I hooked up with a girl two months ago. Now she's threatening to accuse me of rape

Can she get anywhere with this? She's mad that I'm seeing someone else. There's no DNA evidence at this point because we haven't been together since.

(obviously I didn't rape her)

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Record her saying she'll accuse you of rape....

You'll rekt her.

She said it to me on snapchat.

Tell her you are a proud transwoman and you won't let the hetero normative cis patriarchy hold you down.

If she goes through with it, tell the judge she's angry with you because you came out as a transexual and this is all a huge hate crime against you.

Rape her. Brutally. Then she'll have something to really cry about

kill her

Can't you record snapchat?

Cunning cunt. But at the same time, shame on you for using such a bulkshit app.

You can go ahead and talk to the police now if she threatened to falsely accuse you of a crime.

evidence man. fucking evidence

You will face the consequences of your own sexual immorality.

kill her to avoid rape charges

Accuse her of raping you.

should have screen shotted it. contact snapchat and tell them. they still have it. if it comes to it get your lawyer to contact snapchat. save the date and approximate time, her username and yours. get your lawyer to earn the money you will be paying him if it comes down to it. she's toast.


snapchat has replay and screenshot you faggot OP

I'm hoping on this.

we didn't date or anything. It was a one time hook up. My neighbors saw us together. I'm hoping she's too dumb to bring that up.

Get her to say it again. Shes probably retarded so if you just start talking to/with her, she'll let it slip if you guide the conversation to it.

might as well, they'll just make you look guilty anyway


Wear a wire and confront her, pretending to be super angry and shit. Yell stuff like "So what, now you're gonna go accuse me of rape to get back at me or something?" And hopefully she says enough to incriminate herself.

Or you could just shoot her.

but there will be no dan evidence so??

Also will her accusing me but not getting away with it be on my record?

Doesn't matter, since she won't have any evidence.

Even if she accuses you, the odds of the police taking her accusation seriously are slim, and the odds of the prosecutor bringing charges are even slimmer.

You can save messages on snapchat, retard

Also if she has a sister or a friend, try bang them. Get her into full psycho mode.

Literally her word against yours. They are more likely to take her word than yours as fact.

Best you can do is what the victim of Mattress Girl did and record all convetsations.

Make it clear it didn't happen when talking to her. If she talks about threatening you wait until you have sufficient evidence of her fraudulence and take it to a lawyer or the police for advice.

Just ignore her and act like shes insane

Everyone knows girls are insane unless you beta out like a bitch and get all worried

I decide wether any girl I have sex with got raped or not and the answer is always no because I don't rape girls


accuse her of rape first, say she drugged you. go see a therapist leave a paper trail of your broken life caused by her drugging and raping you.

The law will not be on your side. Don't even try to apply common sense or logic to it. The accusation is enough to potentially ruin your career, educational opportunities, and life in general.

Try to get something incriminating. And also stop fucking random whores, you fucking retard.

Get evidence of her saying she will falsely accuse you of rape, then rape her, and when she tries to sue you for rape, show the evidence when she said she would lie. Funny stuff

If your in college you're already expelled unless you lawyer the fuck up right now.
>Expelled for "raping" a girl I've never been in a room alone with

Yes only if you are formally charged. If you are charged it shows up, and if you are acquitted it will say "Found not guilty" or some shit on it.

>not screenshotting

>not covertly taping all of your sexual exploits in preparation for such an eventuality

Snapchat probably has a record everything she said. Email customer support.

>now she's threatening to accuse me of rape

People don't threaten unless they want something. What does she want? What she say? You can tell user everything.

The point with false rape claim is that its false, you may not have any proof regardless of how much recording you have done...

I'm also worried about the age difference between us. I'm 31 she's 19. I'm wondering if they'll think negatively of that.

go to the police, its going to look better on your part if you come to them first instead of waiting for her to chimpout, report the 'rape' then potentially have it snowball into something way bigger where your life gets ruined because a bunch of feminists take her word for it and plaster your face all over the news where they spread a fake outrage story.

Yeah but it has been 2 fucking months. If she was actually raped wouldn't she have reported it that night?

OP all chat logs are stored on snapchats servers, they dont actually disappear

get a lawyer

Dude snaps are fucking saved on the phone

Jailbreak/root your phone and extract them

>t. Used to sell my script kiddie services in high school to get nudes of my classmates from other people's snapchat accounts

Why would any woman you hadn't had sex with ever become angry enough at you to accuse you of rape? That's the sort of thing jilted exes do (as in OP's case) not just random women.

