till it is over. Being doubtful just to appear realistic is not possible at this point. Who would have predicted a year ago Trump would be the guy who helped us break the conditioning

I don't know about that. He's been grooming his A game for it, and people are noticing. Even on NPR lately they were lamenting that a "not a total disaster" week is still a good week for Trump, and trying to sort out why Hillary isn't strongly ahead.

Toomey might lose simply because whoever is running his campaign is putting in minimal effort.
This might be the worst attack ad I've ever seen. It's almost Cringe Worthy.

>Trump made the same mistake

There isn't going to be crazy numbers anywhere for Hillary.

Can this kid please become a meme

When it comes to US presidential elections, a yuge number of people come out to vote against the lesser of two evils. The anybody-but-Trump sentiment is going to be way more important than the pro-Hillary sentiment. That's overwhelmingly what I've been hearing about for a year from both red people and blue people in the North East.

kill yourself

SCOTUS is all that matters

*against the greater of two evils

Does the Manhattan explosion have anything to do with terrorism?


Havnt seen a single killary sign or supporter, even liberal teachers hate her in PA, I believe


Who the fuck uses a pipe bomb to take out a trash can during a high-profile event? Whoever it was and whyever it was, it's obviously meant to cause fear and chaos.

Trump wont win here.
The state is just too cucked.

He's winning in Ohio by 5 points now and is still down in PA by a considerable amount.

Better to focus on Colorado

>Who the fuck uses a pipe bomb to take out a trash can during a high-profile event?
You've clearly never been to New York

Michigan is better.

If he wins Colorado, it is scary to think that this is a real possibility.

I am actually from NY, although I did not grow up in the city itself. It's generally speaking remarkably safe these days in spite of having its fair share of every weirdo you wouldn't have even imagined.

>tfw Southern IL
>tfw we will never achieve our dream of gifting Chicago to Michigan

In most circumstances I'd be fine with a tie simply for the tears it would produce when Clinton loses via a house vite, but in this case I think it's crucial that Trump wins via the national election.
Libtards need to know that the people wanted Trump and that they're in the minority if they disagree

Praying for rain to hit Philly on election day.

>Voted blue since 1992
>Only three counties have ever consistently voted blue since then
I fucking
The electoral college
It is such a fucking broken system and exclusively favors urban centers full of niggers and the poor

The three white parts of Philly are all racist as fuck and Trump strongholds.

I think if he were to win Colorado, and Maine CD2, then NH would be red. Maybe even Nevada. If he wins Maine CD2. he probably won't lose. But I wish there were more than two polls to confirm it goes red.

The only time in our lifetime where it actually came into play was when it kept Gore out of the White house, so if anything, you should be thanking it.

Michigan here
I don't want your shitty worse-than-detroit city here

Can a day of rain actually play a factor?

It does here.

And it put Bush in

Absolutely. Even for the hyped up Obama elections, a lot of people would not have been keen to line up around the block and wait in shitty weather.

They actually had Obama people there handing out water and cookies (technically legal to do within that distance of the polls) to keep people moralized.

I hope Michael Moore is right about the rustbelt.

What's funny is if things had went how the Establishment Dems had imagined/hoped (scandal-free Clinton, media bias against Trump and his gaffes affecting his numbers the way they would a normal politician, demographic changes going their way, etc., all of which were actually reasonable guesses), this is what the map would have looked like---an embarrassing Democrat blowout, shattering the GOP into a million pieces.

And yet against all odds...

Just about everything plays a factor, user. Traffic, weather, what's on TV, early polling results, etc.

Yeah, the red geographic majority gets endlessly screwed here. "Neither of us are voting Trump" is the natural disposition people have in Portland and surrounding cities.

>American education

I want to kill you myself you retarded waste of oxygen people like you should be rounded up and shot for shitting up Cred Forums every fucking hour

>Romney lost by a little under 300,000 votes out of 5.5 million cast

It's possible, Trump should make a solid play for this state. Michigan seems like a waste of time. Wisconsin almost went for Bush in 2004, so Trump could also win there.



>There are no Trump shills on Cred Forums