Why do people on here keep falling for the white girls love black guys meme...

why do people on here keep falling for the white girls love black guys meme? it's clearly Jewish propaganda to try and marginalize white males. The worst part is you can disprove it with a Google search

Look at pic related, the ONLY race that women on okay Cupid wanted to date less than black guys are Indians. And who's at the top? The white man is.

Stay mad niggers

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So disfunctional and fat Gen Xers = entirity of white women now?

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I mean most black guys are poor, and in poor health.

Look how thirsty sheboons are for the BWC, and yet we don't even give them the time of day. Heh.

Show us a better study then, nigger. Oh wait, there isn't one. Ain't that a shame. How does it feel to be universally despised by women of all races? How does it feel to know that your own women rate you the lowest, meanwhile whites are nearly tied for first place? Lick my white balls.

This is true, but Indians are also the most wealthy race in America but they're still at the bottom bc no woman wants that gross tiny Indian penis

ur fuckin a white male

is that ur excuse?

Have you ever met a woman on OkCupid?

They have deep emotional problems. Well adjusted women don't use dating websites

Its fucking retarded. Bump for truth.

I could link you to studies all day boy

Truth is niggers can only get ugly or fat white chicks. Pic related, the average black m white f couple


Visual experience > statistics. White women, especially blondes, are all trash.

Correct, it is plain to see that interacial relationships is on the rise around the world. Think about 300 year ago- Zero, 200 years some, 100 years ago more and now it is very normal and very common. Ok so OP's picture may show some divide, but when you consider the rate of increase then you can only deduce that the barriers are coming down (FAST) and that white girls do like Black Men more than ever and it is growing

>>calling the niggers "boy"


Yea that's because white people didn't even live around other races until less than 100 years ago retard

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a little, at least I'm not Australian tho

If I had to eat that gross smegmaite shit everyday and worry about how big the tits of the girls are I'm wacking to bc I live in a nanny state I'd probably blow my brains out

but even that's not possible because it's a nation so cucked they can't even own weapons

Youre probably an abbo too
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Rather be an Aboriginal than a pastey ass white boy


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Probably just residual butthurt from all the times you got molested growing up

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Kek. How are you even able to type and form somewhat coherent sentences? You must be the top .00000001% of Abos. How does it feel to be the best and brightest of your people?

>suicide methods
>South Africa

Just go outside, white man.

im sure he's a real abo you dumbfuck


Actually, Nigerians are.

>white girls

The debunking of BBC often involves the promotion of white males fucking other races. It is reverse psychology. If they don't turn you into a cuck, they will turn you into a race mixer yourself. Don't believe the lies.

What I got from this:
>Black chicks will date anyone but they like white boys the most
>White girls hate everyone but hate white boys the least
>White boys will take anything they can get their hands on