And if you hadn't even been with them at the time they accuse you of raping them it would be pretty easy to disprove via alibis, proving they were somewhere else etc.

if there is no physical evidence that intercourse took place, and if there are no communications records where you explicitly acknowledge that intercourse occurred, then she doesn't have anything
just deny ever having sex with her, there is nothing she can do

>wouldn't she have reported it that night

You realize it's common for actual rape victims to feel ashamed and hesitate to report something. I'm not saying you're guilty but that's not a valid defense for you to say "well she to report anything on the time it supposedly happened that proves my innocence" statistically if you're accused of rape you have very slim chance of being convicted regardless of whether you're guilty or not but that doesn't make it worth it to be dragged through the mud and potentially having your life ruined. Be Proactive!

Don't even acknowledge that you had any relations with her at all. If she messaged you, just respond with "what the fuck are you talking about"

bad idea if he's in a two-party consent state

for recording, i mean

She can still ruin OP's live and or put him through a world of shit, he should still go to the cops and warn them that someone is trying to make a false crime report.

The logs of a social media/instant message service don't apply to such laws.

>she's threatening to accuse me of rape

There's no crime if they can't find the body. Make of that what you will.

cool story brah
take it reddit
obviously not politics

sauce is Ana Karoline

Gather evidence and tell the police she threatened to falsely accuse you.

No matter what the odds of this ever going to trial are basically zero. If you're in college you'll need evidence because she'll go there first and in college tribunals you're basically guilty until proven innocent.

If you're using Snapchat on an Android, we can quite possibly recover it.

Bruh. You can recover Snaps at the Apple store.

Go to the apple store. Ask them to recover your deleted photos. It will also recover self-deleted snap photos.

Deleted snap photos remain in your temp memory until something else pushes them out.


This is true. But the important thing is that it will show up that you were arrested for it, even if you're not charged.

And no one cares after that. If she accuses you, you get an arrest record that NEVER goes away, and everyone who ever sees it will ALWAYS assume you were guilty and just never paid for what you did.

So you'll never be able to get a job or whatever.

This is correct. I wrote a script for this exact purpose in 2011 or something. It's still on pastebin.

You'll be found innocent in a court of law.

Your real punishment is the social stigma and the damage to your reputation. Hope you don't mind being an outcast.


Like others have said, EVIDENCE. If you have anything, audio and/or digital, not only do you have enough to defend yourself, but they can get her on filing a false report, AND you can get her on defamation.


Don't respond to anything she says, because if you say the wrong thing it can be twisted out of context to a jury

Contact a lawyer now and tell them the full story, ask them how you should proceed

having thought about it, there's only one right answer.

Things that never happened for one, nice job pol getting baited

She didn't say "I'm going to falsely accuse you of rape" she just said "I'm going to tell people you raped me"

idk how that will fly, that's why I don't wanna bring up the texts if this goes to court.

>Why would any woman you hadn't had sex with ever become angry enough at you to accuse you of rape?

If merely having sex is enough reason to for womyn to commit crime and false testimony then do they really need a reason at all?

Better safe than sorry.

If she actually chooses to go to court on it, try to avoid a jury trial, if at all possible. Rely on cold hard logic. Under the American legal system, you are innocent of a crime until the prosecution has proved without a shadow of a doubt that you are guilty. Jurors will be influenced by emotional arguments. If there was no one else who saw you two having sex or you taking her wherever, it's literally he-said-she-said and that gets a case absolutely nowhere. Don't try to talk her out of it. If you play this smart, sue her for your legal fees, lost wages, and emotional damages from being in court and having been accused of rape. Rape that bitches finances once you have anally decimated her legal team.

They sometimes wait years. Depends on their mood.

What does she want from you?

Still save the conversations. If she keeps texting you about work in "You know I didn't rape you", if you're lucky she'll respond with something like "That doesn't matter".

Just accuse her back, saying that you were intoxicated and she took advantage of you.

Look, if she wants to play the victim you just have to out victim them.

Even if this goes to court it'll be the ultimate he said she said. Nobody will take either of you seriously.

back story

we met, had a quick fuck, I drop her off. She texts me asking to hang out I told her I'm not interested. Then I changed my relationship status on Facebook to engaged and she lost her shit.

