You will never be legit American

>You will never be legit American

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At least you have a homogeneous population. Count your blessings, gook.

I'm sorry, our healthplan doesn't cover that..

>tfw being so American that I'm eating cinammon semen balls from Taco Bell after drinking Jack Daniel's whiskey
Hell, I'm even advertising for these places now.
Eat at Taco Shit and drink Jack Daniella's crusty whiskey!


I only eat rice and burned fish today.



Give me decent food

> not enjoying Japan McDonalds

The fuck are you talking about? Your mcdonalds shits on ours. If I ever went to Japan I'd go to mcdonaldsa few times just see what a mega Mac would be likr

It takes me 7minutes to go to macdonalds.

It's like climbing Everest

i know that feel

oh wait, no i don't lol

You will be one in my heart for giving me good laughs, keep it up Nipman

Japan is honestly more acceptable than Canada at this point, you guys wanna be our legit #2? We won't stop you from annexing up there if you can mobilize your hikikomori brigades.

Even in its current condition, and even with some of the shittier parts, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

m-maga mac?

>You will never be legit American

Some of us were just born great.

Having a fully functioning green card is good enough

I love America but id rather be somewhere with no liberals. Seeing how the left is taking over the World its nearly time to start conquering again.

Kek. that sorta sucks.

s u c k m y b a l l s



>tfw you will never live in a proud small town America pre-Marxist subversion
>tfw our distinctly American history is constantly being slandered and erased by subversive traitors
>tfw they're constantly attacking curricula and trying to get American icons and values removed

You know... McDonald's could probably do that and they'd probably see an increase in profits... After all libs with money are probably not going there, and niggers won't care

Our primary export is obesity.

You don't have mirion dorra? Get mirion dorra

It's not that great user, you cannot get sick or injured here without going bankrupt. SAD.

The US should encourage Japan to invade and annex Canada in exchange for all those qt hapa girls to the north just like in my Murdoch Murdoch animes.