Are you sexually active?

>are you sexually active?
What do you say Cred Forums?

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Yes daddy

>What's that?

no i'm on Cred Forums

For you handsome, I could be

Does my hand count xDddddd

they don't even ask me that

n-not anymore

I'm about to be.
*unzips dick*

I'm not a faggot, Doc.
Get the fuck out

y-you too

Lol nah

What is sex anyway, how much is sex?

haha, good one doctor
i'm a math major

Fuck you idiot, take my get ever again and I'll dox and rape you

Not right now, been a few years. Life hasn't been much fun since I quit drinking.

I dunno, ask your mom.

what an assful

none of your business

what cuck talks sex with his doctor?

Why yes actually

I am not a degenerate. Waiting until wedlock.

>y-you too

I was . . . about 2 months ago. No longer it seems.

Fuck you you fucking emu cunt. I'll kill you and rape your decaying corpse if you ever talk to me or my wife's son again.

wow.. um yes daddies

Americans are so cancer

Disgusting country


i'd sniff that chub boipucci all day 2bh
no lick tho, just sniff
if licked it ruins the ballsweat+boipucci smell :c

It's okay, Ahmed, we all know muslims and niggers are insecure about their sexuality.


Nope! I just lay there!

No, I'm not.


no im taking part of mgtow, so its 100% by choice

Yeah. The wife has a stronger labido then me (she would like multiple a day) and sometimes I just want to relax my brain and rest in bed at the end of the day.


>by choice
ahahaha mgtow faggots love to brag that they're mgtows but if a dime walked up to you and introduced herself i think your dick would shatter

Quads confirm best post.

Satan approved.

Very, or do you mean with a girl?

Does masturbation count?

Spreading my seed into a warm and fertile Jewish womb.

I said no and the doctor said

"No common, don't be afraid to tell me."

I'm really not I told him

He said that was very odd because i'm a good looking man

Ya that happened

No I'm a virgin you shitlord.

>tfw peepee burns
>go to Chad doctor
>he gives you a urine test
>find out it tests for STDs

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I've never had sex doc, even though I'm 25. I think we can rule out STDs.

>weiner infection clears.
>obviously from jerking it into used socks




>pyramid tits
No wonder

Then move on with the examination.

>when your best pal needs to get home but you hid his keys again

Y-you too

I'm drunk and on Cred Forums, what do you think?