The only answer

If you actually got engaged she is either extremely jealous or wants money to keep from telling your fiance.

Wait are you actually engaged or were you just baiting her, because if you are
>you cucked your wife
>you got engaged in under two months

>Expelled for raping a girl
Please tell us more

>Not screenshotting the snap if some one is claiming to falsely accuse you of rape
>Not knowing you can recover the image.

Jeeze. Maybe you did rape her. You sure are fucking stupid.

give her an email of a police detective and say it's yours. Make sure to contact the detective ahead of time via the email so he can collect the evidence.

I already had a girlfriend. This was just a one time thing. She was literally only over my house for an hour. I told my neighbors she was an airbnb guest.

No matter what you do this will stick to you even if they find 0 proof (because there isn't any). Her friends and several other women will take her side because muh sisterhood. It will depend on how dedicated she will be to holding her ground with the accusation. shit sucks

then film your phone faggot.

>tfw Chad getting BTFO by roasties


how do you do this?

Get a fucking lawyer! and don't say anything to the cops. Also try to get that snap.

>cheating on your girlfriend
You deserve this to be honest


Buy some lime salt and bury her lies. One way or another.

>getting engaged
>cheating on ur fiance
>with a whore will cry rape
>and is 19

You make a lot of poor decisions.

You should prolly just give her some money and hope she doesn't talk.

The courts will take her word ahead of yours.

The best thing you could do is try to record evidence of her making these threats. Other than that I'd simply try to save as much information as possible that would show you were in x, y, z places and when to gain a sense of control over the narrative so that her story can be more easily debunked.

If you maintain a bit of bantz with her, you could cool her down, save logs of conversations to show that she was clearly willing to talk to you after the events and wasn't going to police but was basically holding it over you.

Store all your evidence away where nobody but you can access it.

Don't speak to police.


Text her about what she is planning and try to get her to say that she will accuse you.
Once you have a text from her admitting guilt, show it to the police.

I don't even think she has money so eh

Showing it to the police could pre-empt an investigation which could easily turn against him. This happens all the time, a guy tries to exonerate himself and ends up in trouble (this happened with a university not long ago).

He'd be better off saving the text and getting someone to witness it, and sign a sworn, dated 'affidavit' type document attesting that they had seen the text on a certain date (in case data is hard to collect later on). Save the affidavit but don't show to police until they come for him.

"My friend texting from my snapchat"

Absolutely retarded.
She doesn't even need to accuse you of rape, she can just tell your fiancee about you.
Best idea at this point is to probably not get married.

Best way to avoid this now is either:

A. Move to Canada and change your name to Ron
B. Kill her and take her shekkels then move to Canada and change your name to Ron

should have screenshotted pussy.

She's probably just making empty threats, but you shouldn't call her bluff.

Contact the FIRE foundation thefire.org/falsely-accused-of-rape/
They are a group of lawyers who got together exactly to combat this, and especially if you are on college campus.

Sad think is that there is so much of this that they are kinda overwhelmed today, but they can certainly give you advice.

Can you guys stop telling me to kill her I don't want them to see this shit if they go into my computer...

Why would they go through your computer when going into a trail about rape.

They don't have access to your life based on a accusation. Besides, you'll be fine, just accuse her of raping you and that you have already contacted the police and that any contact further will be monitored. If she still goes through with her crazy scheme then she would have anyway.

read this

sorry for late reply

Here's the script. Modify it as necessary to suit the path of your SD card for retrieved snaps storage.

You will need root on your phone to do it.


download some kind of screencapture software, and get her to threaten it again. say you're sorry, debase yourself, ask her what you have to do to keep her from lying to the cops about you?
obviously not this, being angry won't bait her. You have to make her feel like she can get away with it, and the threat is going to really hurt you or manipulate you. That's what motivates women.

Why does that judge get to live his life in wealth and comfort after that kind of abuse? Why do people get away with that?

>Been through this several times



Oh yeah, instructions:

(You need root on your phone for it to work)

Plug USB cable from phone to PC.
Open command line on PC
run adb shell command,
run su command for root access
cd to wherever you saved the script on the phone, eg. cd /storage/sdcard_1/
make sure to chmod +x on the script file to make it executable (only needs to be done once) eg. chmod +x script.sh
then run the script (sh script.sh or ./script.sh to execute it)

This can also capture snapchats you haven't even viewed yet. You just open the snapchat app, hit "tap to load", and then run the script once the snap is loaded and ready to view.

The script will copy the snaps out of the cache and into whatever path is in the script (default is /sdcard/snpcht/ so modify that in the script to wherever you want to save them for retrieval) and remove the .nomedia file extension from the end of them to make them viewable and copyable as regular files under Android

Casper (only downloadble through your browers, not app store) can save pictures. Otherwise take an app from the app store (but they require root), alternatively, set up a camera that films your screen

Ok Canada, good post.

wtf is wrong with women today? I'm glad I'm 32 and married.

One last thing, doing it manually with this script is superior to screencapturing for the following reasons:

a.) Will capture all previously received snapchats that are still cached on the device (you'd be surprised, over 90% of them will still be there)
b.) Does not trigger warning to the sender that the snapchat has been screencapped
c.) Does not require actual viewing of the snapchat, just tap-to-load, so does not even alert the sender that the snapchat has been viewed at all
d.) Captures the raw JPG or MP4 file received in full resolution, as opposed to screencapping at whatever your phone's screen resolution is

etc, etc.

send it to the police! press charges. problem solved.

One up her, and go file a police report saying she raped you. Ez.

Mate, I even had a girl charge me with rape over me being friends with her best friend (who was dating the accusers ex). She wanted to fuck over the friend, of course, the easier thing to do is a false allegation against her closest male friend. I never even met the girl.

The thing is just that it's so incredibly easy, and there's virtually no repercussions when found out, so it's a perfect tool to vent a woman's bitter taste for revenge.

OP you faggot don’t do nothing just delete Snapchat and/or ban her and/or don’t react to her trying to contact you. You reacting in any way will just show her she struck a cord and she will keep playing you. Just lay down and pretend to be fucking dead.

thankyou user

land of free

Don't have sex with women you aren't married to you fucking degenerate.

Got drunk, we made out, walked her back to her room, she said her roommate was there, I said whatever got her number.
>She says she was raped the next day
>Said I was kicking and hitting the door screaming for her to come out and fuck
>Her roommate (who was in the fucking room) even said that never happened
>Do the college fake trial thing
>Get kicked out
Colleges need to Expell X amount of rape allegations so the feds think they're tough on crime, if you're ever falsely accused you have a 50/50 chance of victory because the university needs the scalps. Suing the school now but it takes forever

Can you not charge her back with libel? Or file some civil lawsuit for defamation?

You will also need ADB (android debug bridge) on your PC to run the adb shell command.

Those are available for Windows, Mac and Linux here:
(scroll to "just the command line tools" at the bottom)

Also need to enable developer options on your phone, find that under the settings


I've been through a false case before, lasted two years and still cost me 2k. Heaps of stress, physical threats, friends dropping me. Didn't want to go through that again.

I had her in texts admitting it was fake (literally just told her "lol wtf we never even met" and she was stupid enough to admit to it) so to make it short I told her to drop the case ASAP or I'd sue her for slander etc. The thing is, most girls who are shitty enough to pull this are also stupid enough to piss their pants when you start saying how you'll sue for thousands of euros of damages etc.

You're fine.
Cut all contact with her.
Talk to your new lady.
Get some character references if need be, as in talk to some people you've known for ages about it.
And generally don't let it bother you.
She has no Evidence,
If she takes it to the police you can say your side of the story, explain it was consentual and you suspect the only reason its now an issue is because you are with your new girl.
She's got nothing, and police for what they're worth generally don't side with the rape victim in situations where there's no evidence and as soon as they start poking holes in her story they'll make her feel incredibly unwelcome.

>She has no Evidence,
She doesn't need any, it's a rape charge

This is bad advice. There's a 90% chance he can recover the snapchat threat he was sent.

With that, he can go to the police and have her charged with extortion, and there'll be no way in the hell the cops will believe he raped her.

If he does it your way, and she follows through on the threat, he'll end up in front of SJW female copper and probably an SJW jewish magistrate, found guilty and end up on the sex offender's register for life.

I've seen it happen to people, it's why I wrote the script to retrieve snapchats back in 2013.

>don't fornicate
>don't stick your dick in crazy

Why is this so hard to understand?

They're good at hiding the crazy until AFTER you've dicked 'em.

cut all contact with her you cut and wait for the authorities you don't think they deal with this all the time.

Except they are all crazy. so you find yourself a real doll or a sexbot without an AI.

All for proof and mention how the defendant is to be assumed not guilty until proven otherwise

In a perfext world this would be kek

Nothing better than this.

Admittedly clever on her part. Best of luck to you, brother. I would try to bait her into revealing it's bullshit, but at the end of the day if she even accuses you, your life is going to take a major hit. I'd take the L and appease her.

>One night stand while you were engaged

Kek has bestowed karma upon you. Praise kek, degenerate.

Have you replied yet?
If not, act like you're confused or didn't see it, basically get her to resend the threat and take a screenshot


Love to see how it goes down

ITT: reclusive psychotics and weirdos who never work nor have contact with women give criminal justice counseling

You have to get her to admit it fake,
ie reply with things like
"Why would you lie about something like that"
She's more likely to say "because..." Than to deny its a lie.
Just keep getting her to talk until she words it as a threat, rather than a fact

I think you should consult a lawyer instead of the Internet, tell him your situation and ask what you should do.
I mean we can speculate all day but there is really only one way to find out.

if you can prove it, that is slander.

You are doing God's work user

Rape her.

I've had some limited experience with that kind of manipulative mind-fkery...and known others who have as well. In almost all instances I've found that a female who cries rape falsely and expressly as a punative or manipulative measure post relationship...is one who has done it before and will likely do it until it catches up with them. Educate yourself if you feel the need as to her past romances and share your experience....shedding the light on the lies works wonders.

Pol warned you, why didn't you listen?
Your life will be ruined and there's nothing you can do about it.

lol get rekt normalfag hope you will rot in jail and get analfucked daily by tyrone

I said "lol"

You didn't listen when I said "don't chase the vaginal Jew, 3D is PD".
Now you're getting jewed and a rape claim. Gee I wonder why is 3D called PD.
I feel nothing. You're just another variable in another false rape claim. Good luck.

I feel like there is a catch with Casper... like they get a copy of your snaps too or something, you know?

Literally just talk to a lawyer stop speaking to her dude

snaps can be recovered

t. getting naive bitches to send me nudes for years now

t. Rape specialist from Rapistan

>implying I'd rape 3D whores
>putting my dick anywhere near those creatures

I'll stick to 2D , thanks.

your decision making is astonishingly bad for someone that old

What are you watching this season?


Nothing new really, just re watching stuff.
Just finished re watching zankyou no terror. Also shimoneta because hyouka fuwa is my waifu.

Also to all the technologically challenged ITT (and on Cred Forums in general, it seems)
they can be trivially manipulated to say anything you want them to. The only thing to do is to contact snapchat company and ask them if they have the chat logged and do it through them.

Haven't watched anything for a year.now have a massive backlog to finish.zot is good,

Contact a forensics scientist. That shit is still on your phone

To help out your fellow anons, what was she like?
What are the signs and red flags?

She was quiet. She didn't come off as a raging whore, and she seems like she can't make eye contact.

I saw it all as cute but now I realize she's an evil bitch.

Any other info job/what she was studying, political views and the like?

You deserve jamal's cock in prison. Kys fucking degenerate

Lawyer fag here. Don't listen to the fucking idiots in this thread. Do not say anything to her or to anyone. Anything you say can and will be held AGAINST you. The police are not there to help you. They are there to figure out if a crime has taken place or not. If you think there is any validity to her threats, you need to contact a lawyer asap. No matter what it costs. As others have said, an attorney will subpoena snap chat for the evidence that's stored on their servers. You're only job now is to gather as much evidence as possible.

She said "I'm going to tell people you raped me" is that enough to call her out on being a liar?

Possibly. It depends on several over variables of evidence as well. The fact that she said "I'm going to tell people you raped me", rather than go to the police probably does not bode well for her case. Not to mention that she had waited two months to bring it up

Well you just shouldn't have raped her.

Yes, phones do have screen capture now whenever its recording or just a screenshot.

Theoretically there is nothing she can do about you especially that it happened 2 months ago, but in your country you just never know whenever or not her tears will be good enough proof...

I'am pretty sure that if you even had a screen with "I'am going to tell people you raped me" you can go to the police and file for "slander"
If you went there and explained the whole story, that you hooked up with her 2 MONTHS AGO (preferably some logs on messenger or whatever you are using that are saying you were going to hook up) and now she is threatening you that she will say you raped her. If you explain all that and clearly state that it was 2 months ago and you haven't talked to her ever since she just recently started threatening you it may help you.

If you are sure she will go with it just go to the police first so they will hear your side of the story instead of bursting trough your door and locking you up.

>Where a woman can ruin your and your families life without any proof by crying rape.

I'm with Ranjit on this one.

everything that's once been on your phone can be recovered even if you format it

Your fault OP for falling for the vaginal jew.

dude what's your facebook i'll help

if you genuinely believe you're in trouble, OP, then listen to this guy

Will her making an report mean I automatically get arrested? Will my employer find out?

Yep deserve it.

>Cassandra (((Stein)))

Nigga if the police arnt involved you got nothing to worry about

t. alleged rapist

Brilliant, Kek.

It depends whenever or not they will take her serious.
With all the false rape accusations in the US when they hear that it happened 2 months ago they may just ignore her and nothing will happen.

But they may also believe her and you will be required to tell your side of the story, there may be a case in court, it all depends.
What I know for sure is that you won't instantly get arrested. You may get a notice to testify and if you wont then you may be arrested.

>read title
>look at flag

You were not married, if you were then you should be stoned for adultery and your wife should get everything you own. Just saying.

not unless they believe there's evidence
and the police don't report anything to your employer, he might just find out through someone if it becomes an actual process

Heres my rap sheet

Like I said before, if the police arnt involved theres nothing to worry about but gather your information like skype convos, whatsapp chats etc youll never know if youll need them in future and you will be missing them when theyre gone

highlight bits that make her seem like a lier, sexual devient etc etc DO NOT INCRIMINATE YOURSELF

Be nice to the police dont be awkward as fuck. Dont trust them either. that is important. They dont really care about the truth they care if they can prove the allegations

also remember if the police DO get involved they will take your phone, laptop and computers for interrogation.

Yup. You best get some evidence, Shlomo will definitely try to work that angle in court.

I got a false rape claim late last year.

Document EVERYTHING, make a timeline and remember every single detail of every interaction dated.

Any social media interactions, texts, emails, photos together etc. combine them all into a portfolio and cross-link with timeline.

Even if you did have sex, they have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you did not have consent, or were not reasonably aware you did not have consent.

Rape accusations can go to court based on A FEMALES WORD against yours, even without any evidence. Police are told to assume the victim is telling the truth, and they are NOT your friends.

Also just having an accusation will be enough to be arrested and detained for interview.

Shit sucks.

my nigga

>this fear
Ok, mate, then just rape her again just like you did it before.
And dont you afraid that during the investigation cops will find out that you're a 'alt-right' leader and that you were plannning terroristic attacks on Mrs Clinton and US Senate and that you also planned to poison water in Luisianna to overkill innocent Blacks?

There are mental bitches that will throw rape claims at people just for a possible settlement. And having an alibi ALL THE TIME is hard.

Even though you have ample evidence i would do everything to make sure that it doesnt go to court at all, that will only be a tremendous waste of time and money

I dont know if theres anything you can do to make this go away, but if you can find a way i say do it asap

Bad idea, if he gets a female or SJW judge he's toast.

Yeah, I then submitted everything I had to the police and they agreed to delete all traces of this from my record, pic realted.

Ended up in the civil court because she took out restraining orders against me, presented my evidence to the judge and he disallowed her application.

What a fucking joke, still took nearly a full year to sort out though.


Yes you just tap and hold the message if it was text only

That's why I voice record all women consenting to having sex with me. Yeah it kills the mood for a bit, but id rather that then getting raped in prison.

Haha man that's exactly what happened to me, they denied the restraining order too - I havent asked them to delete the stuff on me though so glad i bumped in to you will get that done

Mine went on for nearly 2 years - i actually got charged with ABH*2 and affray but they dropped it eventually

Did you get arrested for rape accusation / ABH? I assume you did since you got charged.

Even without conviction the charges will still be on your police certificate, which means it potentially can come up on enhanced DBS checks for jobs, and bans you from travelling to USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc on ETSA / visa waivers.

Get that shit sorted mate. Buy your police certificate from ACRO for £10, scrutinise what is on there then send off the application for deletion to them with all evidence you have and grounds for deletion (false accusation, malicious accusation, public interest ect).

Took them 3 months to approve the deletion for me.

Also interesting to note: the only reason they thoroughly followed through with my case, even though i PROVED she was a lier, was because they thought they could make me look like a right wing neo nazi in court. But they gave up as my evidence against them was too strong. (check the EDL thing on my first image)

That was a big red pill by suppository that

I got arrested for suspicion of rape, assault, possesion of indecent images of 12 years olds, right-wing beleifs, terrorism, the whole shebang. The absurdity of it all is quite funny looking back

I was in a similar situation a few months ago.

Fucked some slut that had had a thing for me for years, she texted me the next day, I forgot to reply until the day after that, she had a fucking breakdown and sent me like 50 texts complaining that I used her. Said she wanted to be with me and if I wouldn't fucking date her she'd tell the police I raped her.

I called her a psycho bitch and told her something like "go for it, cunt." For the next 3 months she sent me hundreds of texts, including ones saying she was pregnant. I never replied to a single one and nothing ever came of it.

Women are like children and you need to treat them like children. When I was a kid I always threatened to run away from home, but I never actually went through with it. Call their bluff and dismiss them, don't act worried or scared or they'll feel like they're the ones in control and then they might actually go through with it.

That wasn't even the first time I was accused of rape. Few years ago I fucked some guy's girlfriend. When he found out she cheated on him she got scared he would dump her and accused me of raping her to save face. Nothing came of that either because I dismissed that too.

>camera on
>ok dear, lets play a little game before we start.
>here is a bible, rise your right arm, left is on a bible.
>'I, name surname, give my consent to have sex with name surname, blah blah blah'
>camera off
>ah, darling, youre so sweet, thank you for pleasure my lawer fetish, I get extremly horny.
>rape dat bitch most violent way you can imagine, but make it the way that will leave no traces.
>electro nipples&clit, worms into an asshole, clism, giant harmless spiders. Use your imagination.

Went through exactly the same shit but in germany though. End of story was that prosecutor didnt prosecuted because it was word against word and no physical evidence was present.
You should just chill op if u didnt rape her your law will protect you.

Yeah nah I hope you get cockrot and it falls off, to be honest.

Thats not how it woorks in US, Hans. In US womans words are similar to evidence, while man words means nothing. There is no presumption of ungult in US anymore.

>tfw pure virgin with a waifu

I'm so glad I don't have to deal with crazy fucking women or STD infected whores.

>right-wing beleifs
Wtf is this its illegal to be right wing in uk?

How does this work in Russia I'm curious? Do the courts just laugh false rape accusations off the room or?

But actions from him will only make it worse. His only good option is to wait and get a good lawyer.

KEK you deserve it for being a filthy degenerate.

>sleeping around
>trusting a woman in 2016


Not illegal, but not 'right' either. The laws regarding 'hate speech' etc are so vague, anything you say remotely right wing could be illegal.

Also right-wing groups are deemed as threats to establishment so affiliation with them can put you on some sort of watch list until they find you doing hate speech and locked up

So basically its not legally illegal, but they act as if it is and try to put you away using legal means. Make sense?

Laws don't believe that anymore.

usually they advocated saying that sex did happen but consensually. I don't know if that is still the tactic though.

oh shit yeah, that's crap because she is socially ruining you.

Move states?

Christ how the fuck can anyone trust anything with a vagina attached to it?

Do not communicate with her or try defend yourself until her flawed accusation is in writing (thus she can not adjust her lie to make it more credible)!

Check out youtubers like : FeminismLOL and johntheother for vitally important info how these cases proceed.

If it's not formal accusation yet, save all communication where she is threatening to accuse you as evidence! With best of luck that will prevent it from going further.

I'm going to give the lawyer in this thread a (you) because otherwise nobody will read it

Lawyeranon has good advice for OP, another (You) so he'll be noticed.

Why'd you rape her?!

try to get a recording of her threatining you with this false rape charge

screenshot conversation you idiot fuck

Is this the average IQ of a Cred Forumstard? All these replies and so much idiocy. Snapchat's are saved for X amount of months. If the shit does start to hit the fan, contact Snapchat, maybe need a lawyer to do this who will describe your situation and they'll retrieve the Snapchat for you.

This is sadly true, people will shun you less for being a murderer than a rapist.